Hot wife’s favourite dick and cuckold husband


Hot wife’s favourite dick and cuckold husbandWe had known each other well before I met my husband and he was the first man to really fuck me properly and make me cum in my early 20’s I’m now 35.He didn’t have the longest cock I’ve been with, it was about 7 inches but it was thick, the kind of thick I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around when I caressed it and held it to rub it all over my face, the kind of thick no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t deep throat, the kind of thick that made me wet just thinking about it and made me crave it like no other, the kind of thick I could spend the rest of my life trying to conquer.I had told my husband stories about how he used to fuck me and he’d even seen pictures and videos of us. He got off on it, the thought of me his wife, playing with and being pleasured by her favourite big dick got him into a submissive horny state he couldn’t get enough of and when I realised this, I realised I may not have to give it up. I could have my cuck husband and eat a big beautiful dick too. One night everything fell into place, me and my husband were up late messing around watching porn, home made and on xhamster when I got a text from him. I hadn’t been with him since meeting my husband but we had always kept in touch and flirted via text and email… “what you doing? Send me a pic of your tits” …. I showed my husband and the look in his eye told me how to reply… “Mmmmm hopefully I’ll be doing you, come over now! Instead of a picture I’ll rub my tits all over your hard cock. I need you in my mouth so bad!” I sent him our address and before I knew it I heard the roar of his car in our driveway bakırköy escort and my pussy got instantly wet.I answered the door in my lingerie, he loved my tits so I made sure they were on show and when he saw me he got hard immediately, his big dick pushing against his silky basketball shorts. I grabbed him by the cock kissed him hard and said “come in I’ve been waiting for this for too long”. He smiled and said “are you ready?” I knew I was in for it and couldn’t wait. He knew my husband was in another room and that he would be able to hear us. We were always loud and couldn’t help it. From the slapping of him pounding so hard against my body, to the bed moving and creaking from the vigorous fucking, to the moans and groans that came out of me involuntarily and I think knowing that he could hear us turned him on more cause he was rock hard, harder than I ever remember. I made sure the web Cam was recording and in the perfect spot cause I didn’t want to miss a minute. I knelt down in front of him looked up into his eyes and I pulled his hard dick out his pants. It bounced out all strong and hard, the big vein underneath full and throbbing hard. I giggled and got all excited I couldn’t believe my absolute favourite dick was back in my hands and about to be all mine for the night.I love giving head in general but I especially enjoy sucking his dick. He held my head and moved my hair away from my face looking into my eyes and telling me how much he loves me sucking his dick. I start rubbing it over my face in awe of its size making sure that him and the camera could see how big it was beşiktaş escort and my excitement and joy that it’s all over my face. I start licking and teasing with my finger tips from top to bottom all the way up his shaft, gently sucking and teasing the head of his big dick rolling my tongue around the tip caressing every bit of it. Really making love to his dick with my mouth and moaning in pleasure while I do cause I’m so happy it’s filling my mouth. I slowly and rhythmically worked my way down his big thick dick my lips wrapped around him and my tongue massaging his shaft as I go, getting that sticky wet spit from the back of my throat going as I gag on his dick trying to take as much as I can. Back and forth again and again pushing as far down as I can trying my hardest to deep throat to the base, not forcefully and rough but lovingly and firm. I get so upset I can’t touch the base with my lips I just want it all down my throat so bad. I I Pull back and spit on his cock so it’s sloppy wet and rub it on my face, running my fingers up and down feeling the strength of the cock I adore as hard as it can be. Hearing his moans of pleasure just get me hotter and hotter and I beg him to fuck me, “fuck me like only you can”He guides me to sit on him cowgirl and I do as he says, standing over his big cock and lowering myself down on him, his big thick dick pushing my pussy apart and filling every part of me up. It feels so good and he’s so hard, he starts bouncing me harder onto his cock as I ride him and pushing my hips down onto him… I beg him to take me to fuck me, to own me and he flips beylikdüzü escort me over onto my back, pulls my legs up in the air so my pussy is open wide for him and lines up his big dick with my hot wet pussy that’s crying out to be filled up by him. Our bodies fit perfectly together as he starts to pound my pussy hard in the missionary position just like I remember and love. I scream “yes fuck me hard, you fuck me so good!” “don’t stop!” as he jackhammers away with his big thick dick filling my wet hole and pushing and hitting spots my husband never could. It’s the kind of fucking that takes you to another place, you let your head fall back and give in to the motions. “Fuck yes” he says as he starts to grunt and moan, not stopping for a second or losing stamina he keeps on pounding till we both start to climax…. “oh my god yes yes yes I’m gonna cum on your big dick” I scream begging him not to stop… I “I’m cumming on my god yes, I fill me up, cum in my pussy, please!!!!” I grab his hips and hold him close to me as I feel him start to throb and cum in my pussy. Both our hot juices mixed in my sweet pussy after the most amazing fuck I had since the last time we were together before I met my husband. We laid together for a few minutes getting breath back and telling each other how amazing it was. I tell him I need him like this atleast once a month! I kissed him and said ” “you better go, my husband’s got some cleaning up to do”…. He smiled and got his clothes on and kissed me goodbye “that was great, next time I’m cumming on your face and he can clean that up.” as soon as the door shut my husband was in the room between my legs gently licking my swollen pounded pussy, taking photos of the cum trickling out my hole and sucking up all the cum juices in sight. He made me cum eating me out to make sure I pushed out every last drop of the big dick juices and we fell asleep together in our marital bed, the one my favourite boyfriend just owned me on.

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