How Amber and I Started


It all started when I was 23. I jumped into marriage and it quickly went to shit. I told my wife at the time I wanted and needed more in bed. She didn’t care. We lived across the street from a mom and pop store and it wasn’t uncommon for me to be in the store once a day. The owner and his wife employed women from town, all of them to old for my liking. Two sisters worked the deli department and cooking area. I quickly got to know them all being the town was small and I was in often.

One day I went in to pick up lunch I ordered. I walk through the door and through the store to the deli counter. As I reach the back of the store I say hello to the two women like always. One of them yells into the kitchen asking for my order. This is the first time I see her. I ask her if she is new. She tells me her mom and aunt work the deli and they are short staffed so asked her to help. I take my food say thanks and let her know I stop in often I hope to see her more.

After the next few weeks I learn the new girl’s name is Amber. She stands 5’2″ with tan skin, blue eyes, shoulder length brown air, an amazing smile, and a cute laugh. She turned 19 a few months ago is isn’t sure what to do about college so she’s working around town to earn money. We flirt harmlessly ever time I see her in the store.

One night I’m out running. Music blasting, lost inside my own little world as I trot down the street. I hit the end if the block and make a left. As I continue down the road I pass house after house. Half way up the block I see someone standing on the side walk. Not one to be rude I turn my music down and make my way into the street. As I get closer to the house I hear someone calling my name. I take my headphones off and it’s Amber’s mom. She lives at the house I’m passing and she’s outside on the sidewalk talking to her boyfriend. I stop and say hello asking what’s up. She asks if I run nightly around the town. I tell her I do, but the time isn’t really set since I basically go whenever I’m bored. She then asks if I’d run with her daughter being she doesn’t like her being out alone at night in town. I quickly agree and give her my number telling her to have Amber get a hold of me.

The next day Amber texts me. She asks if I really want to go running with her that I can say no since she doesn’t need a baby sitter. I assure her it’s no big deal as I’d much rather run with her than by myself. She tells me she will text me on her way home from her other job around 11pm. As it gets closer to 11 I find myself counting the minutes. Finally she texts and we set a location to meet.

The fist few nights we run nothing happens. We take the route she normally does and enjoy the each other’s company and conversation. She starts opening more about her life. Tells me her boyfriend (if you want to call him that) cheats in her and they are on and off, but that he ankara escort is the only person she has ever been with. I tell her my honest opinion about everything and tell her how lucky a guy would be to have her. I tell her about my marriage and how unhappy I am, letting her know a bad relationship isn’t something she should let herself deal with.

Half way through our run is a one way street. A car comes down the road and to get out of the way I get behind Amber. To this day her ass is the nicest I’ve ever seen. The bottom of her ass checks sticking out of her shorts. The material clinging to her skin, looking almost as if it’s painted on.

“What would you do if I grabbed your ass” I blurted out!

“I’d prob kick you” she replied.

Thinking to myself for a few mins I decided it’s worth being kicked. As we come to the next intersection she stops to look for cars. I grab a handful of her ass. Catching her by surprise she jumps, turns and tries to kick me We finish our run and I make sure she gets inside before running to my house.

The next day Amber texts me. Still mind blown I grabbed her ass. I inform her I’d do a lot more than grab her ass. She tells me to prove it. My street is closed that day and the next few for street cleaning. I park in a lot that just so happens to be on the routine of our nightly run. 11pm roles around and I’m out the door. This time with my car keys in my pocket. I can tell Amber is nervous. I tell her just follow my lead. We run as normal and when we get to the lot I tell her to get in the car. She looks at me confused but follows me. I unlock the doors with button and she gets in and closes the door. I hurry around the other side and get in.

Once inside the car I lock the doors. I ask her if she believes me yet, a simply no is all she replies. I lean over and grab her tit. Squeeze it through her shirt and bra. Pulling my hand back I tell her to take her shorts off. She listens and quickly has her hips in the air wiggling her tight short shorts down her tone legs. I tell her to turn facing me leaving her right foot on the floor. As she lifts her leg and pushes it towards the back of her seat her pussy comes to view for the first time. It’s perfect. Smooth shaven, tan, tight, and begging for attention.

I lean forward grabbing her hips and pulling her towards my face. I push my tongue into her pussy. No teasing, no clit, no fore play, just shoving my tongue straight into her pussy. She moans softly as if trying to hold it back. I work my tongue in and out if her pussy like a mini dick. My nose bumps against her clit. She jumps and lets out a deep moan. I push my nose into her clit wiggling my head as I punch my tongue into her pussy. It’s clear she has never been eaten out before. Her hands find there way to my head pulling my hair into her. As she gets closer to cumming I add a finger to escort ankara work with my tongue. The rhythm isn’t as good as I want but it does the trick. A flow of juices begins to leak from Amber’s pussy as she cums on my face. Pulling my head up she asks me to stop.

“I don’t know what’s happening. I can’t handle it though.” You can see the fear in her face.

“It’s called an orgasm Amber. Relax”. I tell her.

Looking at me confused she tells me she has never gotten off by her boyfriend- only her toys and it never felt like that. I tell her that if she likes it I can get her off every day. She agrees and tells me to sit back.

As I lean back into my seat she positions herself with her knees on the seat with her head hanging over me. I take the hint and pull my shorts down. My dick is already hard. Amber reaches down grabbing my cock.

“Holy shit. Why doesn’t your wife fuck you everyday with a cock like this?” She asks. Not knowing the answer, I just shrug. Amber lowers her head down to my lap. Stroking my cock she licks the tip of my dick.

“I’ve only ever sucked dick when drunk” she informs me.

“I’m sure you will be fine” I tell her as I push her head down.

Her mouth opens and my cock slips between her lips. I lean slightly and reach behind her. As she grows more comfortable she gets more aggressive. I slide two fingers in her pussy.

Amber begins to pick up her pace. Her hand at the base of my cock. Her mouth working up and down half my shaft. My fingers as deep inside her as I can get them in our current position. As I near the end I ask her if she is going to swallow. She just moans and keeps pumping her head up and down my shaft. Her spit rolling down my cock gather on top of her fingers as they are still wrapped around my cock. I tell her I’m going to cum. Just as I’m about to shoot my load she pulls her mouth off my cock.

“I’m sorry I’ve never swallowed! I freaked myself out!” she says frantically.

My hand quickly grabs the base of my shaft, squeezing as hard as I can not wanting to cum all over myself. I tell her it’s fine. I open the car door still holding my cock and fire my load onto the pavement. As I finish cumming Amber is now in my seat watching me. I turn to face her cum dripping from my cock. She sticks her tongue out catching the remains from the tip of my dick.

“Tomorrow I’m gonna swallow you” she says firmly. We redress and finish our run.

The whole next day I’m looking at the clock. 11pm can’t come soon enough. Amber and I text naughty things back and forth all day. I’m not sure if that helped or made it worse. Finally time to go. We take a different way through town. Running up a big hill to a development site just being cleared. We’d use this spot a few days a week in the near future. As we walk through it I tell Amber it’s time to swallow. She ankara escort bayan agrees.

Amber squats right beside the curb and starts rubbing my cock through my shorts. In a matter of seconds I’m rock hard. She pulls my cock out and tucks the top of my shorts under my balls. Her mouth filled quickly with long thick cock as she begins working more and more of my shaft in her mouth. It’s apparent now that Amber gets off on pleasing me. I have sexual control over her. She will do anything I want if she thinks it will make me happy. I place my hand on the back of her neck as she continues sliding her lips up and down my shaft.

Out if the corner of my eye I see lights. I quickly pull my cock from her mouth and tuck it in my shorts. I tell Amber to act like she is tying her shoe. It’s the cops! Amber reaches for her shoe and acts as if she is tying it. The cop doesn’t stop- doesn’t even look at us and keeps going. Now that I’ve all but shit myself it’s time to get back inside Amber’s mouth. There is a piece of equipment a few yards from us. We walk through the weeds and behind the equipment. Once we’re out of sight of the road I grab Amber’s shirt.

Looking at me as if seeking approval I pull her shirt up. She lifts her arms and I pull the shirt over her head. Her belly button pierced. Stomach flat. As I take in the view she reaches behind her unhooking her bra. Covering her tits with her arm she slips the bra off. Slowly teasing me she moves her arm. Her tits fit her body perfectly. I reach out grabbing them both. 38C perky and firm as hell. I know she tans everyday and it shows. No tan lines and a body the perfect shade of bronze.

As I start squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples she again squats in front of me and pulls my cock out. She kisses the tip of my cock then kisses down my shaft, kisses my balls and kisses her way back up the other side of my shaft before taking my cock into her mouth. I continue to squeeze her tits. With her mouth full of my cock she looks up at me. Our eyes lock and she pushes my cock deep into her mouth. I bump the back of her throat. Expecting her to pull out she pushes even farther. My cock slips into her throat. She leaves it there for a second trying to swallow around my cock. Not enjoying it as she would hope I pull my cock from her throat and place my hands on her head.

I hold her head still as I begin to thrust my hips. Forcing my cock into her mouth and bumping the back of her throat before pulling my cock out leaving her lips just under the tip of my cock. She begins to stroke my cock in unison with me fucking her face. As I pick up speed she matches it with her hand. Thrust after thrust pushing me closer to the end. I tell her I’m going to cum. My hips lock as I start blasting shot after shot of cum in her mouth. Her hand never stops stroking my cock. She swallows every drop. Still jerking my cock until I pull my dick from her mouth. She stands up I lean over and kiss her nipple before sucking it into my mouth.

We once again redress and finish our run. The nights seem to get better and better with each passing night.

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