high school innocence


high school innocencethis short story is not based on factual situations… or is it,let your imagination run riot ;]first day in his new high school, paul always the dopey and slow-witted fits into his oversised new uniform and trudges into the entrance hall to sign in. looking around he notices the multitude of hot guys but is too shy to bother with all that yet. paul looks around for his friend he met him on the open evening they seemed to get on great he promised to meet up with him on his first day. so at break paul heads to the machines buys a twix and sits down in the common room, in the corner like always shy and introverted. Finally he sees luke looking sexy just like on open day his 16 year old body more athletic then your average guy of his age. his blonde messy hair always seeming to fall in front of tuzla escort his face covering his sky blue eyes. pauls heart started to race and he felt his innocent untouched cock stiffy and start to get all sticky. he covers his hard on with his school bag saying hi to luke. luke sits next to the shy young guy and starts to speak.so you made it eh whats with the blushing anyone would think you want to feed me some of that ” chocolate”. ummm no i was just waiting for you in here and well its warm so im ju…luke stops him with a cheeky grin maybe i wanna suck some caramel outta your twix;] with a cheeky wink he moves closed to paul and taking half of the twix slowly inserts it between his pink lips sucking off the chocolate and staring into pauls eyes. All this time paul never notices the common room has emptied pendik escort as the students have gone to class. He panicks oh shit i gotta get to class we are late luke.as he goes to stand up luke pushes him back down walks to the door and locks it. walking towards paul quivering and blushing red just manages to utter a meek” what are you doing ” with that luke presses his soft wet lips against paul sticking his tounge deep into his mouth his tounge exploring ever inch of the inside of this innocent shy boys mouth. luke removing his tounge says i better welcome you properly with that he undoes pauls belt and reveals his fat swollen uncut cock dripping wet the scent of his pre cum filling lukes nose he starts to suck on pauls pink slick mushroom head harder filling his mouth more and more inch by inch aydınlı escort his mouth filled with this innocent boys cock the slurping sound of his mouth moving with his head bobbing up and down. not to mention the moans of this previously untouched teen. suddenly paul blurts out luke stop im going to cum, as he says this luke not removing the cock starts to suck harder all the while staring up into pauls shy eyes until he feels jets of salty thick spunk hitting the back of his throat and sliding down he swallows it all licking his lips and cleaning pauls cock with his tounge. as paul goes to say something luke presses a finger against his friends lip saying, we are not done yet my friend i promise youll love this next part afterall i gotta break you in properly. just pull your pants down more and bend over it wont hurt a bit ;]this is my first attempt i wasnt satisfied with it but try to go easy with me lol if you enjoyed this in any way or would be interested in the second part please let me know or if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE advice :]

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