Her Name was Iris


Her name was Iris.

I met the tall, slim girl in China on my first trip there. She easily stood out, being almost as tall as my 5-foot 11 self. Small chested, but with a nice round butt tight in her jeans to compliment, her cream-colored face and red lipstick, all stood out to me. Drew me to her almost instantly. Her button up shirt opened a couple, but not in a lude way.

Meeting her at lunch for the first time, she smiled somewhat shyly, but still shook my hand. Slender fingers in mine, her skin very soft and smooth. We didn’t have much interaction that afternoon, but that would soon change.

Several of us went to dinner that last night of my trip. Family-style Chinese (if that is a thing), with much wine shared amongst the 12 of us. The whole table toasted to start the meal, old friends and new. Throughout dinner individual or group toasts were made. Before too long, roughly a case of wine had been imbibed.

Every now and then I would glance up at Iris to see her speaking with one of her colleagues. At one point she caught me looking at her. I quickly averted my gaze, knowing she saw me. That is when she surprised me.

“John, I notice you look at me. Please, toast with me.”

Well I couldn’t refuse, it would be rude. I rose from my chair and went around the table. I noticed her cheeks and chest were slightly pink, either from the wine or slight embarrassment I’m not sure.

“Welcome to China. Thank you for your stay, and hope you visit next year. Gan bay.”

Blushing, I could only reply, “Gan bay” (cheers).

We both drank our wine, and with a small smile from Iris, and a slightly lingering glance from somewhat glassy eyes, I returned to my seat.

The rest of the meal was uneventful, with only quick, casual glances cast in her direction. Our eyes met a time or two, but quickly kept moving. I wasn’t about to step on any cultural toes, so that’s where I left it.

After a few hours the meal was finally finished. Farewells were spoken, in a multitude of languages for the various nationalities present, and different people piled into different cars to be driven wherever. Part of me regretted not being able to say goodbye to her. Another part of me was glad, as I’m sure I would have wanted to grab her hand, pull her to me, and kiss her hard. Again, cultural toes.

A short time later the driver brought the few of us to our hotel. My flight was fairly early the next morning, and it had been a long week already, so I left them to their additional drinks, and went to my room.

The room was very nice. High floor, corner room. It had a living area, a bedroom/office desk area, and then the bathroom. In the bathroom was a jacuzzi tub, and a stand-up shower. It had definitely been a long week, I decided, so I filled the tub to soak for a few. As I ran the water to fill the tub, I undressed, briefly glancing at myself in the mirror. I actually felt pretty good about myself, seeing my brown hair a little disheveled, and my blue eyes large from the lighting.

Steam started to rise from the tub, so I knew it was going to be hot. Perfect for soaking my aching muscles. I turned off and slowly climbed in, letting my naked body absorb the heat from the water, causing me to at first tense, then relax. It felt good to finally relax, my mind replaying the week, and the dinner from that evening.

Thoughts of Iris popped into my head. Those red lips; the smooth hands and small tits; that nicely rounded, tiny ass. Just thinking about her made my cock start to bob in the water, just a little. But after 10 or 15 minutes, I decide it’s probably time for bed since I have an early flight.

After toweling myself off, my cock still semi-erect, I get ready for bed, still nude. I check my email and chats for anything worthwhile, but, finding nothing or no one, I shut my computer down and crawl between the sheets, ready to doze off.

Feeling the smooth, soft sheets against my cock as I lay on my stomach, my mind still wandering from the wine, escort ataşehir I can’t help but rub myself against the sheets. It feels so good, making my cock even harder. The fabric slides over me, as I rub myself over and over.

Then, a knock at the door.

Well, this is really awkward. It’s late, I’m naked in bed with a full-on erection, and only gym shorts within reach that won’t hide much. But there’s another knock, seeming somewhat softer. I can’t ignore it, really. It could be something or someone important.

Groaning a little, I grab my shorts from the end of the bed, sliding them on. The head of my cock rests against my stomach, trapped partially by my waistband. I walk over to the door, taking a look.


I have to do a double-take, I can’t believe it. But there she is, standing in the flesh, as the saying goes. I’m torn with what to do. But if she’s here, maybe she felt something, too…

She raises her hand to knock again, what I’m sure will be the last time. I open the door before she connects, startling her. Her smooth, normally flawless porcelain skin is pink with embarrassment. And before either of us can say anything, I see her eyes look me over. No shirt, gym shorts with a noticeable bulge. She doesn’t bite her lip, but you can see something in her eyes.

Before I can say anything, she steps into the room. I wonder if that something in her eyes was conflict about coming in or not. I close the door behind her, not sure myself of what to do. But I don’t have to wait long.

“I notice you look at me. All through the evening. Why do you look?”

I’m a little tongue-tied at first, not sure what to say. Clearly, she noticed.



“Well…I think you are beautiful.”


“Yes,” I reply, “yes, I do.” I really don’t know what else to say to her. But I don’t think she’s looking for words, necessarily.

“Would you?” she asks. “Would you show me how beautiful?”

It takes me a second to realize what she is asking. I’m pretty sure I know, now.

Slowly approaching her, her face level with mine, I slide my hand up her smooth arm. My hand goes behind her neck, but she doesn’t look at me fully.

“You’re so beautiful. The prettiest girl I’ve seen in a long time. I would like to kiss you.”

With that I think I may have broken her last wall of defense. Looking me in the eye, she still looks a little apprehensive, but a small flicker of joy lights her face a little. I take that as my moment.

Gently pulling her to me, my lips touch hers, and she moves as if in shock, as though no one has kissed her that softly. And with one hand behind her neck, and one hand on her hip, I slowly pull her into me, lightly kissing her red lips.

I can feel her melt into me slowly, her hips pushing against mine. She can no doubt feel my hardness against her stomach. Gently, my tongue touches her lips, lightly so as to not startle her. But she responds in kind, sliding her tongue to meet mine. They dance in between, tangling in a wet, slow embrace.

I feel Iris’ hands, gently touching my hips. Holding her tight against me, I kiss her deep and hard, but still slow. My cock is pulsing, pinned between us. She lets out a little whimper.

“John, will you please?” she asks.

“Please what, Iris?”

“Will you please take me to bed?” I thought she would never ask.

Stepping away from her, I take Iris’ hand and pull her into the bedroom. The lights from the city stream through the sheer curtains, as I haven’t closed the room darkening ones. It sets a mood, very sensual.

We reach the bed and I kiss her again, a little rougher this time. She doesn’t quite expect it, but she doesn’t shy away either. I slowly untuck her shirt from her tight jeans. Still kissing those red lips, I unbutton her shirt from the top down. I take half a step back and notice she isn’t wearing a bra. The light makes her creamy skin look delicious.

I slide my hands kadıköy escort up her smooth, flat stomach, between her breasts and up to her shoulders. Her eyes are closed, and her lips are slightly parted, breathing heavily. Once my hands are at her shoulders, they slide her shirt off, and it drops to the floor. The cool air from the room makes her nipples hard instantly. They’re nice and somewhat dark, and thick.

This time I don’t ask, I lean in and start kissing her shoulders, soft, light kisses trailing up to her neck. Kissing her neck, I give little nips, all the way up to her ears. I can hear her breathing hard, feel her warm breath on my neck and shoulder. I reverse direction and start kissing my way down her neck to her shoulder, then down to her chest.

Her hands are at her sides when my mouth reaches her breast, but as soon as I start kissing, her hands are in my hair, pulling me into her. My mouth makes its way and covers her hard nipple, and most of her small breast. I lick and suck, pulling her nipple away from her body. I hear a sharp intake of air, then she pulls me hard into her, pushing her breast flat.

I switch to the other side and start giving it the same treatment. Meanwhile I reach down to undo her tight pants. Sliding my fingers in the waistband, I slowly pull them down, kissing my way down her smooth, taut stomach. She steps out of her pants as my hands slide up the backs of her legs, pulling her to me as I kiss above her panties, and then around them to her thighs.

I spin Iris around and lay her on the bed, her long body stretching over most of the length. I move up her body, kissing her mouth hard. All timidity is gone, she pushes her tongue passed my lips to tangle with mine. Breaking the kiss, I move my way back down her body, kissing my way down the center of her chest, down her smooth stomach again.

My lips reach the edge of her lace-topped panties, a pale that matches her skin. Kissing all around the waistline, I move my fingers to the hem. Pulling them down, slowly exposing her, I continue to kiss every inch of exposed skin. The small tuft of black hair on her mound passes by my lips, her scent filling my nose. She smells like a flower, too.

Iris lifts her bottom off the bed, so I can remove her underwear. I gently push her legs open with my hands, then kiss my way up the inside of her thighs. I can hear her breathing deep, little squeaks of moans escaping her lips as I get closer to her center.

Gently sliding my tongue out, I taste her. It’s as though a shock has coursed through her body; her hands grip the bed covers tightly. I slowly kiss and lick her, letting her feel nothing but pleasure. With my nose resting in her curly dark hair, I lick and lightly suck her clit. Iris’ hands go to my head, forcing me harder into her. I eagerly taste the beautiful woman in front of me, wanting to see how much I can please her.

It doesn’t take long for my reward, however. Iris keeps my head on her pussy as she slowly gyrates her hips. It doesn’t take much longer until I can really taste her as she starts to drip her cum into my mouth. All I can do is drink and taste this beautiful woman. Her juices flow into my mouth, making my cock grow even harder.

She finally releases my head, and after a couple last licks and kisses, I move my way back up her body. Iris holds my face in her hands and pulls me to her, kissing me hard. She can no doubt taste herself, but she doesn’t seem to mind. I break the kiss again, and she moans. Now I’m the one who’s a little speechless, laying with this beautiful girl.


“Yes, John?” she replies, liquid eyes boring into my soul, begging me. But I feel I’m begging her.

“Iris, I want to make love to you. Would that be okay?”

She just smiles at me, pulling me into her for a kiss with one hand. I can feel her legs open, and her other hand trail its way down my back. Placing her hand on my lower back, she pulls me into her. She is so wet and warm, maltepe escort bayan I feel it can only be a dream. But I know it isn’t.

Our tongues dancing together, I begin a slow rhythm, allowing her to get used to me. Breaking the kiss, she puts her face into my neck, breathing and whimpering. She doesn’t stop me, so I continue long, deep strokes, feeling her slide up my length as I fill her up. Iris lays her head back down on the bed, my arms holding me over her, her hands running down my back, holding tight.

After a little time passes, she pushes me off of her. Not wanting to do anything wrong, offend her in any way, I roll off and lay next to her on the bed. Iris gets onto her knees, sitting over me. My cock is glistening with her juices as it throbs in waiting. Reaching down, she guides me into her, then her hands go to my chest, supporting herself.

She begins by moving slowly, pulling herself up until I almost slide out, then lowering herself back down. Iris then sits up, taking me completely in. Slowly she starts moving her hips, grinding against me. Her hands begin to pinch and pull at her nipples. She lets out a moan, as do I.

With no warning or thought, she stops moving. I’m confused at first, not knowing if something is wrong. Then she pulls me up to her. Kissing her deep on the mouth, her legs wrap around my waist, and her hands go behind my head, pulling me into her. In the middle of this, she doesn’t move her hips, but I can feel something, something new. Iris is using her muscles to squeeze my cock. She was already very tight, but this is a different, amazing level.

I pull back from her, moaning like an animal at the feeling. Every so often she moves her hips just a little, but she never stops flexing around my cock. My hands go to her back, pulling her to me again. The raw passion this woman gives off makes me hers, putty to mold as she wishes. I am thoroughly entranced.

Soon we’re both breathing harder, as she has inched us both closer to orgasm. I feel her squeezing me again, but this time it’s different, more rapid. Iris starts to cum around my cock, her juices dripping down my cock to my balls. The feeling is too much. Tongues tangled with each other, her moaning into my mouth, I let out one last groan. As she is sitting on me, and I can’t move, the only thing I can feel is Iris’ contracting pussy, milking my cum deep inside of her.

I cum so hard, the room seems to spin and go black around the edges. It’s an orgasm unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. So powerful, and she’s still gripping me, making sure that I’ve emptied completely into her. She lowers me back down to the bed as she stays upright. As I being to soften and slide out of her, Iris moves up slightly, my cum dripping from her pussy back onto my well satisfied cock. The warm, wet feeling is amazing, as she slides herself over me.

After a couple of minutes, she finally stops and collapses next to me on the bed. Iris turns to me at first, and I just lightly touch her beautiful face, lips still amazingly red, and kiss her passionately on the lips. Her hand goes to my cheek, as if trying to remember by touch what I look like, or to hold the memory. She then turns over, pulling me with her so my satisfied, wet cock rests against her bottom. My hand falls across her chest, lightly massaging her breasts and nipples, gently this time. She sighs and pushes herself further into me, like trying to make me absorb her until we become one. It isn’t long until I fall asleep, rubbing her chest.

What seems like 5 minutes, but is actually a couple of hours, goes by, and the alarm is going off. Rolling to shut the alarm off, I roll back to my side, smile on my face. My eyes pop suddenly open, remembering what happened just a short time ago. Reaching out, I realize Iris is gone. I’m so confused, as it all felt so real. I begin to think I’ve dreamed the whole thing, and while reliving it, I start to get hard again. Reaching down to touch myself, I realize I’m still sticky. Then touching the bed next me, the bed is warm, and my hand bumps paper.

“Lovely, John,” the note begins. “Thank you for teaching me how to make love. I wish you come back some day, and you continue to teach me. Iris.”

She was a beautiful flower. Her name was Iris.

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