Hiring a Well Hung Bull


Until a year ago I would never have dreamt that I could ever be cuckolded; let alone actually hiring the Bull for my wife.

As a young man I had many lovers; all ages, sizes and classes then I met my wife to be in 1997 and fell madly in love.

I was 32 and she 24 at the time; and when we had sex sparks would literally fly. We did absolutely everything two people could do and twice; on holiday indulged in MMF threesomes; much to both of our delight.

Then, without boring you with the details I had ‘man troubles’ necessitating an operation that meant I can’t achieve an erection and my libido was virtually zilch.

The good news is I’m still alive and can still achieve something called a dry orgasm; and with a lot of effort we can still have penetrative sex; but it’s not the same; and at only 43 it was heartbreaking that Kirsty’s sex life was about to dry up alongside mine.

I had surprised myself during our marriage that I had pretty much been able to keep my prick in my pants; well to be fair I had strayed a couple of times at business conferences and, in mitigation I knew Kirsty had had a short affair with a guy at work and my spies told me that there may have been two other dalliances on ‘girls holidays;’ but that just fed my dirty imagination.

One night after a lot of effort on my behalf and nothing to show for it I joked that “I would have to get a man in.” My wife laughed at the time; and it became a sort of running joke over the next couple of weeks. We had always shared our fantasies so I knew what turned her on; continuously whispering that I was going to ‘get her a well hung, tattooed stud to fuck her ragged’ as I fingered her fucked her to orgasm with a dildo. When I went into really intimate details she wriggled and wriggled until she came really hard; even squirting a little bit, which she had not done in years.

I repeated the exercise the next three nights; with the result being exactly the same but on the fourth night as I fingered her arse and fucked her pussy with a big dildo at the same time while telling her to imagine that it was two big young cocks; she cried out as she came… “Yes…yes…YES…DO IT… MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

We hugged afterwards and I had to ask if she was serious. My wife slowly turned away until we were in the spoons position.

“Yes.” she whispered as I caressed her tits; “I think so…but only if.” Then she fell silent.

“If, what?” I asked as I felt her nipple stiffen again.

There was another silence.

“Would you be there?”

“I hadn’t thought that far ahead.” I lied. “Would you want me there or would you want to do it in private?”

“It was kinda cool…you know…in Malaga, when…you know… we…did it with that Australian waiter and…it was so…intimate being there with you.”

“God.” I sighed; “If it’s not me doing it, I can’t think of anything hornier than watching you take a great big cock.” I whispered as my hand wandered down her stomach until I was stroking her neatly trimmed pubes. She instinctively parted her legs for the third time, while I rubbed her clit; retelling the fantasy of watching her with a couple of young, rough lads who would fuck her in every hole then spunk all over her tits and face. She came for the third time that night.

My search began in earnest the next evening; although I already knew which sites to go on as I was now frequently masturbating in secret.

Over a glass or two of wine a couple of nights later I asked again if she was serious. Kirsty blushed, then shrugged her shoulders and nodded. “I think so.”

Looking into her eyes told me that she’d thought of nothing else in the last few days either.

“Have a look here.” I smiled, “I have done some research and I found these sites.”

“You dirty sod!” She laughed and slapped my arm; “have you been looking at porn?”

“Only for research purposes my Dear.” I laughed as I opened the site on my laptop.

“I see you already a member.” She raised her eyebrows and smirked.

I carried on; explaining my thoughts that it would be best to keep this as a ‘business proposition’ so emotions wouldn’t spoil things.

She agreed; “It’s a bit like internet shopping, isn’t it?”

Unsurprisingly Kirsty was quite picky in what she wanted, so each one was at least 6 feet tall (I am 5ft 7) muscly and preferably tattooed and ‘hung like a horse!’ An hour later we had made a short list of 5 guys who fit her requirements and all lived within 40 miles of our home.

“What now?” She excitedly enquired as she continued looking at cock after cock.

“you bursa escort will have to take some sexy photos and fill in a profile.” I smiled. “Then contact the lads…or Bulls, as they like to call themselves.”

“How sexy?”

I clicked onto the Lady Members page, “That sexy!” I chuckled as I scrolled past photos of middle aged women in and out of lingerie, exposing their tits and occasionally their pussies.

“Well?” She asked as she gulped down her wine. “Shall we?”

I grinned and nodded.

I took about 50 photos of her in a couple of sets of stockings, suspenders and bras then as another glass of wine took hold her bra came off, then her knickers. I only wish I’d suggested taking sexy photos years ago; she was a natural and never had a smile off her face!

By midnight I’d uploaded 16 and had filled out a bio; which wasn’t too far from the truth; especially the bit about ‘needing a big cock or two because my husband can’t satisfy me any more.’

We went to bed drunk on wine and expectation.

The following morning, Kirsty was already in the kitchen when I wandered downstairs.

“Morning,” I croaked through a haze.

“Good morning my sweet.” She giggled as she poured me a coffee. “I had a peek at the laptop.” My wife grinned.

“And?” I asked nervously.

“SHIT Dan! You should see the responses and comments!” She giggled as her dressing gown slipped open, showing she was naked and her nipples looked like coat pegs. From the pink flush on her chest I suspected she had already been playing with herself.

“And?” I repeated as she brought me the machine; which was already on her page.

“Look, loads of those lads replied and four have offered their services too!” Kirsty was now scrolling down the comments on each photo…and all I can say is the members were impressed; and why wouldn’t they be? “That one…that one.” She sighed and repeated “That one lives about 10 miles away and wants to…see me today!”

“Shit?” She giggled; “What have we done?”

“It’s up to you.” I told her as I gathered my thoughts; “He says he can’t wait…it’s up to you now.”

Kirsty suddenly looked shocked.

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. Kirsty curled her lips and grinned… “Should I?”

I nodded and hugged her.

After breakfast we agreed to contact the lad and see what happened.

By lunchtime he had responded in the affirmative; agreeing to me watching. Even though I couldn’t get a hard on; I had a buzz in my balls for the first time in months as we e-mailed each other (in the guise of Kirsty) talking about what he wanted them to do to her while I waggled my cock in the corner.

I booked a room at a Motorway Services about twenty miles away and close enough for us to get to; arranging to meet in the cafe at 8pm.

We hardly spoke for the next couple of hours, after she let me help select her outfit; a shortish black skirt, a fairly see-thru chiffon blouse and black underwear including seamed stockings of course. as Kirsty showered and ‘did her hair and make-up’ and made her appearance at 7.15.

WOW…she looked so sexy and her red lipstick made her ever so slutty too. We played some Marvin Gaye in the car as Jarrod sent my wife a series of sexy texts making her squirm in her seat. We arrived at the Services with 10 minutes to spare and immediately checked in, then looked over the room which was the clean side of seedy, before going into the cafe where he was already waiting for us in a corner seat.

Just like in in his profile he was over 6 feet tall, shaven headed and had a huge bodybuilder chest and his arms were covered in tattoos.

As we nervously approached them, Jarrod stood up to greet my wife with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, then playfully squeezed her arse right in front of me.

“Sit yourself down sexy,” he told my wife and guided her into the corner of the booth, then turned to me “Get us a couple of Cappuccinos.”

It was obvious he was setting the rules; and I meekly complied. When I returned my wife was looking flushed and was squirming in her seat as I placed the drinks on the table.

“Here is a present for you.” Jarrod grinned as he slid my wife’s silk knickers across the table, landing about a foot away from me, so anyone could see. As I quickly grabbed them I realised it had taken him less than 5 minutes to get her knickers off; and judging by the way she was twisting her hips I guessed he was already fingering her.

Both ignored me over the next ten minutes; as Kirsty did ask him how often ‘did this’ and what bursa escort bayan where the other women like.

Jarrod was 25 and a personal trainer and nightclub bouncer; which put him in touch with lots of ‘lonely, horny married women and men who wanted to see their wives getting a proper fuck; just like him.” He sniggered as he looked at me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes in the next 15 minutes as Kirsty rubbed his dick through his jogging pants while he had his hand up her skirt and fingered her. At one stage he even teased me by sniffing his finger than offering me a taste; which I declined.

“Time for action.” Jarrod, coldly told me as he finished his coffee. “Come on sexy; let’s give you some real cock.”

I trailed behind them as other customers looked on in astonishment plus a couple of lorry drivers nudged each other, then wink at me.

“Hurry up limp dick.” Jarrod chided me as they waited at the door to our room; “if you don’t open that fucking door soon she’s gonna suck my cock out here…aren’t you?”

Kirsty just smiled and groped the bulge in his pants again, as I put the key in the door. They barged past me and ended in a heap on the bed; immediately pulling clothing off as her tits, his cock and then her sopping wet freshly shaved pussy were all being grabbed pulled and prodded.

It only took a couple of minutes for the Bull to be naked and Kirsty lying next to him just in her stockings and shoes, sucking furiously on his cock.

He hadn’t been kidding in his bio; his monster dick easily looked over 7 inches long and much thicker than mine had ever been too.

“Jesus! That really is huge!” Kirsty giggled as she held it too attention; “this is going to be fun.”

My wife has always been a good cocksucker; but tonight she was surpassing herself, spitting on it then chewing on his ball bag; and occasionally virtually swallowing all of his large boner when he firmly pulled her head onto it.

All of the time the Bull was giving me a running commentary as I stared on in disbelief.

“Get on all fours baby.” He grunted. My wife twisted her body and meekly spread her legs, in expectation. She wasn’t disappointed. The tattooed bodybuilder teased her by rubbing his bell-end along her gaping slit; until she actually pushed her hips back onto it; letting out a gleeful sigh as it easily slid up her underused slit.

I had took no effort from the Bull to bury his 7 1/2 inches balls deep inside my middle-aged hot wife and when he did she began twisting her hips, while playing with the biggest set of balls I’ve ever seen.

Soon he was fucking my wife so hard doggy style her tits were bouncing from side to side as she threw her head backwards and forwards.

“She’s as Tight as fuck!” The Bull laughed at me, “but so wet it feels like she’s pissed herself! Use it or lose it mate. A horny MILF like this needs a regular servicing.”

Didn’t I just know it?

The huge mixed-race bodybuilder then grunted as he pulled his long cock out of my wife’s hot gash; and I swear I actually heard a ‘plop’ as his swollen bell-end finally come out..

As they moved around the bed Kirsty was wide-eyed and looked dazed and confused with her mouth hanging open and her labia dangling swollen between her legs.

“Come here.” The Bull grunted as he grabbed her hair and pulled her face down to meet his cock, where she wrapped her fingers around the shaft , her wedding ring sparkling in the half light, and began spitting on his pussy coated purple knob; before sucking and licking like a crazy woman; something she had never done to me.

“Hmm she’s some dirty fucking cocksucker isn’t she?” Jarrod laughed at me as he slowly slid his cock into my wife’s willing mouth; “I bet she’s never sucked you like this, has she?” He then began thrusting incredibly hard down Kirsty throat making her gag; but that didn’t deter them one little bit.

“I bet you’re dying for a wank aren’t you?” He sneered as he smeared his cock across Kirsty’s face. “Get it out then and give us a laugh.”

Blushing I unzipped my jeans and dropped them to my ankles, then with a heavy heart pulled my jockeys down.

“Fucking Hell!” The Bull howled; “it looks like a fucking acorn!” He was right of course; but a after a few shakes I soon got it to about three inches long; making him shake his head.

“Come on sexy, show that limp dick how you can really fuck.” He firmly told my wife as he pulled his long cock out of her mouth. “Get on board and ride the cock train!” He rolled back and without a word my sexy wife straddled his escort bursa huge dick and slowly lowered herself down; whimpering all the way.

“Bounce on the fucker you dirty cunt!” The Bull curtly told her as he slapped her arse. Kirsty immediately did as she was told and began quickly bouncing up and down; completely filling her cunt with his fat cock; sighing and gasping on each thrust.

“Pull your cheeks apart and show the wanker what a real cock looks like up your cunt.”

Kirsty leant forward smothering his face in her luscious tits then slid her hands onto her arse and gently separated the cheeks; allowing me an amazing view of his fat cock stretching her bald cunt and again her wedding ring seemed to sparkle.

“Up and down, up and down…like a good whore.” He laughed in between titty slurps. Again Kirsty did as she was told; slowly rising until his cock nearly came out then back down again.

Fucking hell; my cock was waggling like a kids windmill at the sight.

“Get back on your fucking knees.” The Bull eventually grunted. Kirsty reluctantly moved off his dick and complied and took up the new position but facing me, as the grinning Bull positioned himself between her spread legs.

“Have you ever fucked her arse?” He grinned again as he dribbled spit between her cheeks.

I shook my head; although it had been a regular thing some years ago.

“Hahahaha…you don’t know what you’re missing; and neither does she.” The Bull chuckled as he spat more firmly on her anus then rubbed it in with some pussy juice making her jaw drop in anticipation.

“Oh shit!” Kirsty gasped as his bell end touched her ring, and the first time she looked across at me and saw me shaking my cock as if I wanted to tear it off. “Ugh…uggh…oh my God…Oh GOD!” She squealed as the Bull’s huge cock slowly slid up her arse; making her bite her lip and screw here eyes tightly closed.

“Huh, huh, huh.” The Bull grunted as he forced the last couple of inches deep inside my wife’s glorious arse hole.

“Come here soft cunt.” He waved at me; “come and get a close up.” Fascinated I did.

“Isn’t that a fucking turn on?” he laughed as he grabbed my head and pulled it downwards as he withdrew about four inches, “sniff it…sniff it…kiss it…kiss her arsehole!”

His hand forced my head down until my lips were touching her stretched arsehole and his gnarly cock. “Kiss it!” I did…over and over again; with him calling me a sissy and a wanker; before pushing me away and pounding her arse for what seemed a lifetime; with Kirsty making all kinds of pleasurable noises as the Bull buggered her ragged; just like he promised.

Even a man like him couldn’t keep up that pace forever; and with Kirsty no pushing back to meet his violent thrusts he shouted, “Faster, pussycat…faster!” As he slapped her swaying tits “make me cum…make me fill your married arse with spunk.” The Bull grunted as he began savagely thrusting his cock deep inside her cavity.

“Fuck.” He gasped as his back straightened and he appeared to be filling her arsehole with his spunk, “Oh FUCK…FUCK…FUCK.” Now his thrusts were much slower but just as deep as he emptied his balls and flopped onto her back.

They remained like this for a few seconds until her unceremoniously pulled his greasy cock out; leaving her once tight bud stretched beyond all recognition and lumpy spunk oosing out and down her thighs.

Kirsty lay flat out, but with her legs still splayed for a minute or so as both regained their breath and composure.

“Which one of you is gonna clean this fucker up?” The Bull chuckled as waved his spunk smeared dick from side to side.

Kirsty actually looked at me, but we both knew she couldn’t resist another gobble; even if it had just been up her arsehole. Aching from the last hour or so she slowly turned until she was side on to the stud and tentatively kissed his bell end as he put his arm around her shoulder and jiggled her 34c tits; “Clean it good honey.” He laughed; “every fucking drop.”

Kirsty looked across at me and smiled before slowly licking the soft shaft, carefully scooping up every drop of spunk on her tongue, then wrapping her left hand, wedding ring and all around it and wanked it as she tried to suck it back into life; but that probably wasn’t going to happen; especially when he nonchalantly looked at his watch and said; “Sorry sweetie; got to go…work calls.”

Satisfied his cock was now clean he stood up and laughed; “I will leave you two young lovers alone now. But you know where I am when you want some more…and you will.”

He was right of course; a week later we invited him to the house where he is now a regular visitor along with a couple of his bodybuilder friends which I wasn’t aware of until she showed me a tape they’d made!

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