Hidden Valley Pt. 01


Romy and I love to travel. We were touring the American West when we heard about a valley hidden high in the mountains and a village of people there with some wild sexual customs.

We were having supper in Sanford’s Grill and Pub in Rawlins, Wyoming, one night in June. After our meal, we sat at the bar where we met some other tourists, a ladies’ baseball team in town for a tournament.

Two of these female athletes began to tell us stories of wild public orgies in a little village tucked away in a hidden valley, but the two other women from the team would only giggle and blush when we asked specifics about how they knew about it and what exactly went on in this village. They said they were afraid we would tell their husbands.

However, they gave us good directions to the route south that led to the entrance to the mountain pass and the valley. So feeling adventurous, Romy and I decided next morning to head up there to see for ourselves.

It was indeed almost hidden. We took several turns onto gravel roads and finally onto a dirt track with tough prairie grass growing in the middle. The track wound around rocks and bushes as it climbed higher and higher until the mountain itself closed in on the road.

The pass through the mountain was barely wide enough for our car, solid rock faces dripping with water on both sides, and as the road dipped down on the other side, the rock wall on the left suddenly disappeared in a terrifying drop to a steep gorge with a wild, running river at the bottom. I went very slowly. Romy gripped my arm as the car bumped and jolted down toward the valley below.

With relief we emerged from the mountain pass and followed the track out onto flat land in the valley. As we did so, the road widened and became a paved highway.

Further along the highway, a billboard welcomed us to “Hidden Valley. Land of the Giant Penis”. The sign bore a photograph of a naked man reclining on his back, his legs spread wide and a long, thick penis sticking straight up from his testicle sac capped with a menacing, flared cock head.

Romy stopped chattering at me when she saw it and gave me a look that said, “I don’t believe it, but there it is, but I think maybe I like it.” She does love sex. She has told me often enough.

I could see a village in the distance, so I continued down the road. Then a big Ford sedan with a couple of guys in reversed ball caps passed us heading toward the mountain at top speed. I never did find out who they were or why they were driving so fast.

As I was looking at them in the rearview mirror and wondering out loud to Romy about the reason for their haste, a police car also passed us from the direction of the village. As I watched behind me, he braked and turned the cruiser around and pulled in behind me, flashing his lights for us to pull over, which I did immediately.

He came up to the car and leaned in the window. “You folks going to Johnson?” he asked. That was the name of the village, well named as it turned out.

“Yes”, we said.

“Do you have a vagina with you, son?” he asked me then. I looked over at Romy in surprise.

“Yes,” I told him matter-of-factly. “She has a vagina.” I knew that because I had seen it; in fact, my penis had been inside it.

“Good”, he said casually. “Then you will be welcome in our village as long as she is willing to share it.”

I looked again at Romy. What did he mean, ‘share it’? She was wearing her mischievous grin, the one that twisted her lips in a particular way, a smirk that she gets when she thinks about sex. She looked over at the cop standing at my window as he patiently waited for her answer to his unspoken question. Was she willing to share her vagina?

“Yes”, she told him sincerely. “I think I could.” Crazy old Romy. Always up for an adventure.

But was I up for it? I thought about the billboard photo and wondered how I would feel if I saw that man stick his big johnson in Romy’s cunt.

Romy and I had talked in candid moments about the possibility of swinging with another couple or participating in group sex of some sort, but we had never done anything about it. Now it began to look as though we were about to have an opportunity, indeed as though we were now committed to it.

At that point, we both imagined that the villagers were into the sort of sedate wife swapping in comfortable family rooms in neat suburbs that we’d read about or seen in porn illegal bahis videos, and we thought “sharing her vagina” could be fun, another adventure, even if it was a strange way of asking us to join a wife swap. Little did we imagine the wild and cruel sex that was in store for both of us.

“Ok then,” the cop said. “Since you have both agreed, I won’t have to ask you to turn around and leave our little valley. Follow me,” he ordered with casual authority. It turned out he was the town sheriff. So I started my car and followed his cruiser toward Johnson.

As we passed into the village, the road was flanked by two giant wooden pillars forming an archway. We were startled to see that they were accurate replicas of giant penises set on huge wooden testicle sacs and featuring obscenely large cock heads with gaping pee holes. These giant cocks leaned against each other across the road to form an arch over our heads as we passed under. A sign attached to the giant scrotum on the right read “Welcome To Johnson.”

The sheriff’s flashing lights and wailing siren brought us to a stop in front of the town hall in the middle of the village next to the town square. When we had parked at the curb, the cruiser’s presence brought many villagers over from the square, curious to see the strangers he escorted.

Uniformed deputies emerged from the town hall. One opened my door for me and shook my hand in welcome. I was surprised at his formality as he greeted me and his enthusiasm for our unannounced visit. I was surprised. What did we do to deserve this?

The mayor also came out of the town hall and stood on the steps wearing his robes and chain of office. He was balding and portly with thick lips and a fringe of grey brown hair. He was flanked by officials in dark suits and other employees in street dress. Clearly our arrival was causing a stir in Johnson and called for a civic reception. The mayor reached out his hand and shook mine warmly and asked my name.

Caught up in this sudden VIP treatment, I happened to glance back to where Romy was getting out of the car. Surprise. Another uniformed deputy on her side of the car had courteously opened her door and helped her out, but he had immediately slapped a set of handcuffs on her wrists and was marching her up the steps smartly, one hand on her shoulder and the other fondling her breasts and feeling her crotch.

She arrived beside the mayor flushed, her lips held tightly together. She was close to panic. This wasn’t swinging. It was more like female abuse.

“Welcome to Johnson,” boomed the mayor. “What is your name, sweet vagina?”

Romy stared at him. I could see she was really scared. “R … Romy,” she gulped.

“Such a lovely name,” he cooed. “Romy.” He then explained to her as though he were talking to a child, “This valley is what we call the Land of the Giant Penis because our men folk have mostly big penises and love to fuck, especially fresh cunt. So we don’t allow strange men into our valley to fuck our women unless they bring us fresh pussy of their own to fuck. But when they do,” he laughed heartily, “as you have today, we honor them and celebrate with public fucking, because when we share sex with others, it multiples all our pleasures, doesn’t it?”

I stared at him in stunned silence. What had Romy and I gotten ourselves into?

“Now you’re in luck,” he continued. “Today happens to be the day of our Summer Fuck Festival.”

I didn’t know what that was, but I didn’t like the sound of it, although it brought a wild cheer of approval from the crowd that was gathering at the foot of the town hall steps. News of our arrival had spread fast.

“So we’re going to make you our guests of honor and our sacrifice in the main event at the Fuck Festival. How’s that?” It was a rhetorical question. I just stared at him and nodded dumbly, still not quite believing what I was hearing.

Romy looked in shock at the crowd. She did not like the sound of “public” and “sacrifice”, though “Fuck Festival” didn’t seem to upset her too much.

Looking east across the town square, she was astonished to see a twenty-foot bronze statue of a naked man with a huge erect phallus that stuck straight out from his crotch over enormous testicles and angled upward at an aggressive forty degrees. The cock had a huge glans penis and thick shaft that seemed to point straight at her. This was likely the village’s namesake, a founder named Johnson. illegal bahis siteleri She opened her mouth in shock, but said nothing. She glanced at me and shivered.

“Alright, folks,” the mayor began, speaking to the crowd who clearly were expecting a show of sorts with a festival to follow. Behind the crowd, municipal workers seemed to be setting up some equipment in the town square. “Let’s see what kind of pussy Romy has brought us for our pleasure.”

The sheriff directed his two deputies to push her to the front edge of a narrow platform on one side of the town hall steps. They held her arms as she struggled, and they forced a gag into her mouth while the sheriff roughly took off her blouse, skirt, and shoes.

The mayor then unfastened her bra and displayed her tits to the crowd who clapped and whistled their approval. He squeezed them and pinched her nipples. With a swift motion, he pulled down her panties and exposed her pussy bush.

The crowd oohed and aaahed and broke into happy laughter at the sight of her cunt and responded with spontaneous applause. The men grabbed their crotches. The mayor slipped his hand between her legs and felt her pussy. Then he spread the lips and pushed a chubby finger into her vagina.

“We have a wet one, folks,” he announced triumphantly to cheers from the crowd. “This feels like a really nice vagina. I’m sure we will all enjoy fucking it.” To the sheriff at his side, he said, “Bring the display bed and the ceremonial penis.”

They placed a bed like a padded bench onto the platform. It featured bondage straps attached to its sides. The men plunked Romy onto her back, pulled her arms over her head, and secured them with wrist cuffs to the top of the bench. Then they pulled her legs up and back next to her ears and fastened them to the bench as well with ankle cuffs. To her great embarrassment, her asshole and cunt were now on public display, pointed at the crowd.

A deputy brought a large wooden box like a cigar box. He opened it and handed the mayor a giant wooden penis which he then greased with oil, presumably to help it slide into her vagina.

It was nearly seven inches long and two inches thick. Its maple shaft was smooth and lacquered, and the knob was stained pink. The wide flange of the corona and the careful detail worked into the shaft were both artistically impressive and sexually menacing as Romy regarded the weapon in his hand.

“Welcome to the Land of the Giant Penis, Romy,” said the mayor as he opened her pussy lips with his fingers and forced the broad head of the penis into her vagina with his other hand. Romy cried out as she felt the hardness of the greased cock pushing forcibly up into her cunt.

The mayor fucked the penis back and forth in her vagina firmly and fast. She cried out several times at this brutal, sudden distension of her vagina, but he smiled with pleasure and pride at the sight of their town symbol proudly fucking into a newly arrived cunt.

The crowd gathered close around the town hall steps to watch the ceremonial fucking. They set up a rhythmic cheer “In, in, in” as the mayor thrust the thick cock back and forth in Romy’s cunt.

The crowd loved it. They stared at her distended vulva lips that clasped the pounding wooden penis. They all cheered and hooted, clearly aroused at the sight of Romy’s ravishment and her distress at their conquest of her cunt. The men in the crowd all sported erections, big ones. This was a village devoted to a celebration of sex. They were looking at a new vagina, and now all the men wanted to use her body.

The mayor rammed and twisted the wooden penis into her vagina to the crowd’s delight. A large, pink rubber scrotum had been set into the base of the wooden penis. The mayor stopped his fucking of her cunt and squeezed the scrotum.

An oily liquid spurted out of the end of the cock into Romy’s pussy. The liquid had a soothing gel to heal her stretched vagina walls, but it also contained irritants to make her cunt itch and a cocktail of sex hormones to arouse her to a fever pitch. Almost immediately, she began to writhe with intense sexual need. She even began to moan “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

The mayor slowly withdrew the wooden phallus from her cunt and handed it to a deputy who passed it into the crowd where the men sniffed it and licked her vaginal juices from it as they stroked their erections. Some got so aroused that they grabbed a woman canlı bahis siteleri beside them, pulled down her panties, and crammed the wooden cock up her cunt, ignoring her moans and cries of pain and discomfort.

Clearly this female abuse was going unchallenged. It seemed that the women of Johnson had been taught to be submissive to any sex act a man wanted to perform on her. I found myself thinking that these people were breaking a lot of social rules, but I also realized that it was their village to do with as they pleased. And I was both aroused and curious to see how far they would go.

It also seemed to me in that moment that having lots of sex was possibly not a bad thing. The men certainly all seemed comfortable with it, and the women were not objecting to the submissive role they were expected to play. No one was trying to justify to me their local sexual attitudes and practices. They just accepted them as they were and expected me to do the same.

As a man, I was aroused at the idea of having license to fuck any woman that I wanted. However, I did feel a little guilty that I was not especially concerned about Romy’s distress at being fucked with a wooden penis. And I wondered how I would feel about seeing her fucked with a real penis. I didn’t have long to wait.

The mayor at the top of the town hall steps, in full view of the crowd below, stripped himself naked and advanced on Romy with a sizable human penis that was fully erect. Before Romy could call out and object to the impending fuck, he plunged it between her pussy lips and began to thrust his cock vigorously in her cunt.

The men in the front row of the audience below the platform had the best view of the arousing sight of the mayor’s hairy ass rising and falling between Romy’s widely spread legs. Her copious vaginal fluids streaked his huge penis with white foam as his cock rammed fully into her cunt. His balls made a resounding smack on her ass at the end of each thrust. He drew back his cock carefully each time, ready for another charge up her pleasure channel, and he set up a steady, energetic thrusting, pausing occasionally to grind his pubic mound against hers for the pleasure of it.

As the mayor grunted and sweated his way to a massive ejaculation of semen in Romy’s vagina, the deputies formed the men in the crowd into a line. When the mayor dismounted from my wife’s heaving and sweating naked body, the first man in the line stripped naked, ran onto the platform, and to the delight of the crowd jumped onto Romy’s bound form, buried his long thick penis in her vagina, and began to fuck her furiously. We were truly in the Land of the Giant Penis, and it seemed we had become its captives and play things.

As I watched the next man in the line remove his clothing and stroke his penis into jutting erection, ready to mount my woman and add his semen to that already flowing in her vagina, I wondered about the two lady baseball players who had told us about this hidden valley of sexual debauchery. Had these men enjoyed their pussies too? Did they know what would happen to us? Is that why the other two women giggled?

These thoughts were short lived because I was now burning with arousal at this libidinous public attack on Romy’s private parts. So I was quite happy when a deputy took me by the arm and guided me into the crowd, which was now mostly female since the men had all lined up to fuck Romy. The women were all ages, very attractive, and looked down at the ground submissively when I passed them.

The deputy told me to choose a woman. “We believe a man who gives up his rights to his wife, as you have done,” he explained, “should have rights to all our women.”

This aroused me further as I looked around at all the beautiful females, most of them now naked and displaying their considerable charms. They knew that their role was to submit to men’s desires and that it was my privilege to choose one of them.

Then I saw a cute teen. She was petite with dark hair and blue eyes. She was just eighteen and legal. The deputy told me all females were available to men for fucking after their eighteenth birthday. He told me this cute teen had been fucked only once since she turned eighteen. I pointed to her.

Another bed was placed on the public platform on the left side of the town hall steps opposite the one where a corpulent man with white hair was fucking Romy. I stripped off my clothes and then the girl’s. The deputies bound her wrists and ankles to the bed with her buttocks exposed. As I mounted her and plunged my penis into her juicy young vagina, I asked her name. Her name was Madison.

My odyssey into the sexual world of the hidden valley had begun.

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