Her Girlfriend’s Father


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I have a longer story that I’ve been working on, but I’m stuck on it. This is just a quick story that I was thinking about the other day.


“Oh fuck, baby! Yes…oh god…oh…oh…oh…fuuuuuuck! That feels so good! Don’t…stop…please…” cried Fawn.

Fawn was laid back on a pile of pillows, against the head board of the bed. Fawn’s best friend and lover, Claire, had her head between Fawn’s spread legs. Her tongue pleasuring her friends delicious pussy. Each flick of Claire’s tongue bringer her closer to orgasm.

Fawn and Claire. Best friends since kindergarten, and currently college roommates. The two girls were almost inseparable from the start. As little girls, they had met in kindergarten and had play dates most weekends. As they grew older, their friendship grew stronger. If you ever saw one without the other, it was a rare occurrence.

Claire Hampton was a beautiful young woman. 5′ 7″ with a curvy, athletic build. Her physique built by years of gymnastics. Her straight, long blonde hair spilled halfway down her back. Equally as beautiful was her friend, Fawn Lockard. Being as they were inseparable , Fawn had also developed her body through years of gymnastics. Fawn’s hair being a curly brown in contrast to Claire’s. The other major difference being their breast size. Claire had developed quite a large pair of breasts, where Fawn’s were a bit smaller but much perkier.

Yes, both girls were quite stunning. Both did quite well in the past when it came to boys, and there was never any jealousy or issues, but It was only a few years ago that the dynamic of their friendship changed.

Claire’s mother, Jill, had been killed in a terrible car accident when Claire was 19. Claire took a leave from school and Fawn was able to leave with her to support her friend through this very difficult time. It was a few days after her mother’s funeral and Claire had a breakdown. Fawn never left her side and sat holding her best friend as she cried.

“Fawn, thank you so much for being here for me. You are the best friend I could ever have. I hope you know how much you mean to me?” Claire stated.

“Baby, I know you’d do the same for me. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here with you.” Fawn replied.

“I love you so much.” Claire confessed.

“I love you just as much.” Fawn said as she embraced her friend.

Claire looked up into Fawn’s eyes. Fawn smiled at her friend and tucked a few stray hairs behind her friends ear. Claire brought her lips to Fawn’s cheek and gave her a kiss. Claire then nuzzled her face to Fawn’s shoulder.

“You smell really good.” Claire commented to her friend.

“Thank you. You do too.” Fawn said.

The girls sat motionless for a moment, just holding one another.

“Thank you again.” Claire said, before lightly kissing Fawn’s neck. The kiss sending a shiver through Fawn’s body.

“You know I’d do anything for you.” Claire continued before placing another kiss next to her friends ear.

“I know you would, baby.” Fawn acknowledged. The kiss sending another jolt through her.

Fawn’s body reacted by gently pressing her cheek into Claire’s lips and gripping her friend tighter.

Fawn moved her head to look at Claire and placing a delicate kiss on her cheek. Claire returned the kiss and softly placed her lips next to Fawn’s. Fawn felt Claire’s hands slowly rubbing her back and her next kiss was directly on her lips. It was so soft and warm. It was so much different than a kiss from a boy. A soft whimper escaped from Fawn’s lips.

“Claire…” Fawn whispered.

“I love you, Fawn. I love you so much.” Claire whispered.

That night was the first night the two girls would make love to each other.

Its been two years since that night. The girls, now 21, are back at home for summer break from college. From that night forward, things were never the same between the two. Every night was spent making love to each other and falling asleep wrapped in the arms of their lover. The love they shared was incredible and never had anything felt so right. Their plan was to wait until graduation, and then they would announce their relationship to the pendik escort world. Neither girl had any interest in men, or so they thought, and that brings us back to where we started…

“Right there, baby…right…fuck! I’m going to cum!” Fawn cried.

Claire sucked Fawn’s excited little clit between her lips as her orgasm surged through her body. Claire greedily lapped at the juices that flowed from her girlfriends beautiful pussy.

“Mmmmm. You are so delicious, my love.” Claire stated.

“I hope that keeps you satisfied until I get back from work.” Claire said.

“Oh, I’ll be good. I just wish I could return the favor.” Fawn replied.

“I can’t wait!” Claire’s exclaimed. “Just make yourself at home until then. My dad won’t be back until this evening, so that will give us a few hours to play. Now, I’ve got to get ready. I don’t want to be late on my first day of my internship!” Claire explained.

“Ok. Better go, baby. It’s already 7:45!” Fawn said.

The girls kissed, and Fawn rolled over to sleep some more while Claire showered and left for her internship.

Fawn wasn’t sure what time it was when a sound woke her up.

“Yep, just got back home.” The voice instantly recognizable. It was Mark, Claire’s father. Either he was home much earlier than expected or Fawn had slept the entire day. She grabbed her phone and saw that it was 9:30 am. Shit! Good thing Claire had to leave early and they had had sex when they did or her Dad might have walked in on them! Fawn listened and it appeared he was talking on the phone.

“Let me get a quick shower and I’ll meet you there.” He said.

Fawn laid in Claire’s bed, listening to the conversation. She soon heard Mark’s foot steps on the stairs. Claire’s room was one of the first rooms at the top of the stairs, the door to the room was partially open, and Fawn was spread across the bed, naked as the day she was born. With no time to close the door, she quickly pulled the covers over her and pretended to be asleep.

She peeked out from under the blankets as Mark walked by. He didn’t bother to glance into his daughter’s room, so he wasn’t aware that there was anyone in the house.

Fawn soon heard him walking back down the hall and snuck another peek from under the blankets. Holy shit!

The bathroom door was across the hall from Claire’s room, but the way the doors were laid out, Fawn had a direct view into the bathroom. Mark walked into the bathroom completely naked. Fawn had always thought of him as being handsome, but she was seeing him as she’d never seen him before. Even though he was now 50, his hair now graying, he was still in tremendous shape. Six feet tall, a tan complexion, and very well defined muscles. Fawn was struck by his bare ass and powerful legs as he walked into the bathroom. She heard the shower turn on and almost gasped.

Mark exited the bathroom and Fawn was presented with the first male member she had seen in quite a while. And what an impressive member it was. Even in his flaccid state, Mark was long and thick. His hair trimmed short above his cock and the rest shaved completely. He soon returned and stepped into the shower.

Fawn needed to decide what to do. Stay in bed or get dressed and go downstairs. Her stomach was growling, which didn’t help, but what would she tell Claire’s dad? As she laid in the bed, visions of Mark’s spectacular cock filled her head. Seriously though, it was her girlfriend’s dad! She needed to get that idea out of her head. With that, Fawn decided to get dressed and go downstairs. She’d just act like she was asleep and that the shower woke her up.

As Fawn prepared her breakfast, she heard Claire’s dad coming down the stairs.

“Mr. Hampton? Is that you? It’s Fawn. I’m in the kitchen.” Fawn announced as she poked her head around the corner. She watched as Mark descended the stairs, wearing only a pair of athletic shorts.

“Uh, Hi…Fawn. Where, um…were you here when I got home?” He asked.

“I woke up when I heard the shower running.” Fawn said.

“Oh! Oh? You were in Claire’s bed? He inquired.

“Yep. Is that ok?” Fawn asked.

Mark had now turned a shade of red as thought about how his daughter’s lifelong friend maltepe escort could have easily witnessed him naked.

“Yeah, Uh…yeah…that’s fine.” Mark stammered. “So, Uh, how are things?”

Fawn could sense the embarrassment and the awkwardness between them. As she stood looking at Mark, she couldn’t help but picture him naked. His thick cock hanging between his legs, swinging as he walked. As much as she loved and desired being with Claire, she was captivated by what she had seen. She could feel her pussy becoming wet at the thought. Unfortunately, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The only thing covering her body was an oversized t shirt.

“Things are…things are swell.” She replied.

“Good. Good to hear.” He said. “I assume your classes went well this semester?” He continued.

“Yep.” Fawn simply replied. “I Uh, I made some coffee…if you’d like some.”

“Perfect.” Mark stated

“Let me get it for you.” Fawn offered.

She turned and walked to the cupboard to retrieve a coffee mug. As she reached for the mug, she could feel her t shirt rise up in the back. The thought of Mark catching a glimpse of her bare ass excited her. Her nipples were poking through the thin material and her juices were definitely flowing.

As she delivered the coffee to Mark, he couldn’t help but noticed Fawn’s nipples poking out.

“I’m sorry, I should probably go put some clothes on.” He said as he wrestled with the impure thoughts of his daughter’s best friend.

“It’s ok. Don’t feel that you have to because of me.” Fawn replied. Looking down as she sipped her coffee.

“I probably should.” He said.

There was a long pause. Fawn set her coffee down but didn’t raise her eyes. “I saw you, Mr. Hampton.”

“Excuse me?” He questioned.

“Getting ready for your shower. I saw you. All of you.” Fawn confessed.

“Fuck. Fawn…I’m sorry…” He said as he began to stand.

Fawn quickly moved towards him. “Don’t be sorry. You had no idea. Besides…I really want to see it…again.”

Fawn brought her lips to Mark’s. She caressed his lips with hers as her hand rubbed his chest. “Please…Mr. Hampton…please?”

“Fawn…we cant. I’m old enough to be your father. Not to mention Claire…”

Before Mark could finish, Fawn stepped back and pulled her t shirt over her head. Her perfect, young body exposed to a man for the first time in years.

“Please…” Fawn slid a finger up her inner thigh to her dripping pussy and brought the finger to marks mouth. She spread her nectar across his lips before sliding it into his mouth. He sucked her finger clean.

Before Mark could object, Fawn began pulling his shorts away from his body. He raised up from the stool as she pulled his shorts down his legs and onto the floor. Fawn knelt in front of Mark and eased his legs apart. Before her was the most gorgeous cock she had ever seen. Thick and long with a slight upwards curve, a smooth, bulbous head and several veins. Her small hand wrapped around the ridged shaft as she slowly stroked her hand up and down.

“Mr. Hampton, I need you to fuck me.” Fawn pleaded.

“Fuck…Fawn…you know we shouldn’t.” Mark stated, feeling his willpower fading.

Fawn stroked harder and leaned in to lick a drop of precum from the head of his cock.

Mark gripped Fawn under her arms and threw her over his shoulder. Fawn squealed as she was whisked away. As Mark climbed the stairs towards his bedroom, Fawn draped over his shoulder, the scent of her aroused pussy teased his nose. Mark entered his bedroom and gently laid Fawn onto his bed. The sight of the young woman spread out naked on his bed caused his already hard cock to swell even more. Fawn locked eyes with him as she bit her lower lip, her hand slowly caressing her slick entrance and spreading her wetness around her hairless mound.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, Fawn.” Mark stated again.

“Please…please, Mr. Hampton. I need it so bad!” Fawn pleaded.

“Oh, I’m going to give it to you, but I can’t help but feel guilty.” He admitted.

“It’s been a long time. Since…since Jill was…its been a few years.” Mark confessed.

“I haven’t been with a boy…or man…for that kartal escort length of time either.” Fawn revealed.

Mark crawled onto the bed and Fawn rose to meet him, wrapping her arms around his muscular shoulders, pressing her full, perky tits into his chest as their lips met. These were not loving kisses, but rather lustful kisses that expressed the desire and urgency the two were sharing for each other. Mark reached around and grabbed ahold of one of Fawn’s firm, round ass cheeks, his other hand pressed to her back.

“Your ass is amazing.” Mark complimented. His words bringing a smile to her face.

Fawn pulled away and turned around to present her beautiful ass to him, giving it a shake while looking over her shoulder. She brought her ass back towards Mark’s erect cock, sliding it between the two fleshy globes. Mark reached around and cupped both of Fawn’s breasts. Fawn let Mark’s throbbing cock slide down and brush the entrance to her dripping wet pussy. She gyrated her hips and teased the head of his cock with her slippery folds.

“Please fuck me…” she begged.

Mark guided her to lay down on her back. Fawn spread her legs apart to allow him to climb between them. She felt the tip of his manhood press against her aching pussy. Mark slowly pushed forward as his thick cock parted her delicate lips and slowly enter her delightful channel. Fawn gasped as he slowly filled her, feeling as if there was no end to his length. Fuck, it had been so long since her little pussy had been stretched so well.

Soon he had buried himself completely inside of his younger lover. Her warm, saturated walls gripping his hard cock tightly. He began to slowly pull back, leaving just the swollen head between her lips before plunging back into the heavenly confines of Fawn’s tight little pussy.

“Fuck…fuck, Mr. Hampton, you’re so big! You feel so fucking good…” Fawn moaned.

“You have no idea how good you feel” Mark replied.

Mark spent several minutes slowly fucking Fawn. She would wrap her legs around him, spread her legs wide, run her hands all over his body, and sway her body as his cock slid effortlessly in and out of her. As good as the slow, sensuous sex was feeling, he could feel the beginnings of his eruption building. Mark began to quicken his pace, his thrusts becoming more forceful, and Fawn began moaning and whimpering louder.

“You can cum in my pussy.” Fawn whispered to her lover, squeezing her pussy around his thrusting cock.

“Turn around.” Mark commanded, pulling himself from Fawn, leaving her feeling empty.

Fawn quickly turned to face the headboard, her shapely ass in the air, her pouty, red pussy lips peeking out from under the curves. It was quite the sight to behold, and Mark took a moment to appreciate the beauty before aiming his cock head at the gap between those luscious lips. Both let out deep, satisfied moans as the thick member filled the empty void. Mark wasted no time in returning to thrusting into the cock starved young woman in front of him.

Mark’s thrusts were increasing in speed. Fawn had began by holding herself up, but soon she collapsed forward onto the pillows as Mark’s cock pounded into her. Fawn’s face was awash with pure pleasure as Mark fucked her with every ounce of energy he had. Fawn’s fingers found their way to her excited clit. She rubbed her tiny nub with vigor as Mark hammered away at her from behind.

“Oh, fuck…don’t…stop…cumming!” Fawn cried as her orgasm surged through her body. Wave after glorious wave of pleasure coursed through her body. A flood of her succulent nectar poured from her pussy as her walls pulsed rapidly, massaging and milking Mark’s mighty cock. The sensation was too much. With a deep, guttural groan, Mark buried himself as deep as he could into Fawn’s awaiting depths. His cock swelling in size as he let forth an enormous volume of his seed into her. Fawn felt every pulse of his cock as he shot load after load of hot, thick cum into her hungry little pussy. The sounds that filled the room were primal. Soon both collapsed onto the bed, chests heaving as they sought to regain their breath.

“You…don’t know…how…bad…I needed…that” Fawn uttered between breaths.

“Actually…I might…” Mark replied.

Mark leaned over and peppered Fawn’s back with kisses, his hands gently roaming over her curves.

“I wish Claire could fill me up like that.” The words slipping from her mouth. She could feel Mark’s body become tense.

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