Homeless, not Heartless


Homeless, not HeartlessI was doing some good deed volunteer work at a local homeless shelter. I knew some of the “clients” over the years, but never took advantage of any situation. Once, as I walked up onto the porch, a pretty girl asked if I was a doctor. I’ve fantacized many times since how I could have used that opportunity to my advantage. Who knows, maybe she just wanted to “play doctor” with me.Well this day, as I was leaving, Angie, a slim black woman sticks her elbow through my open window, smiles and said, “Take me with you.” I knew that was against the rules but I felt my pulse quickening and said, “Where do you want to go?””I’d just like to get away for a little bit. Let me show you a house I’m thinking of renting when I save up my money.”I didn’t say a word but motioned for her to walk around to the passenger’s door. She sat near the door with her hand palm down on the seat between us. When I lightly placed my hand over hers, she smiled and slid close to me. As we drove further she placed that hand on my leg and softly massaged me. Of course my dick istanbul escort was getting rock hard, but was bent over in my briefs. I could visualize her tits through her white tee shirt”Excuse me for a second” as I steered with one hand and slid the other inside my waistband to adjust myself. Actually free myself from getting an erection while my dick was all contorted! Could have been uncomfortable.Angie understood what I was doing and chuckled while lightly patting my boner through my trousers sending chills of anticipation throughout my body. We walked around to a side door of the small, deserted house on a city side street near a former public school building than now housed Head Start programs. Angie found the hidden key and let us in. The electricity was off but there was plenty of light through the dusty sheer curtains over the windows. I sat down on an imitation black leather couch surrounded by some plants that needed watering.Angie sat on a folding chair facing me. Maybe she felt pressure avcılar escort about being away from the shelter too long…or maybe she was just simply ready. “It’s hot in here” as she pulled the tee shirt over her head and reached around to unhook her bra.”Yes it is” I took off my polo shirt and, realizing there was no reason to hold back, slid by pants off too. My hard dick appreciated the air around it, as I explored myself. I squeezed its head in such a way to make it stand open, flaming pink when you look inside.And Angie leaned forward to get a better view. “Nice.””I want you to see I am clean and have no health issues.””I don’t have any either” as she dropped her shorts and thong. As a gesture of reciprocity, Angie lifted her knew and spread her legs wide. “Look at me too. I’m clean in every respect.”She was, and as I was sitting on the floor in front of her pussy at face level, I couldn’t resist giving her a little kiss between her legs.”Wait, that can’t be our first kiss.” We stood up and our mouths met, warm and soft. Our lips şirinevler escort parted as our tongues explored each other’s mouth while our hands explored each other’s body. I knew this was going to be fast, so I asked her to wait while I set up my digital camera with timer.I quickly sat down on the couch as Angie stood over me facing the camera. As she lowered herself to take my dick into her pussy the flash went off. And I hate to say it, there weren’t a thousand strokes before I went off too filling Angie’s pussy with each spurt of my cum. As she lifted herself off slowly, most of it dripped back in my lap.”Well, I can’t leave this one-sided, Angie. Sit down and let me finish you off.” I knelt in front of the couch and started licking her pussy from her asshole to her clit, which was getting longer and harder with each pass. I could taste my own cum and her lubricating juices, which included a few drops of pee. Delicious!I knew the drill and started focusing on her clit while I slowly moved two fingers in and out of her cunt. It didn’t take long before her moans and tightening muscles let me know her orgasm was imminent. As Angie raised her hips and spread her les further, I felt her involuntary thrusts and contractions as her vagina tightened and released my fingers. My only regret is that I wasn’t feeling her pulsations around by dick.But she was happy and I was too!

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