Hot Investment Banking…


It was looking like being a long, dull afternoon with one of the consultants. It was hot outside, one of those sultry, moist days when she was so horny she couldn’t sit still and she was going to spend five hours locked in some room with an investment banker. Not her idea of fun.

She wanted to be out in the park under her favourite tree with no panties on waiting for some horny married guy out walking the dog to come and fuck her senseless.

Her flame red hair was a good giveaway to most guys about her views on sex. She was hot and as horny as hell and wanted it all the time.

There was nothing for it she decided. She’d been surreptitiously brushing her nipples through her silky shirt and could feel the warm wet heat between her legs as her juices welled and soaked the gossamer thin thong she’d pulled tightly against her clit.

She squirmed around in her executive chair and shivered as the clenched material bit into her swollen lips and rubbed up against her throbbing pussy. She opened her legs and wider and played around her labia with the hard cold steel of her beautiful Mont Blanc pen.

The pleasure started to build and she could feel the tingling beginning to pulse up and down her whole body before she rammed the pen up to its length into her hot wet passage. But there just wasn’t enough time to give herself what she needed. And what she really needed was a throbbing hard cock nailing her to her desk as a big powerful man fucked the living shit out of her.

She decided the only way she was going to make it through this afternoon was with a little outside help. She unlocked the sleek black box next to her desk and lovingly caressed her huge array of wild and wicked sex toys.

There were the precious platinum metal love eggs which pleasured illegal bahis her secretly as she commuted into work. The elegant double ended dildo she had enjoyed with fellow female execs so many times. Or what about that monstrous mexican dildo with its 10 inch girth which made her scream with pain and pleasure as it split her in two as some big hairy guy jammed into her hot wet pussy. She loved them all but today it was the turn of her little discrete friends, her remote control heart shaped clit vibe, her platinum love eggs and those exquisite anal beads which opened up her pretty little back passage just nicely.

She sashayed off to the ladies loos wiggling her fine full arse in front of the finance guy who had panted with her hot redhead lust once before and would give anything to have her all over again. But not today – today she was going to have to keep the cool professional exterior up while the little toys gave her enough pleasure to stop her running out and fucking the trainee whose desk was just outside the boardroom. At just 19, fresh and terrified of her she wanted to save him for a special occasion – maybe her birthday coming up next month?

She glanced at her watch – not much time left to get ready. He was already in the boardroom. She pulled off her soaking panties and sniffed them deeply – she loved her own smell, pure wanton woman. She should bottle and sell it to those uptight housewives the world over who didn’t know how to enjoy a good fucking – poor uptight bitches.

She giggled as she thrust the cold eggs up into her rich moist cunt. She loved their secret tickling in the very depths of her vagina – like a good man who can use his cock to tickle her g spot to the brink of insanity before ramming her so hard her she thought she’d explode.

Clit illegal bahis siteleri vibe on next – pretty pink and heart shaped but it really packed a punch. It was such fun sitting around the boardroom table in the throes of a pulsing orgasm, trying to keep a discussion going while she mind fucked the guy sitting opposite her.

And finally the anal beads. Anal was a pleasure she had only recently been introduced to by a beautiful Thai guy with eyes you could drown in and whose long, elegant cock had been rammed into every orifice for a lust filled 48 hours in New York.

Now she’d lost her anal virginity she couldn’t get enough and loved that gentle pulling throb as she learned to make her arse relax and open up nice and welcoming for anybody or anything who wanted to come in. Bead by bead went in as she used her silken cunt juices to ease them on their way. Gasping as she pushed the last one in – the size of a big ripe plum. It filled her up and she thought lustfully of her hot Thai guy who had given her these as a leaving gift.

She slipped her silky wet panties back on as was ready to rock and roll. The clit vibe pulsed against her throbbing juicy cunt and her arse was full to bursting with those beads. She wondered who would be coming to the meeting – to be honest she didn’t really care – any man in a finely cut, expensive suit gave her the hots and started her pussy juices gushing.

One brush against a big, older man on the underground and she would be nearly running to the ladies cubicle to ram her aching pussy full of the 12″ dildo she kept in her handbag for just this sort of emergency.

She stalked into the meeting room, rolling that gorgeous arse under her tight pencil skirt and thrusting her magnificent natural tits ahead of her. Shaking the canlı bahis siteleri guy’s hand she pulsed the little remote control without really looking up and felt her pussy sing with joy and juice. It was only then that she fixed those green eyes on him.

He thought he’d died and gone to heaven. A whole afternoon locked in the boardroom with this horny bitch who he was going to nail on the boardroom table before the day was out. She would be a dirty slut he just knew it – that red hair, those eyes and that gorgeous musky scent coming off her. She was a horny arrogant bitch and he was going to fuck that out of her this afternoon.

She was blown away. She hadn’t met Matt before but he was fucking gorgeous and so hot. He was pure man and gave off pulsing waves of dominance and power. Her legs nearly gave way beneath her she knew was going to right royally fucked this afternoon and could hardly contain herself.

His aftershave mingled with the raw scent of pure animal lust and her pussy throbbed and poured its juices out through her soaking wet panties and across her wet waiting lips. She kept her eyes locked on his, her finger on the fastest vibe speed and then without missing a beat she moved her gaze down to his cock and licked her juicy red lips slowly and provocatively as she locked those green eyes back on him.

He smiled to himself – she was a cheeky little slut and he was going to teach her a lesson in business today she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Without a word her put his hand on top of her wild red hair and with brute strength, rammed her down onto her knees in front of him.

She knew when she’d lost a power play and without a word handed over the little remote control unit to him. He unleashed a magnificent cock from his tailored trousers and she opened wide to welcome him in. He smiled in delight as this horny little madam swallowed him down and got to work on his spectacular shaft. She was now his sex bitch and he was going to do whatever the fuck he pleased with her for the rest of the afternoon…

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