Hexagon Keys

Big Tits

The van’s driver had moved all the boxes into the house next door and was pulling away. The family station wagon of my new neighbours had driven away and I settled down to studying in the dining room when there was a knock at the door. The woman on the front porch was wearing a shapeless loose top and tracksuit pants.

‘Hi. I’m moving in next door and I’m trying to assemble the bunks. I’m sorry to disturb you but have you got any of those hexagon keys. I’d like to surprise the girls and have their bunks assembled and ready before they get home from the movies with their father’.

‘Sure. Need a hand?’ I asked her.

‘No,’ she replied. ‘You’re busy.’

‘It’ll give me a chance to get to know my new neighbour.’

I took the hex drive keys out of my tool box, and followed my new neighbour next door. She told me her name was Mrs Jackson.

I replied, ‘Hello Mrs Jackson. My name’s Richard. People call me Rich or Richie’.

She had the bunks unpacked on the floor of the teenaged daughters’ room. I helped her put all the pieces together and she started all her hex screws. She had obviously done this before, as she knew how everything was put together. Before too long, we had the bunks assembled, but standing a bit wobbly on the floor.

She handed me the keys to tighten them up while she left to get drinks for both of us. She returned with a tray, two glasses and a choice of cans.

She wobbled the bed to test its firmness and handed me a drink, then climbed onto the top bunk and popped a can and began drinking it.

She peeled off her loose top revealing the top half of her bikini and asked, ‘Are you feeling hot? It’s getting warm in here isn’t it.’

Then she removed her track suit pants revealing the bottom half of a swim suit. ‘I hope you don’t mind’ she said.

‘Not at all’, I responded. ‘You have a nice figure Mrs. Jackson. Oh! I hope you don’t mind’. She smiled at me.

We finished our drinks and she climbed down and headed for the bathroom.

She called out, ‘Could you get 2 towels from the blue bag for me please? Just bring them into the bathroom if you don’t mind’.

I brought them into the bathroom where she was naked in the shower recess. I was shocked that she was so comfortable with me able to see her naked.

She said, ‘Would you like to join me?’

I didn’t know what to say. ‘I’ve never had my clothes off with another woman before. I feel very self-conscious with my clothes off’.

‘How old are you Richie?’

‘Eighteen. My birthday was last week.’

‘Happy birthday, Richie. You’re old enough to have your clothes off with another woman. I was a nurse and I’ve seen everything before so I won’t be shocked. ‘

‘But what if I get a stiffy?’

‘That would be nice. I’d love you to get a stiffy.’

This was a surprise. A really pretty woman has got her clothes off, and wants me to take mine off escort ataşehir as well ands she thinks I might get a stiffy and doesn’t mind.

I started to take my clothes off and by the time I took my pants down, my penis had swollen, and was hanging low at it’s full length. I really hoped it would not get stiff and embarrass me.

I waited for Mrs Jackson to make room for me but she just looked at me and she seemed to be distracted. As I waited to join her, I became more excited and my poor treacherous prick moved away from my body and rose up until it was fully erect and throbbing in time with my pulse. I was very self-conscious and held my hands over it to hide it.

I said ‘I’ve git a stiffy Mrs Jackson. I hope you’re not offended.’

She said, ‘I think stiffies look lovely Ritchie. Let me see yours.’

I slowly took my hands away and could only look down.

She said ‘My God Ritchie, aren’t you well developed. You have a very nice stiffy. Come in to the shower with me and let me clean it for you.’

She took the flannel and started to soap my back and then my chest. Then she moved to my feet and worked up my legs and was even soaping my bum. This made me even more excited.

She didn’t touch my penis, but when she lightly brushed my balls very gently, I couldn’t believe how excited I was to be having a shower with Mrs Jackson, the woman next door.

She said, ‘Your penis is very hard Richie. Do you mind if I touch it?’

I was too aroused to talk so I didn’t answer. She just smeared soap on my penis anyway, and made it as hard as anything. She began rinsing all the soap off me, using her hand and the water from the shower. There were feelings building up in my cock and I wondered what was going to happen.

She lightly rinsed my penis and it was like when I was masturbating, only somehow much better. I thought I was going to have a climax except she stopped just in time.

‘That was wonderful. I’m going to put your penis in my mouth now Richie. Just stand still and see if you can feel my tongue. I would like you to come inside my mouth.’

She knelt in front of me and held my swollen penis in her hand and I waited for her to put it in her mouth. One hand ran lightly up my leg and after a few seconds, I could feel her breath on my dick. It was so incredible that my cock began throbbing. She put it inside her mouth without touching me, and the feeling of waiting for her to touch it in her mouth was nearly enough to make me come.

Then she closed her lips around it about half way down its length and began licking near the top of the shaft. I couldn’t hold back anymore. Just as she closed her mouth on it, my knees felt a bit wobbly, but somehow I kept my balance as my face flushed and my climax came and I started squirting semen into Mrs Jackson’s mouth.

She murmured ‘MMMMmmmmmmm,’ causing several after shocks and making kadıköy escort me keep on pumping into her. I became very self-conscious again.

‘Now I’m feeling very horny,’ she said turning the taps off. ‘I want you to hold your hands here for me. And just keep them nice and still’.

She placed me at her side and then put my right hand over her vagina with my middle fingers between the lips of her slippery cunt. She placed my other hand on her bottom with my middle finger touching her anus.

She started to swivel her hips back and forward and my middle fingers lightly rubbed over her holes between her legs.

She said ‘Slide your fingers into me Richie.’

Her breathing started getting louder and she started to whimper as the middle fingers on each hand easily slipped into her tight little holes. I watched her face and she looked like she was in pain but she acted like she couldn’t stop swivelling. One arm was around my neck and the other one was holding on to the tap.

‘Grip me a little tighter please Richie,’ she said

I tightened my grasp between her legs causing her swivelling to became frantic and her tits were shaking with her body movement. I had never seen or felt anything like it before.

She started moaning a bit getting louder and louder all the time. I was so worked up getting into her mood that my prick stood proudly to attention again and I began swivelling the same as her with my swollen penis wagging wildly while slapping firmly against the side of her hip.

Finally she screamed, ‘Don’t stop’.

But I wasn’t doing anything. Her swivelling got slower, then she let out a long, high-pitched scream. Both of her holes were twitching.

She squealed out really loudly, ‘I can’t stop. I’m COMINNNNGG’.

She let go of the tap and had both her arms around me for about half a minute while her rutting motion slowly became slower and we were standing still with my fingers still inside the cunt and her anus.

She sighed heavily saying, ‘That was lovely.’

She removed my hands from her body and handed me a towel as she wrapped one around her body covering her beautiful tits but showing the swell of her bottom as she walked.

‘Richie, have you noticed how private our front yard is? Would you like to come out with me and be the first to sunbake with me in my new house?’

I wondered if she also thought I was the first to have any form of sex her in her new house. She took my hand without waiting for an answer and I let her lead me outside through the front door.

‘Isn’t it a bit dangerous going out the front with no clothes?’

‘I think it’s lovely, feeling the sun on my body on such a beautiful day. Come on!’ she said.

We took up a position in the middle of her front lawn and I followed her lead and placed the yellow towel she gave me next to hers and laid down on it. After such an arousing maltepe escort bayan afternoon, I was soon asleep.

Without knowing how long I had been dozing, I began to dream. I was on a crowded bus and gradually my clothes were disappearing. Something soft was licking my feet and my cock began to stiffen. I held on to the overhead straps and couldn’t let go and an eel like creature approached me floating in the air towards me with its mouth open. I was petrified and in fear of my life, when it slowed and gradually descended to my cock and in full view of the passengers, it began to cover my throbbing member strongly sucking on it.

The sensation woke me, and as I regained my bearings, I realised Mrs. Jackson was squatting over me and feeding my turgid penis into her juicy tight little vagina. She hovered over me and now that I was fully conscious again, I couldn’t stop myself from bucking up and down fucking her as hard as I could.

She whispered, ‘Get on top and fuck me like my husband Stan does. I’ll show you.’

She changed our position from squatting to placing her body on top of mine, then we rolled over on to her towel. She held my face and brought it down to hers, and kissed me with feeling, licking my lips and ruffling my hair while I slowly slid my cock into her as deep as I could reach.

She instructed me, ‘Now fuck me with just the first 3 inches of your cock, nice and slowly, Richie.’

I did as she instructed and it was like I was in heaven. For the next 10 minutes, I kept fucking her tirelessly, the feelings building up gradually after we had both had recent climaxes. I felt as if I could keep fucking her like this forever.

Eventually, she became more aroused with this and she began to breathe heavily, but it was her twitching cunt that gave her away. I felt like fucking her as hard as I could like a wolf in the wild but she slowed me down with her hands on my hips. I could feel my climax approach.

She knew exactly what she wanted and I was more than happy to give it to her.

Then she said ‘Stop,’ and with the end of my cock inside her, she milked my cock with impressively controlled contractions of her inside muscles.

‘My God, Richie. Hold on to me tightly. You’ve done it again. I ‘m going to come again,’ she gasped.

She said exactly the same words that I was feeling. I was surprised to feel another climax building up again after I had already had an orgasm when I was in the shower with Mrs Jackson.

With a loud straining noise I ejaculated into her twitching hungry cunt and collapsed onto her spent smiling form.

After lying on her for a few moments, now deep inside her, she said ‘Time for you to go, young man. Stan will be back with the girls soon.’

While I had been sleeping, Mrs. Jackson must have fetched our clothes.

I got dressed and as I left she said ‘Thanks for your help Richie. Call in any time. You must meet Stan and the girls.’

I think I will.

As I reached my front gate, I saw the station wagon with the rest of the family drive up and proceed through the silently opening remote controlled front gates next door. Mrs. Jackson’s timing was perfect.

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