Homey’s Adventure


He woke up late! Slept through breakfast Saturday morning. Jenny and Erica were gone as well as Paula, Jon, Jerry & Henry. Everyone was gone! Weird? Yes, way weird!

He couldn’t figure anything out. Yes, this was his house and yes, it was his yard and neighborhood. No one was around, except Jillian next door.

Homey, as everyone always called Henry and not Hank, was delirious and was not able to figure anything out. He walked out side and looked around. All cars were gone. No one anywhere could be found. Except Jillian’s car.

Homey, decided to knock on this person’s door. He never ever stopped and talked to this young girl. He did look rather cute though in his pajama’s and hair twirled and twisted al over, your typical bed head.

He called all of their cell phone number’s they either were disconnected or were re-assigned to other people. “What’s going on?” he would ask himself.

Seeing Jillian’s car, he thought, “I should take a shower first, I’m sure I look like crap.”

“Knock..Knock..Knock!” as his fist hit the door! He waited a few seconds. Then he hit the door bell. He heard a faint “Hold on, hold on, I’m coming.”

Her hair was in a bun. She was wearing a robe and Homey could see pajama bottoms hanging down her legs inside of the robe. “Hi Homey, what’s up man?” She wasn’t wearing a smile.

“Umm, I don’t have a clue Jillian. Do you know what’s going on around here. No one, not a soul is nearby. Everyone’s gone Jillian!” She looked around. “Wow, that’s weird all of the cars in your driveway and everywhere else too. Is your friend behind you gone too? You know Danielle and her live in?”

“I didn’t try her.” “Well come on in. Want a coffee? Here’s the phone too.”

“Oh Thanks Jillian. Were you going to get in the shower just now? I thought about that before coming over. I sure didn’t wanna look like a slob.”

“Homey! You never look like that to me. Jimmy? My boyfriend has always said you always look cool. Or I should say my ex-boyfriend.” “Your ex?” I replied.

“Yeah, and with a somber look, she quickly went on to explain that deal. They are over with. He’s an ass, Homey a real ass. 3 days ago. Go ahead, call Danielle and see what’s up, okay?”

Kay answered the phone. “Kay? Is Danielle there?” Kay asked who I was and who Danielle was. Homey hung up.

“She didn’t know me. Come on over after you take a shower. We will figure this all out, okay?” Do you want me to bring anything? I have a coffee cake in the fridge.”

“No, I can make us something quickly. I have to get a shower, clean up and shave and brush. Then I can get us something. Just bring your beautiful self, okay?” as they smiled at each other.

This was enticing to the 20 year old Jillian, who always found 31 year old Homey nice, funny and handsome. But never regarded him as someone who thought much of her.

Homey got his shower. Did his stuff: shaved, brushed, combed his hair and began dressing. He only put on his boxers and jeans, before he heard the door bell.

With out getting a chance to put on a shirt and thinking it was Jillian; he rushed down not wanting to keep her waiting outside. It was an older woman, taking a poll. She was quite attractive. About late 30’s and wearing a tight ribbed cotton turtle neck type shirt. It showed her bust quite well. She was always proud of that! Yes she was!

“Sorry sir, I can come back.” She gazed at his chest and then his face. He smiled at her and as she did to him, he looked right into her chest and he could see her nipples pushing themselves thru her top.

“So you are poll taking”, asked Homey? “Yes.” She went onto explain all about what it is she casino oyna was doing this for. He did not listen to one word. By the end, he had her full name and she was calling back at 4pm. That was odd. He had no idea how any of that happened. It just did.

She left with clip board in hand, two minutes later, Jillian was there. He made coffee. She was all dressed up as if she was going shopping or something, fashionable. Nope, only Homey. That was her ulterior motive this morning.

He made scrambled eggs and bacon and toast. They sat and talked and she couldn’t figure where her parents were either. They were gone. They turned on two TV’s and nothing. Same old programs.

Weird, weird, weird!

“Jillian, you really look nice.” Her response was, “Thank you Homey. Don’t you want to put on a shirt? It’s rather, umm distracting to me.”

“Ohh, I am sorry. Sure I will. That wasn’t my intention. I’ll be right back. She heard a huge crash after he went upstairs. She rushed to the bottom of the stairs. His closet bar, with all the shirts and pants on hangers had pulled itself out of the wall and fallen to the ground. “Homey? Is everything okay? What happened?” Nothing, she heard something, so she hopped up the stairs.

He was putting on some cologne and the top came off and spilled off of the bathroom counter and onto his pants. He took them off, because he smelled like a tub of cologne. He turned on the vent fan to take some of the smell out. In only his boxers, he was kneeling and stacking clothes.

Exceptionally strange! He was down on all fours and pulling stuff off of the ground and swearing underneath his breath. “Let me help, exclaimed Jillian. What can I do for you?”

Homey already knew that answer. “Have sex with me?”

He smiled and winked now at her. She blushed but said, OK!” and she unbuttoned her top and asked that he feel her boobies. “Like this?” he replied. “Ohhh yes. That’s perfect, mmmmm” and she smiled and closed her eyes. “You can touch me everywhere Homey. I’ve always wondered if there was attraction between us.”

“Heck Jillian, I know your parents would kill me, but I watch you as you bounce out of your house and into your car. Your hair swirling in the wind. You are sweet looking and I have always adored your body and LOT I might add.”

“Really? Truly? You actually do that?”

“Heck yes girl. You are woman. You are real woman to me.”

Jillian got horney and pushed Homey back on to his bed. She began kissing him fervently and he opened up and let her.

Meanwhile the stove was on downstairs burning the eggs left in the pan. Kissing and kissing each other passionately, his dick became a boner and with out any jeans, easily pushed itself up against the inside of his boxers.

She could feel that! She acted mature, but her body became HOTT for him and it not only was an arousing feeling, Her pussy began dripping. She never got this way, ever with her ex. Never! “Ohhh Homey. You have no idea what I’m feeling right now.”

“Jillian, I bet I do. Would it be okay to explain what I think I know you are feeling?”

“Yes, that could be rather kinky Homey!”

He proceeded to explain what it is she was feeling, he was dead on and this is what he told her:

“You are aroused and even probably wet inside. You have a heightened sense of desire and curiosity possibly. I bet I’m dead on, but don’t answer. Just listen and think if I’m right. Your body’s telling you to unleash, but your mind is saying, control it, control myself. I don’t even know this guy that well.

Somehow, you have an uncontrollable desire to rip off my boxers and go at me like a craved woman who hasn’t slot oyna had sex in weeks and weeks, on the other hand you want me to do this with you. You want me to rip you of your clothes and lather you down with my hands, lips and tongue. Am I right? How close was I?”

With a blank stare, Jillian just laid there on his bed. She had no idea where to begin and agree with him. She was hot with desire. Her loins burned for his manly passionate aggressiveness. She wanted Homey to take her, shake her and quake her with lust.

She did not know what to say or how to say it. So aroused and so horny and so, so wet she had to have this man.


She smiled and her body quaked and quivered. He had shivers too! He was also crazy about her. He wanted to taste this woman’s body with her more then sufficiently rounded breasts and her nipples that had grown immensely! They were noticeable thru her clothing, he removed her bra and the rest of her clothes too.

Then he dropped his boxers and he laid over her, letting her touch him. NOTHING! He didn’t grow. BUT THAT DIDN’T MEAN HE DIDN’T LIKE HER TOUCH. HE LOVED IT IN FACT! SHE PULLED HIM UPWARDS TOWARDS HER FACE. SHE LICKED HIS LIMPNESS!!

HE LIKED IT. SHE LICKED AGAIN AND AGAIN. HE LIKED IT MORE AND MORE! “That’s so fine, Jillian. Do you masturbate often yourself?” She just stopped and looked at him and wondered about that crazy question.

“That’s an unusual question, Homey. Why did ask that?” “Because it’s a turn on when I know those things, do you?”

“Of course I do. Does that turn you on? I do it a lot as a matter of fact.” She looked and smiled at Homey. “Hold on then, I’ll be right back. He went into one of his roommates’ rooms and pulled out two different huge vibrators.

“How about these? Ever use anything like these?” She giggled. “Seen em, never used them though. Would you mind at ..” “NO NOT ALL!!”, She interrupted him. “I’d love to see you in action doing yourself. I might just suck your nipples while you do yourself, okay?”

So she tried the reddish one with ridges in it first. “OHHH, OHHH.OHHH..MY GODD HOMEY!!”

Instant arousal. Her legs shivered with excitement and she squiggled her hips as she spun it in and out of her hairy vaginal area. Sticking it even deep, shortly after beginning the fun. Meanwhile he’s licking at her minute nipples, but they became hard, thick and long.

DOUBLE TURN ONS! Heightened excitement! Her thighs opened up. “Care to lick me and taste me”, she openly asked? “Sure, why wouldn’t I?”

He got down below her hips and slid her legs and thighs open a little more. He looked at her smiling face and caressed her thighs. She loved the soothing massage. She has such nice smooth thin thighs, he thought. He didn’t lick her first.

He caressed her tummy, lightly. She closed her eyes. It was pleasant. Sliding his hands up her sides and back down again, not touching her boobies. She wondered why he didn’t do that. She wanted him to and she expected him to grace them with his hands. He just teased her.

Then he mounted her, instead of going inside of her soft luscious tightness. He wanted it badly. He did. But he controlled his emotions. That was difficult. He wasn’t one for controlling sexual emotions.

Homey always wanted, instinctively, to go after what he saw. He saw Jillian, he wanted her. SHE WANTED HIS PASSION. SHE WANTED SEX WITH HOMEY FOR DAMN SURE. SHE GRABBED HIS COCK AND STROKED IT TRYING TO MAKE A POINT.

“Homey, eat me out, please? PLEASE EAT ME OUT?”

So Homey got off of her body, his dick tingled canlı casino siteleri with excitement. It was growing somewhat. She saw it do that, IT MADE HER EVEN MORE HORNY. She got more moist as she felt the way she felt.


She spread herself wider and wider! OHH I WANT TO FUCK HOMEY, SHOULD WE, COULD WE HOMEY?”

“But Jillian, I’m not even hard enough yet.”

“Should I suck you off to get you there?” she asked.

“You could. Tell you what, get on top of me and do your thing, let’s see how fantastic you can be, okay?”

“Umm, okay, she said. If that’s what you prefer, I’m game, hehehe!”

She got up on top and her pussy rubbed and rubbed itself against his cock. That did it. He hardened up and got turned on by her beautiful tits, her curves, her smile and the way she brushed her pussy back and forth against the shaft of his cock before allowing it to slip up inside of her tightness.

It did go in, but not as easily as he expected. BOY ARE YOU TIGHT, JILLIAN!”


She openly smiled and her desire grew and grew. Just what he expected would happen. “Raise yourself up off of my shaft, but don’t leave it, ONLY COME UP TO ITS TIP AND THEN…JILLIAN? THEN PLUNGE DOWN AND SWIFTLY!! OKAY?”


“Yes Master. I understand.” She called him Master. He had her and she would now always be his, maybe! She liked calling him this, because it got her aroused and horny as horny can get!

Doing as he commanded, she slid down slowly, up again and then hard like a hammer on a nail, she plunged herself piercing her pussy down over his cock!

“OHH WOWWW! YESS OHHH YESS!!” She did it again and again and again. He began pushing against her, upwards as she slammed herself downwards into him. Her clit got caught in the slide downwards, rising up in erotic emotion now, she became memorized at how her body and emotion took shape internally and had to have orgasm!

“OH YESS HOMEY, YESS HOMEY! OHH GODD HOMEY! FUCK ME FASTER, FUCK ME HARDER! Her tits flew around and around. Her nipples flared with excitement. His dick squeezed itself up into her tightness. He was overflowing approval and jealousy. He wanted to feel what she felt.

He always wondered what a woman felt and thought. He could only cum. She could orgasm! There is and always has been, a difference! GOD GIRL, WHAT A GREAT FUCKING WOMAN YOU ARE. YOU FUCK SO DAMN WELL!”


She orgasmed 3 times. He stayed hard thru them. He was overwhelmed at her erotic fitness. It was so intense. Her tits even shook afterwards. She picked up a vibrator afterwards and laid it between his legs to see if he liked the feeling she got when she did it earlier. “I hafta get one of these for sure.”

“Yeah you do. Maybe we can play together with them.”

“Homey? Homey? said Erica. You have been asleep for god knows, 16 hours maybe, who knows how long. Are you okay? What is my…Geez Homey, what are you doing in here. What happened to your closet? What the hell? Why are you totally naked? Geez Homey, we agreed, no one was going to get sexually involved with anyone here. Cover up man. By the way Homey, nice cock.”

Homey was dreaming or so he thought. But those underwear, weren’t his and they weren’t any one else’s. They weren’t Erica’s. So who’s were they?

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