I’m standing in front of the mirror tying my hair up out of my face when you appear behind me. Your hands slip around my bare waist as you admire my bikini. I melt into your body as your hands run up over my breasts to my hair where you pull it down. Slowly kissing my neck you turn me around. I respond to your kisses by pressing myself up against you. Our lips collide and the intensity at which we kiss makes me weak at the knees. I run my hands down your chest, feeling the slight define of your muscles as I get lower. I reach the top of your shorts and slip my hand lower feeling evidence of your arousal.

I feel your hands on my back, undoing my bikini top. It falls to the floor and you lower your head to suck my nipples into your mouth. A gasp escapes from me and I arch my back. I pull your head up and kiss your lips. As I get down on my knees I pull your shorts down with me. The floor is hard but I don’t care. Your cock bursa escort springs out in front of my face and I lick my lips not wanting to wait to suck you. I grasp you in my hand and give you a few strokes. I open my mouth and suck you in. The feel of your cock filling my mouth makes me moan in anticipation of having you inside my pussy. My lips are tight around your shaft as I slide my mouth over and over along it. My hands run over your stomach and down your thighs. I slip one onto your balls and give them a squeeze which elicits a moan from you. You start to thrust your hips, your cock getting further into my mouth as my throat opens to let you down. My other hand goes back to your cock to help me suck you further. I swirl my tongue over the head and taste you. I can feel you getting harder and pull away. I want to have more fun before I make you cum.

You pull me to my feet and push me back on the bed. You kiss me hard bursa escort bayan and move down my body leaving a trail of kisses on your way. You reach my bikini bottoms and pull them swiftly off. Parting my legs you run a finger along my slick lips. I shiver in expectancy and suddenly your mouth is on my clit. It feels amazing and I squirm under under you. You slip a finger inside me and continue licking my clit, your tongue doing things to me that could send me to heaven. I’m so close to cumming but I don’t want to without your cock inside me. I pull you up to me and you flip me over so I’m straddling you. We kiss and I can feel you rubbing up and down my slit.

I’ve had enough of the teasing and tell you I want you inside me. I can feel your cock at my entrance and I push down so I’m impaled on you. I stay still enjoying how you feel inside me, stretching me more than ever before. Slowly we start to move, your cock slipping escort bursa in and out of me, each thrust getting harder. I slide my hand to my clit and start to rub it. I see you watching me and it turns me on even more than I already am. You have your hands on my breasts, pinching and rolling my nipples. You pull out of me and push me down your body. Once again your cock is in my mouth but this time I can taste myself. Its almost enough to send me over the edge right then and there but I still want you inside me. I slither back up your body and your cock slips inside me easily. I rise and fall on you, feeling every part of your cock inside my pussy. We’re both out of breath and I can feel you getting closer and closer. You feel so good inside me, thrusting deeply.

Suddenly the pleasure reaches a peak and I’m cumming, hard. I’m clenching and squeezing around your cock and it triggers your own release. You’re pushing as far into me as you can get and I feel you hit the hilt of my pussy. I collapse onto you as we both come down from the high, panting to get our breath back. As you soften, you slip out of me. We fall asleep, completely satisfied.

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