Hot in Russia


I was on a business trip in Russia for a few months. After the second month I became lonely and of course a bit sex starved. I kept in touch with my family via email and had the odd phone sex with my husband but it was not the same. I needed the physical body contract and craved for a good long volcanic orgasm.

It was Friday night, I wore a tight red fitted short dress with matching high cut panties, laced bra and black high heel shoes. Geo and I decided to go to Xsaria for a quick drink before heading back to the hotel. Geo was a work colleague who accompanied me on the business trip. He was not bad looking, just over 6ft tall, 200lbs, a nice muscular hunk so rather than crossing wires we kept and maintained a plutonic relationship. After a brisk walk from the hotel we stepped out of the cold icy street into Xsaria. I was pleasantly surprised with the soft rock music and coziness of night club.

It was a nice mixture of people, mid 30s to mid 50s. The place was jam packed and Geo struggled to order drinks. I was the only lady standing by the bar and two kind middle aged gentlemen gave us their seats. Geo and I drank, laughed, flirted and totally enjoyed non work related company and conversations.

I had three or four glasses of dry martini and Geo had a couple straight shots of vodka followed by gulps of beer. There was a dimly lit dance floor so of course we were up there dancing to all the classical 80’s and 90’s music. Initially the dance floor was sparse and soon became very crowded, people were tightly packed all around us. ‘What have Geo and I started,’ I thought.

Suddenly I felt a cold gush of liquid on my left shoulder. I turned to be greeted by an attractive blonde who repeatedly apologized. She was about my height with green eyed and long silky hair. This middle aged lady was tiny at the waist with thick legs and her voluptuous breasts spilled out of her tight fitted black dress which ended just below her neat curvy butt.

We made eye contact for a few seconds before she offered, “I am so sorry, can I please, please, buy you a drink.”

To my surprise, I instantly said “yes.”

We sat on the high manly bar stools, Jaren and I exchanged pleasantries and enjoyed another refreshing Martini. I offered to buy a second drink and she told me that she was from another village in Russia, was visiting for the weekend and badly needed a get away vacation whilst her husband looked after the dogs back home.

As the music was loud Jaren leaned forward, rested her soft hand on my thigh and whispered in my ear, “Is your dance partner, your husband or boyfriend, I don’t want to infringe by keeping you away.”

“Oh no, don’t be uncomfortable, he is just a work colleague, and look at him, lost to the world on the dance floor,” I replied.

Every time Jaren moved her dress rode up her thick gorgeous legs and I could bursa escort see she was very uncomfortable. Her black crotch less panty kept peeping through and I could see her long pinkish pussy lips hanging out. I wanted to touch, hug and kiss her, but with a challenge I maintained my composure.

I just had enough and with the drinks in my head I placed my hand about a half inch from her exposed pussy lips and whispered in her ear, “Oh, stop fidgeting and pulling your dress down, you look sexy. Why in the first place you wore an appealing outfit and uncomfortable to flaunt it?”

“I didn’t want to offend you, also, this is the first time I have ever dressed like this, my boring husband is very conservative,” Jaren responded and gave me a peck on my lips.

Jaren became so comfortable that she soon let her guard down. Her legs were all over the place and her big breasts were in my face every time we leaned forward to talk. We laughed a lot and chatted. Both tipsy we started to touch each other’s legs. I noticed Jared looking down as she intermittently squeezed my thick legs and to be quite honest I couldn’t help but also looked at her cleavage or exposed pussy lips whenever I got a chance.

I held Jaren’s hand and we headed back into the packed dance floor. Whilst we danced against each other Jaren touched and squeezed my fleshy butt. In return my hands slipped from her waist to her butt. I felt her hard nipples against mine and with her hands on my firm ass cheeks she pulled me closer in anticipation of a kiss. Unfortunately I got scared and ran to the ladies restroom.

Jaren followed me into the occupied restroom and before I could say anything she kissed my lips, my tongue, my neck and my ears. I felt a warm sensation in my fat shaved vagina. Jaren backed me up against the wall and used her feet to spread my thick legs. As her tongue firmly entered my mouth her fingers slide up my leg and gently rubbed my wet bald pussy. It felt so hot, and, being full of excitement I returned the favour and played with her juicy pussy lips and clit.

We groaned, moaned, rubbed and finger fucked each other’s pussies whilst we gyrated in each other arms. When I opened my eyes the other two friendly ladies in the wash room were now topless and making passionate love.

“Sherry, my pussy is on fire, I need your sexy tight cunt now,” Jaren said, then held my hand and took me to the back of the club through a narrow dimly lit passageway.

Jaren opened another door and there was a beautiful clean bedroom. She laid me on the bed and slowly undressed me whilst kissing all my sensitive spots- lips, neck, nipples, belly button, clit, thighs and toes. I felt like my entire body was on fire.

Jaren seductively strip teased me as she undressed, and for her viewing, I opened my thick legs and masturbated my swollen clit. As her hand touched bursa escort bayan the bed I pulled her towards me and kissed and sucked her pink hard nipples. Her body was amazing. I rubbed my face all over her fleshy breasts then made my way down to her wet hot pussy.

I pressed Jaren’s thighs further apart and kissed her flesh until my face was directly over her cunt. I felt the heat from her pussy and smelt her arousal. Her black crotch less panties exposed her plump, bare pussy lips and the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair that covered her mound.

As Jaren watched! I rubbed my hand over her crotch, then pressed against her plump outer lips until they spread open. I also felt the heat and moisture from my own cunt. I now mouthed Jaren’s clit through the sheer fabric of her panties, licking and nibbling as her cunt juices soaked the material.

“You have a pretty and tasty pussy!” I said, then pulled her panties down and off. Now we were both completely nude.

“Lie on your side,” Jaren politely requested.

Jaren also laid on her side by my legs and scissored me with her wet cunt. Our shaved pussies slowly touched then firmly rubbed against each other. This was my first scissors experience and in silence I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we are rubbing clit onto clit and pussy fucking each other.

“Oooohhh my, fuck, my cunt feels so good…ahhhh, ahhh, ooh!’ Two sets of cunt juices now flowed and mixed, I arched my back… and moaned for more.

“Fuck me”…I begged her.

Sucking on my toes she began to fuck me harder with her pussy as I begged for more… Oh, my gosh, I was so turned on.. I could feel my swollen clit on fire or should I say, my cunt truly enjoyed the feminine stimulation and pussy fuck.

We were both close to orgasm … but Jaren firstly screamed out, as I continued to gyrate all over her pink wet pussy, “oh more! more, Sherry, fuck me hard!” I rode her like a horse until her juices spilled all over the sheet, “ohh my sweet friend, OHHH, that was fucking great, did you cum too?” Jaren asked.

“I was close, but that’s okay sweetie,” I politely responded.

“That’s not okay,” a manly voiced responded from the dark corner.

“What the fuck! Who are you, get out,” Jaren shouted to the naked man who held his 8″ rock hard cock in his hand.

“No, no, no, that is my friend, let’s enjoy his cock. Please fuck me Geo, I need to cum,” I pleaded, as I looked at his impressive cock

“Sherry, I was worried and came looking for you, I am so sorry. With the hot feminine excitement I got carried away. Now if you want to cum, please doggie in a 69 position and as I fuck your pussy your girlfriend will be rubbing and licking your clit.”

I quickly un-scissored and with my big fleshy ass in the air, Jaren kissed and licked my pussy. Geo quickly donned a condom and stepped on the escort bursa bed behind my exposed butt with his big black 8″ cock. He initially caressed my ass cheeks as his tongue roamed back and forth from the top of my ass to my clit. The two hot tongues on and in my cunt sent me into an orgasmic bliss.

“Geo, ahhhh, fuckkkk, ahhh, my fat cunt now, oooohhhhh I am so close to cumming.” I begged.

My thick thighs were widely spread and Geo’s cock slowly entered the tight ring of flesh around my hole. My cunt was stretched open to the limit and was slowly filled inch by inch of raw pleasurable flesh.

I gave a long, low moan, “Uh! Uh! Uuummmmmm, ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” when the full length of his cock was deep inside my vagina.

Soon he was steadily fucking me with short strokes whilst Jaren’s hands were occupied with my hanging breast, hard nipples and clit. Geo’s cock was now in charge of my hungry and thirsty pussy.

Expressions of lust, joy and amazement were displayed over my attractive face. Geo gave a couple harder thrust that drove deep inside my womanhood and I responded with a pleasant grunt and widening of eyes.

“Oh gosh, OHGOSH! OHGOSH! Mmmph! Ungh Fuuuuccckkk! GaaHH!” I cried into the pillow.

“What a beautiful, sexy and tight pussy,” Geo groaned as his cock pounded my wet cunt.

“AH! … AH! … AH Fuck!” I cried with enjoyment. Each cry coming as his big black 8″ cock plunged deep inside me. My hands literally clawed the pillows as waves of hidden sensation washed through my strained body.

“I’m fucking you darling … fucking you SOOO HARD! Can you feel my cock fucking you, pounding deep in that sweet, beautiful cunt? I’m gonna make you cum hons and soak Jaren’s face with your cunt juices! I’m gonna fuck you so hard to make up for the years I have masturbated and lusted for your sexy body!”

“AAAAAAARGGGGHH!!” I wailed. “FUCK ME GEO, FUCK ME! FUCKMEeeeeeee!!…AAAAAHH … UHMMMM … ” I groaned, followed by a high-pitched squeal as his cock hit a sensitive spot. “AaaaaaahhhHH!”

“Geo! Geooo! Geeeooooooooo!!” I cried as an explosive orgasm swept through my clit to all directions within my body. I lifted myself off his cock then drove back down so fast as I was no longer in control of my orgasm.

“OH! OH! OH! Ohmygoshhhh!!” I screamed. “MYGOSH GEO … OH YES, OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!! FUUUUUUUUCK!!”

Both of us thrusted uncontrollably at that point, convulsed and bounced onto Jaren as my body thrashed in response to the waves of pleasure.

Eventually the two of us stopped convulsing and laid next to Jaren who whispered continuously, “ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh that was so hot, I came again without even touching my pussy…ahhhh.”

As the three of us French kissed, I asked Jaren about the room … She said, the owner is a good friend of hers. This is where she stays when she visits.

We cuddled, rested, chatted an gently stroked each other’s privates for awhile. I held Geo’s cock and pulled him off the bed to get dress. We were about to walk out when Jaren asked, “see you’ll tomorrow” I nodded yes.

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