His Daughter’s Friend Ch. 04


Bill lay next to Alice, his hand under her cheerleader sweater running over her plump breasts. He thought of removing her blindfold, but thought she looked sexier with it on. Instead, he lay there and thought of what had just happened and what would happen next.

Sister Rose would not blow the whistle on him. Maybe she would have, but as soon as she saw Alice lying on Bill’s bed and went down on her, she was in no position to say anything.

Bill wasn’t about to say anything about anything, although he wasn’t particularly proud. He had somehow got involved with this 18-year old girl. OK, not “somehow”. He got them both drunk and taken her virginity, then proceeded to fuck her all night long and most of the next day. He had also fucked Sister Rose, taking her virginity also.

Alice was the wildcard. She could tell someone and make life miserable for Bill and, if she got wind of Sister Rose’s involvement, her too.

The scene playing in Bill’s head of Sister Rose kneeling between Alice’s legs licking at her pussy while he fucked her from behind made his cock stir again. He got up, knelt over Alice’s head and lowered his cock, sliding the not-yet-hard tool between her lips and into her mouth. Alice did not hesitate to work on him, licking and sucking his cock to hardness. Gently, he started working his cock in and out of her mouth.

Across town, another scenario was playing out. Sister Rose had grabbed her clothes out of Bill’s bedroom, bursa escort dressed in the living room and dashed to her car to drive back to the convent. She did not want to talk to Bill or get caught by Alice and she, too, wondered what would happen next. She had gone to Bill’s house to see what was going on with him and Alice and to make sure Alice was OK but ended up in a kinky threesome.

She couldn’t object to Bill and Alice’s relationship now. Besides, Alice was a consenting adult and there was nothing Sister Rose could do legally. Maybe she could talk to Alice and explain that a relationship with a man 25 years her senior, an alcoholic with perverse sexual tendencies, would not be the right thing for her. But for right now, she just wanted to get cleaned up.

Sister Rose walked through the front door of the convent and avoided meeting any other sisters, lest the guilt on her face reveal what she had done. She quickly retired to her room which, because of her rank, afforded her with a private bath, and prepared for a shower. She gasped as she removed her bra, the material sliding across her nipples which were still hard and sensitive. She touched them, running the nubs between her thumbs and fingers, creating a spark-like feeling. She could feel a tingling between her legs, the same feeling when she walked into Mr. Walter’s bedroom and saw Alice tied spread-eagle to the bed, her pussy open and glistening.

Snapping back to her senses with a feeling bursa escort bayan of guilt, Sister Rose continued to undress and stepped into the shower. She soaped her wash cloth and started cleaning herself but that tingling feeling started again as she ran the soapy cloth over her breasts. She dropped the cloth and let her bare hands, well lubricated by the soap, caress each breast. It had been years since she had experienced this wonderful feeling of self-pleasure, and she let one hand slip lower, across her belly and down to her pussy where she started the rhythmic stroking of masturbation.

Her mind relived the feelings she had kneeling at Alice’s pussy, running her tongue up and down her slit and slapping the young girl’s juices. She fantasized that Mr. Walters, or even Alice, was between her legs licking and probing with their tongue deep into her pussy. Her long middle fingers stroked down across her clit and curled back inside her where she was slick from her juices.

Within a minute, she experienced her second orgasm in an hour, her second in years.

Back at Bill’s house, Bill was hard and ready to go again. Sliding further down the bed, he positioned himself between Alice’s full thighs and lifted her legs up on his shoulders. Then, leaning forward and almost bending Alice in half, he slid his spit-covered cock into her pussy and started pumping in and out of her. He reached down and untied the blindfold and pulled it off, letting escort bursa Alice see for the first time in an hour. She looked up at him and smiled. There was no place she would rather have him than inside her.

He could tell that she was nearing orgasm. Alice’s breathing was becoming staggered and she clutched at the ropes that tied her hands to the bedposts. Her eyes were closed and she moaned and grunted as Bill thrust into her. Finally, Bill felt her pussy tighten and she cried out as she came. Bill continued to fuck her until she came again, this time pleading with him to stop.

“No more, Mr. Walters,” she cried. “I’m so sore.”

He could understand, since in the past 18 hours they had make love about 10 times, but he still needed to get off. Pulling out of Alice’s pussy, he pushed her legs back so that her knees were just under her chin and exposed her butt. He and aimed his cockhead at her anus, slid in easily and started fucking her ass. Within minutes he felt his balls tighten and he pushed one final time into Alice as far as he could where he emptied another load deep into her.

They lay there for a while, both spent from their activities, until Alice stirred.

“Mr. Walters, I need to get home. I’m sure my parents will be calling to see how I’m doing.”

Bill smiled at her. “And what are you going to tell them?”

“That I’ve spent most of the weekend getting fucked,” she said with a smile, “and loving every minute of it.”

“I’m glad you did,” Bill replied. “Now, why don’t I get you untied and give you a ride home.”

The ride to Alice’s house was a quiet one. But the roar of what might happen next continued in the minds of three people.

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