I Am Curious – Garrett


“There you are again,” chuckled Charlie Gordon as he leaned back against the wall of the hot tub and reached for his glass of iced tea. “You buy a house out in the middle of nowhere expecting privacy…”

The retired Marine chuckled as he left the sentence unfinished, because while he did like the seclusion his house out here provided, he also had no problem in somebody talking an interest in peeking at him over the privacy fence that separated his house from the now-vacant one.

That couple had left, because the guy probably couldn’t keep his wife from looking over at him while Charlie sunbathed or sat in the Jacuzzi on his back patio, nude as was his custom. Even the fence hadn’t kept the guy’s wife from peeking at him whenever she could.

Charlie had no interest in the woman, since his tastes ran to members of his own gender. Her husband – he was too old though, probably about 50, but their son – he was another story. A whole lot of stories last summer before he went off to college.

Charlie liked them young – not TOO young of course – because he had no interest in spending time on the front page or locked up with a bunch of animals, all for sake of a roll in the hay. A nice 18 or 19 year old, like young Ellis had been last year, or like many of the young recruits that he had managed to mold into men in many ways back in his service days, that was perfect.

So who was that over there peeking through the fence at him, Charlie wondered? Probably over 6′ tall, judging by the glimpse of brown hair he had seen over the top of the fence. There were some young fellows that lived down the road a ways. Maybe one of them heard about him and his… ways.

“Been a while,” Charlie mused, and then decided to stand up and stretch, mumbling, “You want to see something -here you are.”

At 61, Charlie Gordon was just as trim as he had been all his life, the 170 pounds that his muscular 6’2″ carried pretty much the same as it had been back in high school.

The only sign of age was his hair color. His brush cut was silver, and needed a trim Charlie mused as he ran his wet hands over the bristle. The chest hair was now mostly grey now as well, and Charlie had been tempted to shave it more than once.

Not only would the hair gone show off his still fit physique, but might make him look younger. His pubic hair – that was long gone. The first time he had noticed a grey one in the forest, he had shave it all off, and it never grew back.

Charlie looked down at what his nosy friend was probably looking at, and as he moved his hips the long flaccid snake swayed lazily back and forth, the smoothness around it making the over-sized organ appear even bigger.

Charlie stepped out of the Jacuzzi and stepped inside, and just for the hell of it, went out the front door, grabbing a towel just in case somebody was out on the dead end street, because he was curious who was his secret admirer.

When Charlie came around the side of the vacant house, he saw that the person was male was not more than 6′ tall, because he was standing on a milk crate. The kid, chubby it appeared, was unaware of his presence, and Charlie was amused when he saw that the lad, who was wearing t-shirt and shorts, had the shorts a little bit down and while his left hand was holding the fence, his right hand was busy doing something.

Charlie wished he could see what that hand was slowly moving on as the kid kept looking through the slats, no doubt waiting for him to come back out to the Jacuzzi when in fact he was standing about 12 feet behind him.

“Good afternoon,” Charlie bellowed when he could wait no more, and when the kid jumped he lost his balance, causing him to fall down clumsily.

Charlie was over there fast, helping the boy to his feet as he pulled up his pants and tried to pull away.

“Don’t go,” Charlie said as the red-faced lad looked at him with eyes bulging.

“I wasn’t doing nothing,” the boy said.

“You mean you weren’t doing anything, don’t you?”

“Yes,” the kid sniffed and he clutched his pants to keep them from dropping.

“It appeared you were looking over into my back yard,” Charlie said.

“I was just looking at the jacuzzi. Want my Mom to get us one. It looks cool”

“That so? Looks like you were doing something more than looking,” Charlie said as he nodded downward, and he let go of the lad’s wrist and told him to fix his shorts. “Want to try again, son? The truth this time?”

“I’m sorry mister,” the boy said. “I was just – I dunno. Bored. Curious.”

“Nothing better to do that look at an old man?”

“I’m a friend of Ellis,” the lad said. “Not a friend really. We rode the same bus to school.”

“That right?”

“I heard stuff. Stuff about you and him.”


“Can I go now?”

“What’s your name son?” Charlie asked in a fatherly voice.


“That your first name or last?”

“First. Garrett Strong. I live with my mother down on Route 29.”

“Pleased to meet you Garrett Strong,” Charlie said, extending his hand. “I’m…”

“Sgt. illegal bahis Gordon. I know who you are,” Garrett said. “My Mom, she would kill me if she knew I was up here. She said I should never come near you.”

“How come you didn’t listen to your mother?”

“She treats me like a kid.”

“You are a kid,” Charlie chuckled.

“I am not,” Garrett said. “I’m 18. Going to college in September.”

“What’s your birthday?” Charlie challenged, and after Garrett gave him the date he added, “What day of the week were you born on?”

“Thursday,” Garrett said, and Charlie nodded.

“Would you like to join me in the Jacuzzi,” Charlie offered.

“Don’t have a suit,” Garrett sniffled.

“Neither do I. See?” Charlie said, and the lad did a triple take, his head jerking around nervously while trying to pretend not to stare at what was revealed when the towel dropped.

“What’s the matter, Garrett? Did I look better from a distance?”

“No, I mean – I dunno,” Garrett said. “You sort of look like my uncle.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“Good. Real good. I love my uncle. I miss him.”

“Oh, did he pass away?”

“No, my Mom put an restraining order out on him. He can’t come anywhere near here.”

“Why, did he hurt your mother?” Charlie asked, his temper rising at the thought of a man hurting a woman like his own father had done to his mother long ago.

“No, he would never do that,” Garrett declared. “My Mom, she found out.”

“Found out what?”

“My Uncle Al, after my dad died he spent a lot of time around the house, helping out when he could. Taking me to ballgames and buying groceries. Then we started doing other stuff,” Garrett explained.

“I’m not following you,” Charlie said, although he was getting the idea.

“Me and Uncle Al – we would do stuff to each other,” Garrett said in a halting voice. “Stuff like you and Ellis did.”

“Oh,” Charlie said. “Did he force you?”

“No. I think I kinda of – I don’t know if I seduced him or not, but anyway – I wanted to be with him like that. I don’t have many friends. Nobody likes me because I’m fat.”

“You’re chubby, Garrett,” Charlie said, patting him on the shoulder. “Baby fat. You can shed that easy. 30 or so pounds – I used to trim down butterballs like you in 6 weeks.”

“You were in the Marines, weren’t you?” Garrett asked, and after Charlie nodded the lad added, “I would like to join them, if college doesn’t work out.”

“Always looking for a few good men,” Charlie smiled. “Now why don’t we hop in the water? It’s damn hot out.”

You’re going to hell, Charlie Gordon, the older man mused as he led Garrett over the his side of the fence, but then again, it’s not like I’m his uncle, and after all the little butterball is 18.

Still going to hell pal, Charlie concluded as he kept his hand on Garrett’s plump shoulder, just for what’s going through your mind right now.

“Want a drink?” Charlie offered, his voice breaking the lad’s stare at his cock, and when Garrett nodded he went inside and returned with a another tumbler.

“Figured you would be in the water already,” Charlie said.

“I will, in a minute,” Garrett said, and after clearing his throat asked, “How come you don’t have any hair – down there I mean?”

“One day I woke up and found a grey one, and I got so mad I shaved it all off,” Charlie explained. “The chest hair is next.”

“No, don’t,” Garrett said abruptly. “I mean, you look cool as you are. My Uncle Al has a hairy chest too.”

“That right?” Charlie asked. “You like hairy guys?”


“Well then maybe I’ll leave it alone,” Charlie announced with a laugh, and when Garrett just stood outside the pool looking at him, Charlie said that the water was very refreshing.

“If you want me to not look when you get undressed,” Charlie said. “Well, I could say that I won’t look, but that would be a lie. There’s no reason to be modest around me. I’ve seen more naked guys than most doctors.”

“Wish I wasn’t fat,” Garrett said, but then he reluctantly pulled his t-shirt over his head until Charlie’s watchful eye.

“You’ve got a hairy chest too, Garrett,” Charlie kidded as he pointed at the three hairs in the center of Garrett’s pudgy chest, between a couple of round man boobs with large red aureoles that looked made for sucking, and the lad laughed nervously, his plump belly with a deep navel giggling a bit as he did.

Garrett had his eyes closed as he dropped his shorts down and peeled down his underwear. Charlie was please to see that the lad had a decent sized piece of meat there sticking out of a bush of pubic hair that was like a jungle.

Not long, but thick, Charlie thought as he watched Garrett try to hide himself, perhaps in part because he had an erection, but as he climbed into the Jacuzzi Charlie helped him into, he commented on what he saw.

“That’s a real jawbreaker you have there son,” Charlie said, which about half of the roughly 5″ length consisting of a glans that was bigger than a plum, and the lad jumped when Charlie put illegal bahis siteleri the hand above the cock and pushed the doughy surface under the hair, adding, “Lose that fat and you’ve got a helluva weapon.”

“That’s what my Uncle used to say,” Garrett commented. “He used to say that when he had the head of my dick in his mouth he felt like a pig on a serving platter.”

“Heh heh,”

“You probably think I’m weird – and my Uncle Al is sick,” Garrett said as he eased into the water.

“I can’t judge, son,” Charlie said. “I don’t have any nephews, so I don’t know whether I would be any different. You see, I have a thing for young fellows.”

“Wish I wasn’t fat,” Garrett lamented.

“You said that before, Garrett. You would probably feel better about yourself if you lost weight, but as for the way you look, what would you say if I told you I thought you were cute?”

“You do?”

“Yes, and the way your cock was hard before you go into the pool, was that because of me?”


“Are you still hard?” Charlie asked, and after the lad nodded Charlie said, “Stand up, Garrett. Let me see.”

Garrett almost slipped as he rose to the feet, and Charlie smiled as he put his hands on Garrett’s wide lips to steady the lad. The fat log was pointing straight at the ex-Marine, and the older man lifted the plump stub to inspect the meaty balls below.

“Nice, son,” Charlie said, eyeing the bulbous head of the kid’s organ, grateful that he had a big mouth.

“Ohhh!” Charlie heard Garrett moan as he took the massive glans in his mouth, and the kid’s whole body jiggled as his lips made the short trip down to the stub of the cock, with Charlie’s mouth stretched to the limit.

Charlie moved his hands around to hold Garrett’s ass cheeks, and as he squeezed the doughy buttocks he realized that the way the boy was wiggling around he might fall in the tub, so after he slid his lips back up to the tip he leaned back.

“Turn around for me, son,” Charlie said as he looked up at the wild-eyed kid who clearly liked what was going on, and as Charlie shuffled around to turn his back to Charlie, the older man asked him to bend over.

Garrett did as he was told, and as he presented his plump ass for Charlie’s inspection, his hands spread apart the cheeks to expose the hair-ringed balloon knot. Charlie brought his index finger to the opening and nudged it in, Garrett just groaned and accepted the long bony digit.

“Is that good for you?” Charlie asked as he digitally probed the hot cavity he was intent on sampling.

“Yes,” Garrett in a shaky voice, and Charlie wished that he had some lube nearby because the little butterball looked so good bent over as he was in front of him.

“You Uncle Al – did he take you anally?” Charlie asked he rose to his feet and twisted his finger in to the hilt.

“Yes sir,” Garrett whimpered, wiggling his butt backward into Charlie’s hand.

“Did you like it?” Charlie asked, and after Garrett nodded the older man had Garrett straighten up, he pulled his finger out of the boy rectum and leaned over, biting the lad lightly on the neck.

“Yes – it hurt but I liked it,” Garrett gasped as Charlie ground himself into the lad, reaching around under his arms to squeeze his nipples. “He was big – not as big as you though.”

“Last chance,” Charlie said. “If you come in the house with me, you know what I want.”

Charlie smiled when he saw the lad’s head nod up and down, and with that they climbed out of the tub and into the house.

“Straight ahead,” Charlie said, following Garrett down the hall, the sight of the pear shaped lad with the plump ass only making Charlie want him more. “Turn right.”

Charlie ducked into the bathroom to grab a couple of towels, and was only a couple of steps behind Garrett when the boy entered the bedroom, enjoying the shocked expression on his face in the huge mirror on the far side of the room as he looked around.

“You like it?” Charlie asked as he started to dry Garrett body off, starting with his back before working the towel into the ass crack.

“What’s that?” Garrett asked as he looked at the large wooden X behind them against the wall.

“Want to find out?” Charlie asked with a lecherous grin, and without waiting for an answer he eased Garrett backward and lifted his arms, slipping the lad’s wrists through the loops.

“If we were going to use this, I would tighten the bracelets on your hands, and then I would put your feet in those other bindings,” Charlie said. “Your Uncle ever play like that with you?”

“No sir.”

“Well, maybe we’ll do that someday,” Charlie said, taking the opportunity to dry Garrett as he stood there, watching his man boobs jiggle as the towel run over them.

“Okay,” Garrett said, although to Charlie he looked a little scared at the prospect, and figured it was good he hadn’t mentioned the clamps and the hot wax and other little toys he had used on his young prey in the past.

“You’re a hairy one, aren’t you?” Charlie mentioned as he rubbed the towel into the canlı bahis siteleri thick tufts of hair under his chubby arms, neither pleased or displeased at the surprisingly bushy armpits on the boy.

Much different that his ex-neighbor Clive, who had very little body hair, and Charlie smiled when he remembered having Clive in the very position Garrett was in now. The way Clive sniffled and winced and carried on when he had decided to pluck the few blonde hairs that the lad had under his arms still made him smile.

Such a process would take considerable longer with Garrett, Charlie mused as he moved the towel down, avoiding the swaying stub that was still pointing straight out. The older man knelt down to dry Charles legs, and as he toweled his hairy calves he noticed a long rope of pre-cum hanging from the opening of the red plum.

“There,” Charlie said as he finished drying, noting that Garrett could have just slipped out of the loose straps but had stayed in place, and after he pulled Garrett hands free he handed him a fresh towel. “Dry me now.”

Garrett nodded and dried the older man just as he had been dried, starting on his back and working downward, and after he got to Charlie’s ankles he turned around.

“No, I don’t get into that thing,” Charlie said as he saw Garrett looking at the wooden cross before starting to dry his chest. “That’s not my style. Sometimes by young friends find themselves in it though.

“Did Clive?”

“Many times.”

“You’re hairy too,” Garrett commented as he tenderly ran the cotton through the silver and black mat of hair on Charlie’s chest.

“That’s right, you like hairy guys,” Charlie recalled as he put his hands behind his head so that Garrett could dry his armpits.

“Yeah,” Garrett said while he worked the towel gently into him, and Charlie smiled when he saw that Garrett’s hand, like it did on his chest seconds earlier, had the towel slide of his hand so he could caress the hair beneath.

“You’re doing fine,” Charlie sighed as Garrett moved the towel down his body, and while he was avoiding the older man’s manhood, the lad’s eyes never strayed from the cock which was now semi-erect and at a 45 degree angle.

“It’s getting even bigger,” Garrett said as he looked on of the corner of his eye at the slowly rising organ, the head of the monolith beginning to peek out from under the shroud.

“Is that good or bad?” Sgt. Gordon asked, and after Garrett shrugged his shoulders the older man reached down and helped Garrett to his feet and led him over to the bed, where Charlie sat and positioned the lad in front of him.

“Let’s take care of this first,” Charlie said. “You’re dripping all over the place.”

“Sorry,” Garrett gasped as Charlie’s hand went over the shaft of the stiff cock and leaned forward, and unlike outside, this time when he put the fat bulb in his mouth his lips did not stop.

It was short but sweet, and in less than a minute the thick stub had sent a massive load into Charlie’s mouth and was going limp, and when Charlie looked up and Garrett panting and sweating like a hog, he smiled and said, “My turn.”

Charlie put the lad on all fours, with his knees on the edge of the bed and his lower legs hanging over it. The ex-Marine grabbed the plump ass cheeks and pulled them apart again, but after probing the hot cavity with his index finger again, decided to add a second digit to the equation.

“OH!” Garrett cried out as the old man spun the fingers in deep.

“You like that, huh?” Charlie cackled, and then put another finger in, causing the butterball to squeal loud enough to make Charlie glad he had no neighbors. “I’ll bet you could take a fist.”

“No, please,” Garrett cried out, seeming to be on the verge of wiggling away.

“Relax,” Charlie said, reaching into the night table from his bottle of lube, and after flicking it open squirted a generous amount on his cock and worked in it.

Within a few seconds, his fist had primed a weapon that was fully engorged, and without further adieu removed the fingers from the lad’s steamy rectum and moved up behind him.

“Wait… wait,” Garrett cried, but Charlie was already pushing the bulb of his organ into the balloon knot, and after the head popped in he kept pushing until he had most of his cock into the plump ass, the lad’s scream sending a chill down the older man’s spine.

The boy didn’t cry, Charlie noted approvingly, and as he stood there pounding his cock in and out of the lad, holding onto the fleshy hips as he started to really jackhammer into him, he noted that Garrett was taking it and even leaning back into the thrusts after a time.

“You like it, don’t you son?” Charlie grunted as he leaned over the pale fleshy back, and the kid grunted yes in response.

It was times like this that Charlie was glad he had a lot of self-control and was able the savor the taking of a fresh piece like Garrett, and unlike many of the young fellows, Garrett didn’t beg for a rapid ending or sob like a baby. That was a surprise, given the lad’s meek introduction.

By the time it neared the end, they had worked their way across the bed, with Charlie hunched over Garrett, who had his face in the bedding but had managed to keep his bottom up high while Charlie sank his cock in to the hilt like he was drilling for oil.

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