Hotel Getaway Ch. 01


I pick you up from your class. it has been a long day for you with your test and all I feel you need a relief. You get into my car and I kiss you, tell you you did a great job. You ask where we are going and I till you nothing but hand you a blindfold. You sigh and put it on. I drive around in circles a bit so that you get lost as to where we are.

I lead you out of the car, though a room where you hear pinging, echoes, and other people. You are confused. You walk more and hear a ding ding. It sounds familiar but you can’t place it. You hold onto me, asking me the whole way where we are what we are doing. I just tell you to trust me. We take a few step forwards. You hear doors closing, and then you body shifts up. You know what it feels like and you ask me, “are we in an elevator? Hush now I say. The doors slide open again and we walk down a quite hall.

You hear a door click, we walk in, and it slams behind us. I kiss you harder this time. Keeping the blindfold on. I kiss you hard, bit your lip and begin to undress you. I pull off your shirt and rub you back and the rest of your body. I tell you to full off your shoes, you step out of them and try to peek but I stop you. I unbutton your jeans, and pull them down along with your panties. On my way back up I kiss up your legs, and over your slit. Sliding my tongue over you clit you trimmer and I get up to take off your bra. With that off I up your chest and bite you neck. I walk you over and put you in what feels like a big soft bed. You still ask me what are we doing!. Still nothing. I strip fast and get into bed next to you. I whisper, are you ready and I pull off your blindfold.

You see us in our big room with 4 post bed big white sheets. I ask you again. You ready? You smile, roll over and bit me on the lip to provide your answer. I kiss back, massaging your lips with mine. I break away, get up and move words a single bag I was able to bring in. I unzip it as you lay there, half wrapped in white sheets, on your side, looking at me with pouty and excited eyes. I tell you to close you eyes before I turn around and come to you, you comply, reluctantly, but you enjoy the lost of control. No peaking…. I come over to you and you hear an all to familiar sound of an ariosoft can spraying, and feel a light, cool, soft, fluffy substance on your chest. You are started by the sensations at first, the cold substance on your chest sends a slight tingle down your spine, but smile because your nose provides the final clue that its whipped cream. I tell you to keep your eyes close; I bend down tuzla escort and lick the whipped cream off your chest, slowly taking my time as I run my tongue over your body. You shiver slightly and hold onto the pillow behind you and dig your head into it with pleasure and excitement, as you are force to anticipate my next whipping attack.

It squirts aging and this time you feel the sensation on your nose, you crinkle it in surprise, and smile at my playful gesture, I eat that too off the tip of your nose, and move down to kiss you passionately on the lips, biting as I release my grasp. I tell you to keep your eyes closed for as long as you can, and let the surprise take you over. You follow my command and feel the cool sensation along the curve of your neck. Here I bite, as I press my tongue against your skin, licking and biting the cream off. I bit from your shoulder all the way close to your ear just to make the feeling last. Again you bury you head back into the pillow, arching your back and clenching your fists with each and every bite I make.

You next feel it between your breasts and I lick it up sliding my tongue up towards your chin. I then spray each nipple, the coldness sends chills though your body as I can see by the newly formed goose bumps all over you body, we can’t have you be cold, so I lick of each one, slowly, using the full length of my tongue as I press it to your nipple, rolling my tongue around the tip of them as I press, slightly biting as I release, Here you let out a deep moan of pleasure, chills still present on your body, but in a different way.

I tell you to open your eyes for where ill next be spraying I don’t want to surprise you too much, it takes a fair amount of trust to be going where I want to go.. You bite your lip, and shake your head in agreement as I hint to you want I want to do with my eyes. I spray first along your bikini line where your legs, licking from the bottom up, close to your pelvis but not quite. I then go for your inner leg and you shutter with excitement, I am so close to you, but not. I then spray it on your pelvis just above your lips. however this time when I go to like it off, I start slow and start at your opening, and I can tell how wet your are, and I like all the way up, my tongue pressing flat against your clit doubling back pointed then flat again.

I mike like circles around your clit with the point of my tongue , and you begin to breath deeply again, eyes closed, grasping the pillow, head thrown back, your no longer fearful of my pleasure, but deeply enthralled in tuzla escort bayan it. biting your lip as I slide my tongue up and down, teasing you, finally getting the whipped cream. I come back up to your lips, kissing up your body as I go, and slide my hard self between your legs so I am resting between your lips but not inside. I trust deeply as I look into your beautiful eyes and watch them brighten with pleaser at my motion, and you bit me as you kiss. I give you a few more thrusts as you bit my neck and I pull at your hair. I beak or embrace and tell you its your turn…. you smile with excitement hop up and take the can from me.

I lay on my back, close my eyes and wait for you to return the favor. Like me you toy with me. You spray on my neck, biting it off, you spray my chest and drag your tongue up my chest much longer then you need. You then spray a line from the bottom of my ribs to just above my pubic line, your happy trail. you look into my eyes as you slide your tongue up and back down the line you just created. In them I see playfulness, passion, and a deep, natural, desire to go further, but you want to make me wait… You finally make your way down to the good place.

You manage to spray the cream down the base of my shaft and put an extra spot on the top. you put the can down and with one hand grab the base of me and slowly lick me from the bottom up, all the while staring into my eyes tell me you like what your doing and what you are doing to me, as you see me bite my lip and roll my eyes. You then make it to the top and take me fully into your mouth, one hand at the base of my shaft the other on my sack and begin to blow me. I squirm, run my fingers though your hair and my breathing begins to increase. The sight of you head moving up and down on me, with the combination of the flickering and motions you are making with your tongue drive me wild an I begin to pant you name each time you move down my shaft.

You look up every so often to see what you are doing to me, smile and keep going. I tell you I am close and you stop. come back up kiss me and back away. Sit up to meet you, as to try and bring you back to me. You startle me, wrapping your legs behind my back, sitting just in front of my erect self, I pull you close to me, again placing myself just between you lips and begin to rub again, pressing my self against your clit. You shutter, bit me, dig your nails into my back and stop, signaling me to do the same.

You take the whipped cream can and spray the last bit of it onto your finger, staring into my eyes escort tuzla you slowly swipe it along your neck so it transfers the cream over, and you slowly lick the rest of the cream off your finger. Staring me in the eyes, you smile and whisper, come and get it…….I bite my lip with excitement, take a deep breath, smile, then attack the cream on your neck while I lift you up and insert myself deep into you. You moan with pleasure and tighten the grip you have around my back with your legs and I bit your neck licking up the last of the cream while I thrust into you, and you grind atop of me. we continue in this position for a couple of minutes, kissing patiently, massaging your lip with my tongue , biting each-others lips, and run my fingers though your hair, pulling it in a direction when want to bite, you doing a similar thing to me, digging your nails into my back, every time I pick up the pace or thrust deeply. I whisper sweet, breathy nothings in your ear as we press closely in our lovemaking,

I break up our position for a new one and I roll you onto your stomach. I get on top of you from behind and spread your legs just enough to enter deep inside you from behind, you moaning and I trust every inch in. I pin you legs between mine and place your arms above your head hold them down as I begin to trust into you, hard, quickly and repeatedly, my heavy breaths in you ear as I thrust. I am able to bite your neck in this position, hold a play with a breast and even, with my other hand play with your clit with my fingers as I continuously, repeatedly , steadily, trust in and out. Your breathing increases and goes from pants to moans, I continue to whisper your name into your ear with breathy pleasures breaths, telling you how amazing you were and how happy I am, and how great this is, to be able to be here deep in you kissing you, feeling you touching your worm body. You tell me your close, as am I and flip you back onto your back because I want to see your eyes as you finish.

I renter you, and begin to pump away, you legs warped around my back and nails dug deep. you let go of my lips with your and roll your eyes back, pulling me closer, and you begin to cry out as you hit your peak, I kiss and bite your neck as you call out my name and finish. You ecstasy has pushed me over the edge, feeling your body move in orgasm causes me to pump harder and faster till I come myself, also whispering out your name as I stair into your eyes as long as I can. Hot, sweaty, and out of breath we fall apart again and you lay your head on my chest. I kiss you on top of your head and hold you tight in my arms. You look up at me with your big deep eyes, smile and kiss me softly. I break apart, after regaining my breath, and tell you, Shouldn’t we go get a shower…….Round 2?

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