How I met my slave (part 2)


How I met my slave (part 2)This is the second part of a completely fictional story. I encourage you to read the first part, but the short version of the first part is as follows. Dan, the main character, is in the process of breaking up with his ex. Lisa a well endowed Hispanic woman hits on Dan. This ends with Dan and Lisa playing a sex game where Dan can ask anything of Lisa for 15 minutes. He decides to spend this time teasing Lisa.Last night was amazing, after ‘the game’ Lisa pounced on me and fucked my brains out. Since I have a pretty quick recovery time for a guy we ended up having sex three times and we never really went to sleep. During breakfast she admitted that she always wished that some guy would use those 15 minutes to tease and deny her, but she also admitted it wasn’t quite what she expected. She didn’t expect to be able to barely withstand the teasing. I would have stayed with her, but it was moving out day of my ex-girlfriend’s apartment. I am sure that if I was still talking to her and told her about this she wouldn’t believe me. It didn’t matter, I was kind of happy to be out of that relationship. It was about half way through the day and my stuff was almost moved in. I was beginning to set up my room. The biggest challenge was wall space, I have too many books and I didn’t really have time to purge what I didn’t need. That’s when I received a text, it was Lisa naked. Not even considering I would get a text like that I checked it while we were emptying the truck. Greg saw it. He was astonished. “I never thought of you as the player type. You aren’t even moved out of your ex’s and already you have naked women texting you. Beautiful too. I’d tap that.” I didn’t respond, I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. As a diversion tactic I told Greg I was grabbing a beer if he wanted one. I took this time to look at the text in more detail. There was some text that went along with it. “I had such a good time last night; I hope you have time to come over tonight as well.” This gave me an immediate hard on, but I wasn’t sure I was going to survive. I had no sleep last night and spent most of the day lifting heavy boxes into my new kadıköy escort apartment. I decided I would wait until I had more time to respond. Finally, it was the end of the day, I had a bed to sleep on and all of the essentials were unpacked. I took a shower and during the shower I remembered the text. I respond “Sorry, I haven’t gotten back to you sooner as you know I was moving out today. As much I would relish spending another night with you, you kind of kept me up all night and I am tired from the move.” About five minutes later I was dressing and I heard my phone buzz with another text. “No worries baby, I don’t expect the intensity of last night. I do feel kind of bad for making you stay up all night the day before your big move. I’ll do all the work. I’ll put on a movie and pleasure you.” I was astonished. I thought for sure that I would just collapse in my bed alone after my shower, but this was too good to pass up. I am not used to having sex four times in a 48 hour time period. She must be some sort of sex fiend I thought. So I hope on the subway and go to her place again.I knock on her door, she has one of those little eye holes to see who it is before the door is opened. She must have taken a second to make sure it was me, since she greeted me in lacy lingerie. I’m not sure where she shops that sells lingerie that holds breasts that massive, but she catches me staring. “I see when you are tired you can’t control where your eyes go as well.” The previous day I managed to spend most of my working night staring down her blouse without her noticing. “I’m just glad they turn you on,” as she gives her upper torso a little jiggle. “Well come in and have a seat.” Neither of us make much money, but she does offer me some inexpensive white wine, and tells me to make myself comfortable. I am just so tired that I don’t think twice about taking her up on that offer and lie down on the couch after taking off my shoes. She comes back with the wine and starts to unbutton my pants. “Last night felt like it was my night, this one should be yours,” she said with a smile on her face. I take a sip of the wine and she begins üsküdar escort to massage my cock. “How silly of me, I go right for the sex. I have not even offered you a bath after your hard work today. Would you like one? I’ll join you if you want.” I thought I must have died and gone to heaven. I agreed to the bath so she leaves for a few minutes and I hear the water filling up in the bathtub. Not sure whether I should wait for her to tell me the bath is ready or to just relax here for awhile, I decide to relax. Apparently I fell asleep, but woke up when Lisa began massaging my cock. “You really are tired aren’t you, well the bath is ready. Go ahead and go in I’ll be with you shortly.” I walk into the bathroom and see candles everywhere. Never have I had a woman do all of this just to please me, especially since we haven’t really had an official ‘date’ yet, but I certainly was not complaining. The bath was extremely relaxing and few minutes later Lisa comes back. She had bought in some chocolates and fed them to me. She was still dressed in her sexy lingerie, but since she was practically on top of me I was paying more attention. The bra and panties were both black lace. There was a small amount of red trim on the top of both. The bra was almost see through with a slightly thicker patch around the nipple area so that didn’t show. The panties had a similar effect. I noticed all of this as she fed me chocolates. I was so tired I did not even feel guilty that I was not returning any pleasure, like I normally would. It was an odd mixture of sensations and feelings. I was dead tired, horny, relaxed, excited, and all of this was wonderful. As she leaned over me she made sure to keep her large mocha colored breasts constantly in my view. It seemed like the closer they were to my face the happier she was. All of a sudden it occurred to me, I’m an idiot. “Lisa, would you please join me in the bath.” “I was wondering when you were going to invite me, not that I really minded too much you seemed to be enjoying yourself quite a bit. And after last night’s performance, I feel like I should be devoted to your pleasure. I haven’t tuzla escort felt that good in very long time,” she said while slowly taking her bra and panties off. I am still surprised exactly how large they are even after seeing them for hours last night. “They really are magnificent,” I said just loud enough for her to hear me. “Thank you she replied,” as she shook them vigorously. Next she started to give me a chest massage. One thing that I do not tell people is how sensitive my nipples are. Typically this is more the case in women than men, but this is a serious hotspot for me and she quickly found this out. “So you like me feeling you up,” she said with a naughty smile, I will definitely keep that in mind as she outlined both my nipples with her finger. She slowly went lower to my cock, stroking it slowly but firmly. Her massive breasts dangling about an inch from my face. “Does this please you?” she asks in a soft voice. “Yes.” I am barely able to reply. “Good, I love pleasing my man.” If I was more awake and less stimulated, I would have been startled by this statement as we had never even been on a date, but as it was all I really could do is lay back and enjoy it. She continued stroking me for what seemed like forever, constantly gauging my facial reaction. After what seemed like forever, she went underwater and starts giving me a blowjob. She was underwater for what seemed like forever and when she came up she gently pushed me back and asked if it was o.k. that she ride me. I would like that very much I replied. She slowly starts to ride my cock, “Don’t worry I will just ride you, don’t worry about your end. Just enjoy.” So I did, simply laid back as her lovely breasts swung back and forth and my cock went in and out of her tight wet pussy. What I noticed of her face was unlike last night, where she always seemed to be in immense pleasure. Tonight she was always staring intently and passionately into my eyes, gauging my reaction. “You are fun to please,” she said “I love how your face reacts whenever I change speed”. She got closer and whispered in my ear as she fondled my nipples, “what if I told you I wanted to please you every night.” She said this as she started to ride my cock fast and hard, with that I had no chance, I was cumming. I moaned heavily as it happened and a very wide smile came across Lisa’s beautiful Mexican face. “I like serving you,” she said almost inaudibly. I had no energy to process this statement.

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