Husband Fucks Her Ass


“Damnit,” Ted said sitting at his desk at work, the whole computer system had went down and it didn’t look like they were going to have it up and running any time soon. This would put his work load so far behind, sighing he knew there was nothing he could do about it. He would just have to deal with it.

He would try and get a few things done hopefully the computers would be back up soon and he could get his orders taken care of. He hated when his orders got backed up, then he had to hurry and try and get them all out on time.


Patti stepped into the shower after making sure she was clean inside and out, she wanted to play with her ass and always made sure she was super clean especially inside her tight hole. She was just in one of those moods, needing to fuck her ass.

Patti stood in the shower soaping her body, rubbing a soapy loofah mitt over her tits, feeling the soap run down her body and between her thighs. She was so horny, reaching down she slid her hand between her legs, rubbing her shaved pussy, pushing one then two fingers inside of her hole.

“Aww, so horny.” she whispered out loud, she wished Ted were home and in the shower with her.

She needed to suck his cock and get fucked. Taking her fingers out of her pussy, she reached farther back and rubbed her soapy hand over her tight ass hole. She just loved the feeling of playing with her tight back door, pushing her fingers and then toys deeply in her hole.

Feeling her ass hole opening up and her fingers sliding in her ass. Pushing her middle finger inside her ass, she gasped with the feeling. This always made her super horny, slowly fucking her ass, feeling her ass hole tight around her fingers.

In and out she pushed her finger deep inside of her hole, adding another finger opening her up even more.

“Fuck my ass.” she moaned aloud, wanting to get pounded hard and deep.

Letting her fingers slide from her hole she reached for her favorite dildo with the suction cup.

Licking it all over, finally taking it into her mouth she sucked it making it good and wet.

“I’ve got to have this,” she tells herself out loud, she gets it wet and sticks it to the shower wall, making sure it was secure. She turned the shower off and reached for the bottle of lube, squirting a glob of lube in her hand she rubs it all over the dildo. Pushing her lube covered fingers inside of her ass, she worked her fingers in and out of her pink puckered hole. “Ummm yes,” she moaned fucking her ass

She needed a real dick in her mouth, but this would have to do for now she reasoned.

Turning around facing away from the dildo stuck to the wall, she backed up against it, reaching behind her she grasped her favorite toy in her hand, guiding it to her back door. She leaned into the dildo and felt the head pushing against her hole. “Oohh, yeah…” she said feeling the head of the dildo opening her ass.

She slowly pushed against the head of that dick, felt it slide into her hole. It stung a bit going in, but she loved the feeling once it was inside of her. “Fuck me,” she moaned pushing back against that dildo more, taking more in her ass. In and out she slowly took that six inch dildo in her hole.

She played and fucked her ass for awhile, all the time getting louder and louder the more she fucked her ass.

Reaching down she rubbed her pussy, rubbing her clit hard, she was just so horny. She needed to cum so bad. Needed a dick in her pussy and her ass.

Patti pulled herself off of the dildo, felt it sliding out of her ass, reaching back she felt how open her ass hole was. She pushed two fingers inside her hole, feeling the lube running out of her ass.

Standing she rinsed the soap from her body, she washed the dildo after taking it from the wall, she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.

On the other side of town…

“Are the computers going to be back up soon?”

“I have no idea, I wish they would get them fixed I am so far behind now it’s not funny.” Ted said to his co-worker. So far the computers had been down for over an hour.

“Well if they’re not up soon I’m thinking about going home, can’t get any work done around here.”

“Exactly, I’m thinking of doing the same too.” Ted said picking up his cell phone and calling his wife, just checking up on her. The weather was supposed to get bad, they were expecting some snow and he wanted to see if she needed anything from the store on his way home later.

“Come on honey, answer your phone.” he said tapping his fingers on his desk, she usually picked up after one or two rings. He gave it several more rings and then hung up. “Guess she must be busy,”

“Listen illegal bahis up everyone,” Ted’s boss said walking from his office, “computers will be down for at least the rest of today, might as well go home nothing we can do until they are back up and running.”

“Fuck!” Ted said under his breath, this would put everyone so far behind and it would mean working late until everyone was caught up with orders. Nothing to do but go home and make the best of a bad situation. Patti would be surprised to see him home so early.

Making sure the video camera was set right and at a good angle, Patti lay on the king size bed. She wanted to get her play time on video, she wanted to add the video to their collection. She wanted to surprise Ted when he got home from work.

On the television was a video of a mature woman getting her ass fucked. Just something about watching a toy or a real cock fucking those women hearing their moans got her so hot and turned on.

“Oh yes, take that dick up your ass,” Patti said pouring some lube all over her pussy, feeling it dribble down between her ass cheeks. The woman on the screen was bucking back against the guy fucking her.

Reaching for her favorite black dildo, Patti rubbed it across her lubed up pussy, she pushed the head inside of her hole. “Yeah, open that ass hole.” she says watching the woman getting her ass fucked deep.

“Fuck me,” Patti whispered pushing the dildo deeper inside of her tight pussy, in and out she fucked herself. Reaching down with her other hand she rubbed her slick lubed covered fingers across her ass hole. Taking the black dildo from her pussy she poured more lube over it, pulling her legs back she opened herself up, rubbing the head of that cock across her ass hole made her shudder in pleasure.

“Mmmm, I love playing with my ass,” she said looking right at the camera. “I need to have a dick in my ass baby.” she said pushing the head of that dildo inside of her ass. “Ummm, ahh, so good.” she moaned feeling the dildo opening her puckered hole.

Slowly she fucked herself, a little deeper each time, pulling the dildo all the way out Patti poured more lube on it. Looking at the screen she watched herself pushing that dick in her ass. In and out deeper and deeper until she had all six inches of black dildo inside of her.

Fuck, this feels so good, she thinks fucking herself, she wanted to take her time and make a really good hot video for her husband.

Ted pulled into the driveway, opening the garage with the remote he drove in and parked the car.

He had tried to call Patti a couple of more times on the way home and still didn’t get an answer, he was getting worried. He had stopped at the store and picked up a few things they might need especially if they got a few inches of snow. Patti didn’t drive anymore and he didn’t want her taking the bus to the store in the snow. It was snowing lightly but that could change at any time.

“Honey?” Ted aid walking into the kitchen and setting the groceries down on the counter, he walked into the dining room, “Babe? I’m home early.” he said glancing into the living room, “I wonder where she could be?” he said out loud, “I’m sure she’s here some place.” he said walking back to the kitchen and putting the groceries away.

Grabbing a cold soda from the fridge he went down to the den, “Well where the hell is she?” he said. “must be upstairs,” he turned and walked back up to the kitchen headed towards the stairs.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass, mmm. I need a dick in my hole.” Patti moaned loudly fucking herself in the ass. She continued to watch the mature woman on the television getting fucked. “take that dick.”

Ted stopped dead in his tracks in the doorway of the bedroom. There was his wife lying on the bed watching a porn video and fucking herself in the ass with her favorite toy. “Damn,” he whispered watching her pushing that black dildo into her ass hole.

Patti looked over and saw her husband standing in the doorway, she pulled the toy from her ass, “Honey, you’re home early.”

“Umm, computers went down.” he said staring at her, “don’t stop honey, continue.” he tells her feeling his cock jerk. Fuck she looked so hot spread open like that on the bed, he noticed her pussy was soaked and the dildo inside of her puckered ass hole.

He noticed the look of lust in her eyes, watched as she pushed the head of that black dildo back inside of her ass, slowly taking her time, He heard her moans of pleasure the deeper she pushed it in.

Quickly Ted got undressed and joined her on the bed, kneeling close to her mouth he stroked his cock. Watching her fucking her ass made his dick throb, “Suck me babe.”

Patti illegal bahis siteleri reached for Ted’s cock, stroking him, feeling his cock getting hard, he leaned over and pushed his cock into her hot, wet mouth. She gently sucked him, in and out, he fucked her mouth.

“You look so fucking hot with that black cock in your ass baby girl.” he tells her watching her fucking her hole. He loved to watch that cock opening up her tight back door, he wouldn’t mind feeling his cock in her ass, he thinks thrusting his hips. Fucking her mouth with his cock. He grabs her head and continues to fuck her mouth.

He had never known another woman who loved sex, any kind of sex as much as his sweet, horny wife did. The more he watched her the hornier he got, the more his cock throbbed.

“Turn over,” Ted tells her, pulling his cock from her mouth, his cock was rock hard and he needed to fuck her now.

Patti let the dildo slip from her ass and she turned over in her hands and knees, glancing back she looked at her husband.

“You are so bad, fucking your ass the way you were.” he tells her noticing she had used the edible strawberry flavored oil. “My naughty, wife want this cock back in your ass? Hmm?”

“Yes, please fuck me baby.”

“You have made my cock so hard, I may have to fuck you really hard.” he replies, he rubs his fingers across her ass hole, watching her puckered hole pulsate. “Yep, might have to fuck this ass.” he tells her sliding one finger deeply inside of her. “Mmmm you have the perfect ass, perfect for fucking.” he feels her tighten her ass around his finger, “naughty, hot slut-wife.” he says stroking his cock, while adding another finger to her ass, opening her up.

“Ummm, oh please honey fuck me.” she begs him, glancing back watching him stroking his cock.

“Oh I will, I promise.” he pulls his fingers from her puckered hole, picking up the black dildo he pours more lube all over it. Rubbing the head of that dildo across her hole, he watched her wiggle back against it, trying to get into her ass. “You just have to have a dick in your ass don’t you baby?” he asked her, watching the head of that cock opening her up. “Mmmm, baby I do like watching this dick slide

into your back door.” Ted was trying to be gentle, not wanting to hurt her, but knowing she did enjoy anal sex. “Reach back baby, hold your ass open for me.” he instructs her.

Patti reached back with both hands and and spread her ass cheeks, giving her husband a good view. Fuck she had never been this turned on in her life she thought, wanting to get fucked hard and deep.

“Awww, fuck me.” she moans feeling that dildo sliding deeper in her ass, “fuck your slut.” she tells him pushing back and takes more of the dildo inside of her.

God damn but she looks so fucking hot taking that dildo in her hole Ted thought pulling it almost all the way out and pouring even more lube over her ass and dildo. He wanted to shove his throbbing cock inside of her ass and fuck her hard. “Take it baby.” he slides the dildo all the way inside of her fucking her hard and deep just the way she loves it. “such a good wife-slut taking this dick.” He did love watching that black dildo sinking into her ass.

“Yes Daddy, oh fuck me.” she cries in pleasure reaching under herself and rubbing her clit. “I need to cum so bad Daddy.”

“Oh I’m gonna make you cum I promise you that.” Ted slowly takes the dildo from her ass, watching it slide from her hole. “Ah yeah tight ass hole baby.” he tells her pushing one then two fingers deeply inside of her ass, in and out he fucked her.

“Fuck me baby.”

Ted strokes his throbbing dick with his other hand, rubbing the head across the entrance of her pussy. “Damn baby your pussy is soaked,” he tells her pushing the head of his cock inside of her pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck my pussy.” she begs him feeling his cock slide in to her, while he still had his fingers inside of her ass, fucking her puckered hole.

The more he fucked her holes the louder she got, thrashing on the bed, “You are such a slut baby, wanting your ass and pussy fucked at the same time.” he tells her pounding her pussy, “but you’re my slut.”

“Do it honey, fuck me, don’t stop please.”

Ted lets his fingers slip from her ass, gripping her hips tightly he pounds her pussy, feeling his cock getting harder, throbbing with each thrust inside of her.

“Mmmm, aww yeah fuck your slut hard, make me feel it.” she tells him looking back at him.

“I love fucking you,” he replies, “ever since our first time, I’ve loved fucking you.”

“Oh baby I need to cum so bad.”

“You’re gonna get to cum.” Ted pounds her pussy, hard and canlı bahis siteleri deep just the way she loves it. “take my cock.”

He keeps looking at her puckered ass hole, wanting and needing to feel his dick inside it. Ted pulls his throbbing cock from her pussy and rubs the head across her ass hole, teasing her. “I’m gonna fuck your ass,” he tells her leaning over and whispering in her ear.

“Mmmm, yes Daddy, fuck my ass hole.”

Ted reaches for the lube and pours it over his throbbing dick, rubbing it all over, feeling it drip down over his balls. “You sure you want my cock in your tight hole?” he asks her, rubbing the head across her hole, pushing the head inside a bit.

“Oh yes, fuck me please.”

Ted grips his cock in one hand and putting his other on the small of her back he slowly pushes his rock hard dick inside of her ass. He felt her gasp as his cock entered her, he stopped to let her get used to it.

“My god your ass is so tight baby,” he groaned feeling her ass gripping his cock. Holding her by her hips he pushed in a bit deeper.

“Ahhh, oh fuck feels so good, fuck my ass.”

“You want more?”

“Want more? Baby I need more, fuck me hard.”

“You are so tight around my dick I love fucking your ass.” he says, speeding up his thrusts, going deeper, listening to her moans and sighs of pleasure. He could tell she was loving it, fucking back against him, taking all of his dick inside of her. “Mmmm, my slut loves my dick in her ass doesn’t she?”

“Oh yes Daddy, fuck my ass.”

Ted’s cock was on fire, throbbing and jerking in her tight puckered hole, he could get used to fucking his wife this way. She did seem to love getting her ass fucked. He would try anything at least once, he just wanted her to enjoy it. If she enjoyed it he would enjoy it too.

“I married an anal slut didn’t I? Hmmm, you like fucking your ass with toys and dick don’t you baby?”

All she could do was moan loudly and fuck back against him, taking his dick all the way in her ass hole. “Umm, fuck me, oh fuck me hard make me cum.” she tells him still rubbing her clit, feeling her climax building.

SLAP! He slapped her ass, one,two,three,four times, making her ass cheeks red. “Such an anal slut, I might have to invite Tyler or Fred over to fuck your ass next, seeing how you like dick in your ass.” Ted replies, wanting to see her take a black cock in her ass, watching that dark meat fucking her anally.

But he would only do it if she agreed to it, he would never make her do anything she wasn’t comfortable with.

She moaned loudly when he slapped her ass, she loved getting spanked when she was getting fucked. “Mmm I’m Daddy’s anal slut.”

“Yes you are.”

“Ohh, fuck, ummm so good, gonna cum…” she says loudly, the more he fucked into her the louder she got.

Ted could tell she was close to her climax, she was shaking and he could tell she was rubbing her clit. “Do it baby girl, cum for Daddy, cum for me and I’ll fill your ass hole with my cum.” he tells her.

“Aww, fuck omg cumming, oh god cumming.” she screams as her climax over takes her, she climaxes while his cock is deep in her ass, he is still pounding into her. He holds her tightly by her hips, feeling her climax over take her.

Ted couldn’t hold back much more, his cock was throbbing, he could feel his cock getting harder, feeling that point of no return. “Ahh, so good, shit baby gonna cum…” he grunts pounding her ass, fucking her as hard as he could. He wanted to fill her ass with his cum.

“Oh god make Daddy cum,” he tells her, shoving his dick in as deeply as he can and feeling spurt after spurt, one,two,three, four strong spurts of cum shooting into his wife’s ass hole. “Fuck take my cum, ahh, yeah.”

Gasping for air he collapses across her back, wrapping his arms around her waist, he hugs her tight.

“Fuck,” he whispers, kissing her back, “oh my god, that was fucking intense honey.”

“Yes it was,” she replies lying down flat on the bed, breathing heavily. “Mmmm, fuck that was good honey.”

Slipping his deflating cock from her ass he laid down next to her, putting his arm across her back.

“I wanted to surprise you by coming home early.”

“Oh you did,” she says sitting up and reaching for the remote to the video camera, hoping it was a good video. She turned the camera off and also the television.

“You surprised me,” he said pulling her to him, “guess that’s why you didn’t answer the phone earlier huh?”

“Yeah, I was playing in the shower.”

“Speaking of the shower, how about we share one.” he gets up off of the bed taking her by her hand. “I’ll wash your back if you wash mine.”

“Gee honey just my back?” she asks him with a sexy pout getting off of the bed.

“Well, maybe I’ll wash more if you are a very good girl.” he replies with a wink, leading her across the room and into the bathroom and closing the door.

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