Her Secret Desire Fulfilled


Her want for him embarrassed her. It was an insatiable curiosity to discover. His shape, his motivations, his taste and smell. He had struck her as splendid across the bustling room, standing aloof above the crowd, engaged but guarded, detached from the others. Now, that she had him to herself and they were alone she was overwhelmed by her affection for him. She knew he wanted this. She understood it to be something he had tried before but the detail was sketchy. She wondered if it was fulfilling physically or mentally to him. Was it the frontier of taboo, the intrusion, the vulnerability of surrender, overpowered by the other, or just the altered physical sensations being penetrated would provide? She had never done this with another. She had stringent restrictions from her most recent paramour, never on top; don’t stray past the testicles with either mouth or hand. No former suitor had cared much for her needs nor been interested. It was so very different with him. The session so far had been amazing. Their exchanges sensual, rich and warm. They had kissed for nearly an hour, Switching between relaxed languishing in their embrace, building now to something more fervent, desperate even.

She had withdrawn from him abruptly taking herself to the next room and composing herself. It’s now or never she mused as she opened the drawer and removed the device and harness. Knowing the other ointments and unctuous potions were at hand beside the bed she buckled up and concealed her decision with her robe. She re-entered the room to find him prone, relaxed and smiling. She joined him, rolling him away to expose his long back. While caressing the length of his spine she skirted his buttocks, teasing in her omission. Long stroking caresses in slow motion, lifting her hand to repeat the motion from a random starting point. Shoulder, behind a knee, his neck, but never his buttocks. Kissing him now, she sidled closer, cautious that the rigidity of the strap-on not touch him yet. Breathing in his scent, she buried her face in his auxiliary- his aroma dark, metallic. He was so masculine, larger than her, stronger. She shifted to kiss and lick his nape, anoint his ears with her tongue, slow and luscious. Each place she tasted had illegal bahis its own texture, flavour, sensation. Now to one of her many favourite parts of him. She began a trail of moist and passionate kisses toward his arse. His skin smooth, the yielding muscles firm. She used her long hair like a paint brush to trace between his cleft

Her fingers followed, gentle. Mischievous. His breathing changed as she touched him there

Nails tracing concentric circles edging closer and closer as her face followed. The thrill of breathing his most intimate odour. Manly, musky, magnificent. She wanted to kiss him, open mouthed, tongue probing. The thought of his taste, unknown and new to her was tantalising.

Nestled between his legs she settled in, her appetite and interest peaked, her tongue gingerly extended to lick first. Her fingers pressure circling curling were replaced by her mouth and he caught his breath.

The note of something dark in his flavour was paramount to the starter’s gun. Her desire tipping to cascade over him. Her kisses deepened as she dared probe deeper. Hands anchored to his hips she pulled him to her. Her tongue, insistent, her wanting to part and widen him exciting her. She wanted to be gentle but the position had his form resist her explorations.

She withdrew and intimated with her touch that he lift his hips and bend his knees. No longer flat on the bed he rose to bear his arse to her in the requested position. His legs bent, his cheeks parting to expose her prize.

She was struck by the trust he displayed. He had not resisted. So exposed, yielding, waiting.

Again she bent to kiss him. Cupping his member and caressing him, running interference

Little kisses, pressure varied, on his buttocks again began. Her impulse was to grab him and stuff her face deep within him, tongue extended hoping to taste something unexpected. She was greeted by notes of his familiar scent, soap, clean, masculine. Her embraces deepened as she approached his hole.

Moist suction, salivating with delight, she started to lick; applying her wetness. Sliding her face up and down, swirling her tongue, increasing her pressure, she lapped at the puckering circling his vulnerability. illegal bahis siteleri Closer. Firmer. Till he yielded to her tongue. The margin between inside and outside of him was marked. His inside was velvet. Hot. Dense.

The thrill of what he had allowed her, the flood of compassion, had tears sting her eyes. She held him in one hand while the other reached forward holding him to her. She never wanted to let him go. Her mouth clamped upon him she sucked. Providing more moisture she lapped to lubricate him, preparing him for what was coming next. She wanted to worship all of him, take him off guard before entering him. She worried that without discussion the surprise may change the charge between them.

Her hands replaced her mouth as her fingers probed. Reaching for the lubricant she quietly filled her palm and parted the robe to access the dildo. She had searched many an establishment with the hope of finding a cock to resemble his for her pleasure when he was absent.

But this one was for him. She had selected it with his size and proportion in mind. Wanted a challenge for him. Her fingers, two deep, had been massaging and kneading his entrance.

Her brow furrowed, wanting this but unsure. Removing her hands she placed them either side of his hips. She knelt behind him and leaned forward the tip of the head she wore poised at his entrance.

She began a slow pivot of her hips to move the third point of contact between them in a figure of eight. His head rose as the comprehension of what would happen next became apparent.

Stroking him up and down always past his yield point was unkind. She was dilly dallying, making him wait. Her hands placed high on his back, fingers weighty, she drew them down towards his flanks as she lent forward.

This time her aim was true, the well lubricated instrument’s pressure parting his flesh. There was resistance for a moment. She held her breath wanting to be gentle but fighting the urge to plunge deep within him claiming him as her own. All of a sudden he sighed, his tissue relented and the long slow slide of her penetration began. Her hips met his cheeks and the enormity both of the member inside him and what she had just done canlı bahis siteleri hit her.

Gently, she withdrew the length of it from him, keeping the crown inside she applied more lube. Looking down at the shaft still within him his openness aroused her. Again she gently thrust forward and let him decide the pace as the length was consumed. So excited she brushed past her tenderness for him and began to change the pace of her thrusts. No longer worried that pain was an issue she pushed violently inside.

Working him was thrilling. Pounding him, she again worried that tenderness may have been a better approach for this first time. The pressure of the harness against her pudenda moved the whole area as she settled into a rhythmic grind. Again and again she withdrew and re entered him. He was stoic under her. In her minds eye watching him accommodate the size and length matched what she supposed her body did when he fucked her.

She settles into a rhythm and posture she can maintain. Her nails claw his shoulders and back. Leaning forward she discovers she can reach his neglected penis. He is huge! Firm, hard and ready. She arranges her grasp to be tight around his glistening cock’s helmet. It’s edge flicking in and out of her grip on time with her thrusts. Her pace quickens her touch almost feather light

Flicking, flicking, flicking in time to her incessant thrusts. Shorter, shallower.

His form rises in readiness of his release. “I’m going to cum,” he groans; the first utterance of their exchange. Insistently she continues the pace with no change as not to disturb the approaching storm. Again, again her hips and hands syncopated. Faster, faster. Her thrusts wild now in contrast to the delicacy of her grip on his cock.

His first spasm alerts her, cuts sharp through her abandon and she leans her full weight and size of the implement deep into him as his next wave arrives. The guttural sound he emits shocks her and tears flood her eyes, joyous as his volume spills on the bed. It’s silken viscosity pumping from him. Possessed by his emptying he is raw, every millimetre burned electric. Quivering he waits while she withdraws the dildo. As he falls to his side he looks at her. Buckles click as she throws the harness away and gathers him to her. Facing one another, silenced by what they have just shared, their hands touch. Breathing slows, smiles widen.

Cocooned together, bodies spent, minds cleansed, burdens eased, they sleep….

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