High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 10


The next morning I sat at my desk pondering the events of the previous two days. Kay certainly eased my concerns about where our relationship was headed and Staci proved as I expected to be someone who’s sensual passionate and could be a lot of fun. They both had reasons why they weren’t interested in any full time relationship.

“Morning Allen.” A female voice behind me said.

I turned in my cubicle and was greeted by Francine Phillips and her wide flashy white smile.

“Good Morning Francine.” I responded.

“Are we going to finish our conversation from yesterday sometime?” Francine asked.

Her question reminded me that she and I had been talking about the upcoming company picnic and whether either of us would be attending when our conversation was interrupted by Staci’s call.

“Sure Francine but I have some files to work this morning. Maybe we’ll hook up at the water cooler sometime this afternoon. I replied.

“I’d like to hook up Allen.” She answered.

Judging by the amount she flirted with me before I figured she was talking about more than hooking up at the cooler.

Francine is a rather interesting woman. I estimate she is about my age. She’s been married forever and I think she has two teenage children. She is a very classy dresser relying on stove pipe skirts silk blouses and business suit coats to accentuate her hips and nicely proportioned breasts.

I recall one time when I was at her work station checking on a monthly sales report which she is responsible for she was wearing a navy blue stove pipe skirt and a rather sheer white silk blouse. As I stood talking with her she crossed her legs spreading the split on the side of her skirt and giving me a very nice view of her shapely thighs. She wanted me to look and I certainly enjoyed the view. As we talked about when she thought she’d have the report ready Francine let her 3 inch heel dangle off her sexy little foot and continually toyed with the top button of her blouse.

Her brunette hair is shoulder length and wavy. I’m certain monthly visits to the salon for perms kept it that wavy. Francine has crystal blue eyes which are set off by her darker hair.

Fran’s always flirted with me but this time it actually went beyond flirting and I was sure that had she done that anywhere besides the office I would have made a play for her.

And now she’s making suggestions that we “hook up”. I’d have to explore the possibility further and discover why a supposedly happily married woman would be flirting so much with me and talking about hooking up.

I turned my attention back to my work and by eleven thirty had my desk cleared. My diligence would be rewarded with an extra long lunch and an easy afternoon.

As I slipped my suit coat on I thought about stopping by Francine’s station and asking her if she’d like to go to lunch with me but decided against that since she is a married woman with all the spousal complications that go with it.

As I stood waiting for the elevator my cell rang.

“Hello this is Allen how can I help you?” I said after I flipped my phone open.

The lusty voice on the other end said. “I can think of hundreds of ways you can help me baby.”

“Kay how nice it is to hear your voice.” I replied as the door glided open.

Several co-workers stepped around me toward the elevator car but I knew that I’d lose my cell connection inside that stainless steel car so I said. “I’ll wait.” As one of my fellow employees reached to stop the doors from closing.

“Wait for what Allen?” Kay asked having heard me speak to the girl reaching to stop the doors.

“What?” I said to Kay not realizing she’d heard me say that I’d wait.

“What are you waiting for baby?” Kay asked again.

It finally dawned on me what we were talking about and I explained the whole thing to Kay.

She giggled and said she thought I was waiting for her to say something.

Having cleared up that confusion I asked Kay. “So how are you today Kay?”

“I’m good Allen.” Kay answered then added “A little horny but otherwise I’m good.”

“I like the idea that you call me when you’re a little horny Kay.” I said.

“Well you ARE the reason I’m horny.” Kay responded accentuating the word are.

“Moi?” I responded.

“Yes darling you.” Kay said.

“So Kay like I said when I answered your call. How can I help you?” I asked.

“You can help me by coming by my place tonight Allen.” Kay asked.

“Love to Kay.” I responded.

“I was hoping you’d say that Allen.” Kay said then added. “Would you like me to make dinner?”

“You don’t have to go to all that trouble Kay.” I answered.

“It’ll be no trouble at all Allen. I’m gonna close up shop early and I’ve already put a roast in the crock pot.” Kay remarked.

“Okay then how I come by about five thirty Kay.” I asked

“It’s a date baby.” Kay answered.

We disconnect and I pushed the elevator call button thinking how nice it would be to have a home pendik escort cooked meal and Kay for dessert.

I grabbed a couple of dogs and a diet coke from the corner vendor and walked across the street to enjoy my light lunch on a park bench.

I often sat on this bench during my lengthy divorce to think of how I was going to handle my ex and her bastard attorney. But now I could sit here and watch the people well actually the ladies hurry by trying to run an errand during their lunch break. And today I had the added bonus of being able to imagine what sexual treats my mature vixen Kay had in store for me that evening.

I finished my coke and headed back to the office figuring I could spend the afternoon outlining the agenda for my next sales meeting.

As I hung up my suit coat I glanced down the walkway along the work stations. I noticed a sexy leg extended out into the walk with a 3 inch heel dangling from the toes. Francine I thought. I’ll have to see what her agenda concerning me was all about this afternoon.

I sat down and had a couple phone messages to return and then it looked like my afternoon was pretty much free unless I’d have to put out some fire with an order.

Finishing up my last call I leaned back in my chair. The sales department is usually rather quiet in the afternoon. All the reps are out making calls and the few in house and support staff are across the department from my area.

I grinned and thought. “It’s time for a nice cool drink of water.”

Fortunately the water cooler was at the other end of the walkway and I had to walk past Francine’s work station to get there. I paused as I got to her station but she wasn’t there.

“Oh well some other time.” I thought to myself.

I turned the corner at the end of the walkway toward the cooler and found Francine. She was bent over getting her own cool drink. Her stove pipe skirt tightly stretched over her ass and her shapely calves accentuated by those sexy heels she always wears. I approached quietly my eyes couldn’t detect any panty lines so I assumed she was wearing only panty hose a thong or nothing at all.

“Don’t drink all the water.” I said to get her attention.

Francine straightened up and turned toward me her wavy brunette hair as perfect as it had been early that morning. Her tight fitting stove pipe skirt looking as crisp as it had the moment she slipped it on that morning. It was almost as if she hadn’t sat in her chair all day.

“Hi Allen I’ll leave you a little.” Francine replied.

I smiled and noticed that she had an extra button undone on her silk blouse affording me a healthy view of her soft flowing cleavage and just a hint of the white lace bra she was wearing.

Our water cooler is kind of tucked in a tight little spot between some file cabinets and the return wall of storage closet. There’s really only enough room for the person getting a drink so when Francine didn’t move I had to squeeze by her.

She smiled as I slid by trying my best not to make contact with her body. I succeeded but the lovely scent of her perfume wafting up from that soft cleavage entered my nostrils bringing a grin to my lips.

After drawing a small cup of water I turned and with my back to the cooler I asked. “So Francine what were we talking about yesterday before we were interrupted?”

Francine leaned against the file cabinet and replied. “The company picnic Allen.”

“Oh yes you were telling me you weren’t sure you were going.” I remembered.

“That’s right. My hubby hates going because he doesn’t know anyone and I don’t think I want to go alone. Unless someone else needs company and talks me into going.” She explained.

“I know what you mean Francine. My ex hated going too. She always claimed the men there were all leeches trying to put the moves on her.” I said.

Francine laughed and said. “My hubby was probably one of those leeches.”

“Why not go alone Francine it could be fun.” I suggested.

She grinned and replied. “Allen there’s only one or two people that might attend that I’d consider having fun with. Assuming we’re both talking about the same kind of fun?”

“That depends on whether you consider the sack race and water balloon toss fun.” I commented.

Francine grinned and kind of cocked her hips. “Well if it was you in the sack with me and tossing the balloons it could lead to some serious fun Allen.”

It wasn’t so much her reference to being in the sack with me but the mental image of her in a wet tee shirt that caused me to say. “Francine if I didn’t know better I’d think you are trying to put the moves on me.”

She smiled widely and said. “Maybe you don’t Allen.”

“Don’t what?” I asked.

Her smile widened and she slid one hand up to the vee where her blouse opened and replied. “Know better of course.”

I had my answer. In a cute little twist of words this foxy married woman was basically telling me she was in fact putting the moves on me. And judging by the way she maltepe escort cocked her hips Francine could move pretty darn well.

“Well then Francine I suppose I shouldn’t make any plans for next Saturday.” I said.

“Good Allen I won’t either and I’ll let my husband know that he needn’t worry about being bored all day. He can stay home and do what ever it is he does when he’s home alone.” Francine replied.

So there it was I had a de facto date with Francine to have some kind of fun at the company picnic.

“I hope you’re good in the sack……”Francine said and after an extended pause she added. “Race?”

“I can hold my own.” I responded.

“Well Allen if not I can always hold it for you.” She said as she looked down at my crotch.

Francine was good very good at taking everything I said and turning it around to shoot back with some kind of sexual connotation.

My suspicions made me decided to test the waters and see if this foxy married woman was looking for some action on the side or just being another of the ball busting office flirts.

“You know Francine you’ve been flirting with me ever since my divorce was finalized. What would you hubby say if he knew about all this flirting?” I asked.

She grinned acknowledging that she had been flirting and said. “He’d be furious Allen. But what hubby doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“So you keep secrets from him?” I asked.

“Not yet but after the picnic I hope to have some secrets to keep from him.” She replied.

Suspicions confirmed Francine was looking for more than a friendly office flirtation friend. No Francine Phillips was looking for a discrete affair. I’d be more than happy to accommodate her needs.

“Well Francine for the first time in years I’m actually going to be looking forward to the company picnic.” I admitted.

She smiled cocked her hips in the other direction and replied. “We’ll make it a picnic to remember Allen.”

“I’m sure we will.” I answered.

“I better be getting back to my desk I have a monthly sales report that’s due in a couple days. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the regional sales manager would I Allen?” Francine said as she moved more to the center of the walkway.

I grinned a devilish grin and replied. “No you wouldn’t he might sack you.”

As she started toward her work station her hips and legs moving more seductively than I’d ever seen them move before Francine looked over her shoulder and with a flash of bright blue eyes and gleaming smile she said. “I’m counting on him sacking me Allen.”

Before Francine rounded the corner into the main walkway I mentally undressed her. It would be nice to see if that sexy ass and her shapely legs moving so seductively without being confined in her stove pipe skirt.

I was able to cut out a little early that afternoon and decided to stop at the wine and spirits shop for something to bring to dinner at Kay’s. The liquor shop was rather busy but I made my way through the crowd and since Kay had mentioned she had a roast in the crock pot I selected a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from the NAPA Valley. It took longer then I expected to get through check out and by the time I slipped into the drivers’ seat of my couple it was already five thirty five. I hoped Kay wouldn’t be angry with me for being late to dinner.

Fortunately traffic wasn’t too bad and I made it to Kay’s by quarter of six. Pressing her door bell I stood back and waited for my dinner date to answer the bell.

I heard the dead bolt unlock and the door slowly opened. Kay looked fabulous her red locks teased seductively around her lovely face. Her eyes appeared darker then usual because of the black eye liner and mascara she’d applied. Her lush full lips glimmering with a lovely shade of pink gloss.

What I found unusual was that Kay was wearing a full length mink coat that extended to mid calf. Her dark stockings and matching heels showed off her sexy legs. At least the lower third of her sexy legs.

“Sorry I’m late Kay.” I apologized.

“I wasn’t worried Allen. Figured you got held up in traffic.” Kay said.

As I entered her apartment I said. “Wasn’t traffic it was the check out at the liquor store.” Handing her the brown paper page containing our wine.

Kay turned and began moving toward her kitchen. It was then that I saw the dark seam of her silk stockings running up from her pumps to the bottom hem of the mink coat she was wearing.

As she entered the kitchen with me closely behind and enjoying the streaks of black on the back of her calves Kay pulled the wine from the bag and looked at the label. The smell of simmering beef filled my nostrils

“Allen how did you know Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite red wine?” Kay asked. “Intuition I guess.” I replied.

“And it’s chilled too.” She mentioned as she cradled the bottle in her palms.

Kay turned to me and leaned against the counter.

“Kay I thought we were having dinner here?” I asked.

“We are kartal escort Allen.” Kay replied with a sexy grin on her lips.

“Okay…..” I said pausing for a moment then asked. “So what’s with the mink coat babe?”

Her grin changed to a broad smile as she said. “I love the feel of fur against my skin Allen it’s very sensual so after I dressed tonight I slipped it on to make me feel good.”

“Makes sense to me.” I replied wondering if she was going to wear the coat all night.

“Allen baby can you open this while I get some glasses?” Kay asked handing me the bottle of wine and a cork screw.

Kay turned and reached to the top shelf of one cabinet while I worked the cork screw into the bottle and enjoyed the view of the little bit of sexy legs that showed below her coat.

She turned and said. “Let’s have a glass of wine before dinner.”

I filled the two glasses and put the bottle in her frig then followed her into the living room.

Kay took a sip from her wine glass then placed it on the fireplace mantle. “Let me take your coat Allen.” She offered.

I slipped off my suit coat and handed it to Kay. As she carefully hung it in the foyer closet Kay said. “Make yourself comfortable baby.”

I fully expected Kay to remove the mink and hang it along side my suit coat but she returned to the living room still wearing her fur. I figured there must be a reason she was continuing to wear the coat but decided not to ask why.

I sat down in the middle of her couch so that I’d be close to her no matter which end she sat on.

But as I have grown to realize Kay had plans of her own. She walked around the couch and coffee table and over to the fireplace facing away from me. Kay lifted her wine glass to her shimmering pink lips again and took another sip before placing the glass again on the mantle.

“Let me light a fire baby.” She mentioned as she moved to one side and flipped the switch that ignited her gas fireplace.

Tiny red orange and bluish flames appeared between and around the ceramic logs.

“Want some soft music Allen.” Kay asked.

“That would be nice Kay.” I said. “But what I really want is for you to come over here and sit beside me.” I added as I patted the couch cushion to my left.

Kay moved to the entertainment unit in the corner of her living room and pressed the power button on her stereo. The room was filled with soft jazz barely loud enough to be hear but still enough to set a very romantic setting.

As Kay walked back to the fireplace she paused and turned off the only light that illuminated the living room. Fading sunlight from the setting sun and the warm glow of her fireplace completed what Kay must have planned as a very romantic dinner setting.

Kay stood directly between me and the fireplace her feet spaced apart enough so her sexy legs exposed below the mink were silhouetted by the flickering flames behind.

“Are you hungry Allen?” Kay asked.

I leaned forward and lifted my glass off the crystal coaster where I’d placed it a moment before. Somehow I knew that was a loaded question and I paused a moment to ponder my response.

Sitting back against the couch I took a healthy gulp of wine and answered. “Yes Kay but not necessarily for dinner.”

She smiled widely her brilliant white teeth brightening up the dimly lit room.

Her lovely pink tipped fingers moved slowly to the top button that held the mink closed and as she undid the button Kay said. “Hungry for this baby?”

Kay pulled the coat open to reveal the tops of her lush full breasts and deep sensuous cleavage.

I didn’t reply but instead concentrated on the sexy vision being revealed.

“Or maybe this?” Kay said as she undid the bottom button and lifted one sexy leg forward splitting the coat open at the bottom.

“Or perhaps this?” Kay offered as lowered her leg and undid the last button letting the mink fall open in front.

It was then that I realized why Kay had been wearing the fur. Beneath she was wearing only a black lace bra matching garter and panties.

It was then that I spoke. “I’m hungry for all that Kay.”

Her brilliant smile again lit the room as she slid her hands up the front and slowly slipped the coat off her shoulders.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed as the fur slipped to one side my mature vixen holding it by the collar with one sexy hand.

“Dinner’s ready baby.” Kay said.

I didn’t need to be called twice for what I knew would be a delicious meal. Sliding off the couch I rounded the coffee table as Kay spread the mink fur side up on the floor in front of the fire place.

She stepped forward placing her sexy heels directly in the middle of the impromptu bed.

I kicked off my shoes and moved toward her.

“Let me baby.” Kay said.

I gazed over her luscious form. Her lovely face framed by curly locks of red hair. Her sensuous dark eyes piercing mine. Her full pouty shimmering pink lips pleading to be kissed.

Kay raised her delicate fingers to my neck tie and skillfully untied it while I continued gazing down over her lush body. Her full lush breasts held firmly in the lacy black bra pressing the soft flesh tightly together forming deeper than usual cleavage.

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