Her Terms Only…


He heard the sound of the front door opening and closing, and the familiar footsteps that he had grown accustomed to hearing everyday around this time. He was downstairs finishing folding the laundry after putting in a solid day working on his novel. He knew where she was judging from the sounds of her heels, and then heard the sound of them being kicked into the closet. He could hear nothing now except for what he thought was the basement door being opened.

“Babe?” he called out.


He shrugged his shoulders, assuming he was hearing things and grabbed the towels to fold.

He jumped slight when he felt her arms wrap around his stomach as she pressed her tits into his back hard, forcing him to grab onto the laundry table to steady himself.

He started to turn but she firmly planted her knee between his legs, her thigh pinning him against the table.

“Babe what the hell…” he started

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” she whispered sharply into his ear. “Just let go, I will be easier on you if you relax…” she said, flicking her tongue over his ear, all the while keeping him pinned against the table.

She could feel him hesitate, and begin to tense up to perhaps take control back, but she slid her hands up to his chest and shoulders and then slowly running them down his arms. She felt him relax a bit, and that’s when she grabbed his wrists and pulled his arms behind his back, and before he could react, she had masterfully cuffed him.

“Jesus babe…” but stopped talking when she took his head and forced it down on the table.

“I told you it was better to relax…you need to listen better than that…” she heard him gasp as her hand reached down and gave his rapidly hardening cock a firm squeeze through his pants.

“You going to listen? Nod your head, do not say a word”

He nodded his head, and she pulled him up, and led him by the cuffs to the couch. She turned him and pushed him down so he was sitting facing her. She stood there, legs spread apart, letting him look at her. She was wearing a short dress he hadn’t seen before, and it covered just enough to make it borderline acceptable office wear, but barely. From his vantage point , he could see more than the average office worker. He smiled, looking at her at she straddled him, pushing her tits into his face and he tried to bite her nipples through the cloth, and she gave him a playful slap on the face.

“Nooooo, you do what your told, and I didn’t tell you to do that.” she said. “You need to listen or this isn’t going to go well for you.”

He went to answer and she placed a finger across his lips.

“Nod only. No talking. Do you understand?”

His eyes locked onto hers in playful defiance, and she stood quickly, standing in front of him. She pulled her dress up slowly, revealing her pantiless pussy, and she ran her fingers over it slowly.

“If you want this, you will do what I say.” she said, “Or I will take this upstairs to the bedroom and take care of it myself and leave you down here. Got it?”

He was beyond horny now, for she knew that playing with her pussy drove him wild. She could see the look of surrender on his face, and he nodded.

“Good. Now make me cum.” and with that she climbed on the couch and pressed her wet pussy against his mouth. He began licking and biting softly, but she pressed herself against him hard, forcing his mouth harder against her, wanting to cum and cum fast. He sensed what she wanted and began licking, sucking and biting her clit, and despite not being able to use his hands, could feel her legs start to quiver as he built up her orgasm. She moaned loudly as she pressed escort ataşehir herself harder, wanting it badly. She had been feeling aroused all day and by the time she got home, she needed to cum badly.

She grabbed his head with both hands as she felt her orgasm hit her hard and it was all she could do to not totally collapse onto him. He continued licking and sucking, tasting all of her, loving it. When her orgasm subsided, she pulled his head away and slowly but still in control, lowered herself onto his crotch, so she could feel his cock through his pants.

“Thanks baby…that was good. Not sure if it was good enough to let you fuck me now, what do you think?” she taunted. He glared at her, knowing he couldn’t move and she was in total control, something he was not used to giving up at all.

“What’s the matter?” she purred, and heard him groan as she started moving her hips in circles over his cock. She pulled the straps of her dress down, revealing her tits, the nipples so hard and aroused it almost hurt. “You want to fuck me? Or do you want these in your mouth?” she offered as she leaned in close. He focused on her tits and his tongue started to lick her nipple and she slapped him again, a little harder this time.

“I didn’t say to do it, I asked if you wanted to. You. Are. Not. Listening” and with that she stood up, pulled her straps back up, covering herself. and he leaned his head back in frustration.

She arranged her dress, smoothing out the wrinkles as he stared at her in confusion.

“What?” she said. “You didn’t listen. And I already came, so I got what I wanted. Maybe next time you will listen.”

With that she smiled seductively at him and walked away, leaving him handcuffed on the couch. Just as she reached the stairs, stopped and pulled something out of her bra. She tossed it on the floor.

It was the key to the cuffs. She spoke as she walked back upstairs.

“If you can get out of the cuffs, maybe you can come find me and finish what I started…”

She had just finished taking her shower, and was drying herself off while standing in her walk-in closet, admiring her collection of toys she had displayed on her shelf. She considered taking her favorite vibrator out and bringing it back downstairs so she could get herself off while her fiance, whom she was sure was still handcuffed on the couch in the basement, watched. She smiled, proud of herself on how she hadn’t given up control whatsoever and left him hanging the way she did. She loved every second of it, and loved the power she felt, even now 30 minutes later. She took out the vibrator, and when she did, she noticed something behind it that caused her pussy to get wet almost instantly.

It had been a while, but her newest butt-plug lay there waiting for her to use it. She had others, but they were smaller and she had been trying to work her way up to being able to try anal sex. This was supposed to be the deciding plug as to whether or not she could take her fiances cock. And she wanted to badly. She hadn’t had a chance to use it yet, but considering how she felt now, this was the perfect time. . She put the vibrator back, and took out the plug. She found her lube, and made her way over to her bed. She let the towel drop to the floor, and crawled on her bed on all fours. She opened the lube, spread as much as she needed of the tip of the plug and some on her ass, and reached back and started rubbing the tip against her tight ass, her mouth open slightly.

She felt her pussy tingle as she slowly slid the tip in, her mouth opening wider, the plug was definitely big and was spreading her ass wider than it had kadıköy escort ever been. A moan escaped her lips as she reached the deepest it would go, and left it there. She lay down on her stomach, letting her ass adjust to it, and she couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. She couldn’t help herself, and she reached underneath so she could play with her pussy with the plug in her ass. Her fingers rubbed her swollen clit quickly and with enough pressure that combined with the plug in her ass, she was soon moaning and writhing in pleasure, her orgasm as intense as it had ever been. She rolled onto her back, her orgasm not subsiding, and she slipped two fingers in her soaking wet pussy and fingered herself to completion, her back arched to the point it was almost painful.

She collapsed on the bed, her body heaving as she tried to catch her breath, her body still tingling from the intensity of her orgasm. She could still feel the plug and it felt amazing, every little movement she did causing ripples of pleasure straight to her core.

It took her a few minutes to catch her breath and composure, but she still had a strong desire for more. She wanted to cum again like that, and NOW. She stood, gasping as the pleasure once again whisked through her body, and she walked over and chose a purple teddy which felt absolutely incredible on her skin. She slipped it on quickly and and made her way back downstairs, wanting to have a cock inside her in the worst possible way. She smiled as she made her way down the last set of stairs, for she had no intention of telling him that she still had her now new favorite toy still buried in her ass. She quickly erased the smile, not wanting him to have any inclination that her earlier demeanor had changed. SHE was in control and that’s the way it was going to stay.

She reached the bottom of the stairs and had to fight the urge to smile as she saw him sitting on the ground struggling with the cuffs. He looked up as he heard her reach the floor and almost simultaneously his jaw dropped as well as the keys to the cuffs.

She shook her head side to side as she approached him, never breaking stride.

“Soooo disappointing…” she purred as she put her foot on his chest and pushed him so he was laying on his back. She straddled his crotch quickly and pinned his arms above his head.

“Jesus babe, wha…” and his sentence was cut short as she once again slapped his cheek, a little hard than before.

“You reeeallly don’t remember well do you!” she said as she leaned her mouth by his ear. “The rules haven’t changed. No talking!” she hissed into his ear, and then bit it hard to drive her point home. She felt him tense up, and she gasped in spite of herself as his crotch drove upwards and rubbed against her ass. She fought the urge to grind down on him, wanting it bad. But she couldn’t let on how badly she wanted him inside her. She couldn’t remember ever feeling this way, wanting to take a man so badly. But she needed to have control. She took his face in her hand, like a mother scolding her child.

“Don’t do that. I swear you will regret it. Do you understand?” she said as she glared at him.

He could see no backing down in her eyes, and once again nodded.

“Good. Maybe you will get to cum after all.” she said sternly. “Now don’t move again.”

With that she let his face go and pulled his shirt up, exposing his chest. She attacked his nipples with her teeth and his abs and side with her nails. She was animalistic, and all he could do was close his eyes and take it. She bit his nipples to the point that almost made his eyes water, and he was certain that her nails maltepe escort bayan were going to leave welts. But he didn’t care, he had never seen her like this and it turned him on beyond belief.

She made her way down to his pants, and rubbed her face against his hard cock through his pants making him shudder. She smiled inside, knowing it was almost impossible for him to be quiet, but loved the erotic torture she was inflicting. She gently trailed her nails over his abs as she gently bit his cock through his pants. He moaned as she expected he would and dug her nails in hard, causing him to flinch. She knew he was fighting a losing battle, but she felt like being ruthless.

She stopped teasing his cock and slid across his body until they were face to face. She could see the lust and desire in his eyes.

“Still not listening babe?” she cooed, flicking her tongue across his lips. “I guess you just aren’t man enough to take me like I was hoping you’d be able to” she teased, smiling at the confused look that crossed his face. “I guess I will just have to show you what you are missing…” and with that she straddled him again, a little lower than his crotch so she could undo his pants. She stared continuously into his eyes as she worked to free his cock. She pulled it out, and slowly and teasingly stroked it with her hand, listening to him groan. She moved forward and started sliding her pussy against the length of his cock, slowly, agonizingly driving him crazy. She sat up a bit and took hold of his cock and slowly lowered herself, watching him watch his cock as it was about to enter her. Just as she felt the tip touch her lips, she stopped.

“That’s right…I have to show you what you are missing. How silly of me to forget… I can guarantee you that next time you will do exactly what I say.” she said as she gave him a knowing look as she turned around and straddled him so her ass was facing him. She looked over her shoulder and took satisfaction in seeing his eyes widen as he noticed the plug in her ass as she lowered herself onto him. Her focus on him soon changed to the incredible feeling she had rocket through her body as she filled her pussy with his thick cock. She closed her eyes, her mouth completely open as she sat on his hips completely, not moving, just reveling in the feeling of being completely filled. She gasped and moaned as she started riding his cock slowly, the sensations almost too much to bear. She swore she had never felt him that big, and combined with the plug, she felt like she would literally pass out if she came. She felt her legs tingle and quiver within seconds of starting to fuck him, and at this point she didn’t care, she wanted, she NEEDED to cum. She stopped riding him and began to grind against him, causing both of them to moan, and she leaned forward and placed her hands on his legs to get better balance as she began rocking back and forth faster and more furiously, her orgasm so close.

He came in her without warning, and her eyes shot open wide as she felt the first blast of hot cum hit the walls of her pussy, and that’s when she came. Her body convulsed as she screamed uncontrollably, digging her nails into his legs as she came. She felt another load of cum fill her, and she almost fell forward as her orgasm hit her with such a force that she saw dark spots forming in her vision. She focused on not passing out, but it was difficult as the pleasure she was experiencing was overwhelming to the point of unconditional surrender. She lowered her body onto his legs, her legs refusing to move. Her hair was in disarray, her legs were shaking, her pussy and ass more than completely satisfied.

She smiled as she realized that she didn’t know or even cared if her fiance had actually spoken a word during the last few minutes. The only thing she knew was that next time she was going to get EXACTLY what she knew she wanted.

All on her terms again, of course.

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