His Girl(s) Ch. 1


Mark was never the type to get in with all the girls, he didn’t have the “players” attitude. Sure he flirted but he was always a gentleman and that’s why many nice girls like him. Up til his senior year in High School he never really had been intimate with a woman. Just in love once and heart broken.

-First Experiences-

Mark’s first real girlfriend’s name was Jessica. She was a good girl just as mark was a good guy. They met through a few mutual friends and hit it off. Jessica had a boyfriend when Mark first met her but he somehow did the ICQ sweet-talking late at night with her and she realized what a great guy he was. She broke up with her boyfriend and wanted to be Mark’s girlfriend. He was hesitant at first because of a heartbreak his Junior year. His heart break was everything he ever wanted but it just didn’t work out.

Jessica and Mark started dating heavily. He spent many hours at her house realizing he was falling in love with her. They became intimate and starting exploring. They never really got further than both of their shirts coming off until one day…

They were in her downstairs den while her parents were gone. Watching T.V. as normal and had a blanket near them to cover his roaming hands that never ceased to caress her chest, if her parents came home they would just cover up.

Jessica was wearing a white button up long sleeve blouse and one of those thin skirts that there has to be two layers. The skirt went down to her knees. But sitting next to eachother it made it rise a bit, so he got a view of her beautiful legs. She wasn’t really tan and she wasn’t really not tan either.

He started kissing on the left side of her neck, the side nearest to him since she was sitting on his right. He then reached up and started stroking her neck which he knew was very sensitive.

His hand moved down to her breasts and started caressing them outside her shirt. He unbuttoned a couple buttons in the middle and saw a white lacy bra (one of his favorites) through the opening.

He unbuttoned all the buttons above so her beautiful neck was showing down to her bra.

He began kissinge her neck again while she undid the rest of the buttons and took her shirt off. They kissed for a while, while his hands were still roaming her chest and stomach.

He kissed her chest and lightly pushed one the straps of her bra off a shoulder and he began kissing that shoulder. He then pushed the other side off. He kissed in between her perfect breasts. not too big, not too small, shaped nice and full, and oh were they ever soft he though.

He pulled her bra down to her waist revealing her breasts completely.

He looked at her medium sized pink/light brown nipples and dove in. She really enjoyed this part because her head tilted back on the couch. She wasn’t a loud person but he could tell she was getting excited by her breathing.

This is pretty routine for them now and this is as far as its gotten. She seemed to get raw from his suckling and kissing.

mark asked for a backrub. She said “Sure let me go lock the den door…just in case”. He took his shirt off and lay face first on the floor. He watched her as she bursa escort walked to the door. She is short but not petite, fairly skinny but not too skinny.He glanced at her bare semi muscular back and his gaze went down to her perfect ass that swayed as she approached the door. He smiled as she locked the door and turned back to him, her nipple erect as ever. Her long blonde hair added to the effect, “how did I get so lucky” he thought.

She came over to him and straddled his ass as she began to rub his back. This was the first time she has done it in a skirt and he could feel the area where her legs meet touch against his ass through his khaki pants.

She rubbed his back for a while as he drifted off into a restful sleep. She usually woke him when her hands were tired.

“My turn”, she said.

“you got it babe”, replied Mark.

She lay down on the ground stomach first which pushed the sides of her breasts out a little. Mark enjoyed the side view as he climbed over behind her and began rubbing. She was enjoying it as usual.

His hands got tired and he started kissing her back, she really liked this and let out a small sigh.

And just as she was relaxing he tickles her sides and makes her jump a little, a playful gesture. She calms down and closes her eyes. He notices that her skirt moved up her legs quite a bit in that move and was halfway up her thighs…her sweet thighs. Being the horney guy he is and not seeing much of girls yet he wonders what unnderwear she is wearing.

He rubs down her back and across her ass cheeks a little and he hits bare skin of her legs. he positions himself behind her so he can massage her legs.

He massages from her calves up her thigh, a hand on each leg, He peeks down to see if he can see under her 2layered dark blue skirt, He notices it is dark so not white panties.

His hands are on the top of the backs of each leg right above the knee. he pushes up a little and makes the skirt go up a bit, she has no reaction to this, he knows she is still awake though.

The skirt gets to the point right below her ass but won’t go further because its trapped beneath her legs, he can still fit his hands inside though.

He moves his hands to the ouside of her legs and pushes them up inside the skirt to her hips. He meets skin all the way up to the edge of the underwear which he realizes is the bikini style with a small strip around the hip. He also feels that they are silky satiny material.

He feels daring and grasps her hips and moves around the edge of the panties to under her stomach. She raises her hips a little and gains access. He rubs below her belly button right on her panty line. this excites her and she starts moaning a little.

He still feels very horney and daring and now that she is sat up a little he can move the skirt.

In one quick motion he pushes the skirt up over her hips and ass until its at a pile at her waste. Her eyes SNAP open when he does this.

They are both virgins and she knows it. He carresses her again and her worry fades away.

She lifts up involuntary as his hands reach around from behind her again, one goes to her chest one to bursa escort bayan her pubic area.

She lifts up on to all fours with him behind her. He stares at her perfect ass in the dark blue silk.

His left hand begins to massage her breasts while his right hand moves over the triangle of her panties and moves down toward her pussy. She gasps at the first touch she has ever felt from a guy down there. He has never done anything like this but goes with the flow and begins rubbing her pussy. She moans and starts moving back and forth in his hand. His left hand drops from her breast and supports him as he leans forward over her back, the aching bulge in his pants press against her panties and they both gasp.

She rocks in his hand and he sees her breasts start to sway. He moves his hips a little behind her and she moans.

He wonders how far this will go considering they are both good reputationed people and have never been this far.

He pulls his hand out and she whimpers. He unzips his pants and hears her whisper “oh my god”.

He pulls his kakhis down to his knees and follows with his boxers so his dick is now fully erects and not constrained. He leans over her again.

His right hand moves to her right inner thigh and seperates her legs a bit. He doesn’t really know what he is doing.

He uses his left and and pushes his dick down between her legs. “Oh my god”, she screams as his dick runs over the edge of her panty clad pussy.

He begins rubbing back and forth between her pussy lips, the silk panties are really turning him on.

She guids his hands all over her and she sits up right in front of him still on her knees, him still on his knees. Her bare back pressed against his bare chest. She guides his hands over her front. He follows because she knows what feels good to her and he is going to please her.

His dick got pushed up between her ass and his pelvis when she sat up.

She is moaning fairly loud now as his hands roam her chest and pubic area.

Her hands stop following him and raise up behind his head.

He becomes very daring again and moves his hands to the thin side straps and starts pulling her panties down. She moans encouragement and he looks over her chest and down to see her blonde bush. He groaned as he saw it.

He leans her forward and nudges his dick back under and between her legs. It now rubs right in front of her pussy along the lips and above. He feels her pubic hair agains the top of his dick as he rubs the outside of her pussy.

He pulls back a little til he finds what he think is her opening and pushes in a little.

“OOOHHH MY GOD!” she yells….he pushes a little more a long “ugghhh…” emits from her mouth. She closes her eyes at a little pain as he pushes further. He feels her muscles trying to pull him deeper inside of her.

She looks back behind her just to see his pleasureful face.

He pushes a little more…”Unnghh Mark..”

“Oh baby you feel so tight,” mark says.

He encounters a resistance. He’s read the books he knows what this is. He doesn’t want to hurt her and he doesn’t know what to do. So he starts kinda jabbing at escort bursa her hymen very lightly hoping it will be nice and just break with little pain on her part.

“Its gonna take a little more than that, I’m ok, just do it”…she says.

He slides out til just his head is inside her, she moans in pain and pleasure. He bear hugs her from behind as a way of telling her he’s not trying to hurt her. She is prepared and so is he.

He thrusts his hips fairly hard into her hymen.

“AHHHHHHH” she screams.

He is now completely inside of her. He doesn’t move just yet He lets her float there and feel him and get use to the pain that just overtook her.

Her inner muscles then start to work at him, this is the best experience he has ever felt in his life. He pushes til he can’t go anymore. He reaches around and feels her pubic mound be pushed out a little now that he is inside her.

His arms still around her he pulls out a little, then pushes back in, “ooh that’s nice” he thinks. He pulls out a little further and pushes back in. “This is why its so good” he thinks to himself.

“Mark don’t stop…please don’t stop” Jessica moans to him.

He doesnt’ know how much he can take considering he’s never had sex before but he pulls out some more and pushes in faster. “unnnhh…mark…again”…..Please more…

He pushes again….and again.

“Mark you feel so good inside me.”

He pulls out til just the head is inside. He holds it there wondering how she will react.

She thrusts her hips back to meet him. The both moan at the new feelings.

He grabs her hips and pushes her away…then faster he pushes her back onto him.

“Mark…Mark….Please….uhnnnhhh…faster…” She says between gasps.

“Oh god baby…he moans feeling a buzzing in his stomach.

Thrusting in harder and harder her back glistens with a little sweat. She starts thrusting herself back to him hard, her ass cheeks hit is pelvis hard, he likes it very much.

He pushes up and deep inside her. He slows down a little and tries to get as deep as he can.

His feet start to tingle as she thrusts back on to him. She screams and moans loudly on each push. She slows a little then in one moment she pushes back as hard as she can while he pushes forward and he bumps the end of her love tunnel, she sits there and spasms…having her first vaginal orgasm. She can’t move besides involuntary and her body shakes in his arms.

He thrusts a little again and she moans saying “Oh my god even after you feel good” He thrusts upwards as hard as he can while she comes down from climax and starts building up again. he feels more wetness on his dick as he slides, it rubs his head and a boiling between his legs start to happen.

“Do it….do it mark, I don’t care…just keep going”

He feels his balls start to tremble as he thrusts “ahh….ahhh!…AHHH!!!” he shouts in unison with her in his last 3 thrusts. He stops inside her on his last thrust and shoots his seed inside. This feeling of warmth triggers another orgasm for her and she starts shaking. He moans as more cum keeps pumping out of his dick inside her. She collapses and he goes right on top of her back as she falls. They breathe heavily and come down from their passion…

-They later break up due to her moving a couple states over from him-

…to be continued with Mark’s next girl…

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