His Ch. 03


Days passed, and with each one Pet noticed her body changing. Her already ample breasts were the first to take note of the hormones coursing through her body, seemingly swelling by the second, her areolae stretching and darkening, nipples lengthening. They had become sensitive- so sensitive!- and often when she was alone she’d cup and pinch and tease them, gasping to herself at the electric sensations. They had become heavy in her hands, the textures new and she luxuriated in the changes. She had never felt so erotic, so feminine as she did now, blossoming with her master’s child.

And so she could not help but admire her body, now 8 weeks pregnant without a hint to her master, in front of the mirror one bright spring morning. Already the changes were taking place. Her belly had always been soft, but now when she pressed it there was a definitive firmness, the bottom of it having a more defined convex shape. Her breasts, as mentioned, were larger, heavier, rounder. They screamed fertility, screamed of motherhood. And her hips were widening, stretch marks already appearing on the sides, her panties straining at them. It seemed to be harder to hide her weight gain than it was to hide her pregnancy- one of the truly strong symptoms she was experiencing was cravings. Not for anything specific, but seemingly for everything.

She turned, admiring her silhouette once again before walking to the kitchen, intent on fulfilling her endless cravings. But just as she leaned into the fridge, she felt a presence behind her. She couldn’t even turn around before her master caught her about the waist, leaning in as she gasped to whisper in her ear. “You really thought I was inattentive, huh pet? Didn’t think I’d notice you puking and preening, and when your period didn’t come?” He caressed her lower belly as he held her to his body, erection pressing against her bottom. His Pet squirmed casino siteleri a bit, pressing herself into him as she tried to turn to face him, but he only smiled. “Now you know you can’t get away from me so easily…”

He turned her around, roughly, and then scooped her up over his shoulder to carry her to the room, taking extra care not to put pressure on her belly, “Not telling me you were pregnant, Pet? How long did you really think that would work?” Not waiting for her response, he released her roughly onto the bed, where she lay on her back in stunned silence, eyes wide. And then he began. There was no foreplay, not gentle teasing. He held her hands down as he began to kiss her roughly, tasting her lips, biting them until they nearly bled. Moving down, he pinched her sensitive nipples, hard, until she screamed. At that, her Master’s brow furrowed. “No more of that, Pet”, he said, taking time only to remove her panties and stuff them into her mouth before he returned to his prior task, allowing her to moan and scream through the gag. Roughly, he grabbed her ass, lifting it, passing by her belly completely as he began to eat her out, lapping and sucking furiously at her clit. Her freed hands grasped at the bed covers and she moaned, crying out, tensing as she neared orgasm, her body made oh so much more sensitive by the pregnancy….

And then he stopped.

Her head bolted upwards as she stared at him with wide eyes, nearly indignant at being deprived of her pleasure. He only chuckled, and went back to tormenting her swollen nipples, suckling at them, nibbling and groping as she moaned and moaned. As soon as he’d had his fill, he pulled her roughly off of the bed. “You’ve been very, very disobedient, Pet, and you need to be punished. Place your hands on the bedpost at the foot of the bed.” She did as she was ordered, a worried look crossing her face but slot oyna not daring to argue. He secured her hands to the bedpost, fixing her in that position. She was still getting her bearings when the first slap came down on her exposed bottom. The chubby cheeks, chubbier still since her pregnancy began, shook and she let out a squeak audible even through the gag, a red handprint visible on the pale flesh. Smack! “You’re eight weeks, Pet? So then four weeks you could have known… that’s only four on each cheek. You ought to count yourself lucky.”


She gasped again, squirming, moaning, but all those squirms did was cause her to inadvertently wiggle her bottom temptingly. Smack! He switched sides, her left butt-cheek reddened from the spanking. “And now the other side.” He said, winding back his hand. Smack!

She was getting wet now, the spanking strangely erotic, making her feel like a naughty schoolgirl who had been caught at some mischief and was now getting the punishment she deserved. Despite herself she let out a little moan as the next smack sounded and her master chuckled a little, knowing the effect he was having on her. He stalled for a moment, letting the anticipation build up inside of her, but instead of another smack, he ran a finger up her exposed slit, relishing her gasp and wetness. “Well, what do we have here?” he asked, tone one of a teasing question. He knew exactly what his spankings did to her. “Looks like someone is enjoying her punishment.” smack! “Is that good, pet? Do you enjoy having your plump little ass beaten by your master? I could think of other things to do to you in this position… But a spanking is deserved…” He waited another moment before releasing the last slap, watching the anticipation tense his pet’s body up.


He stepped back, admiring his handiwork. Her bottom was red, covered in the marks of the canlı casino siteleri spanking she’d received. And her exposed pussy was glistening. This made him smile, and he stepped up behind her, hands on her widening hips as he leaned over her and growled in her ear “You’re mine”. This whisper was accompanied by a thrust, his manhood entering her deepest depths as she let out a moan of pure lust, one of his hands on her hip with the other on her belly.

“Mine, Pet.” Again, a thrust, building into a rhythm, each one accompanied by a growled “Mine”, a word that made her shiver and moan. Never before had she been so thoroughly possessed by him, bound, unable to even see her master using her, one of his hands on the belly that he had filled, owning her inside and out. She moaned, pressing herself against him, begging him with her body to fill her more, deeper, harder. To take her more viciously, but his only answer was the repeated thrusting and the single, growled syllable


His, her rounding body. His, the baby growing inside of her. She was his, utterly his, mind, body and soul. His thrusts grew more frenzied, her moans accompanied by fists of hair, her bound hands reacting without conscious thought to the overwhelming physical and psychological sensation of being so completely possessed by her master, her lover, that nothing was out of her reach. Their orgasms built up together, hers made of masochism, pent up energy and the thrill of being owned, and his of hidden lusts, power and the sensation of possessing this woman. And then with a loud groan of release he came, hard, within her just as her own orgasm tipped her over the edge. If not for his hands on her hips, she would have fallen as her pussy milked the cum from his hard cock, buried deep inside of her fertile body. They stood there for a moment, panting, bodies still together, the sensation unspeakably blissful. And then he untied her hands, lifting her once more to the bed, this time her body atop his as he stroked her hair and whispered one final word in her ear as they dozed off to sleep.


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