How I Met Jacky


The concert was starting in about an hour. I’d been waiting for this for about a month now. You see with all the stress of college, work, and recently loosing my girlfriend this was something that I really felt I needed. That and sex. As you can figure having no girlfriend meant that the more than daily co-ed college sex I was used to was recently suspended. Id gone Four weeks with out ejaculation so far which really might not seem like much unless you just broke up with Tawny. That was my ex she was about 5’6″, around half a foot shorter than myself. She was Thin and curvaceous with short black Hall’e Barry kind of hair. She was Biracial (Black, White) like myself but at first glance you’d think she was a White girl with a golden tan. And when it came to sex with her it was definitely the best I’d ever had. She liked to go at least three times a day if possible and wasn’t shy at all when it came to blowing me, oh yeah. Things were good.

But now that’s all gone and I’m stuck her at my job (Burger King). Not that that’s too bad a situation. You see my manger Gina was a young girl from some southern Spanish country and she was hot. On multiple occasions she would get pretty flirty and at times she would even brush her cute little ass up against my crotch when she walked by. And that seemed to be happening on multiple occasions that night. I even ended up with her nice little b cup boobs against me a few times but as we both knew work (especially a fast food place) is now were for any serious kind of foreplay.

So with concert in mind now it was time for my brilliant escape plan. I got a little employee drink cup filled it with soda and chili took a sip and spewed on the bathroom door on my rush inward and was almost instantly sent home because they actually thought I was sick. So I changed as quick as I could and rushed out. It was concert time. While in the bathroom my sex longing mind couldn’t get my mind of Gina I started to masturbate right there and realized . What the hell I’m in a BK bathroom jacking off when I got a concert that I need to get to.

So now I was in a rush down main street with a concert about 3 miles away and one two hours to get a good spot in line. I was in a rush. I don’t know weather it was Gina finally getting the best of me or just the fact that I needed to get laid on top of that but I couldn’t stay focused. And that’s when it happened I was crossing a busy street when I got hit out of nowhere. Luckily the driver had slowed down a bit but it still knocked me on my ass. Suddenly the most frantic freaked out girl came out of the drivers side. “Shit!, are you okay” it was evident she was in a panicked state “come on get in” she said.

Realizing I could use thins to my advantage in getting to the concert, without injury I hoped in and we drove off.

“Damn it we got to get you to a hospital,” she said. I gave her a look up and down right quick and damn was she hot. She looked like she was probably Hispanic and from what I could see her body was amazing C-cup beasts at least she had a thing figure. Her ass was hard to tell pressed up on a seat but her face was definitely mint. She had short black hair much longer than Tawny’s but it barley reached her shoulders. She looked like she could have been about a year younger than my self which is a no-no seeing as I’m eighteen. Another thing noted was she was in scrubs. Yup a hospital worker and if that’s the case than I can say goodbye concert hello emergency room. I was about to ask for her to pull over and let me out so I could go, I felt fine so whatever and just then.she broke the awkward silence with.

“By the way my names Jacky, don’t be fooled by the scrubs. I work in the kitchen at the hospital,” Yes, I thought another food worker like me. I should be able to get her to drive me down town to the show. So I cleared my throat and let the BS roll

“Oh ok, Well I’m Sean I work at Burger King,” I said with a comedic confidence, Followed by an accompanied laugh. “Ya’know my leg hurts a little bit but I should be fine. I was actually headed to a concert. Downtown”

“Oh okay,” She replied, “Well that’s a kind of a far walk. Why don’t I give you a ride since I kind of hit you,” She said with a laugh.

“Yes,” I thought “It worked, Ill be at the show in no time,”

“Are you sure there’s nothing else I can do for you,” she said. “I mean I feel so bad, ill do just about anything,” she stated, without even looking at me. And that’s when all my sex craving thoughts of lust flooded back. I knew I would have to hold out. This girl could end up ankara escort even younger than she looks and I don’t need that kind of trouble.

“I don’t really know,” I said. ” I think I’m all set,” and that’s when I noticed it. She had a doll of the colonel (a popular Boston high school mascot) ” So you go to east high,” I said confidently.

” oh that, no not anymore this is my first year at college, I’m going to B.C. right now!”

“that’s cool I go to Emerson,” replied I could feel me penis starting to go erect in my pants. now that i knew she was at least eighteen. I began thinking of a way I could bring up the whole sex topic without seeming like a perv. but before I knew it we were in the back of the concert hall in the old parking lot. It was getting dark, And no one really used this lot because in order to get in front you had to contend with picker bushes growing out from the building sides. But I figured I’d better just let it go.

“well thanks,” I said.

“don’t thank me, I hit you with my car,” she said. “Y’know I’m surprised you didn’t ask for sex, the average college guy would have tried to weasel it out somewhere,” she said seemingly nervous.

“Well ya’know,” I said nervously. ” I’m not some kind of perv,” I said. As I began to stare in her eyes letting her know I was thinking the total opposite. Except the part about being a perv.

“That’s a shame,” she said, as she seemed to read me perfectly. Staring back with a look of passionate lust in her eyes. “Cause I was sort of hoping you would,” She said as she leaned in planting a warm kiss onto my lips. The kiss was broken momentarily as she more than eagerly threw her shirt of to the floor. And we resumed our lust craving lip lock. She then began to massage my cock through my slim fit acid washed jeans. And I reached up her back and released the bra strap to let out her brilliant breasts. They seemed to almost pop out of the bra like it was a few sizes to small but boy were they nice. They were perky and plump and big enough to over fill my palms I stated to gently tug at them as she moaned through or busy lips. And I started to caress all around her areolas lightly. I could tell this felt good to her as her breathing got heavy her moans became a bit more intense through our kiss. She then suddenly broke the kiss again giving my a nod to signal me to lean my chair back. I adjusted my seat back ASAP., And she took off my pants like a pro and got hold of my hot hard member. She looked at it for o moment seemingly surprised at what I had in store. Now remember I am half black and I definitely got well endowed thanks to genetics not to brag.

” Oh my,” She said with a gasp, ” I’ve never had a cock quite like this before,” And with that she started to get all slow. She started of with a few passionate kisses to the head and I could already feel a few drops of anticipated pre-cum pool up top as she artfully lapped at them. After a few seconds of teasing it with kisses and licks she took it deep into her mouth and down her throat. I could feel her hot tongue and swashing around the base and head as she bobbed her head up and down around my cock.

“Damn babe, suck that fucking cock,” I moaned while she jerked it with one hand and gently caressed my balls with the other. Her cheeks would suck up and tighten extremely hard around my hot prong as she sucked it intensely and skillfully jerked at the base. A few minutes in I placed my hand on her head.

This caused her to pull of briefly to say “Don’t be afraid to get rough I want you to shove my face down there hard, make me you slut.” hearing her say those words made me fill up with a feeling of intense joy. And so I obliged. I started to shove her head hard down around my shaft as she sucked me for all I’m worth. I could feel my member jabbing her in the back of the throat as she occasionally would gag on it.

“Yeah baby that’s it, fucking choke me,” She whimpered. Her voice lost in her severe craving for my cock. She then began something new id never experienced before. She started to moan around my shaft as she loosed her lips just a bit causing an added feel of vibrations and oh damn I loved it.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped in shocking pleasure,”Where’d you learn a trick like that you nasty slut. I bet you love to suck cock, don’t you?”

“MmmHmm,” she let out a muffled groan as she continued to down my fat cock. I didn’t want to right there but I could feel the stirring start to get way intense in my balls and I knew I was going to blow.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned loudly.

All escort ankara I could hear from between my legs was another muffled “MmmHmm,” and so I let it go. Now I know that it might have had a lot to do with the fact that I left my self hanging in the BK bathroom but I never came this much at once. My final synopsis of the amount of semen is that its probably has a lot to do with my testes being used to coming so much with tawny and my stupid ass hadn’t been masturbating at all until that night. All I know was it was intense. It was one of those times were your balls get really tight around your cock and just start pumping. I could feel the hot mess pouring into her mouth as my member started twitching like an epileptic person at a techno rave party.

Even though I was done I wasn’t about to let it end there, After guzzling down what felt like a sea of my cum she pulled her head and wiped her mouth and planted another kiss on my lips. Now I know most guys are totally against kissing a girl after a BJ. But not me so much, I figure its my cum and if she’s giving head she’s probably done it before, Whatever. So after a short kiss I could see it was her turn.

She leaned herself back against the driver door as I leaned in and began to gently suckle upon her breasts. She started to moan quietly and bite her lower lip. I kept up the teasing with my mouth and hand while the other was busing untying her scrub pants as she aided me in doing so. After they were finally undone she pulled them of and tossed them to the floor. Now the only thing in my way were her lacey red panties. She was so exited they were seemingly soaked threw. I could smell the arousal in her juices as I slowly rolled them down and threw them to the floor. This finally gave me a chance to see her ass which was absolutely perfect. It was exactly what you’d expect from a Latina. Plump, And round, Not to big, And not small at all. I then slowly bean to gently trace circles around her inner thighs. And gently caress the outer soft lips of her dripping wet vagina. Now even though I was doing this passionately I was in all realness probing for signs of any STD’s it was little trick I learned at the doctors office before. There was no strange discoloration or odd smell at all. Just that smell of a women when in need of sex. That smell that could drive any guy nuts. I could already feel my penis stiffing back up. After all things were clear on the out side I probed her with two fingers and began my inner inspection. As she let out a loud gasping moan. And that’s when I came across her G-spot. “Ohh Fuck baby, Please stop teasing me,” She pleaded desperately. So I decided to begin the descent. as I slowly planted kisses down her tummy reaching down to the place of my goal. After about a minute of freestyle lapping around area I finally zeroed in on the clitoris. While my two fingers tickled and caressed at her g-spot and lunged in and out.

The instant I started the pattern she seamed to be so lost in her pleasure she lost all realization of what she was murmuring “Ahhhh, Na nana Mmmffff hush-hush huh huh,” Were the odd gasps she started to let out as she squirmed around in the seat. After a brief moment it sent her straight over the edge. I could feel her muscles tighten intensely around my magic fingers as her pussy began to spazz out twice as ferociously as my cock earlier. And she let out an ear shattering moan as she thruster her pelvis into my face and reinforced it with her hand perched in back of my head. It felt like forever but in reality probably lasted a minuet or two. She sat still for about an extra minuet merely shuttering and gasping in her shortness of breath.

When she finally came to the first thing she could mutter was ” oh my god, I think that was my first orgasm, shit that feels so damn good. Now I know what all the fuss is about,” Suddenly realizing I was hard again and ready to rock. She looked at me intently saying “I was hoping you’d be ready by now, this time I want you to fuck me,” now as much as I hated to be a downer and hated the situation my self. I knew I didn’t want to get any girl pregnant.

“sorry,” I said with a sigh. “no condom,” now I was expecting her to be at least a little upset. Instead she laughed.

“C’mon,” she said. “Its ok, I’m on the pill. Plus I checked down there and your clear of any STD’s. I made sure to make you cum just to make sure.” Needless to say I was more than ecstatic so with that I smirked planted a light tap kiss on her lips and shoved down my pants. I slowly rubbed my swollen prick head against her scorching ankara escort bayan hot dripping wet slit.

“Go slow,” she said. She seemed slightly embarrassed as she continued “I’m not exactly used to your size. To be honest I’ve only been with guys that were below average and you’re definitely way above the norm in size.” By this stage in my life I was pretty used to that response.

“No need to worry babe, I’ll ease her in slowly,” I said in a sexy tone with a slight hint of humor. I slowly inserted pausing every few seconds or so to give her time to adjust and after a brief moment I began. I started at a slow pace and I could tell she was already feeling it good. So I decided to kick it up. I could feel her tight slippery muscle grip hard on my large limb as she swallowed it inch by inch and once I was fully in I could feel what I like to call the wall. Also known as her cervix. Luckily I was as deep as my cock would allow. Now not to brag but this was pretty new to me as to when I did things with tawny I could get about 8 inches in before she couldn’t handle it anymore. I momentarily paused waiting for the go ahead.

“Damn it that’s deep,” She said with a loud gasp. ” What are you waiting for,” She said smirking. And I was happy to oblige. I began pounding my rock hard cock into her over and over again. I figured we were past foreplay an all stages so it was time to really let it go. I began cramming it into her with intensity behind each thrust but remaining gentle all the while.

“Oh god yes, yes your dick is so big. It feels like its in my stomach,” she started to yell aloud.

” Oh yeah,” I asked?

“Yes,” she moaned aloud.

“tell me more babe tell me more,” I said with passionate groan.

“Oh Fuck want it harder, faster, please fuck me harder,” she yelped out in pleasure.

“You want it harder,” I asked? As my member continuously slammed deep into her tight hot cunt. “How hard,”? I said cleverly.

“oh, fuck me like a train, fuck me like you’re a train and I’m on your tracks,” she screeched in passion.

Now I know it doesn’t make much sense but I’m sure we’ve all been at that point when having really good sex. But any way I obliged to her demands and kicked into high gear. She then began to rise her hips colliding into to mine furiously. now I like a good slam fuck as much as the next guy but we were slamming into each other so hard I thought I was gonna shatter my pelvis but it felt far to good to slow now.

“Oh fuck yes,” She shouted aloud. “Tear me the fucking half, I want you to break me in two” she began to pull herself up and cling to me as she softly ran her nails across my back sending chills through my body. That’s when she started up. I felt her Tiny pussy grasp my dick like a pair of gelatin coated pliers and began to spasm out of control. Just then her eyes rolled in back of her head and she clamped hold of me like she was trying to crush me with a powerful bear hug. She then began to moan aloud. “OH FUCK, his massive dick is in me and I’m Cumming. Oh god I’m Cumming so hard. Oh please I never want it to stop,” she whimpered louder than I’ve ever heard a women cry out before. as she started to twitching. And the shear feeling sent me over the edge I was about to pull out when she said “No just let it loose inside of me, Fill me up!”

With that a shouted “Oh damn I’m Cumming,” I said as a shot another load feeling like a torrent of semen pumping out from my balls.

We laid there for what felt like forever. I could hardly breath from such vigorous activity, And she seemed to be so mentally blown out by the ecstatic orgasm she just experienced, that she just lay there breathing sporadically.

After about five minuets I started to get my pants back on.

“hey” she said ” I know that was probably just another one night stand for a stud like you but for me that sex was to good to just leave off there”

“Damn that was the best I’ve ever had” was all I could muster to say in the awkwardness of the moment. It was defiantly better than even Tawny I thought to my self. We both finished up getting dressed. And I finally got together some courage to say. “hey you going anywhere” I asked

“No, I was just headed home from work, why?” she replied.

“Well the concerts tickets are pay at the door and I got enough for two, you want to go?” I asked.

“Isn’t matchbook Romance playing tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah there one of the bands, I think their headlining,” I said “You got your self a date tiger,” She said with a smile and wink.

We had a good night enjoying the music. As of today Jacky and I have been together for two years and are planning to marry the year we finish college. Turns out when she hit me that night she was masturbating While driving.

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