Husband’s Revenge

Flopping Cock

It all started a couple months ago. We were in the middle of sex. The room was dark. I was warming her up. Kissing her neck, and mouth. Sliding my hands down her body.

She was getting more and more into it. I took her panties off. I slowly rubbed her clit. I slide my index finger inside her. She was soaking wet.

I asked her “are you my naughty little slut?”

As I sucked on her dark Latina nipples she said, “yes”.

I put my right leg against her pussy while my finger was still inside her. She pushed her clit against my leg, and was fucking my finger. Rubbing and moving her pussy against it.

I was still kissing her neck and mouth. Working my way to her breasts.

My cock was fully erect.

“Do you like my finger inside you?” I said.

“Yes! Give your cock! Put it inside me now” she commanded.

I immediately pulled my finger out, mounted her in missionary,and slide my rock hard cock inside her tight wet pussy.

I could feel my cock slide past her wet pussy lips. It felt so good being inside her with my bare cock.

She could sense how hard my cock was, “don’t you fucking cum” she said.

I bursa escort slowed down but she kept gyrating her legs and wet pussy against my hard cock. And I couldn’t take it I exploded my full load inside her.

“Why did you cum!” She protested. “You need to hold it in longer”.

“I couldn’t I was too turned on” I said.

“I’m disappointed, this is the third time you came and I wasn’t able to finish.”


My wife was frustrated. I knew I had to do something. An idea developed. She needed more foreplay, and I needed her to feel a little slutty.

So I came to the conclusion of buying a 10 inch thick dildo, Adam. I didn’t tell her about Adam. It was going to be a surprise.

The package came with in a couple of days of ordering it online.

My wife had not been very receptive toward sex because of her let down.

I opened the dildo and took it out of the package. It was massive. The girth was double mine.

I cleaned it and put Adam and some lube in my night stand.


We were laying in bed sensually kissing. Little did my wife that she was shortly bursa escort bayan going to meet Adam. He was 10 inches and thick. White in color. I couldn’t wait to see that white dildo go inside her tight brown pussy.

I worked my hands down her body as we kissed.

I began slowly stimulating her clit through her panties.

I could feel her getting wet and sense her getting turned on.

I whispered in her ear.

“Are you going to be a bad giro for me?”

She said “yes”.

Not knowing what I was going to do.

I slide my index finger inside her by pushing her panties to the side. She was sooo wet.

“Honey you have to do as I say, because your going to be my bad girl tonight.”

I took my finger out of her soaking wet pussy and made her suck her juice off.

“Did that taste good bad girl?” She said “So fucking good.”

I pulled Adam out of the night stand draw. “Remember when I finished too soon a couple of weeks ago?” I said.

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well I thought about it and figured I needed some help making my naughty girl cum.” In the dark I slide her hand on to Adam.

“What’s escort bursa that?” She said. “His name is Adam, and he is going to help me fuck my naughty girl.” I then put some lube on Adam and put him at the edge of her pussy. I slide his head up and down her wet pussy lips.

I slowly started to insert Adam. I went very slow. Only the tip of Adam was in my wife. I kissed her neck and mouth. And slowly pulled him in and out of her pussy.

She was moaning like she had never moaned before.

“Do you like Adam naughty girl?”

“Yes!” She said.

“Do you want Adam to go deeper naughty girl.”

“Oh yes push him in deeper!” She said.

“I want you to take Adam all the way down to his balls. You’re my naughty girl. You’re taking his big fucking cock. You’re taking him all inside you. Feel how thick he is! Adam is going to make you cum!” I said.

“Yes push him all the way inside me!” She said.

I worked Adams shaft all the way in her. She just took 7 inches, 8 inches, then Adams shaft was completely wet. She was moaning so loud. I pulled my cock out and put it in her mouth and she began to suck it as she fucked Adam.

She started to moan, “oh fuck, I’m going to cum” and she came. I pulled Adam out of her pussy. And told her to suck it. I then slide my hard cock inside her. I pounded her pussy until I came deep inside her.

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