Home Alone Ch. 2


I began planning for tonight many days ago. I would be very suggestive in the days leading up to our latest sexual encounter, sowing the seeds for her to cultivate in her own minds way. A kind of sexual foreplay if you like, but lasting for day’s instead of minutes.

During the early part of the day concerned I joined her in the restroom, much to her surprise. where she was checking her make-up. I began to stroke her and told her that I wanted her tonight, just as soon as she returned home from her work. For starters however, I gave her a taste of what was to come, later in the day. I undid her skirt and began to lick her pussy right there and then. To my amazement, she began to rekindle a lost fantasy of ours – a threesome. She told me how much she craved to have another man join in. This took me by surprise as I thought she had gone cold on the subject. casino oyna She held on to the faucets and squatted lower and lower to get the most from my teasing tongue and by now – my nose.

She left for work in the early evening leaving me home alone with five hours of planning time, before she returned. As you know, whenever I’m left alone I become sexually mischievous. I ran myself a deep, warm bath within which I shaved my balls and nipples to delight her. The razor would brush against my nipples, to send erotic pulses throughout me. To end my bodily preparations I sprayed myself with liberal amounts of ‘Juniper Mist and Pheromones’. I was soaked in the erotic smelling fluid and began to turn myself onto myself. I wanted to play – but not yet as there was more planning to do.

Now I wanted to contact my woman, to make her wet at work. To get slot oyna her curious as to what I was doing back home, alone. I cunningly achieved this by sending her dirty text messages from my computer to her phone. ‘Hi, the fantasy room is ready for you’, ‘candles are burning and Egyptian musk fills the air’. My computer told me the message was received. Later, another message to her, ‘My, what a nice selection of lingerie you have. So tempting, here alone’. I love its smoothness and coolness on my skin’. Finally I sent this message; ‘My, what a nice selection of sex toys you have. Sooo tempting, here alone’.

The next step was to prepare the room in earnest. I scattered all her lingerie over the bed positioned the sex toys and lubricants, plus catalogues of lingerie and a good threesome story from a quality erotic website.

What happened next canlı casino siteleri however, was not in my plans. I heard her car arriving on the gravel outside. She was home early and I did some quick thinking. I decided to make it look like I was indulging in myself when she turned up unexpectedly. I lay on the bed with lingerie over me, a vibrator positioned near my ass hole and my free hand teasing my nipples. I felt so horny at about to become caught in the act. I closed my eyes as she opened the bedroom door and greeted her with a low moan and waited. I was not disappointed. She at once dressed herself from the selection of lingerie and lay next to me. She then began swallowing a large latex cock, as she began her two-man fantasy. From that moment she directed the whole session beautifully, making out there were two men and her on the bed. Such a thrill.

Such a thrill pretending to be caught, I plan for her to find me freely indulging in myself again soon, whilst making full use of her lingerie and toy collection. As a couple, the fantasy rolls on and we must plan our first threesome soon.

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