Her Panties and a Wet Spot


Jennifer heard the office door open along with a male voice, “I can’t imagine what was going through her mind…I mean, seriously, who exercises in a public gym wearing a thong leotard?”

Jennifer’s hands froze over her keyboard. She recognized Joe’s voice. Another male voice responded, “Was she wearing tights or something underneath?” That voice belonged to Mark, one of her co-workers. Joe was her boss.

“No. That’s just it, I could understand more, not completely, but more if she had tights on.” Joe replied.

The two men couldn’t see Jennifer. She was sitting in the half dark office full of cubicles. Normally she wasn’t in the office this early but she had an appointment in the middle of the day and wanted to work the extra time early instead of late. She realized the men assumed they were alone in the office and her heart raced. “What should I do?” She wondered.

Mark spoke, “So she’s walking around the gym basically with her ass hanging out for everybody to see?” Jennifer’s eyes snapped wide to hear Mark use such a direct word about a woman’s backside. He was such a soft spoken, sweet guy. She felt as if she’d walked into the mythical male locker room and was listening to how men really talked when women weren’t around.

“Well, it was 4:30 in the morning. Not many people there besides myself and a couple others. But yeah, she was.” Joe replied.

“Well?” Mark paused.

Finally Joe laughed, “Well what?” Jennifer leaned closer to the wall of her cubicle.

“Did she have a nice ass?”

Joe chuckled again, “Let’s just say I decided to face the other direction while I worked out, you know, to avoid the distraction.”

Mark laughed, “Understood.” Jennifer’s eyebrows went up. What did Joe mean? That he was attracted to the woman’s bare backside? A tiny surge of jealously sparked in her chest but she pushed it down. There was no understanding between her and Joe. She’d had a crush on him since she started this job a few months back. She’d never been married although she’d been engaged for three years before she finally lost patience with the man. Joe had apparently been married for two years right after college but was now divorced. He was 35. She was 34.

Jennifer kept trying to set the jealousy aside. Of course Joe would be attracted to a woman’s rear. Why wouldn’t he? Immediately Jennifer wondered if Joe would be attracted to her bottom. She’d been told a couple of times that she had a very feminine and shapely rear.

Jennifer’s thoughts jolted back to her situation as she heard a bag being set down. Joe’s voice was clear. They were probably standing at Mark’s cubicle, just three down from hers. “I’m not sure I ever understood the thong thing. I mean, sure, it looks sexy and all, but isn’t it uncomfortable?”

Jennifer smiled at Joe’s question, nodding her head. She’d never been one to wear thong style underwear. The one time she’d tried it had felt uncomfortable. Thus, she was surprised when Mark replied, “April says it depends on the size and quality of the underwear. She wears thong panties all the time and says they feel comfortable after you get used to them.” April was Mark’s wife. Jennifer was surprised both to hear another woman claim that thongs were comfortable but also to hear one man so casually mention his wife’s panties to another man. She wondered if her old fiance had ever mentioned her panties to his friends? She understood that Mark and Joe were pretty close friends.

“Well, I can’t imagine a thong being comfortable.” Joe laughed.

“Of course not, man, you’ve got balls dangling down there. Women don’t have that….er, protrusion.” Mark replied in a snide voice. Again, Jennifer felt as if she were in the men’s locker room. “Men really did talk like this,” she thought in amazement. Mark’s voice continued, “Some of the women in our group wear thong panties.”

Jennifer felt her breath catch. She wondered, “How could he know…” Her thought was mimicked by Joe’s voice, “How could you possibly know that?”

“Yeah!” Jennifer thought as she felt her face going red. Mark replied, “I’ve got eyes, don’t I?”

“X-ray eyes?” Joe laughed.

“No, I mean, you can kind of tell, just looking, over time….I mean.” Jennifer leaned even closer to the wall.

“You mean panty lines or something?” Joe asked, “I don’t think you can always see them, even when they’re wearing regular panties.”

“No, not always.” Mark said, “But sometimes you can tell and I’ve noticed over the years.”

Joe laughed, “Years! You’ve been staring at your co-worker’s butts for years?”

“Jeesh, man! You make it sound like I’m a pervert.” Jennifer felt herself smile and almost had to stifle a laugh. Mark went on, “No, I don’t stare but I have noticed here and there.”

“Noticed what?” Joe asked. Jennifer thought, “Yeah, noticed what?”

“Well, for example, I think Camille wears thongs. She’s been here for what…two years?” Mark asked. Jennifer thought about Camille…young, right out of college. “Mark’s just guessing,” She thought to herself.

“Yeah.” canlı bahis şirketleri Joe said.

“Well, I’ve never seen a panty line on her and I’ve seen her in some pretty tight pants.”

“She’s just young. It’s probably more of an age thing.” Joe replied.

“Probably.” Mark paused, and then continued, “But Amy, on the other hand, I know she wears regular panties, I’ve seen the lines.”

“Amy is in her 50’s.” Joe said.

“So that fits the age theory.” Mark said.

They were silent for a moment. Jennifer’s thoughts raced and she felt her heart pounding. She knew what was coming next. She was the only other woman in their group. Time slowed to a crawl until finally, almost painfully, Mark spoke again, “Then there’s Jennifer…”

Jennifer felt as though she couldn’t breath. Joe replied, “Yeah…”

“I’m not sure,” Mark said, “She hasn’t been here as long but I noticed panty lines one time in particular, last week, in fact.” Jennifer felt her face was flaming hot. She wasn’t sure whether to feel indignant, embarrassed, or glad she was noticed and included.

Jennifer was surprised at Joe’s next words, “Well, we probably shouldn’t be talking like this.” On one hand, Joe was right, they shouldn’t be talking about female co-worker’s underwear, but on the other hand, she kind of wanted to know what Joe thought about her underwear. She sighed and immediately covered her mouth, realizing that she was inadvertently eavesdropping and hoping for a way out of this scenario that didn’t reveal herself.

“Hey man, do you like Jennifer?” Mark asked, out of the blue.

Jennifer’s heart stopped again. “Of course I do.” Joe replied.

Jennifer felt a little disappointed with the casual reply. Mark spoke, “No, I mean, you know, like her more than just a co-worker.”

Jennifer waited, wondering what Joe would say. He spoke, “Well, I can’t really. I’m her boss.”

“This is just friend to friend.” Mark said.

“Well, friend to friend, sure, I’m attracted to her. She’s smart. She’s nice….pretty. She’s fun to be around…but that doesn’t change that I can’t do anything about it.” Jennifer felt a smile spread involuntarily across her face.

“That sucks for you, man.” Mark said.

Jennifer heard the office door open again. The two men went silent. The rest of the office lights flipped on. Then she heard Joe’s voice call out, “Hey, Damon, how are you doing this morning?”

Jennifer sat quietly. It sounded as though Joe and Mark walked toward the entrance to talk with Damon for a while. Her mind wandered over the conversation. Eventually she heard Mark return to his cube and heard him typing. Damon’s cube was further away.

The office was quiet for about fifteen minutes and Jennifer was just getting focused back on work when she heard Joe’s voice behind her. It startled her and she let out a little squeak. “Oh, I’m sorry for scaring you, Jennifer.” He smiled softly as she turned to look at him.

“That’s OK” She managed to say in a soft voice. Slowly she felt her face growing warm as she stared up at him.

He looked at her for a moment and apparently seemed surprised to see her. He glanced toward Mark’s cube and then she noticed his face started to redden a little. “You’re here early.”

“Yeah. I’ve got an appointment and will need to take a long lunch.”

“Oh, that’s fine.” He paused, seemingly unsure of what to say. Finally he spoke a little awkwardly, “So, when did you get in?”

Jennifer realized he was trying to decide if she’d heard thong discussion. “Um, just a few minutes ago.”

He looked relieved, “Oh, OK. Well, how are you doing?”

Jennifer felt a little stab of annoyance that he was getting off so easy. Now she wanted him to know that she’d heard their indiscreet conversation. Before she could stop and think about it, she spoke, “I might leave a little earlier too, if you don’t mind. There’s a store I’d like to stop at right near my appointment and, well, you know how hard we’ve been working lately… do you mind?”

“No, of course not. What are you shopping for?” He asked.

Again, the word slipped out before she could think, “Panties.” Her face started warming up and she couldn’t believe she’d just said that.

His face went red too. He paused, mouth open, and glanced aside toward Mark’s cube. His voice went low and he took a step forward, “Look, Jennifer, I’m really sorry about what you apparently heard. I shouldn’t have talked that way with Mark. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Jennifer immediately regretted bringing it up. She smiled at him, “I guess I’m just teasing.”

Joe nodded, “I hope, well, I hope you don’t feel, harassed or anything. That’s the last thing on my mind. I just feel so stupid, like I’m some teenaged kid caught talking trash in the locker room. It won’t happen again.”

Jennifer laughed quietly, “I’ll count on that.”

Joe smiled weakly and said, “Talk to you later.” He turned and walked away.

Jennifer turned back to her computer and moved her hands over the keyboard. She canlı kaçak iddaa couldn’t concentrate. She was feeling a bit of shock at how forward she had been. He behaved exactly as she would have expected when confronted with the indiscreet conversation. He was embarrassed and sorry. The part of the conversation that stuck in her mind now, though, was that he was interested in her but that he couldn’t act on it as her supervisor. She briefly wondered how much she liked this job. Maybe it was time to change.

Jennifer had been telling the truth about the proximity of the lingerie store to her appointment but she never intended to go there. Now, as she exited the office building from her appointment, she stopped and glanced down the street toward the lingerie shop. Curiosity got the better of her and she walked toward it.

As she went through the front door a wave of pleasant fragrance washed over her and she was attracted to the soft, warm colors throughout the store. Almost immediately a woman approached her and asked if she needed help. Jennifer decided the direct approach was best and explained that she was interested in buying some thong panties but that her previous experience with them hadn’t been comfortable. The woman nodded knowingly and started leading her across the store while explaining how getting the right fit and material made all the difference.

About half an hour later Jennifer walked out of the store holding a n little ornate pink shopping bag. As she headed back to the office, a plan was formulating in her mind spurred on by the events of the morning. She was wearing a nice business suit and the pants were reasonably tight. Standing upright, she was confident that the lines of her brief-style panties were not visible but bending over was a different story.

Eventually she walked through the lobby of the office building, down the hall, and opened the door to her group’s area. Joe’s private office was immediately to the right and she stopped in his open door. He looked up from his computer and smiled at her.

“I’m back.” She smiled back at him.

“Appointment went OK?” He asked. She saw his eyes glance down at the delicate pink shopping bag in her hands.

“Perfect, thanks.” She said.

“Good.” He smiled and again his eyes glanced at the shopping bag.

“Well, back to work.” She turned and walked away, keeping in view of his open office door. She slowed her walk and tried not to be too obvious but she put a little more side-to-side movement in her hips as she moved, knowing the motion might catch his attention and draw his eyes to her rear.

She’d worked this plan out on the way back to the office. She wanted him to notice her panties. The group had a set of distribution boxes in the open area of their office and those boxes were also within line of sight of Joe’s door. Her box was at the bottom of the stack and as she approached the boxes, she slowed even more. Then, slowly, deliberately, she bent at the waist keeping her ass pointed directly at his office and checked her distribution box. She took an envelope from it, straightened, and walked toward her cubicle. Just before she was out of sight from Joe’s office, she glanced back. She caught Joe looking quickly away and couldn’t suppress a smile on her own face as she hurried back to her cubicle. “It worked!” She thought. She felt an incredible rush of sexual power, something she’d never really experimented with before.

Jennifer was ready for the next part of her plan. She prepared the paperwork, stuffed it into an envelope, and then picked up the little pink shopping bag and headed out the side exit from their office area toward the bathrooms. Their group had two small unisex bathrooms, each one with doors that locked, meant to be used by one person at a time. Jennifer stepped into one of them and closed the door behind her. She set the shopping bag down and turned to look at herself in the mirror. The pants of her business suit were smooth across her thighs and looked very nice. She turned around and craned her neck to look at her rear view. As she thought, the pants were loose enough across her bottom to not show her panty lines. She slowly bent at the waist, watching to see what Joe would have seen. Almost immediately as the smooth material stretched over her rounded bum, the lines of her panties became clearly visible.

She smiled, straightened, and undid her pants. She stepped out of her heels and slid the pants down her legs. She carefully hung the pants on a wall peg and turned to look at herself in her regular panties. They were nice looking, simple and sleek. They were made of a smooth micro-fiber and were pale green with a little yellow bow in the middle of the lace waist band.

She turned around to look at how the panties encased her bottom. The cut completely covered the wide, rounded globes of her cheeks. She slowly bent and as the material stretched tighter, it became somewhat transparent and she smiled as the cleavage between her cheeks became visible. She felt a sexual stirring in her canlı kaçak bahis pussy.

She straightened, slid her thumbs behind the waist of the panties and slid them down her thighs until they dropped to the floor. She looked back at her reflection in the mirror, naked from the waist down. She really did feel as though her ass were her best sexual feature. She stared at it’s rounded, wide fullness, each cheek tapering smoothly down to a nearly perfectly round half globe. She reached around and patted her bare bottom, watching her cheeks jiggle tightly with each pat.

Again, she slowly bent at the waist, watching the view of her rear as more and more of her privates came into view. She saw the brown hair of her pussy start to show. She spread her legs and bent further, now clearly feeling the sexual arousal between her legs. Fully bent she could see her little, pink and puckered anus and for the first time in her life, felt that it was attractive and desirable. Her eyes traced down from her anus to the tight lips of her outer labia, puffy and full, mostly hair free toward the back with hair starting to grow more toward the front. Her lips were full and stuck together. She slowly slid two fingers down over her abdomen, through her soft, full pubic hair until she felt her pussy lips. A moan escaped her throat as pleasure filled her groin. Her fingers went down the sides of her lips, between the lip and the inner thigh, down between her legs toward her anus and then back between her lips, pulling them apart to expose the now very moist and pink interior. She was amazed at how wet she was.

Without thinking, she slowly pushed a finger into her vagina. Immediately, she envisioned Joe looking at her ass, looking at her pussy, and then she imagined Joe’s penis sliding into her pussy the way her finger was. She let out a small squeal of arousal and pushed her finger in deeper, pulling it out, pushing it in, over and over imagining Joe’s penis plunging into her wet pussy. She felt amazing, tingly all over, and had never come this close to orgasm this quickly before while masturbating. She pulled her slick, wet finger out and immediately started fiddling with her clitoris. The orgasm washed over her powerfully and she felt her knees almost buckling with pleasure. She cried out and then clamped her mouth shut, not wanting to be heard. Her mouth spread wide again and she closed her eyes as the waves of pleasure from the orgasm washed through her body. Finally it subsided and she stood up straight again, looking back one more time at the reflection of her wide, smooth and bare bottom. She was sexy and she knew it.

A smile spread across her face as she thought about her plan again. She hadn’t planned on masturbating but wow, it felt amazing. She’d never masturbated at work before.

She washed the lubrication off her fingers, dried her hands and then looked into the little pink bag. There were three thong panties in the bag. She took her favorite out. They were a very smooth and light-weight stretchy material, black with little white polka dots and a pink waist band with a little pink bow on each side above the leg.

Jennifer smiled as she looked at the panties. She imagined wearing them in public, in a gym, exercising in front of Joe. She imagined him watching her nearly naked ass as she moved rhythmically. She imagined his penis getting big and hard because of what he saw. She shook her head to clear it image. Her pussy was still wet and feeling tingly.

Carefully she stepped into the thong and pulled it up her long legs. The triangular front barely covered her luxuriously thick patch of soft brown pubic hair. She turned to look at her ass in the thong. The material between her cheeks was soft and comfortable and she was surprised at how nice the panties felt both over her genitals and up between her cheeks against her anus. There was none of the wedgie, irritating feel from the thong panties she’d tried in the past.

She hooked her thumbs under the waist band and pulled the thong up, wondering at what point it would start to feel like a wedgie. Eventually it did so but in the process, her already tingling pussy started to feel highly aroused again. She loved how the stretchy thong looked pulled up tight between her bare bottom cheeks and it felt wonderfully applying pressure to her pussy lips. She turned around and pulled from the front, watching to see how her pubic hair became visible on each side of the panty front. Then as she was adjusting the thong, the left side of her labia slipped out from the thong’s tight embrace and she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Jennifer turned around and bent at the waist to see what her pussy looked like part way out of the thong. The lip was full and puffy. She touched it with a finger and found it incredibly sensitive, sucking in her breath in pleasure. Looking closer she noticed that the panties were starting to show the dampness of her pussy’s lubrication.

Carefully she adjusted the crotch of the panties so it slipped between both her pussy lips and then she pulled it up even more. Her big labia bulged out obscenely to either side of the material now barely visible and buried in her pussy. She grinned wickedly, wondering what Joe would think to see her exercising in a gym in a thong with her puffy labia sticking out.

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