Hot Competition


So much can change in a day, Kendra thought, as she moved to her desk that morning. Thanksgiving was over, the Christmas season had begun, and so did the mad rush for the realty company she worked for as it tried to tie up all the loose ends and finish the year on a high note.

On the way through the underground parking, Kendra had found out her boss had taken an indefinite leave of absence due to family issues. And in the elevator, Kendra discovered his temporary replacement was going to be Chris, the guy she had been working very closely with recently. So closely that she had developed an unhealthy obsession over him. She hadn’t done anything crazy like stalk him, but he was married, and even though he shared Kendra’s attraction, he tried to be faithful. Besides, any affair at work was an unhealthy one.

And on top of all of this, Kendra was told that their company was suddenly being put up for sale. A number of buyers were already interested, including a major client. The rumors had already spread talk that if said client got what he wanted, then everyone at the office would have to start looking for new jobs.

Kendra tried to remain level-headed about all of that. She knew it was all talk at this point, and any kind of deal could take months to finalize. Besides, while her coworkers and employees might have had nothing better to do than come up with conspiracy theories about the new potential owners, Kendra had something much more pressing on her mind.

Specifically it was what had happened to her on Thanksgiving evening. At first she’d been thrilled that Chris had invited her over for dinner. Kendra would’ve been alone on the holiday anyway, and it was not hard for her to get excited about spending a quiet evening away from the office with the 35 year old handsome hunk whose contagious smile could melt any woman within forty feet of it. Chris had the face of a guy who would’ve made the top ten in any magazine’s “most beautiful people” list, but he was also quiet, kind, and charming.

When he asked her about Thanksgiving, Kendra immediately recalled the time not long ago when, late and alone together in the conference room, they had masturbated in front of each other. He’d pumped that big cock of his and cum on her breasts. And then he’d palmed her pussy and made her climax so hard she didn’t think she’d ever be the same again.

And she wasn’t. Kendra wasn’t the type to fall in love or lust. She’d had her clingy moments and her weaknesses, but those incidents had stemmed from her getting what she wanted, and then not knowing when to quit. This thing with Chris was different. He was hot, yes, but so was she. At 28, she was still young, but carried herself with a more mature, erotic confidence. She was 6 feet tall, with a thicker but still athletic body, and very tan from her full, perfectly rounded ass to her firm, high sitting D-cup breasts. Her face alone left most girls even half her age in the dust, and her long brunette hair sparkled as much as the rest of her.

Kendra usually got the man she wanted. And that was what made Chris so different. She had tried and even come close, but she couldn’t have him.

When she realized that, after he’d invited her to Thanksgiving, Kendra was left disappointed and confused. He made a point to remind her that his wife would be there. Why? Was this his way of giving her a final “not going to happen”? Or was he trying to remind himself that both women could be in his life, but he could only really have one?

Whatever the reason, and against her better judgment, Kendra had accepted the invite. The result was frustrating and embarrassing to say the least. She didn’t want to remember the details of what she’d heard and seen that night before she raced out the door, but Kendra had basically been subjected to a little lesson from Chris’ wife, a lesson that said “I’ve got him, and I’m going to keep him, and you don’t have a chance”. And though Kendra was sure Chris wasn’t in on the planning of that performance, there was no doubt he agreed.

Kendra had spent all weekend thinking about that, and though she knew Chris’ wife had every right to be mad and stake her claim, Kendra couldn’t help but get upset. Yes, Chris was married, and he didn’t want to cheat anyway. But the way his wife just flaunted him almost literally right in front of Kendra as if to say “ha ha, look what I have and what you’ll never get” really pissed Kendra off. She wanted revenge, but more than that, Kendra just really wanted to show Chris that his wife could never give him the pleasure she could.

By the lunch hour, Kendra was surprised she was still feeling bold enough to go through with her plan. Since the break room was still being remodeled, everyone in the office left for lunch. Everyone except Chris, who never ate lunch, and Kendra, who knew this was her chance to get him alone.

The office was empty, and not wanting to waste precious minutes, Kendra hurried to execute her plan as soon as possible. She walked by Chris’ new office, which had a large window looking out onto the rest of the pendik escort office floor. He wasn’t in there, she saw, and for a moment she panicked. She hadn’t seen him in the last hour, and feared he was doing something she hadn’t predicted. But then she saw the light under the door of his new, personal bathroom, which was perfect. She figured all she needed was about sixty seconds.

She let herself into his large office, happy to see that his interim promotion was so unexpected that he didn’t even have any pictures of his wife up yet. Then she stripped, removing her professional suit and revealing black, thigh-high stockings, garter belt, panties, and a bra that made her enormous breasts look even fuller. She ran a brush through her long hair a few times, slipped her heels back on, then reclined in his leather desk chair, feet on his desk and ankles crossed. She watched the bathroom door seductively, her body so eager for what was to come that she had a tough time keeping her fingers off her big, hard nipples or out from under her moist panties.

Then the door opened, and he stepped out.

“Hey there,” she said in a throaty voice.

But then she stopped. It wasn’t him. It was the major client, the guy that could very possibly be buying the company. The guy that had her career and her future in his hands whether he became her boss or not.

His name was Harold Parker, and he was an older gentleman at about 60. Like many men his age, he was overweight, but not by much, and he actually had a very handsome face. Compared to Chris, Mr. Parker was a troll, but compared to a regular guy at the same age, Kendra knew she could easily do much worse. He actually resembled George Clooney in a distant sort of way. Like a beefier Clooney that hadn’t aged quite well as the real thing.

Noticing that made Kendra feel a lot better, because when she saw Mr. Parker’s jaw drop and his eyes lock onto her everywhere at once, she knew there was only one way out of this situation. Normally she never would have even considered this kind of thing, but she knew she had brought this upon herself. Even though Mr. Parker wasn’t the guy she’d planned on seducing, she was horny, he was attractive, and since he hadn’t become outraged yet, that meant she still had a chance to save, if not enhance, her career.

Kendra was feeling ashamed, nonetheless, as she smiled at the older man in the expensive suit, but as he approached her, Kendra grew hotter still, for behind Mr. Parker, on the other side of the office glass, was Chris.

That changed everything. Kendra was dangerously hot for Chris to begin with. And though it was exciting and he was a good looking guy, she knew she would just sort of be going through the motions with Mr. Parker. But now that she knew Chris could see her, Kendra knew she could send an even stronger message to her almost lover this way than with the way she’d originally planned. Sex with Chris would’ve been one thing, but it could have been so sudden that he might break it off with right after they finished. By seducing him this way, however, maybe Chris would get Kendra stuck in his head the same way he was trapped in hers.

All she needed Chris to do, then, was watch.

Mr. Parker had still been lifting his glasses to his eyes when he spotted Kendra, but now he didn’t even bother with them. Kendra guessed this was why he didn’t seem to notice that her eyes were on someone else. She hoped she could keep him busy enough to never notice, because this was going to be a lot more fun if she could see every expression Chris made.

As Mr. Parker approached, he made some comment about how much he’d always liked her, and he never knew business deals could really be this fun. Kendra didn’t pay much attention. But she loved the enthusiasm in his voice. The more aroused he got, the more of an effect it would have on Chris.

Since she would need Chris to see, Kendra had to switch tactics. She couldn’t just lie back in his chair and let Mr. Parker do what he wanted to her. So Kendra stood up, seductively swayed her hips as she met Mr. Parker, and hugged him and kissed him deeply. Her eyes stayed open as she drilled her tongue into his mouth, her hard stare locked on Chris, who watched with wide eyes, but didn’t move a muscle.

Though he was obviously into this, Mr. Parker was also too shocked to jump right into it. He accepted her kiss and kissed her back, but he kept his hands to himself for a while before finally touching her elbows. Kendra took his hands in hers and guided him to grab the bountiful flesh of her ass. He was squeezing immediately, not too hard, but just enough to make it feel really, really good.

Yes, Kendra thought. This was definitely better than her original plan.

As she kissed him, Kendra loosened Parker’s tie, then slipped it off his head, breaking the kiss, and put the tie around her own neck, letting it dangle between her great breasts. She moved the tie from side to side across her breasts, giving Parker the hint and not waiting long for him to pick it up. He reached around her and escort pendik unclasped her bra, spilling her huge tits with their big, dark nipples. He took them in his hands at first, then bent down to take a lick. But one lick wasn’t enough, and so he stayed there, lapping at her and sucking her, and though Kendra hadn’t expected it to feel bad, she was surprised by how good it did feel. She found herself breathing heavily without even thinking about it, and she wondered if she was this hot because of Chris, Mr. Parker, or simply both.

The whole time Parker tended to her breasts and nipples, Kendra watched Chris who just stood there, unmoving, though occasionally swallowing hard. She had him hooked. Hopefully she could just keep him on the line.

A couple minutes had passed when things really began to heat up. Kendra realized that she needed to get into this with Parker as much as she wanted to with Chris. Otherwise her performance might not get the desired effect. And as she thought about that, she noticed that she was getting so hot that it probably wouldn’t take much bluffing. Parker still made love to her chest, and he was getting her increasingly aroused by the second. Still watching Chris, Kendra ran her hands through Parker’s hair, not so much for effect anymore but because she wanted to feel him, and because she wanted to make him feel good.

“Oh God, that’s nice,” she said without intending to. Damn, she thought. She really was getting off on this. Parker moaned at the sound of her voice, so she decided to keep talking. “I love having my nipples sucked. You’re making me so wet.” Though she was indeed saying these things to Parker, her eyes sent the message to Chris, as well.

“How long do we have before the others get back?” Parker asked.

Kendra’s instinct was to tell the truth, and say they had less than an hour–maybe 45 minutes. But at the same time she was still finding it amazing that what Parker was doing to her felt so good. If she gave him a time, then he would try and do his thing to finish by then. But if she left it open, maybe this could last a little, or even a lot, longer.

“Don’t worry about that,” she breathed heavily. “Just tell me what you want.”

His hands were on her ass again, even as he continued to drool all over her chest.

“I want to eat this sweet pussy of yours,” he growled. And even as he said it, he was pushing her towards Chris’ desk while moving his face down between her thighs.

“Oh, Jesus,” Kendra gasped, surprised not just by the offer, but by how hot the idea of it was making her. She saw Chris and knew he was watching every move, but as Parker had her sit on the edge of the desk and licked the crotch of her panties, she couldn’t for the life of her remember Chris’ name.

It was almost instant, as Mr. Parker lapped at her pussy through her soaked panties, that it occurred to Kendra how ridiculous this was. Here she was, sitting her nearly bare ass on her boss’ desk, her legs spread, her hands clutching the hair of the head that was nuzzled between her thighs, and yet she was still trying to think about Chris. Fuck Chris, she thought. Sure, he was hot. And big. But Mr. Parker was making her about as hot as she could ever remember being. He didn’t just deserve her full attention. She wanted to give it to him.

She threw her head back and cried out. It was a reaction, not an act. Mr. Parker had pulled her panties aside and was licking her pussy directly. It was incredible. She arched her back, picking her ass cheeks off the desk and thrusting her cunt forward. Then she grabbed Parker by the hair on his head even tighter, and pulled him to her so his face was lost in her crotch. Then she began begging.

“Oh, Jesus! Oh fuck, oh fuck! Don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop! Suck on my clit! Yes! Fuck, yes! Put a finger in me!”

Mr. Parker obliged, but only so much. He sucked on her clit lightly and intermittently, and the finger he slipped inside of her pussy only went into the first knuckle. He was teasing her, and Kendra’s whole body bucked and rolled for more. She had started as the seductress, but now it was Kendra who was the prey.

She could have climaxed. It was a big one, fast approaching, and Kendra knew she had seconds, no more, before she’d explode. But as just as she began to brace herself for it, Parker pulled away from her and stood up.

“No! No, don’t stop! God! God dammit!” Kendra cried out with intense lust and need. She was so overwhelmed and frustrated that she didn’t know whether to finish herself or try to calm down. She actually brought her fingers to her clit and began to rub it, but as good as that felt, it still didn’t compare to what she’d felt with Mr. Parker’s tongue there. Yes, she could have brought herself to orgasm, but if she waited, maybe she could get him to. It was a tough decision, but she made it quickly.

Kendra took her hand from pussy and planted it firmly on the desk. She was breathing so hard it looked like she’d just sprinted in a marathon. Even in the cool office, sweat was beginning to run from her brow pendik escort bayan and seep from her pores. Every muscle in her body was tense, and all she could feel was the swirl of fire raging between her legs and flicking throughout the rest of her.

She had to really concentrate on not climaxing, so by the time she had calmed down to a safe zone, she was surprised to see that Mr. Parker was no longer wearing pants, shoes, or socks. He’d stripped right in front of her and she hadn’t even realized it.

Of course she knew what he wanted. It was what she had expected she would’ve already done by this time. But this man, who so many of her coworkers feared and despised, was so generous and thoughtful a partner that he’d given her head first.

Kendra knew how this was supposed to work. He was essentially her superior. She was the hot young woman. She needed the job and the money. So she was supposed to blow him, fuck him, and he would walk away and leave her to clean up the mess. But he had derailed that plot, and in the process really gave her something to think about. And it had nothing to do with Chris.

Who, Kendra only barely noticed, was still outside the office, watching through the glass, and…was he jerking his cock in plain sight?

Kendra couldn’t tell, as she’d only caught a glimpse, and she was too involved with Mr. Parker to go for a second look. If so, good for Chris. But what was good for Kendra was what waited between Mr. Parker’s surprisingly shapely legs.

As Kendra dropped from the desk to her knees, she knew she didn’t want to blow Mr. Parker. She had put herself in a position to be used, but he had catered to her, first. And even if going down on a woman thrilled him, that still didn’t mean he had to do it for so long, or do it so well. He’d actually worked to make her feel good–no, feel amazing–and though she was initially disappointed when he stopped, now she was truly glad he had. If she had climaxed, she wouldn’t be nearly as hot now as she was. So no, Kendra didn’t want to simply blow Mr. Parker. She wanted to swallow his whole fucking cock.

And what a cock. It was huge and strong and hard, pale white as if sculpted from ivory, with veins that bulged unlike any she had seen before. At its base was a mane of thick black hair that extended around both of his fat, swaying balls.

Kendra was too hot to waste time teasing him. She just would’ve been teasing herself. Before her knees hit the floor, she had one hand on his base and one cupping his balls. She took him in her mouth, just loving the taught, dry skin as her lips closed around it and her tongue began it’s magic, but loving it even more as he became slippery from her saliva. She bobbed on him a few times, but she couldn’t get the image of those delicious balls from her mind, so she released him, pulled his prick up, then dipped her face below him and caught his hairy nuts in her mouth.

She normally hated pubic hair in her mouth, but today Kendra was insatiable. Even as the suddenly soaked, matted hair tested her gag reflex, she couldn’t get enough of those testicles, so big and hot and heavy. She sucked them deep and hard, getting them so drenched with spit that by the time she finally needed that cock again and released them, Mr. Parker’s balls were literally dripping wet.

“Damn, Ms. Washington,” Mr. Parker gasped. “It’s been forty years since a woman has gotten me this hot.”

“I’m not done yet,” Kendra replied seriously before engulfing his cock once again. If she’d been his age, she felt like she probably could have said the same thing to him. This was just amazing.

With the cock stuffed between her lips, Kendra’s tongue went wild, but with purpose, teasing and stroking, slashing and rubbing, and all the while her head bobbing on him, her lips jerking his length. Her hands sat idly by, resting on his bare ass. Since he was standing, Parker couldn’t help but thrust his hips toward her, making his cock go deeper, teasing her throat at first, but then, with her help, entering it.

Kendra loved it. She guided him to fuck her face harder by pushing and pulling on his ass. She tried to swallow each time his cock head approached the back of her throat. His balls, still oozing with her saliva, slapped wetly against her chin. Tears forced from her eyes due to the deep-throating rolled down her cheeks, streaking her skin with mascara. It wasn’t long before she was taking him entirely, until her lips slid to his hairy base and her nose bumped his body and she couldn’t breath and her face turned red and purple and she could feel him throbbing all the way down her throat.

She would’ve been impressed with herself if she wasn’t so busy enjoying herself.

Above, Mr. Parker was groaning, no, yelling, and she felt him make a weak attempt at pulling her away, but she was determined to hold him deep in her like this for as long as possible. It was a record she wouldn’t get to attempt, though, because just then Mr. Parker’s entire cock seemed to stiffen up another notch and then there was a hot, heavy sensation that reached even further down Kendra’s throat. For a split-second she thought he’d miraculously grown longer inside her, but then she realized he was cumming, and his body began slapping up against her face to prove it.

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