How I Became A Prostitute Part – 3


How I Became A Prostitute Part – 3deleteddeleteddeletedI am back with the continuation of the xxx stories series. Before I continue I would like to clarify a few things. Number 1 : I now stay in Bangkok and visit India only 2 times every year and Shalini also stays here. Number 2: many of you are asking me to share my photos. But to keep it a surprise I would like to wait until the final parts to share my pics and videos. Whoever is very actively sharing their reviews with me will get one of my videos. Number 3 : many of you want to meet me, yes I will be very much willing to meet, you guys can contact me through my mail for the pricing and other details. Now let’s continue to the story.He kept missing me on my lips and on my cheeks. He got up threw me on the bed and started removing his pants. He removed his belt and threw in aside, removed his pants and underwear revealing his 5 inch long dick. His excessive hair made it look even shorter. He removed his shirt and revealed his small tummy with lots of hair. He spread his legs and sat on my tummy with his dick touching my belly button. I closed my eyes.I felt him touching and feeling my naval area, then he moved to my boobs. He pinched my nipples over my blouse. I opened my eyes and got up and removed my blouse and threw it aside. He licked my boobs for and other 5 minutes. Then we changed our position. He slept on the bed and his dick was standing erect. I got up, removed my saree and got completely naked. I sat on the bed and started gently stroking his dick. I didn’t grab it completely. Just slightly stroking with my fingers. He was getting more aroused. After teasing him like that for some time, I used my tongue and started licking it. Then I took it in my mouth and sucked it. I grabbed his balls with my right hand and stroked them. He was moaning, ” yeah baby, that’s it” and I sucked his dick for another 10 minutes. He kept moaning and enjoying it. I was worried he might cum.So I removed his dick from my mouth. His penis was covered in my saliva. I placed a small kiss on his dick, then on his lower tummy and went all the until his lips. After kissing he stood up and fucked me in doggy position. His strokes were not that fast and he stopped frequently. He was about to cum when I heard crying from downstairs. I stopped and asked Shalini ( who was sitting and watching) to go check it out. I then said, “honey finish it off quickly”. “Ok” he said. And after nearly 5minutes, he pushed it deep inside and cummed. We both let out one big moan. He collapsed and lied down beside me, I stayed like that for another 5 minutes and then got up. I hurriedly got dressed and went down.Shalini was holding sakshi in her lap and trying to console her. I asked what happened and she told, ” sakshi saw a spider and got scared, don’t worry I threw it outside.” I took sakshi in my hand and told her not to worry, and then put her back to sleep. I and sakshi stayed there for some time. After a few minutes, we both went up. “What happened ?”, He asked. “Nothing, she just got scared for a spider. Sorry about that”, I replied. ” See that’s the problem with girl k**s. now come here, let’s make a boy”. I felt a little bit angry, I mean she’s just 4 years old, any for a year old would be scared of a spider but still, I laughed and removed my clothes. This time even Shalini also joined.He got up and made Shalini sleep on the bed. She was wearing a red saree with pink blouse. He first kissed her on her forehead and then on her nose, her lips, her chin and then went all the way until her belly button. Then he removed her saree and threw it aside. He removed the blouse and her bra. He put his hand inside her petticoat and put his finger inside her pussy. She was moaning, and he increased his speed. He kept fingering her, for another 15 minutes, her petticoat got wet.His erection came back, and he fucked me again, this time he lasted a little bit longer than before. He came inside me and feel on the bed. He was breathing heavily, I got up and wore my panties and bra. Shalini got a call from work and went to the balcony to attend it. I put my hand on his chest, kissed him on the lips and asked him, “honey, I understand that you want a boy but what would you do if it is a girl”. He said, ” I will keep my promise, even if it is a girl I will raise her”. I was relieved to hear that. I asked him if we can go shopping tomorrow and he said okay. Shalini came back and said that she also got off work for this week. We three got naked and slept under the sheets.After 20 minutes, just as I was about to go to sleep, he started snoring. It was unbelievably loud. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t. Miraculously Shalini was able to sleep. I waited for another 20minutes but his snoring didn’t stop. Just as I was about to get up and go to another room, he stopped snoring and got up, he went down to get some water. When he came back I asked him if he wanted to do it again. He said he was sleepy but I insisted. He agreed, I said we should do it in the hall because Shalini was sleeping. We went down and I checked if my daughter was sleeping and closed the illegal bahis door to make sure she doesn’t wake up.He was already naked, so I started sucking his cock. After sucking for a few minutes I made him sleep on the couch and I rode him. He felt lazy so I had to do most of the work. I rode his dick for another 30-35 minutes before he came inside me. I was tired this time, I feel on top of him and drifted off to sleep.Next day I woke up at around 6, I realized that I was sleeping on his hairy chest for the whole night. I got up went upstairs and wore my panties. Shalini was still sleeping. I took a blanket and covered my boss, just in case my daughter wakes up. I checked her and she was still sleeping in her room. I brushed my teeth, and changed into my gym clothes and went to the gym, which was near shalini’s house. I only did some light exercises because I didn’t want to reduce my chances of getting pregnant because of doing over exercises. After that I went to the park and did some jogging and sat on a bench. I saw some happy couples who were walking together holding hands. It made me think of how much I love I am missing because of what I am doing. Maybe if I didn’t do all these things even I might have been married and have a happy life like them. As I was sitting and thinking I noticed one guy who was sitting on bench opposite to me was staring at my boobs. I wore my jacket to make him stop. I gave an angry stare at him and he looked away. His wife came and both of them went away. This made me feel happy that I am not married, at least I don’t have to worry about my husband cheating on me. I got up and went home.Sakshi woke up, by the time I reached home and I got her ready and left her at my friend’s house. by the time I did all these it was around 9 30. Both of them were still sleeping, I am very strict about getting up on time. I tried to wake her but she drowsily said, ” please Ramya, let me sleep for one more hour, I am very tiered”. I made a sarcastic laugh and said,”I was fucked three times last night and still I woke up at 6 and you got tiered just by getting fingered”. She suddenly stood up and said, “three times, I saw you doing it only two times.” I said,” no, we did it again down in the hall”. “Okay, that’s it. I will go home and get dressed and after I come back we will decide who can do it how many times. I will be having my periods by the end of this week, if anyone should have more preference it should be me.”, She replied. ” Okay tell me how many times you did it, last month at his farm house.” I asked.She blushed and wasn’t answering. We had a small friendly fight, I tickled her and said, ” you are a very naughty girl, tell me how many times you guys did it.” She laughed and said, “it doesn’t matter, I didn’t get pregnant anyway.” I left her and she wore her saree and went home.I went down stairs and tried to wake him up. But it was of no use. So I started sucking his dick, as I put his dick in my mouth it got erect. It tasted just like dried up cum. he slowly opened his eyes and got up. I sucked his dick until he cummed. He got energized and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. I swallowed that cum and went to make breakfast. We had our breakfast and went to shopping. We roamed the whole city for the whole day. He bought everything we asked, I got a lot of gold and Shalini got many sarees and dresses.I am going to fast forward the story here. We tried really hard that week. He loved it. He didn’t even go home that week. But we didn’t get pregnant. We again planned based on our periods chart and the priest’s advice(which he strongly believes) and we tried for the next few months. He kept giving us money. He bought Shalini a new car and he gave me a lot of money. And I slowly started liking him. He used to treat me just like his wife. In fact he was only there at his house for a couple of days. We used to go to the office together and come home together. We used to go to his farm house every weekend. But still I used to go to my customers every month, I was extra careful to use condoms. Zaheer used took me to his house a couple of times and we kissed in front of his wife. Shalini stopped coming to the shop. Anyways after a couple of months Shalini got pregnant. And then a week later I got pregnant too. For the first few months it was hard for her as it was her first time. There were some neighbours who used to frown at us. And it was socially awkward for us. But 9 months went by very quickly and before we even knew it Shalini and I each had a baby boy. If you want to know more about them mail me. But I will continue the story.I was resting for two months after the delivery and then for another month or so I tried to get back to shape. Both Shalini and I resigned for our jobs. Since I already have enough money I was able to run the house for this time. I decided to resume my career, I called zaheer and asked him if he wanted a service, he agreed to pay the amount that I asked. He started a new taxi service, so he made a good amount of money. He came to my house at around 12 pm. My daughter was in school, so we had the whole illegal bahis siteleri house for ourselves.I was wearing a white saree, with a pink blouse and was not wearing anything under it. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans and had a full Beard. I took him to the bed room and asked him to put the money on the table. He stood and I kneeled down and removed his pants and underwear. His dick was fully erect. I missed that dick for a long time. I put it in my mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. I removed my pallu, showing him my boobs and it made is dick more erect, I started to deep throat his dick. I tried to put his whole dick into my mouth but I couldn’t. I pulled out after 5 seconds, his dick was covered in my saliva. He pulled me up, grabbed me by my hair and started kissing me, he sucked my lips like there was no tomorrow. By the time he was done all my pink lips stick was gone. He pushed me back, removed his white shirt and threw it aside, revealing his hairy and manly upper body. He again asked me to get down on my knees. He grabbed me by my hair and put his whole dick inside me. I tried to pull out immediately but his hands were too strong. He made me hold it for 10 seconds. I was coughing, gasping and saliva was dripping from my mouth. He made me do it multiple times, making me do it longer each time. I really felt as if I was going to puke. But I kept doing it. Soon he slept on the bed and asked me to sleep beside him. I was going to remove my saree but he said no. So I slept beside him and started stroking his dick with my hand. And kissed him again. His lips had a really different taste and when kissing him I felt his beard and mustache poking me.We kissed for some more time and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up unhooked my blouse and begged him to suck my boobs. Since Shalini at appu’s house, she is breastfeeding both the boys and I am doing it once in a while. And I had milk in my boobs for a long time. So I asked him to suck my boobs and have some milk. He sucked my boobs for some time and he said he loved it. He went to the bathroom to clean his mouth. In the meantime, I was thinking if I should ask him to wear a condom or not. I am sure he would like it without condoms and we used to do it without condoms for a long time, so I decided to let him fuck without a condom.So after he came back he fucked me in different ways. First, it was slow doggy style and then he got really wild. He bit me on my boobs and kept slapping my but while fucking me. We then went 69 and he used his fingers and mouth and showed me real heaven. I couldn’t stop screaming or moaning. I couldn’t take it any longer and I had my squirting orgasm. And I had experienced both pleasure and pain. He then made me get on top of him and ride him. After a few minutes of riding, he again fucked me in doggy style and came inside me. We both fell down on the bed and started gasping. Then I got up and went to the bathroom and tried to push some cum out of my pussy. Then I came back and kissed him. He hugged me and slept, he hugged me really tight and I couldn’t get out because he was really strong. Then slowly I fell asleep too.I woke up and realized that it was 3 in the afternoon and my daughter would be home any minute. So I asked Zaheer to get dressed and leave. I kissed him at the door and he left. My daughter came home and I played with her for some time and then I realized that I had to pay her school fees. So I grabbed the money on the table and went to her school. I met Shalini on my way and we both went together. She told me that her friend is asking if we are still interested in joining her company. And I said, “I think we should, we can’t stay for long without a job right?” “Yes, so she said that if we are interested we can meet her tomorrow at her house” she replied.We met her the next day and she gave us all the contact numbers and told me how the company works. She said that they were very strict about secrecy and that when we work there we very rarely get to meet the other prostitutes and brokers. She said that the broker would first see us and decide our price and what type of clients we would get. She said that some brokers are good and others are mean and that they often change every month. I took a few pieces of advice from her and she also told me that if I work hard, I can earn a lot of money. She also said that they sometimes take us to other states, and sometimes even to other countries. I felt really excited to finally become a real prostitute. She also told me that around 40% of the times I have to do it for free or very less cost. I said okay and we both left.We both contacted them and after a few days they assigned each of us a broker and my broker told me that he will come to my house to meet me. He came to my house the next day evening. His name was gopal, he was around 35 and well built. He wore a green shirt and blue jeans and looked like a street rowdy. I let him and took him to the top floor bedroom. He spoke to me in pure Telugu but I will translate it for you guys. The first thing he asked was, “the house is canlı bahis siteleri pretty nice, is it your own?”. “Yes,” I replied. “Good, I talked to madam and she told everything about you, we first have to decide the rates and then we can talk more about how this thing works.” “Okay,” I said. “How many dresses do you have? He asked as he sat on the bed. “So, many that I can’t even count” I replied smiling. “Okay then wear some different dresses in front of me and show me your figure.” I was startled but I said okay “would like to have something like tea, coffee or cool drink while you watch me.” I offered to him. He gave a naughty smile and said, ” I will have some cool drink for now but maybe later I can taste some of that breast milk” I smiled and got him his cool drink.I brought some of my dresses and changed in front of him. He took some pictures of me and gave me some suggestions on how to look more sexy then he took some pictures of me in my underwear. I was wearing my pink bra and panties when I noticed his dick was getting hard in his pants. I knew he was dying to control himself. So I said, “you want to see how good I am in bed.” He said, “sure bring it on”. So I took two of my sarees and tied both of his hands to the bed. I made sure he can’t move his hands. I sat on top of his him and kissed him on his lips for some time. Then I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed on his chest and then removed his pants and underwear, and put his 5 inch dick in my mouth. And I sucked it like a lollipop for a few minutes. Then I removed my bra and made him suck my boobs for sometime. Then I rode him for some time until he came deep inside me. Then I kissed him for some time and then untied his hands.We both got dressed, I went down to check if my daughter was back home from playing. She was there and was sleeping in her bedroom. I covered her with a blanket and went up. He was talking to someone in phone. I sat on the bed and started reading a book. I heard what he was talking, and I knew he was talking about me. After nearly 20 minutes he came and stood in front of me and said, “I talked to my sir about you and he said okay. I will give you two offers. Number 1: you can work for commission, where I get 35 percent of what the client pays and you can have the remaining. You won’t be getting any other money except that 75 percent. Number 2 : you can work for salary, we will give you 2 lakhs per month and we take 90 percent of what the client gives. We will also pay for transport, your daughter’s play school and sometimes you will also get a raise. But you have to sleep with who ever we ask, and work at least 50 hours a week.” After thinking for some time I opted for the second option. He called his boss and made the deal final.After that he went and closed the door and said, ” I and my friend ramesh just moved here from vizag, can we both stay at your house for one night?” I looked at him and he looked like he was not going to take no for an answer. So I said okay. He undressed and sat on the bed and said, ” now that we are your guests, it is your duty to give whatever we want.” I laughed and I quickly got naked and started sucking his cock. After a few minutes, he started fucking me in doggy style. I couldn’t stop moaning, I then started to finger fuck me and then fucked me again. he grabbed my boobs with both of his hands and pushed his dick further inside and kept fucking me. I couldn’t control it, I have out a loud moan and I had my orgasm.He stopped for a minute, spanked me on my but and turned me around. He kissed me for some time, bit my left nipple and turned me around and started fucking me again. Finally, he came deep inside me. Then we both collapsed and then after some time he went into the bathroom to clean himself. After around 20 minutes, I heard a bike or car honk outside. I got up to go and see but he came outside the bathroom and told me that it was his friend and that he will open the door. After 5 minutes his friend came inside my room. His name was shaman, he was 6 feet tall, very well built, and bald. He asked me to wear my dress and come to another room.I wore my nighty and followed him, he said me to just wear my underwear, so I went back and brought my pink bra and panties and wore them. He then pushed me against the wall and kissed me for nearly 10 minutes. His mouth tasted like he just smoked, his beard was rubbing against my face. Then he stopped and said, ” if you feel like you are going to vomit or want to take a break just tell me” before I even tried to understand what he said he made me get on my knees and started oral fucking me with his 6-inch dick.After nearly 30 minutes of oral fucking, he came inside my mouth. When he was done, my whole face was covered in his cum. I was gasping for air. Then after 5 minutes, I went to my room to clean my face and after I came back from the bathroom, Gopal fucked me again. They kept exchanging me until 4 in the morning and then we three slept together.So that was how I became a professional prostitute and in the next chapter, I will talk about all the training I went through, my different clients and how I joined my daughter in one of the best schools in Hyderabad. I will also talk about how I and Zaheer fucked in his house and how he got Shalini pregnantIf you have any feedback or questions, you can comment and like my stories…

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