I walk in to your hotel. I meet you down at the bar wearing a slinky black dress with a zipper up the front. I see you sitting there and walk over. I say nothing, but I touch your hand to let you know I want you to take me upstairs.

You get up and we walk over to the elevator. No one is around, and as soon as the elevator doors close, you push me up against the wall, pinning my arms above my head with one hand and kiss me hard, shoving your tongue in my mouth, and I suck on it and kiss you back passionately as you run your other hand up my thigh lifting the bottom of my dress as you continue kissing me.

The elevator doors open and you grab my hand and lead me quickly down the hall making me stumble on my stilettos. We get to your room, and you’re so anxious it takes you a few tries to get the door unlocked. When we get into the room, you spin me around and pin me against the door kissing me hard, one of your hands moving to the zipper at the top of my bursa escort dress. You begin to pull it down slowly, and when it gets far enough, my DDD breasts spring out freely as I have no bra on. You kiss down my neck, shoulders, and then my breasts sucking and nibbling on my nipples.

My dress falls to the floor and I’m wearing a strappy black leather garter belt that’s holding up my stockings. You kiss down my stomach and to my panties, finding out that they are crotchless and I’m very wet. You begin to lick my clit and stick a finger inside me. I can’t take it, and I cum all over you, gushing and spraying your face and soaking the carpet. I push your head away and pull you to your feet, leading you over to the bed and push you down, unbuttoning your pants and pulling out your now raging hard on and I begin licking it slowly from base to tip and back down again.

I gently take each of your balls in my mouth then lick back up your shaft again, this time bursa escort bayan running my tongue over the tip swirling it around and dipping it into your slit before wrapping my lips around you and sucking hard, just on the tip. Then I slowly begin moving down, tantalizingly slow, and taking you in deeper and deeper as far as I can, then move up just as slowly. Then back down again, a little faster this time, and back up even faster, continuing to move up and down faster each time. Then I slow down again, then speed up, then slow down. Just as you get used to one pace I change it up, and as you adjust to me sucking you hard, taking you deep, I pull off of you and being licking up and down your shaft again before I take you back in and continue sucking hard.

As you are almost there I stop and push you down on the bed climbing on top of you and I begin riding you, slowly at first, then fast and hard taking you as deep inside me as I can, my breasts bouncing escort bursa everywhere and you smacking my breasts and ass as I ride you.

You push me off of you and roll me over standing up and taking me doggie style as I lay on the bed. You fuck me as hard as you can, smacking my ass, digging your fingers into my back, pulling my hair, grabbing my shoulders to help you get deeper and deeper. You keep fucking harder and faster and I’m screaming from pain and pleasure. I cum all over you again and again. I’m so tight you can barely handle it, but you do your best not to cum, not just yet.

You pull out of me, and I wince from the loss of being filled. You turn me over fast and take off your tie, grabbing my hands and tying them together so I can’t move. You put my arms around your head and grab my legs, putting them around you, and you thrust inside hard. I can’t move, can’t do anything but take it as you thrust deeper and deeper. You are so close and I beg you not to cum inside me, but you don’t listen. You’re taking me harder, harder, almost there, and then you erupt inside me with a groan, and feeling you cum, I cum again hard, so hard, milking you of every drop as I scream in ecstasy.

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