Holiday Romance

Big Tits

Another story; complete fantasy again, but based on a dream I had and a thought suggested by a hairbrush. Hope you like it.


It happened in Spain, a huge Villa with loads of bedrooms, garden, patio, cookout area and swimming pool. It was a family holiday; Mum had struck lucky on the lottery and won about £70,000. After paying off the rest of her mortgage and a few presents, she flew all of us to Spain for almost the whole summer in this fantastic villa she’d found through a friend.

‘Us’ was Mum and Dad, my younger brother Pete and his girlfriend, my Sister and her husband and two children, my kids and me. I’m in my late thirties, married, in reasonable shape after two kids, with dark hair and blue eyes. ‘He who must be obeyed’ was unavailable for part of the holiday of course, working and couldn’t be spared. He is a good man, a great father, great husband, kind and sensibly generous, but a bit boring on occasions. We made love, not as often as we did before the kids of course, but it was nice if, again, a little boring. The vibrator in my knickers drawer was bought from an Anne Summers party and was responsible for saving my sanity on many occasions. He liked it to and on a few occasions used it on me, but he only ever seemed to want to fuck me with it and not use it on my clit. And yes, I did on occasions nick the batteries from the kid’s toys.

I was and still am in love with him, so please don’t think that any of this was about revenge or the seven-year itch or anything. It was, well, one of those things.

The Villa had everything, Mum had gone mad and had couple of hire cars, a cleaner and even went made and had a huge stack of groceries delivered. So we cooked, when we didn’t go out to eat, loaded the dishes in the washer and they appeared clean in the cupboard the next day. Similarly, the laundry washed, ironed and folded itself and put itself in piles in the bedroom it came out of.

I got my first all over tan since I couldn’t remember, swam, played with the kids, well at least the one that wanted to be played with. All my teenage son could do was stare at my sister Caroline in her swimsuit, again very pretty for her thirty two years and in good shape considering the two kids, and more so, my younger brothers girlfriend Julia. Julia was twenty, slim, dark and looked fantastic in the variety of teeny bikinis that she wrapped or strapped around herself. His day was made when she finally went topless on the private beach the villa had, five days into the holiday. I told him not to stare a few times but gave up when Caroline bought a bikini and she too went the same way. Although Caroline did start by just undoing the back strap while laying down, eventually after watching Julia disporting on the beach turning Hollywood Brown almost all over, she just stood up and left the thing where it was.

Somehow I just couldn’t, but it was funny watching my son having to lie on his front to hide his erection.

The relaxed atmosphere soon worked its magic on all of us in the same way though and with the addition of some wine it didn’t take long for my Brother and Sister and their appropriate partners to get at it.

At about four in the morning of the fifth day I came to, woken from a light doze. Being a parent you have this radar that detects naughtiness. Like most mums I can hear a suppressed giggle at five hundred yards, a door or window latch that shouldn’t be opening before it drops down again.

My main concern was, of course, my children. I didn’t want either of them having a moonlight dip with no adults around and I stood and stepped over to the large patio window and tipped the vertical blind aside a fraction.

It wasn’t my children at all and I breathed a sigh of relief. What I saw was my erstwhile brother and Julia, both slightly the worse for wear after a few too many at the local wine bar just down the beach.

He was trying to take off his trousers without falling over, while Julia giggled.

“Come on!” he said in a hissed whisper, pulling off his shoe.

“No!” she replied with a shocked giggle.

The shoes were soon gone and Julia sat down on one of the recliners stifling her giggles. Pete pushed down his trousers and pants in one go and kicked them to one side before pulling his T-shirt over his head.

With his back to me, he stepped into the water and walked across the pools dipping down to soak his hair. When he reached the other side, he jumped out and walked across to her and she slid as far back on the chair as she could giggling nervously. He shook his hair over her and she flapped girlishly trying to avoid the drops.

I couldn’t hear the talk now but she sat up straight and folded her arms. He bent down and kissed her, and she reciprocated.

Reaching down she grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her head revealing her lithe body, nicely brown and very shapely, the moonlight reflecting off of her curves. She didn’t stand up, but appeared to brushing her hands along his body. The movement of her head and my Brother’s tipped casino siteleri back head gave me the clue that she was blowing him. Sat astride the recliner as she was, she obviously wasn’t happy with the position. As if on cue he moved around slightly and I had a view of her mouth sliding along a penis that had increased in size significantly since I’d seen it last.

She pulled it out of her mouth and smiled up at him and whispered something, all the time masturbating him, occasionally licking the end of him. He nodded and stepped back, while she stood up.

She wriggled her hips slightly and slid down tiny panties revealing a small strip of dark pubic hair contrasting beautifully with her skin turned pale by the moonlight. She stepped to the side of the pool noticing that she still wore her dark heels. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a guy girl but they made her look legs look longer and even sexier, until she kicked them to one side and stepped into the water with him. The swam along the pool reaching for and stroking each other, stopping at the far end of the pool where there position, movements and facial expression let me know that they were shagging. I know it was my own brother and everything, but right there and then I felt so fucking horny that I would have fucked anything male with two legs and a heartbeat. I couldn’t see much of the action without announcing my presence though.

Because of the heat I slept naked and the hand not holding the blind was busy at my sopping pussy and clit. They swam back towards me with him obviously chasing her. As she attempted to climb out of the pool he grabbed her pulled her back down so she was resting on the poolside and he must have slipped into her from behind and she gasped.

As for me I was just glued to her facial expressions as he fucked her, the wet slapping sound and anything he was doing was lost to me, so fixed was I on her grinning and groaning. She raised herself up on her arms and her lovely boobs pointed right at me, nipples sharp and dark.

I’m don’t know if she actually came, but that was what it looked like to me. Having only ever come three times during intercourse, I was no expert but she appeared to tremble all over and drop down again. At the last moment it seemed like she looked straight at me.

I took a few steps back to my bed and fell backwards onto it to release the full energy of the orgasm. If she came I don’t know, but I certainly did. I had to bury my face in the covers to stop ME crying out the way that Julia was.

I woke the following morning, well-rested and feeling good, naked as a jaybird halfway down the bed. My clit was still throbbing and my pussy was wet and still slightly puffy.

That day I carefully searched the house looking for anything remotely dick shaped, but the house was bare. Even the candles were either pencil thin or thick as loaf of bread. My hairbrush and a nicely shaped handle to it but would hardly do the job. In the end I settled to walk down to the town and in pigeon Spanish try to buy a nice Spanish cucumber, like my Mum had always made rude jokes about to her friends when she thought I wasn’t listening. I needed a fuck, that was for sure, my period had finished just as we left and I was probably ovulating, which always had that effect.

When I said I was walking down to the village, of course there was a debate about it until finally it was decided that we would all go into town. I did look around the grocery store, and the whole family was stood around the salad and vegetable stall. Shit, I just couldn’t get close enough; I saw Mum chuck two cucumbers in the box and tried to get close enough to throw in another without anyone seeing. But it all seemed a little obvious, me walking around with an extra cucumber, or nicking one from the shelf, after all I could hardly put it back after and hope that no one noticed.

That afternoon we went back to the beach, and I walked along to the bar to use the toilet purchased some condoms. Anything I did find I could cover over at least.

I took the little box into the cubicle and taking the three thin, foil packets from the box tried to think where to secret them for the journey back to the villa. I had, like my sister and Julia finally gone for the bikini option, and slipping them into my bra top didn’t work to well.

I took the bull by the horns and slipped them in my pussy. Smaller than a tampon and… shit, I had lost the string of a tampon once and spent two hours on the bathroom floor trying to fish the bastard out. It would have to be the other one. I squatted over the toilet. It was a little bit uncomfortable until I squished the sharp foil corners down and they were almost bullet-shaped. I pushed hard and the shiny little package slipped in, and I stood up pulled up the bikini bottoms and walked out.

It felt almost like an itch that I needed to scratch in there, but it would do.

Walking back along the beach with something I knew was going to help me slake my lust made me start to feel horny again. The rubbing slot oyna in my back passage was kind of sexy in itself and my nipples hardened against the thin material of the bikini. Would my dampening pussy betray me through the bottoms also? I walked into the sea and splashed along, kicking the water like a ten-year-old. By the time I got to our beach I was up to my waist and my bikini pants were soaked anyway.

I lay on a towel and read for a while, but no way could I concentrate. I shouted to my daughter that I was heading back and she said she would follow with everyone else. Pete shouted that he would watch her for me. This was easy, as he had spent the first part of the week teaching her to swim and she was coming on well. She was even well attached to Julia, who was only eight years older than her.

Back at the Villa I headed for the kitchen to find Mum and Dad in the kitchen preparing a vast meal and, you guessed it, both of the cucumbers were neatly sliced ready to be cubed for my Dad’s famous salad.

I stepped under the shower in my en-suite and washed the salt water off. I needed to be careful as my children also used this bathroom on occasions.

I rinsed out the bikini, rung it out and lay it over the sink to dry a bit. Next I reached behind me and stuck a finger into my back passage and routed around for the condoms. I could feel them with the tip of my finger but I just couldn’t hook them out. I dripped shower gel onto my extended finger, tried again and everything was a lot easier, although it did sting a bit. The little packet popped out easily and I rinsed it thoroughly conscious of where it had been for the last hour.

I dried off and decided to lie on my bed and nap for an hour before dinner.

As I lay down I heard Caroline’s shower next door going off and figured that they were back too. I dozed, just the towel over me, until I heard the familiar squeak-squeak of a bed being played on, and not by ten year olds.

So, Caroline was getting some as well was she? I listened at the wall and could hear them going at it like rabbits. Caroline always struck me as terribly straight laced, and the idea of sex for anything other than children would be against her nature.

That was crap for a start, it was obvious from the noises that she was getting a good seeing to. This time I didn’t feel horny, just jealous.

I went back to my bed feeling my swollen labia with my right hand, the dampness in the centre of my palm was unmistakable. I tried not to masturbate really I did, but I was just so fucking horny.

My middle finger strummed between my squishy lips and I was doing really well with the end in sight.

The door slid back suddenly and I heard,

“You don’t mind if I use your… Oh,” there was a sharp intake of breath, “Shit sorry Cathy I didn’t realise you… err…”

I sat upright my hand covering what it had so recently been toying with, the towel that had covered me previously was laying on the floor over by the wall, where it had fallen while I was listening to my sister and brother in law shagging.

“Hi… Julia,” I said, “I…”

She looked at me and smiled.

“Got that bad has it?” She reached behind me and slid the door shut again.

“Oh shit yes,” I gasped sitting up, still with a hand idly across my pubis, “I had to listen to Caroline and Phil at it a few minutes ago.”

“I suppose me and Pete shagging in the pool couldn’t have helped either.”

I was aghast, “You…”

“Your reflection,” she said folding her arms, “I could see your shape outlined, and what you were doing.”

“Sorry,” I said shamefaced.

“Don’t apologise, quite turned me on, didn’t think I was going to make it until I saw your hand busy between your thighs.”

My mouth flapped, “I think I must be ovulating, the hormones you understand, make me a bit wild.”

“Shit Hun, don’t I know it.” She smiled at me, “Are you OK?” she asked, “did you err… you know?”

“No,” I said, “not quite.”

“Sorry Cath, Look can I borrow your en-suite? Lucy said you wouldn’t mind, I wont be a moment, and you can err… do what you have to?”

“Yes,” I spluttered, keen to have her out of the way so I could dress, “Please do.”

She beamed a big grin, “Thanks!” and proceeded to strip off her bikini top revealing those beautiful young and firm breasts I’d seen so closely the night before.

Finally she pushed down the bottoms and stepped out of them. “Won’t be a minute!”

Now I couldn’t think for a second why she couldn’t have done that in the small bathroom, but her body was lovely and I supposed the narcissist in her wanted to show off a bit. Her bottom swung beautifully as she walked through the little door.

I heard the water flow in the next room and tried to settle down a bit, for the hell of it I brushed my hand across my mound and felt it was still wet. I figured I might as well finish off, and strummed gently at my clit for a few moments. I checked the bathroom door and it was closed so I got down to it. By the time my bum canlı casino siteleri was high off of the bed as I came to a really nice orgasm, I’d almost forgotten about Julia; she hadn’t forgotten about me though.

“Wow, reckon you needed that one,” her voice came from the bathroom door.

“Were you watching me?” I asked slightly peevishly.

“Yeah,” she said rubbing the towel through her wet hair, “at least I wasn’t wanking when I was watching you having some.”

I grinned, “fair play.”

“Look,” she said walking closer to me, “I’ve brought my vibrator with me, if you bought some condoms and cleaned it after, you can borrow it for a night… or two?”

“Oh could I? That would be fantastic,” I said gleefully.

“No problem, we are all girls together here. I’ll dig it out for you.” She wrapped a towel around her curvaceous figure and trotted back to her room. I didn’t know whether she was coming straight back or whether she would bring it later on, so I wiped myself down (I was quite icky and sticky by this stage) dressed and headed down to the kitchen to join the rest of the family for the evening meal.

I dressed for the heat of the evening and was sat on the terrace watching my children and my sister’s children still splashing in the pool despite our requests that they changed for dinner.

Julia appeared with Pete, looking ravishing in a white sundress that showed her cleavage and perfect body off wonderfully. Everyone looked, my Dad, my Brother in law, even my son imprisoned in the pool I guessed by the size of his erection. She sat with Pete who looked prouder than a peacock with this stunner at his side.

We all took bowls and headed for the food Mum and Dad had prepared and while I stood looking at the selection, Julia whispered in my ear,

“I left that thing under your pillow, the batteries are almost brand new.”

“I have some condoms,” I whispered back. Julia looked at me in shock.


“Bought them yesterday with the same thing in mind, but not with a… you know.”

“Christ,” she hissed irreverently, “you WERE desperate weren’t you.”

The meal consumed and four tired children packed off to bed, we sat and watched the stars and the moon, drinking more and more.

Eventually, Pete and my Brother in Law Phil headed off to the beach bar for some beers, leaving me, my sister and Julia.

My sister yawned, and said that she was really tired and must get to bed.

“All that exercise you were getting up to earlier,” I said.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” she said in mock surprise, “Anyway, you’re only jealous.” She poked her tongue out, said her goodnights and headed for bed.

Julia and I did in the last of the wine in the bottles we’d opened, and I too said I was heading for bed.

“At least you have some company tonight,” she giggled.

“Yes, I can’t thank you enough.” Julia looked at me.

“Yes you could,” she said, “Can I watch while you do it?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I’d like to watch you,” she said, “It’s OK I’m not a Lesbian or anything, it’s just… when I watched you this afternoon, it was… well beautiful you know?”

“Beautiful?” I queried.

“Yeah,” she said enthused, “you have a great body Cath and it was so nice just to watch you playing and enjoying yourself so… innocently.”

“And you call that innocent?” I laughed.

“Yes I do,” she said, “you weren’t shagging around, you weren’t chasing after your brother in law, you wanted an orgasm and you went for it. It was just you, no clothes, no outside worries, just you wanting to come, and it was beautiful to watch.”

“Yes,” I said, “Actually watching you and Pete the other night was like that,” it was two people making love.”

“So, can I watch you tonight? Promise it won’t get weird or anything.”

“OK,” I said. I don’t know why I said yes, or what possessed me; I just felt that I wanted to share. We’d both seen each other naked, we’d both watched the other doing the same kind of thing, so what was there to loose?

We stood, quietly and with a touch of ‘what shall we do now’ embarrassment between us.

Boldly, I took her hand, switched off the lights and we walked along the terrace to my room and slid the patio door open. We both stepped in and she pulled the door shut, letting go of my hand to close the blinds, and flick the latch that locked it.

“Don’t want anyone to have the same view that I did,” she said.

I switched on the bedside lamp, and saw my disturbed pillow and what it suggested. I lifted the vibrator out of the bag it was in and looked at it. It was a long plastic one; mine was one of those with the rabbit on, and not really meant for fucking with, but this looked good.

“It’s powerful,” said Julia watching me, “I just use the tip on my clit most of the time.”

“Yeah,” I said, “That’s nice, but I need something more.”

“Oh, that one’ll do that as well.”

I put the vibrator down, closed my eyes and stretched, automatically carrying out that parental pre-bed ritual of shaking you life down; were the kids in bed, was everything switched off, were there clean clothes for everyone, and what are we doing tomorrow stuff. Julia moved closer as I ran my fingers through my hair.

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