It was the most vivid dream Jerry ever remembered having. He remembered the cold, the frigid white so dense he couldn’t see and he recalled the immense feeling of helplessness as he stumbled through the blizzard. It wasn’t a question of being lost, the snow was simply too deep and was falling so fast that he could have been at his front door and simply not known it.

Each time he took a step he seemed to sink deeper and deeper into the snow, first it was just up to his knees, then his thighs and finally up to his waist. He had just about reached the limit of his strength as he readied himself to give in to the cold when he stumbled into a cave. Suddenly the cold wind no longer sliced through him and he didn’t have to fight his way to take a step, he was surrounded by a warm, moist darkness.

Taking a deep breath he noticed the air smelled dank, heavy but anything was better than the sterile frozen wind outside. With the last of his strength he crawled deeper into the cave, deeper into the warmth, deeper into the darkness. He collapsed and just before he drifted to sleep, he felt movement beneath his head.

Jerry awoke from his dream feeling that same motion beneath his head and noticing his fingers entwined in a heavy mass of fur he opened his eyes. Seeing a mass of fur, he slowly lifted head from the large man’s chest. Smiling, he vaguely remembered Ben, a huge bear of a man he met at a new bar he visited the night before.

Glancing up at his face, he saw some dried cum caked in the man’s beard, but didn’t fully recall how his cum got into the man’s beard. He hoped that he was at least not to drunk to have reciprocated, afraid he might have enjoyed Ben sucking his cock and then simply fallen asleep.

Jerry lifted up his head and glanced down to the man’s crotch, hoping perhaps some cum might have dried in his pubic hair, at least showing him he had given his lover some pleasure, but he couldn’t see beyond Ben’s enormous stomach. Yes, Jerry did remember watching Ben undress, seeing his huge chest and stomach covered with hair. He had illegal bahis run both hands all over his chest and stomach, grabbing at the thick fur.

Turning in the bed, he moved his head down beyond Ben’s stomach and looked into the mass of hair between his legs. He could see just the tip of the cock peeking through the black mass of curls. There was no sign of any fluid or cum. Damn, he had finally been able to big up a beautiful bear of a man and then was too drunk to please him.

The man’s stomach rose and fell in a slow, even rhythm and Jerry could hear the faint growl of a snore. He knew what he could do. Getting up on his knees, he bent down, pressing the side his face against Ben’s stomach, he burrowed his head down to where he could close his mouth over his cock.

Just the head protruded from the flesh around it, but as Jerry began sucking on the head, he felt it begin to harden in his mouth. He loved that about big men, how their tiny cocks would seem to triple or more as it grew. Even though Ben’s cock grew considerable, it was still small enough that Jerry could take it all comfortably into his mouth without gagging.

As he began to bob his head up and down over the nearly erect cock, he recalled reading or hearing that big men like Ben have cocks about the same size as other men, it’s just that a portion of the length is basically buried in the flesh surrounding it. If they were not as large, fat if you want to be indelicate, their cocks would be much longer. Actually, Jerry liked it just as it was, sucking the entire length into his mouth.

He glanced up to see Ben’s face as the big man peeked around his stomach at him. Seeing him close his eyes and lean back with a look of pleasure made Jerry happy and he sucked on Ben’s cock that much harder. Now was his chance to show this bear how good a real blow job feels.

Jerry moved one hand up and lightly grasped Ben’s tiny scrotum while his other hand reached around and squeezed the soft, furry cheeks of his ass. When Ben growled and lifted his hips up, Jerry pushed his head illegal bahis siteleri down, burying his face in the mass of hair to take in every centimeter of cock he could. His lower lip pressed to Ben’s balls while his upper lip pressed hard to his pubis before he moved his head back slurping loudly.

“Oh Christ,” Ben bellowed, “I’m coming.”

Feeling the cock suddenly thicken, Jerry prepared himself, backing off the cock slightly so his lips encircled just the head while his hand moved from Ben’s soft ass up to his shaft. He squeezed and stroked downward just as the man exploded, spurting his cum into Jerry’s mouth. Breathing deeply through his nose, Jerry felt the gush of warm, thick cum and swallowed, tasting the salty, bland fluid as he felt another splash.

After swallowing several more times he relaxed his head onto Ben’s thigh, but Ben quickly pulled away, sliding his cock out of Jerry’s mouth. All Jerry could do was watch as his lover sat up, slid his legs over the side of the bed and stood up.

“Damn, I need to take a piss, but…” his voice trailed off as he disappeared into the bathroom. Jerry realized he needed to go too, but his cock was fully erect, so it would be some time before he’d be able to go.

Jerry sat up on the edge of the bed and waited. After what seemed like several minutes he could still hear the sound of Ben urinating, a sound which reminded him how much he needed to go. Unfortunately, his erection was not going down so even if Ben was finished, Jerry couldn’t do anything about relieving his bladder.

After what seemed like an hour Jerry heard the last trickling of Ben’s piss and was about to get up and head into the bathroom when Ben hurried out and kneeled between his legs. Looking up at Jerry he said, “Man that was incredible. I needed to piss but you had me hard as you sucked me. I had the feeling of needing to pee and cum at the same time, you just don’t know how good that feels. Of course it hurts like hell when you finally can pee, but damn, when I came it was fantastic.”

“Well, canlı bahis siteleri I’ve got to take a piss right now, but sucking you got me so turn…” Jerry didn’t finish before Ben’s mouth closed over his cock.

Ben couldn’t take all of Jerry’s cock into his mouth but moved his hand up to the base and firmly stroked it while he let his tongue circle around the head. Jerry leaned back onto the bed and simply enjoyed the sensation of Ben’s hand, mouth and tongue. The urgent feeling that he needed to pee added to it all. Knowing he couldn’t urinate with his cock as hard as it was, he let himself relax and a feeling of relief followed by an urgency suddenly merged with the pleasure Ben gave him as he sucked hard on the head of his cock.

Lifting his hips, he pushed to Ben’s mouth, wanting to feel his cock slide between his soft lips, wanting to feel the man’s beard tickle his balls. Ben backed away some, not wanting to choke on his lover’s cock. Jerry arched his back, wanting more, needing more until he felt Ben run his finger up over his asshole.

Jerry didn’t feel anything sliding into his ass, but just the sensation of the finger sliding over the opening was all he could endure. He moaned loudly, arched his back and came, spurting his cum into Ben’s mouth again and again.

Raising up on his arms he watched Ben’s expression as he first took Jerry’s thick cum and then swallowed it. When he finished swallowing Ben looked up into Jerry’s eyes and then gave his cock on last deep suck, drawing the last droplets of cum into his mouth. Pulling his head away he sighed and said, “So sweet, so sweet.”

Sliding out from under the large man, Jerry hurried into the bathroom and then stood in front of the toilet while his cock softened. After about a minute or so he watched a stream of piss splash off the back of the toiled seat. Quickly adjusting his aim, he bent his still partially hard cock downward and directed the flow into the water.

When he finished he walked out of the bathroom and climbed into bed beside Ben. Resting his head on Ben’s furry chest, Jerry reached down and worked his fingers through the dark curly pubic hair and softly grasped the bear’s tiny cock. Feeling a bit of dampness on his palm, he smiled and then closed his eyes. Together they slipped back into hibernation.

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