His Pleasure


He’d done all the little tasks of the weekday morning: Fed the dogs, put out the washing, cleaned up the kitchen. To the office and checking emails, the first hint, enough, of desire washes over him. He copies and pastes a couple of email excerpts, prints out the page, and shuts down the computer.

Returning to the house, he closes the bedroom door behind him and quickly undresses. It is still cool inside from the wintry, hinterland night, but the excitement within him keeps him moving quickly and so, with the movement, he feels not the cold.

Naked now, he goes into the wardrobe and grabs his little helper. Not used all the time, but upon a whim, he feels the need today. He grabs a small towel for cleanliness and convenience and lies back on the bed, grabbing the small bottle of water-based lubricant from his bedside drawer as he does so.

Feeling the cold a little, he draws a sheet over himself, raises his legs so that his feet are flat on the bed, his knees in the air, and spreads them a goodly distance. He draws a little lubricant from the bottle, placing it beside him for easy access, and places his hand for the first time on his half hard cock. Spreading it liberally with the lube, he feels it stiffen in his grasp, his breathing shortening already with anticipation.

The piece of paper holds only two paragraphs, written by her, describing her own self-administered pleasure. He reads of her standing there, legs apart, her mind and body racing as she cums in an office toilet cubicle. He reads just a few lines but already his cock is hard, his hand moving slowly up and down its shaft, teasing his shaved balls, building. mobilbahis güvenilir mi

He reads the second paragraph. She’s in her office now, the lone employee. Door locked, tension of surprise still in the air, she cums in her office chair. The chair in which she had once made love so beautifully to him. It has itself become almost an object of desire to him.

He loved to think of her playing with her gorgeous self, her magnificent pussy, in that chair. He finishes reading, hand working faster, a few more strokes and his back starts arching, he’s imagining her cumming in her office, and the mental image is enough. He drops the paper and begins stroking himself harder, imagining her pussy around his cock then imagining her playing with herself. He catches himself, he’s not quite ready to cum yet, and doesn’t want to rush it either. He pauses, hand on ever-so-hard cock, feeling its heat, rigid in his grasp.

He’s hot now. Metaphorically and physically, and he discards the sheet, grabs a little more lube, his helper, and settles again. He applies the lube to his cock, and now his balls, feeling their smoothness under his touch, feeling in turn the delight of the touch on his now firm ball sack. His other hand reaches for his helper, a lifelike dildo of average size, he applies some lube to it, rubbing it over in his left hand, feeling its smoothness, and warming it. He holds it a moment, returns his left hand to his still-hard cock, his balls, and caresses them gently.

His hand moves from his cock downwards, over and around his balls, to his perineum, that delightful highway of delight between mobilbahis his balls and his arse. He rubs the seam of skin he finds, with pleasure, yet again and moves south until his finger caresses his tight hole. Not wanting to rush things, he fingers his hole lightly, revelling in both the sensation and the sense of this moment of blissful, private, self-indulgence. After a few moments, he returns again to his cock, both rubbing and gaining lube in the journey taken once again from cock-tip to arsehole. He now rubs his arse with more feeling, passion, and just a sense of purpose, lubing it up properly, his other hand even now bringing the tip of the dildo to his tightly held orifice of desire.

He pauses, grabs his cock, loves it again with his hand, and begins moving in a slow motion dance, the mechanics well rehearsed, allowing his mind to wander again to other less practical thoughts.

His hand makes love to his cock, his balls, and then it isn’t his hand anymore. It’s her hand and it’s wonderful. The desire that came from his picturing her in solitary pleasure now mixes with, and enhances, the images that come to his closed eyes now. She is on the bed, playing with him, loving him. She grabs his balls and squeezes and he groans. She holds his cock firmly, then strokes its hard length up and down, working it. She gets him into a steady rhythm of motion and then pauses. As if by magic, he knows what she wants him to do. He arches his back once more and spreads his legs. She’s lying with one arm under his leg, holding the dildo in her left hand. She grabs his cock in a steady, firm grip as it loses none of its hardness, mobilbahis giriş and presses the dildo to its destination. He is becoming entranced with pleasure now, automatically arches his back some more, and awaits the next move with his last breath still held within him. She releases his cock, and uses her other hand to spread his arse cheeks a little, his puckered hole readying itself. And then it’s happening. He is in raptures as the smooth, lubed dildo enters him.

She takes her time, working it in, he’s breathing again now, quick breaths enter and leave his body in small moans. It’s inside him now and he’s lost to the outside world, she grabs his cock and starts stroking it, firmly, vigorously in time with his heightened need and speed of movement. She’s working the dildo, the cock, inside him and he can feel nothing more than pleasure. She senses he’s close to cumming now, and works the cock harder and harder. She tilts the dildo forward, it’s non-seeing eye seeking his prostate, she works it within him likes she fucking him with it, hard and fast.

The stimulation works upon him and he loses it, thrashing about the bed, her hand working his cock and the dildo at once, he arches his back off the bed, freezes in motion, and groans as cum lands on his chest. The first spray arching itself away from his cock as it bumps to and fro in her stroking hand. The rest of his passion spending itself upon him, upon her hand as she works it to its final, hyper-sensitive pause. He drops his body to the bed, she stops stroking his cock, and pushes the dildo right up into him, as far as its length will allow.

He lies there, eyes closed, breathing easing, his body tingling and yet totally relaxed. She wipes some cum off his cock and places her fingers in his mouth, he licks and sucks the cum from her fingers and lays down to rest a little in the afterglow, his mind returning once again to her office and that chair.

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