Hotel Fuck


Hotel FuckAfter sitting for hours on the laptop sitting in Gaydar, Fabswingers and Fabguys about to give up hope, a message finally arrives in my ‘inbox’ asking me if I fancy meeting up?After much discussion and asking the usual questions, I am in my car and driving off to the city centre to a Glasgow Hotel. The remit goes roughly like this, ‘open door, enter room, lying on bed with ass facing you. Insert you cock and dump your load’ no questions asked. Always so wary of such invitations I decide to risk it and I am delighted to say that it worked out well.I entered the room, it was dimly lit and there lying on the bed is the guy with his face down – he’s got a bubble butt and is around the 26 year old mark. He’s slightly tanned as I could see from where he’d been sunbathing. His arse was pouting just desperate to be pounded and here I am a ‘born again’ top, being used to taking cocks up my arse, now I am getting ready to pump this one. He is lean, very muscular and auburn hair. He wants to be abused, so I force fed him my cock into his mouth and face fucked him to begin with but this also helped my erection become rock solid.He was taking my cock, deep throat and then began licking my balls and licking my sac. He is fully aroused and his 8inch cock is standing to attention and gaziemir escort like any good bi-sexual man, it’s my duty to taste his equipment – beautiful! It was the perfect cock and how I wished it was my ass that was going to be filled.By now, my fuck buddy was desperate to have my thick cock deep inside him and after lubricating his ass and my cock, I went behind him. I admit that when I am taking, I want the guy to go at my pace and to slip it in gently but when I fuck, I am quite an evil bastard and I like to ram the thing in – no stopping, no mercy, just straight in and then ride away quite happily. This is exactly what I done and he was good at taking it, no moans, no objections, the only comments were ‘oh fuck that’s so thick.’ I didn’t want to cum right away, so I removed my cock from inside and sat at the nearby chair until I was calm. He so wanted me in again but I declined, this time he came over to me whilst wanking his cock and asked me if I would suck it for him – I duly obliged. He was now rocking back and forth and I thought he was going to cum inside my mouth but he didn’t he just rocked back and forth and moaned with pleasure. When I stopped, I thought he would then get ready to be fucked again but he asked me to lie beside him on the gaziemir escort bayan bed. We lay there chatting and touching and then he kissed me full on the lips (I have some discomfort with kissing guys but enjoyed this) and soon we were fully embraced, legs and arms flailing all over the place and before I knew it he was on top of me, kissing and fingering my very eager pussy. He took his bottle of lube, then he covered his ass but also his cock and then he covered my ass and before I could say anything he began to slide his long, thick cock inside me. Now normally when someone fucks me, as much as I do enjoy the intimacy, I struggle taking a cock but I didn’t struggle with this and it slipped inside me without issue. He rocked back and forth for ages, changing positions from doggy to missionary to you name it, he had me in it and him inside me. We were really sweaty and the sweat was dripping off his forehead but that didn’t stop him and my prostrate was beginning to milk…..We stopped for a breather, drank some water and then started again. This time the poppers came out and I have to be very careful with these because they cause me to go flaccid and they give me a major headache. He took a deep inhalation of them and begged me to enter him and escort gaziemir I did. He now wanted a fast, furious fuck and for me to cum deep inside him and I felt it was my obligation to do so. I rode him for 12 minutes solid, I know because there was a clock in the room and we were keeping the pace to the radio tune ‘Black Betty’ and suddenly, I could feel my balls tightening up as I knew that I was going to shoot my load. I told him that I was going to cum and he begged me to fill him and yes we were both fucking bareback – no condoms as we are both negative and both of us are honest enough to admit we prefer flesh on flesh. I exploded deep inside him and when I fell off him exhausted he decided to mount me, normally when I cum, I am not interested in any more sex be it male or female but there was something erotic and exciting and I was quite happy to continue. He gently entered me, gently swayed, held my hips, smacked my ass and then exploded deep inside and I could actually feel his cum inside and running out and down my legs later.We rested for a while and showered, we both thought that was the end of it but my little helper in the form of a blue pill taken earlier was still active and yes, I fucked him again but this time he fell to his knees and swallowed each and every drop. We are meeting again in a couple of weeks when he returns from holiday, in the meantime he continues to send me dirty text messages telling me what he wants to do and how he wants to do it. Kinky the better and he is quite happy to try new things and I’m quite happy to encourage him.

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