His Mothers Best Friend


His Mothers Best Friendboptop99@aol.com (Boptop99)His Mothers best FriendJoyce had gone to visit her friend Fay, just to have a quick talk andmaybe some tea. The time seemed right: Fay’s husband was gone for the afternoon.Joyce knew he despised her, and so, with him gone, she was hoping for a nicevisit.For hours, the two women sat in the living room and gossiped. Fay wasright in the middle of talking about a new store that was opening at the localmall when Joyce saw her face brighten.”Oh,” she said, looking over Joyce’s shoulder. “Joyce, you remember myoldest, Jimmy, don’t you?”Sure I do, Joyce thought. Cute k**, always seeming to get into mischief.Fay had been telling her that Jimmy had become something of a writer in highschool, but Joyce didn’t much care. She turned her head to say a quickhello, with the hope that they could get back to the conversation.Suddenly, Joyce lost her breath. Jimmy had grown up since she had lastseen him. He was no twelve year old k** anymore. He had gorgeous, tousledblond hair, piercing blue eyes, and an incredible body. As Jimmy stood in frontof her, Joyce’s eyes almost involuntarily traced down his lean body to hismuscular legs. He couldn’t have been older than 16, but suddenly, Joyce’smind was filled with the image of this teenager naked, thrusting his cockinside her.”Hello, Mrs. Ficket,” Jimmy said, as he slid down onto the couch next toher. “It’s nice to see you again.”She smiled. “It’s nice to see you too Jimmy.”Joyce felt uncomfortable. Her vivid, dirty thoughts had started making herwet, and for some reason, she felt sure her friend Fay would know. Joycecrossed her legs to get a little less exposed, and her nylons rubbedtogether as they moved. Her heart almost skipped a beat when she saw a sparkin Jimmy’s blue eyes as they darted down to look at her legs.Could it be? she thought. Her eyes quickly shifted down to his crotch.Even though he was wearing a thick pair of dress pants, and even though shepeeked for only a spilt second, Joyce could see his cock was already hardening,aching to break open the zipper that confined it and be touched. By her.”Jimmy,” Fay said, “We were talking about your poems. I’m sure Mrs.Ficket would love to hear how talented you are. Why don’t you stand up andrecite one?”Jimmy shot his mother an annoyed look, and crossed his own legs. Joycefelt a pang of pity for him. This had to be the most embarrassing moment in hislife, to be asked to stand up in front of his mother and her friend with araging hard-on bulging in his pants.”Oh, Fay,” Joyce said, hoping to save him, “Don’t embarrass him.”Suddenly, the front door of the house opened up, and in walked Fay’shusband, Charlie. When he saw Joyce, his face fell. But he kept his manners.”Why, hello Joyce,” he said. “I didn’t know you were back in town.””Hello Charlie,” Joyce replied. “Been back for about a month. Moved intoa new house and everything.””How nice,” Charlie said with a sickeningly insincere smile. He lookedover at his wife. “Um, Fay, could you come talk to me in the kitchen for amoment.”Fay followed her husband, and once the kitchen door was closed, allpretence of pleasantry was off. He started screaming at Fay, demanding toknow what Joyce was doing in the house. Hadn’t he told her how much hedisliked that woman? he yelled. He wanted her out, now.Back in the living room, Joyce and Jimmy squirmed with discomfort. Everyword could be heard from the kitchen. But quickly, Joyce became distracted.Jimmy had uncrossed his legs, and was staring at the kitchen door. So Joycestared at Jimmy’s body. His bulging cock ran a good seven inches up his pants,creasing them all the way. His chest looked strong and muscular, and hisstomach trim. Joyce moved her eyes up to his face, and was delighted tosee that Jimmy was now staring at her breasts.Jimmy suddenly looked up at her, and looked away, embarrassed that shenoticed him staring. Joyce decided to change the subject and make him feelbetter, “So, what grade are you in in school?””Well, I just started junior year.””Junior year,” Joyce said thoughtfully. “So how old does that make younow?””I’m 16. I’ll be 17 in March,” he said.Before Joyce could say anything else, Fay popped back into the room,looking unsure of how to say anything.”Well….” Fay said.Joyce stood up. “Fay, I have guests coming tonight,” she lied. “I reallyshould be going.””Oh,” Fay said, looking relieved. “That’s too bad. Where did you parkyour car?””I didn’t. I walked.””All the way from your house?” Fay said incredulously. “Well, I won’thave you walk all the way back.””No, Fay, its fine,” Joyce said. The last thing she wanted was to spendthe whole drive back listening to Fay moan about her godawful husband.”No, I insist,” Fay said. “Jimmy, get the keys and take Joyce home.”Joyce’s heart skipped a beat. Jimmy’s face fell.”But Mom, I’ve got a date tonight,” he whined.”OK, so I’ll make sure there’s something in it for you,” Fay said. “Onceyou drop Fay off, you can keep the car for the rest of the night for yourdate.”Jimmy smiled, looking absolutely stunned. He was never allowed the car onhis dates.”Great,” he said. “Thanks Mom.”Joyce eyed him hungrily, her eyes tracing down his trim body. He might beexcited about having the car, she thought, but he might not make it forthat date.Joyce and Jimmy ambled out to the car. He slid into the driver’s seatafter holding the door for her on the passenger side. She thought his effortsat being a gentleman were cute.They chatted, with Joyce throwing in a flirtatious comment here and thereamid the idle small talk. After a few minutes, they pulled up to Joyce’shouse. She turned to him and lightly smiled.”Would you like to come in for a quick drink?” she asked. And fuck, shethought.”No, I really should be going,” Jimmy said. “I’ve got to pick up mygirlfriend in 20 minutes.”Joyce blinked. She was surprised she had misread things so badly. Oh well.She stuck out her hand. “Well, thank you for the ride Jimmy,” she said,as she shook his hand. “it was nice seeing you again.”Jimmy smiled and his blue eyes sparkled. “Sure, and it was nice to see youagain, Mrs. Ficket,” he said.Joyce smiled and stepped out of the car. As she walked slowly toward thedoor, Jimmy reached for the to turn the keys in the ignition. But then hestopped. Something told him he shouldn’t leave. As Joyce reached for herown keys to the door, Jimmy leaned out the car window.”Maybe I’ll take you up on that drink,” he called out.Joyce smiled. Without turning, she heard Jimmy open the car door and hopout. In a second, he was standing next to her, eager, looking in her eyes.Now you’re mine, she thought, with a devilish smile on her lips.After walking into the house, Jimmy slumped into one of the living roomchairs. Joyce took a spot on the floor, about eye-level with his crotch.It was the perfect view: Jimmy was one of those boys who seemed to alwayshave his legs spread far apart, giving her a perfect view.She fetched him a drink of bourbon, and he seemed to struggle with it.Joyce thought it was cute. He was trying so hard to seem old, to look like thekind of person who had drunk liquor lots of times. But from the trouble he hadswallowing the stuff, Joyce figured that this was the first time he hadever had any. A good sign, she thought, that Jimmy was probably still a virgin.Jimmy talked and talked. He seemed awfully nervous. He started babblingabout man’s inability to control his impulses to use technology he didn’tunderstand. It sounded like a bad college bull session. But Joyce wasn’tmuch listening. She was spending her time eyeing his body, getting wet.Finally, Jimmy paused. Joyce realized she should say something.”I don’t think we have much to worry about right now,” she said.”Are you k**ding?” Jimmy asked eagerly. “With the bomb? And the problemswith the rain forest? Man is hurtling towards some disaster of his own making.I even wrote a poem about it.’He paused and looked at her. “Would you like to hear it?”Joyce smiled. “Sure.”Jimmy stood up, directly over Joyce, and began reciting his poem. Shecouldn’t much listen. As soon as he stood, his pants had pulled tight, andnow she could clearly see the outline of his cock. She wanted to reach up.And stroke it. And unzip his pants. And suck it. And fuck him.”Oh jesus,” she thought, taking a long drag on her cigarette.. “What am Idoing? This is my best friend’s k**. He’s 16, and I’m old enough to be hismother. I must be crazy.”Worse, Jimmy didn’t seem to be taking any of her hints. She didn’t want tomake the first move without some sign he wanted her to.Joyce stood up, and walked over to the bar to freshen her drink. She wasfeeling annoyed. She wasn’t going to get anywhere with this k**. He shouldjust be on his way.”Aren’t you going to be late for your date?” Joyce asked testily.”Oh, yeah,” Jimmy said. “Umm…can I use your phone?””In the kitchen.”Jimmy stood up and brushed by her as he walked to the kitchen. She was sohorny, she knew that she would be masturbating as soon as he was gone. Shewanted him out of there.Joyce went to the library while Jimmy was on the phone. She needed to gethim off her mind until he left. She walked to the cabinet, and flicked on herCD player. She put on “Chances Are,” a slow song by Johnny Mathis that sheloved to fuck to. She began to sway, dancing with herself.She was shocked when she looked up at the doorway, and saw Jimmy staringat her, with a hungry look in his eyes. “May I have this dance?” he asked.”Sure,” she said, opening her arms.Jimmy took her into his arms and began dancing. bakırköy escort Joyce closed her eyes,feeling wild as the young hunk held her. As they moved across the floor,Jimmy began pushing his body closer and closer to Joyce. Suddenly, hereyes sprang open. She could feel his hard cock, rubbing through his pantsagainst her belly. This was the sign she was waiting for.”But I can’t,” she thought. “This is my best-friend’s k**.”Before she did anything, Joyce pushed Jimmy away and turned around. Hestood for a second, shocked by what happened. He thought that Mrs. Ficket hadbeen encouraging him. Maybe he had misread things.”Did I do something wrong?” he asked. When Joyce said nothing in reply,he thought he had his answer. He turned to leave. “Well, goodnight.”From behind, Jimmy heard a faint “Wait.” He turned around again. Joycewas looking at him, longingly.”Jimmy,” she said in a sultry voice. “I want to fuck you.”She walked over to Jimmy and took the stunned young virgin in her arms.She leaned forward and pulled Jimmy’s mouth to hers, one hand behind hishead, the other stroking the front of his pants and curling around his cock andballs as she kissed him passionately. He moaned as he felt her soft, warmtongue slither sexily between his parted lips.Jimmy responded immediately, returning Joyce’s steamy kiss with equalpassion. Joyce squeezed his balls, then closed her fingers around hiscock-bulge and rubbed it. She whimpered with pleasure as Jimmy wrapped hisarms around her, sucking at her mouth. She squirmed her tits against hischest, flattening them, her nipples stiff.She fell against him moaning, sucking on his tongue and rubbing his cock.Pulling back, her eyes half-closed with wanton desire, Joyce gazed down atthe swollen bulge between Jimmy’s legs.”Mmmmmm, you naughty boy,” she giggled. “You’re getting awfully hard downthere. Have I given you a hard-on?”Jimmy nodded, pushing his hips and pressing his cock-bulge into her hand.His breathing became noticeably laboured as he enjoyed the erotic stimulationof Mrs. Ficket’s exploring fingers. He closed his eyes, still unable tobelieve his good fortune. All his wet-dreams had come true. Jimmy was in seventhheaven.She pulled his shirt out from being tucked in his pants, and slid bothhands under it. Her fingers danced across his stomach and chest, until she foundhis nipples and began stroking them lightly.”Oh God,” Jimmy moaned. “That feels so nice.” “As she stroked, he reached down and unfastened his belt buckle. Sheunbuttoned the buttons on his shirt, pulling it off and leaving himstanding bare-chested in her library. She unsnapped the button on his pants andpulled him back to her. As she kissed him passionately again, slid her handdown the front of his now-unfastened pants, and wrapped her fingers around hisswollen cock. She heard his breathing quicken as she pulled him down to the floor,on top of her.”Let’s see about making you more comfortable,” she said, flashing Jimmya lewd grin.Joyce pushed him off her gently, and got him on his back. First shekissed his mouth, and his ears, and his neck. She licked both his nipples, andlay her head down on his muscular chest as it heaved up and down rapidly.Slowly moving south, teasing, she stuck her tongue in Jimmy’s belly buttonas he groaned, knowing the direction she was headed in and what she wasafter. She kissed the baby fine hairs below his navel. They ran in astreak down into his jeans. Joyce finished unbuttoning his jeans, and helifted up so she could pull them off. His hard cock stuck out of the holein his underwear. Odd thought, Joyce wondered if Fay folded her son’sunderwear. She wondered what she would think if she could see him now…Then, Joyce curled her fingers beneath the waistband and slid the briefsoff. Jimmy watched the look on her face as his throbbing erection sprangfree, almost slapping against her chin.”Oh my God, Mrs. Ficket” he said. “Oh my God.””Oh sweetie,” Joyce said. ”We’re just getting started.”His underwear off completely, Joyce began teasing him as hisbreathing became even more coarse and rapid. Joyce began licking histhighs, and then kissing his pubic hair as his cock rubbed in her long hair.Joyce crawled between his spread thighs and he looked at her, his eyes glassy.Joyce kept massaging his thighs and running her tongue through his pubichair. He groaned, Joyce knew she was driving him crazy. Their eyes met.”Please,” he whispered, begging her for more. “Please Mrs. Ficket. Pleasesuck me.””Now now,” she teased. “Don’t be impatient.”Joyce continued kissing his thighs, then moved her head up and let hertongue slightly touch his warm balls. He gasped, his hips jerking up.Joyce swallowed one of his balls while he moaned.”Oh God….”Joyce slid her tongue up the length of his long hard dick. She swirledher tongue around, and slid it back down to his full balls. She gently tookone into her mouth and sucked it a little. All the while he was whimperinglike a baby. Joyce tongued the underside of his dick’s head, and he cried out.”Mmmm, Jimmy, what a beautiful cock you have” she purred.She leaned in close, and Jimmy could feel the hot breath on it. He feltlike his cock was about to explode. Jimmy shivered. She reached out andwrapped her fingers around the thick base of his prick, steadying the bucking shaft.”Ohh, God, yes” he said hoarsely. “Do it, Mrs. Ficket!!”Joyce looked down and saw the first slick of pre-cum oozing out of Jimmy’sdick. That did it for her. After a slight moment of hesitation, She slowlyslid her mouth down his engorged cock, Jimmy moaned, twisting his fingersinto Joyce’s silken hair and bucking, fucking urgently into her mouth.”OOOhhhhh, yeah, suck it, Mrs. Ficket,” Jimmy moaned. “Suck my dick.”Joyce took the whole thing into her mouth and began pumping, sucking hisdick rapidly. Joyce glanced up at him without letting go of her prize. His head was thrown back on the pillow and his mouth was open.His hip thrusts became faster, sticking his cock into her throat and nearly gagging her while he gripped her head. My God, Joyce thought, he’s fucking my mouth. His whimpering became louder while Joyce sucked faster, as fast and hard as she could.”Oh God! This feels so good!” he called. “Dont stop, Mrs. Ficket! Don’tstop.”Face flushed and breathing heavily, Joyce started sucking and jacking onJimmy’s prick much harder, rhythmically alternating between puckering andbellowing her cheeks around his pulsing cock. Her tongue laved and swirledaround his cockhead, determined not to miss a drop of his oozing pre-cum.”Oh, god!” Jimmy was pulling her hair now, humping his ass urgentlyoff the floor. “Suck harder, Mrs. Ficket! Yeah, Yeahh! You’re gonna makeme cum in your mouth!”Joyce sucked the boy’s huge cock as hard as she could, her breathwhistling loudly through her nostrils as she sucked. Her right handtightened around the rigid shaft as she jacked her fist up and down theportion of Jimmy’s cock that wouldn’t fit into her mouth. His seemedto swell suddenly as she jerked on the shaft and sucked the head to a hard,heavy rhythm. He’s going to cum! Joyce thought happily, moving her left handbetween his trembling thighs, she cupped the warm sac of his young ballsand squeezed them gently.”God! Fuck, I’m almost there!” Jimmy moaned. “Suck it, Mrs. Ficket! Suckit, please suck it, suck my fucking prick! Ahhhh, I’m getting close!”Jimmy lifted his head and looked down at the spectacle between his legs.He saw his cock sliding in and out, between her thick, luscious red lips.Lipstick stains ran the length of his cock, and were smearing with eachsuccessive movement. For some reason, that sight was all he needed to pushhim over the edge.”Awww, God, Mrs. Ficket. I’m gonna shoot! I’m gonna shoot my cum in your mouth!!!!”Joyce tensed in anticipation, whipping her hand wildly up and down Jimmy’sswollen prick as she coaxed his first load into her mouth. Withinseconds, Jimmy’s body stiffened as his orgasm overtook him.”AHHHHHH! JESUS!! HERE IT COMES, MRS. FICKET!”, Jimmy yelled.”HERE COMES MYLOAD!!! GET READY!! OOOOHHHH GOODDDDD!! I’MCUMMMINGG!!!!”’His pulsing cock swelled to an incredible, bucking stiffness betweenher lips, before suddenly erupting in a series of powerful, creamy spurtsthat filled Joyce’s mouth to overflowing. She whimpered around Jimmy’serupting prick and sucked and jacked it even harder, determined to getevery drop of his tasty young fuck-cream.She had to swallow rapidly to gulp down all of his load, but she nevermissed a drop. In fact, her pumping fist kept coaxing more prick-juiceout of his balls, until she’d finally lapped up the last traces of hisjism. Even after Jimmy had stopped ejaculating, Joyce nursed loving onhis cock, sucking out the last of it. Then, Joyce licked the rest ofJimmy’s cum off of his dick.After a minute or two, Jimmy’s cock began to deflate in her mouth, butJoyce kept up a gentle, insistent sucking action that soon stopped that.His virile young prick began to swell again and within minutes, it wasalmost as hard as before. Joyce popped her lips off Jimmy’s rejuvenatedorgan and smiled dreamily up into his dazed young eyes.”I’ll bet you think I’m a pretty good cocksucker now, don’t you, Jimmy?” she purred, continuing to pump her fist feverishly up and down his prick. “Think you can keep this big cock hard for me, lover? My cunt got all wet from sucking you off. I’d really like you to fuck me!””Really?” Jimmy murmured enthusiastically. “Okay… where?””Let’s do it right here on the floor, honey.”Joyce slid up his chest, beşiktaş escort her huge tits jiggling provocatively as shelay across him. As she straddled his boby Joyce stared hungrilyat the naked youth’s big stiff cock, wiggling her ass into a goodposition, then spreading her legs wide to offer him her juicy cunt.”Fuck me, Jimmy,” she said softly.She reached down between her legs, where Jimmy’s cock was alreadyhard enough to lay flat against his stomach. She sat atop of him as he layback on the floor, looking down at his naked body. With her fingers, shelifted his cock off of his stomach, and spread her legs, shamelessly opening herwet, horny pussy for the invasion of his prick. In an instant, Jimmy’s cockwas brushingagainst the lips of the cunt on his mother’s best friend.”You’ve got gorgeous tits,” he said breathlessly, staring up at herlarge, firm breasts. Her fat nipples protruded stiffly with her desire.”You’re not here for me to listen to,” Joyce said. “You’re here for me to fuck.”Eagerly she grasped Jimmy’s rigid cockshaft, until she felt his big prickhead nudge between her cuntlips.”Oh, Jimmy, it feels so big!!! Fuck me with it, Jimmy! Fuck my hot pussywith your big prick!”Jimmy pushed up eagerly, sinking his cock into her, and they bothmoaned loudly as Joyce’s tight, slippery cunt sucked wetly around theinvading cockshaft. In and in, the long, thick shaft pushed, untilJoyce’s tingling cunt was stretched wide around the pulsing thickness ofthe boy’s cock.Joyce began lifting herself up and down, swaying on Jimmy’s cock, slidingit in and out. Jimmy lifted his arms and moved his hands above his head.looking supine and surrendered. From her position of authority, Joycereached down with her hands, and began to stroke his nipples and his broad,muscular chest. Jimmy lifted his ass up and down on the wood floor, pushing hiscock into her, fucking his rock-hard cock steadily in and out of Joyce’stightly, clinging cunthole.”Faster, Jimmy! Fuck me faster!” Joyce threw her hands around hisshoulders, shuddering as his long cock filled her with it’s wonderfulthickness, “Ohhhh, yessss! Fuck my pussy, fuck my hot little pussy!Unnnnhhh, fuck! Your cock is huge, baby! Ohhh, yeahhhhhh! Fuck it itthere! Fuck it in!””Oh God, Mrs. Ficket,” Jimmy moaned. “This feels so good!!! OHHHH!!””Madly, Joyce bucked and humped, feverishly pistoning her horny, drippy pussy onto the boy’s big prick. Jimmy fucked faster, his ass bucking and jerking, spearing his cock expertly in and out of Joyce’s bucking pussy.He was hunching his ass up off the floor with every thrust of his powerful young prick, fuckin him back for all she was worth. Soon the naked woman and her friend’s son were fucking with wild abandon, the library filled with their moans and sighs, the squish-squish noise of her drooling pussy clinging to his huge, pounding cock.”Uuuuhhh! Harder, Jimmy! ” Joyce moaned at last, as her pussy spasmedharder around his prick. “Oh, God, you’re making me cum now!God, I love your big cock, Jimmy! Oh, yes, fuck me good with it! Harder,Jimmy, harder, I’m really gonna cum!”Jimmy fucked Mrs. Ficket harder as he heard her cry, his hips pumping up and down, his cock stretching and filling her bucking twat with hot, throbbing hardness. Her body began to shudder all over. Joyce had to bite her bottom lip hard to stop from screaming, her hands clawing at Jimmy’s smooth, teenage chest.”Unnnnnnnhhhh! Oooooo, yessssss! I’m cuuuummmmmming!”, Joyce squealed, as waves of pleasure surged outwards from the centre of her cunt.Mrs. Ficket’s wild reaction was all Jimmy needed to slip over the edge himself, and with a deep, panting grunt, he threw back his head and shoved his cock deep up into her.””OH GOOODDDD!! I’M CUMMMINNGG!! OH, MRS. FICKET!!!Jet after jet of thick jism shot deep up inside her cunt. Jimmy’s spurting cum sent Kathy into shuddering spasms of rapture, her contractions increasing in intensity.As soon as she felt it kick and spurt inside her, Kathy strained even harder onto his jerking, spewing cock, desperate to receive every single drop Jimmy had to offer. She urged him on. “Come in me, baby!”, she cried. “Shoot your stuff right up my cunt! Uhhhnnggggg, Godddd!”It was as big a load as the first one she had taken in her mouth. Jimmy lunged and fucked wildly beneath her, his seemingly endless torrent of creamy young sperm spraying into her ravished, clinging pussy.Spurt after spurt, Jimmy emptied his cum-filled balls into her. Finally,he had his fill, and his cock deflated inside Mrs. Ficket’s twitching cunt.He relaxed on the floor, as Joyce ran her hands over his chest, caressing his hot, damp skin.”Oh baby,” Joyce moaned. “That was great.” Jimmy just breathed.”I hate to say this, but you better get out of here. If you don’t show up foryour date, people are gonna start asking questions,” Joyce said. “We can getback together again later.”Jimmy looked down at his sweat-and-cum covered body. “You’re k**ding,right?” he asked. “I can’t go on a date like this. We’ll get found out for sure.””Then quick, go take a shower. The bathroom’s right next to this room.”Joyce rolled off him, and took a good look at Jimmy’s body. It was stillgorgeous, and she could see his cock was already starting to get rejuvenatedfor more. But she had to send him on his way. Fay couldn’t find out aboutthis.”Come on,” she said, pushing him. “Go take a shower.”Reluctantly, Jimmy stood up, and started shuffling out the door, hissemi-hard cock bouncing as he walked. Joyce listened as she heard the showergo on, and heard Jimmy pull open the shower curtain. She could tell when hehad stepped in when the sound of the water hitting the porcelain changed. Shegrabbed the robe that she hung in her library and wrapped it around her,before lying back on the floor and listening to the sounds of her young studcleaning his body.Joyce began to imagine the streams of hot water rolling down Jimmy’s lusciousbody. It made her hot all over again. She began fondling her full, ripetits, stroking and squeezing them just like Jimmy had just done.”Mmmmmmmmmmm, yesssss,” she moaned.She rubbed her clit fiercely, jabbing her fingers deep, pretending Jimmy was fucking her again. She could almost feel his hot, sweaty hands onher body, his young hard cock slamming into her sizzling slit.Suddenly, she snapped her hand out of her cunt. “Oh the hell with this,” shesaid, as she stood up and headed towards the bathroom.With the robe already dr****g off her shoulders, she walked into thebathroom. Behind the clear, frosted curtain, she could see the outline ofJimmy’s body as he rubbed it with his lathered hands. She grabbed the curtainand pulled it back.”Howdy,” she said, as she let her eyes trail down his body.Jimmy looked back at her, hungrily. Judging from his cock, which was againup, flat against his stomach, he had been expecting her. Like a Phoenix, ithas arisen again as small rivers of warm water trailed down his body. Joycestepped into the shower, and wrapped her arms around the naked boy, kissinghim. As she did, she slowly shucked the robe that was rapidly getting wet. Inan instant, she was naked, and passed the robe back outside the shower,dropping it to the bathroom floor.Jimmy was rubbing his cock against her, trying somehow to stick it into her.But they were not a good match in height, and he just kept rubbing himselfagainst her tummy. Sensing his frustration, Joyce began sudsing up her handswith the soap on his body, and stroking him. Soon, she slid her hands betweenhis legs, and began soaping up his naked crotch.”Ohhhh,” Jimmy moaned, his eyes closed. “Oh yeah, Mrs. Ficket. That feels great.”She could barely hear him, but saw that the toes on his feet were curlingagainst the porcelain tub.Then, to make it easier for her, he slid his soapyfeet along the tub, spreading open his legs.Joyce took hold of his balls, stroking them. sliding her soapy fingers allaround and under them, up and down his crotch, upinto his asscrack. His toeswriggled. Then,finally, her fingers curled around the shaft of his cock.”Let’s clean this up, too, shall we?” she purred.Jimmy panted as his stiff cock flexed in Joyce’s hand. ALready, it was oozingpre-cum. He began to thrust, fucking his stiff prick into Joyce’s fist. Joycesqueezed, jerking her hand up and down Jimmy’s cockshaft. She watched itshead pop out again and again between her encircling thumb and forefinger.His groin collided repeatedly with the heel of her hand.His eyes were open, glassy and glazed. His belly muscles stood out rippling washboard as his body undulated with lust and pleasure.”Let’s make this more intersting,” Joyce said, as she released his cock and began sliding her lathered hands across his body.She slid down, licking the rivulets of water that were streaming down Jimmy’s chest. Her tongue slid over his nipple, as she slowly lowered herself down onto her knees.The stream of water was striking Jimmy’s head, and running down the rest of his body. Each spot, at his chest, and his stomach and at his thighs, Joyce sucked the water of his body with her tongue. Joyce looked up at him. “Just hold still sweetie,” she said. “I want to get a good look at this.”Jimmy reached his arms back, bracing himself against the tile of the showeras he shoved his hips forward, lewdly pushing his cock into Joyce’s face. Sheeagerly took the prize, parting her lips and sliding his hard cock down deep into her mouth.”Oh MAN!” Jimmy moaned, his feet sqeeking even more against the porcelain ofthe tub.. “Oh GOD! Yeah, beylikdüzü escort take it in, Mrs. Ficket! Take the whole thing in your mouth again!”Joyce slid her lips around his huge cock, letting the cockhead stuffher throat. Her lips felt as if they would split if they were stretched anyfarther. His hip thrusts became faster, sticking his cock into her throatwhile he gripped the tile on the shower wall.”Oh God! Suck it, Mrs. Ficket! Suck it!!”Jimmy was moaning, his eyes blazing down at her, out of focus, wild-lookingas he watched his cock slid in and out between her full, red lips. He felt atide of pleasure mounting rapidly…. he was going to blow any second.”I’m getting close, Mrs. Ficket!”, Jimmy moaned.Joyce knew that. She could feel the tension building up in his cock. But thistime, she wanted to see the cum shooting out of the boy. She wrapped her handaround the boy’s cock, directly in front of her mouth, sliding up and downwith her hand as she sucked.”Oh GOD!! HERE IT COMES!!! UHH….AHHHHH!!! JESUS!!!” Jimmy yelled.At the last instant, Joyce pulled her mouth off of Jimmy’s cock, butcontinued stroking him, her hand well-lubricated by the cum, saliva, soap and water.Jimmy threw his head back. “UUUUHHHHH!!!! UHHHH!!! YEAH!!! OH YEAH!”In a second, a shuddering vibration shot through his cock and the first hotstream of boycum shot out of his cock. Joyce opened her mouth, letting himcum inside, as she watched the spurt after spurt shoot out from the boy. Sheswallowed each salty load as fast as it came. Jimmy was rubbing his hands up and down on the tile, moaning and shaking his head.After an endless stream of boy-juice, Jimmy’s cock finally began to soften.He slid it out of Joyce’s mouth, and reached down to pull her back up,kissing her on the mouth. Joyce giggled as he quickly slid down her body tocup her enormous tits. Hungrily, the youth fondled and sucked her breasts,taking turns slurping each of her stiff nipples deeply between his lips. ThenJoyce gasped with surprise as he slid down farther, planting wet kisses onher undulating belly, finally nuzzling his head between her thighs.”Oh, Jimmy!….You just fucked me in there. You want to do this??Ooooh, that feels good! Ohhh… yesssssss!”Jimmy moaned as he rubbed his face in her wet pussy, coating his cheekswith her sticky fuck-juices. The hot streaming water pounded out of theshowerhead onto his back. Suddenly, he thrust his tongue up Joyce’scunt-hole and busily started lapping out the tasty mixture of jism andcunt-juice that filled her hot, swollen little slit to over-flowing He openedher poutinglips with his fingers, exposing the glistening, wet pinknesswithin. Joyce whimpered as his sluicing tongue licked closer and closer to her pulsating clit.”Oh, God!” She clutched his head and started humping her ass again,shamelessly fucking her throbbing pussy onto the boy’s mouth. “That’sfantastic! You’re gonna make me cum again, honey! Unnggghh! Suck my clit,Jimmy! Put it in your mouth and suck it good and hard!”Jimmy started licking the swollen, pulsing little bud with his tongueand nibbling it gently with his lips, making Joyce’s thighs tremble aswaves of intense pleasure coursed through her incredibly-aroused body.Finally the boy pursed his lips on her ultra-sensitive clit, sucking ithard, at the same time, pumping his fingers in and out of her butteryfuck-hole.”Oh, Jimmy!” Joyce felt her cunt contracting around fingers asthe second powerful climax with minutes flooded through her loins.”You’re making me cum, lover! Oh Jesus, Jimmy! I’mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg!”Joyce’s climax lasted even longer this time, crashing through herquivering body until she thought she would pass out from sheer pleasure.Jimmy kept licking and sucking and finger-fucking her, obviously loving theheavy flow of cream that oozed out. He worked on her leaking slit until he’dlicked up every drop of her spendings, his tongue lightly flicking her clit,like a contented little puppy. She stroked his hair tenderly.Finally, she sat down onto the tub floor, leaning her back against the end ofthe tub, the water spraying over both of them. Jimmy still was on his knees,his cock already hardening again. Joyce smiled. She loved teenage boys. Theywere always ready for action, no matter how many times they came.She reached forward and again began stroking his cock, bringing it to fullhardness once again. “Let’s go for the record,” she said. “Fuck me again,Jimmy.”She slide down further into the tub, lifting her legs higher, thenScissored her ankles together high across his back. Jimmy quickly sank down, mountinghis mother’s friend, supporting his weight on arms outstretched beside hershoulders, his hard cock pulsing up and down against her cuntmound. Madly,Joyce bucked and humped off the floor, feverishly pistoning her horny, drippypussy onto the boy’s big prick.Joyce grimaced and bit her lip as her son’s huge cock slid all the wayin.With boyish energy Jimmy repeatedly slammed his pelvis against hers,slapping his balls against the outer walls of her pussy. Cuntjuice ran downher thighs, and flowed with the water down the drain.Joyce grabbed his asscheeks and added her own energy to his thrusts. Theymoved like a well lubricated machine, each responding to the other’s body.With each movement, both could feel the eruption building inside. With aguttural cry, Joyce wrapped her legs around the boy tighter, digging herheels into his upper buttocks. Jimmy kept up the heavy pumping, as herbreasts flattened against his chest.Jimmy’s breathing was deep and fast, but regular. He had his cock undercontrol: he could feel the desire for release, but it was steady, and he heldit in check. The way his mother’s girlfiend had moaned when she’d comehad almost thrown him over the edge himself, but he’d bit his lip and managed. He felt the older woman’s hands on his chest. They found a nipple, and tweaked it, digging in with fingernails.Her nails moved on to his back, scratching and biting. It felt great to theboy, a fantastic counterpoint to the clinging warmth of her pussy. He couldsmell her now; the musky odor of Joyce’s dripping cunt wafted up from betweentheir bodies. Her breaths came faster again, and her hips began to pump. She pulled down hishead and mashed their mouths together in a fierce kiss. Once more the olderwoman let herself sink back under the machine-like pumping of her bestfriend’s son.Jimmy kept fucking as fast as he could, moaning as his swinging ballsslapped into her. Suddenly, he tensed up.”OH GOD!!!!” he screamed, as he bit into her shoulder.Joyce felt another load of jizz spewing out of his prick, spurting and splattering hotly, deeply inside her pussy.”Ohhhh, baby! Cum in me, Jimmy! Cum in me!”It was as big a load as the first one she had taken in her mouth. Jimmylunged and fucked wildly on top of her, his seemingly endless torrent ofcreamy young sperm spraying into her ravished, clinging pussy. Joyce wrappedher arms and legs more tightly around the boy’s bucking body, continuing tofuck her clasping cunt onto his shooting cock. As last of his jism jetteddeep into her, Joyce felt it oozing back out, puddling into the tub.”Well,” she said, as Jimmy looked up at her. “At least this time, you’restill clean enough to go on your date.”Jimmy and Joyce stood up and rinsed off, kissing passionately as theyCleaned themselves. Finally, Joyce shut off the water, and the two stepped naked out of theshower, heading in toward her room.As he passed, Jimmy picked up his clothes, and slid on his boxer shortsAnd his shirt, leaving it open. Joyce had already gone into the bedroom. By thetime he walked in, Joyce was already in a nightie, sitting in front of amirror and brushing her wet hair.Jimmy walked over to the bed, and collapsed onto it, looking completelyspent. Joyce looked at him in the mirror, and he looks completely wiped out.The rapid sex had been hard on him.”Poor baby,” she said, looking in the mirror. “Tired?””No,” Jimmy lied.Joyce kept brushing her hair. “Lucky girl,” she said.”Who?””Your girl,” Joyce said, laying her brush down on the vanity. She stood up and crossed rapidly over to Jimmy, falling onto his body. She took his face between her hands and kissed him passionately.Jimmy looked up, desperate. He was starting to get worried about gettingcaught. “I really should be going,” he said.Joyce kissed him again. “Are you going to write a poem about this?” she asked.”Do you want me to?”Joyce slowly started to slide down his body. “Just don’t use any names,” She said.”Just places and incidents,” Jimmy replied, as he watched her slide down,back to his crotch. Already, he was starting to get hard again inanticipation.He raised his arms over his head, and closed his eyes. Joycelowered her lips onto his belly, licking it, as her fingers began to prydown his boxers.Suddenly, the phone rang. Joyce let go of the boxers and looked up. “Sorry darling, can’t not answer.”Joyce crawled over Jimmy to the bedside phone and picked it up. Jimmy waitedpatiently, his cock poking out of his boxers.”Hello?” Joyce said. After a moments pause, she looked down at Jimmy. “Oh, Fay! How are you?”With that, a look of pure fear entered Jimmy’s face. He pushed Joyce off ofhim, and slid off the bed. Jumping up, he grabbed his pants and slid them on,then started buttoning his shirt.”No, not here,” Joyce said.Joyce giggled as Jimmy struggled with his shirt. “I’m sure he’ll be rightalong,” she said. “Yes. Fay, I’m sure everything is all right. Ok.Bye-bye.”She hung up the phone and looked at Jimmy, who still looked the shambles.She stuck out her hand.”It was good seeing you, Mr. Reardon,” she said, shaking his hand.”Yeah, it was very nice meeting you again, Mrs. Ficket,” Jimmy replied.Jimmy smiled, and with that, ran toward the door. As he headed outside backto his car, Joyce fell over on the bed, laughing delightedly into her pillow.THE END.

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