How It All Started



-My life of being seduced–

I grew up with a personality dichotomy. I was gregarious and outgoing, both a good student and athlete, yet shy around girls. My mother tried for years to tell me I was good looking and by my senior year of high school I was a 6’4″ tall and 190 pound, hard-body, but I always thought she was talking from her heart not her head. I was virgin until I was in college in the mid 70’s so you know I was no horn-dog. Eventually I met a young lady in college and married her, more out of a need for a companion and sexual partner than out of some deep love. I was probably more in love with the idea of being in love than actually experiencing it. As the sexual revolution hadn’t really come along until I was in college I guess I had also developed a conservative moral code.

As a ‘people-person,’ I gravitated toward sales and after two years in a management training program, got my first opportunity at a sales career at 23 years of age. Obviously the company and I had chosen the correct path, as I was a natural and an immediate success, and promoted to be a territory manager at the age of 25. However, being a territory manager meant traveling at least three days per week. The more successful I became in sales, the more distant my wife became, and eventually I discovered she certainly wasn’t sitting home nights while I traveled for business. Just about the time I discovered that my wife had been cheating on me, I also discovered that there were lots of places to play electronic games or to dance while on the road.

I never chased after a woman in my life. In fact, my earlier shyness around women continued even during the increasingly open times of the early 80’s. The experiences I had, which would lead me to divorce my wife began innocently. The following series of stories are based upon fact, but I changed the names and places to protect anonymity of the participants.

Karen I had heard there was a great bar where people could listen to good rock music and dance if they wanted, in a city I was traveling to, Jackson Mississippi. So, instead of working in my room after a quick dinner, I decided to check it out. I never was much of a drinker and knew how to nurse a beer for a long time, so I also knew I could check this place out inexpensively. After ordering a long-neck Coors I sat with my back propped up against the long wooden bar, and watched the couples dancing.

One particular young woman, an attractive six-foot brunette, caught my eye. She was wearing a tight one-piece jumper/dress with a zipper down the front that was pulled down far enough to show considerable cleavage. Believe me, if her height hadn’t caught your eye, the great expanse of chest flesh she was exhibiting certainly would have. Apparently this young lady was popular locally, as she was on the dance floor for more than two hours with a string of guys who all seemed to know her and were all interested in gyrating around the floor with her. While I tried to watch other couples dancing, some-how my attention kept being drawn to this red-hot brunette with shoulder length hair and absolutely great breasts. Then suddenly she disappeared. I assumed she must have finally sat down with one of her many suitors, or possibly headed for home, as it was a week-night, and most of us had to work the next day.

Having nursed two beers for over two hours I was about to leave after some good inexpensive entertainment, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. As I swiveled the bar stool to the left, there stood the brunette. “I noticed you watching me, and wondered why you didn’t come over and ask me to dance,” she said.

“Well, you looked like you knew everybody here and I’m just a visitor, and besides I’m pretty much out-of dancing practice,” I said.

She answered, “well I guess I’ll just have to help you brush up on your skills,” as she pulled on my hand, getting me out of the bar stool, so I hung my altyazılı porno sport coat on my stool, and she nearly dragged me toward the dance floor. Just then the band started playing Old Time Rock-and-Roll by Bob Seager, one of my favorite songs from a few years back. With such a great song and such a beautiful partner, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself, and before I knew it we had danced for eight songs and I had sweat through my dress shirt. loosened my tie, and unbuttoned the top two buttons of the shirt to get some air.

At this point the gorgeous amazon who had introduced herself to me as Karen, pulled my tie loose so that it was simply draped around my neck and began pulling on both ends, back and forth around my neck, while swiveling her hips seductively and pulling me closer to her. Then the song ended and the band shifted to the first of a medley of slow ballads and love songs, and she used my tie to pull me close to her. When she had pulled me very close, she put her arms up around my neck and nuzzled close to my ear saying, “you have no idea how nice it is to dance with a guy who is taller than me, there just don’t seem to be many tall enough guys around here.”

I whispered that was because there were so few pretty six foot women, and she just hugged me tighter.

Now her hips seemed to be glued to mine and I was really getting aroused. Having not danced this close to anyone but my cheating wife for seven years I really didn’t know how to act. As she ground her pelvis into me I heard her mumble something in my ear that sounded like, “lower honey,” so I asked her what she had said, but she just answered ,”oh nothing.” Man she had me turned on, and for the first time in a long time.

As the medley of slow songs ended she gave me a sweet but quick kiss and said “thanks so much for dancing with me, I really enjoyed it.”

Thinking this was the end of the evening I said, “no, thank-you for being so nice to a visitor to your city, I really enjoyed meeting you.”

However, before I could turn to leave she said, “hey wait John, it looks like my girlfriends left already, and I need a ride home, can you help me out?”

“Sure I said, but you’ll have to direct me as I only know my way around the business district.”

She said, “that’s OK honey, I’ll show you the way.”

Now, before you get ahead of me in this story, understand I walked her to my rental car and trying to be the gentleman my parents had taught me to be, held her door for her. Unlike most young girls, she didn’t slide over close to me, so I figured I was just going to drop her off and then head for my hotel, but she had other plans. After about a ten minute drive we arrived at her apartment complex and she pointed me to her building.

When I was about to pull up to the curb, she said, “will you park and walk me to the door.”

I said yes and again opened her door for her and walked her to the entrance to her apartment when she said, “the dancing was really hot, why don’t I make us each a drink or a Coke or something, to cool off.”

That sounded good to me, so in we went, and I soon had a tall Coke in my hand as I sat on her couch. At that point she said “make yourself comfortable, while I freshen up OK?” Again I said yes, and as I settled back into the cushions while sipping on my Coke.

A few minutes later, I heard her softly call me, “John, can you come here for a minute to help me?” Walking back to the bedroom bathroom area, I walked in the door to see 10 or 12 candles flickering and her sitting on her bed in a very see-through blue nightgown. Now I was flabbergasted and immediately got hard at the same time.

“Come here and rub my neck will you,” she said. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and worked my thumbs into the muscles in the back of her neck with trembling hands.

“Oh god that feels so good,” she sighed and after a couple minutes of amatör porno rubbing she turned her head and said, ” it’s been a long time since a girl seduced you hasn’t it?”

Before I could answer she turned further, pulled me close and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I hadn’t been kissed like this by anyone other than my wife in years, and I thought I’d lose it right there.

Karen continued to french me while she unbuttoned my shirt. She pulled my shirt tails out of my pants and put her mouth over my left nipple. Tonguing it and softly biting it, she said “I’ve wanted you from the minute I felt your hard dick against my pussy on the dance floor. I wanted you to rub it lower to hit my clit but you didn’t hear me when I asked, and then I felt guilty taking advantage of you…..god I need you now!”

Then she unbuttoned my pants, pulled down the zipper and pulled the legs to pull them off me. She sat up and said “do you like my night gown?” Before I could answer she said, “I’ll bet you’ll like it better when it’s on the floor.” She pulled it over her head, threw it on the floor, and pulled me down on top of her in the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had.

As we kissed our breathing sped up and got more shallow and soon we were literally panting as we worked our tongues in each other’s mouths. “Oh John kiss my big titties'” she moaned, “kiss them, lick them, bite them, and make them yours, she cried.”

So I did…..I licked the left one while caressing the right, then switched and started lightly biting the right one and she moaned, “oh right there, bite harder, oh there, please, John that feels so good, oh my god that’s wonderful!”

As she mewed and writhed on the bed, I continued to bite first the right nipple, then the left, and began rubbing between her legs as well. All she had on now was tiny blue panties and my fingers soon had her pussy wet, as I bit her titties. Harder and harder I bit as she urged me on until she gave out a huge sigh and then she screamed

“you’re making me cum just from biting my titties, oh my god you are so good!”

Suddenly my hand got wetter, and at first I thought she was pissing on me until I realized she was ejaculating, almost like a man. Holy crap, I’d never seen or felt anything like than before.

Now she was moaning and panting like the proverbial dog in heat and just kept crying, “so good, so good, so good.”

As she started to slump back on to the bed it was like she got a new burst of energy, and she acted almost like she was possessed. She tore off her panties, threw them on the floor with our other clothes, and then grabbed my bikini undershorts. I was so glad I was wearing relatively new ones, but that only mattered for an instant as she pulled them off me and attacked my cock.

“Oh god John I need to taste you now,” she screamed.

Almost before I knew it my cock was three quarters down her throat and she was furiously moving her head up and down milking it. Wow what a feeling, the first blow job I had received in three years, as my wife didn’t much care to give them. Up and down she went, each time going a little lower on my cock, sucking and licking in the process. I’d love to say that I have a huge organ, but it’s really only an average six incher, but by now it was longer and more swollen than any time in my life, and I’d bet more like seven inches down her throat. All I could think was, man what I had been missing all these years by being a nice guy, and that maybe my slut wife had done me a favor.

“Umph, umph, umph she uttered as she bobbed on my meat, and my control was beginning to fade, but I wanted to please her too.

So I pulled her head off my cock and she stared at me through glazed eyes and said, “why John? I want to make you cum like you did to me?” I pulled her around into a 69 position and as I buried my face in her pussy, she smiled and said “Oh this is going to be fun.” arap porno

I licked all around her furry slit and put first one, then two fingers in, and pumped them in and out quickly. Within a minute she was moaning again and I moved my tongue onto her clit. It was like she had been plugged into an electric socket, she jerked and spasm-ed and came with a loud gasp, but kept sucking. I swear nothing in my life ever felt better, and I shot rope after rope of cum down her throat. Quickly she pulled off, so I could see myself cum and her lick and swallow every drop. Now we both collapsed for about fifteen seconds.

I lay back on my back, exhausted – and more satisfied than anytime in years, but in less than a minute she was back sucking and jacking my cock at the same time saying,

“come-on baby get hard for me again, I’m going to fuck you until your eyes cross.”

I didn’t believe it…within a minute I was getting hard again, and the more she sucked the more she moaned encouragement to me. Within three or four minutes I was rock hard again, and she crawled up on-top of me, and grabbing my dick – lowered herself down on it. Oh my, she had the softest, warmest, tightest, pussy I’d ever felt, but of course I’d only ever really felt few others in my sheltered life.

Slowly Karen started lifting her hips and riding me…. up and down, up and down moaning

“this is soooooooo good oh this is sooooo good.”

As she rode me she grabbed my hands and said “twist my big titties and make them feel good while my pussy makes you ache.”

So I pinched and twisted and alternately lifted my head and bit them, as I descended into sensory overload. Her big titties felt so good in my mouth and her pussy was milking me even better that her mouth. Up and down she went until, I thought

I was going to lose it when she screamed, ” oh I’m cumming again, I’m cumming again, geez I’m cumming for the third time!”

That did it for me and I erupted like a volcano in her tight love box, shooting more cum into her than I thought I had left. This time she just collapsed and wrapped her arms around my neck and lay there huffing and puffing in my ear.

I could have fallen asleep right then, but good sense told me no, you still have to work tomorrow. So after we lay there for about fifteen more minutes I said, I’d really like to stay here but we both need to work tomorrow. I can’t thank you enough for introducing yourself to me.

She answered, “no you mean for seducing you and bringing you home to make love don’t you?. You just looked so cute and so out of place, I decided I needed to meet you. You know you were the most handsome man there don’t you?”

“What, me,” I said, questioningly.

As I crawled around the floor looking for my clothes, she grabbed a robe from the closet, then disappeared into the other room for just seconds. Then she walked me to her front door and started kissing me again.

“We need to do this again real soon,” she said, “here’s my business card and I wrote my home number on the back. You will call me, won’t you?”

Gee like I knew anyone else in Jackson as well as her, was all I could think. But to make certain, she opened her robe and said “this body is all for you, and all you need to do is call me when you come back to town,” as she pushed her back to the door.

For days all I could think of was her gorgeous tall body, leaning naked against her front door with what must have been 36D titties standing up tall and proud, while my cum dripped down slim and shapely legs that looked longer than mine.

Trust me, I called her the next trip, and on several more after that. But those are other stories. So here I was, a successful young sales manager, with a lying cheating wife, and a new girl friend that I never sought and never pursued. This began a series of adventures where I met and enjoyed a number of lovely women without ever being the aggressor. I guess I just never did cure my shyness or maybe I still had a false sense of myself as I had never thought of myself as all that good looking. I knew how to treat someone right, I just couldn’t be the aggressor but found plenty of women who were quite willing.

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