I Awoke Ch. 02


That day after the first night together, I needed to think things through. What had I started? I believed like every unfaithful husband that it wouldn’t hurt anyone. I was in control and it was just a little fun. Who could be hurt?

I sat in the ten o’clock ‘The Review of Emerging Risks Meeting’ run by a very serious person in head office, via a video conference. It went on and on, I’d lost the will to be involved ages ago.

My seat was just out of the cameras field of view so unless I bent forward I could not be seen, this was planned as it had become apparent from previous meetings when I had been heard but not seen. It enabled me to gaze out of the window to the hills south and to watch clouds building for the next warm front from the west.

“So we feel that an in depth review of the actions and implication of xxxx risk should take priority as it poses a 15-20 year risk’ I came back to the room with a jolt. I’m 55 what the hell do I care. I nod sagely, and agree that another meeting in 6 months to discuss the recommended feasibility study to be conducted by a company, for far to much money, is the way forward.

I wonder if she is thinking of me?

The afternoon passed just the same, emails about things which wouldn’t change the price of fish, but matter to someone so much. An urgent purchase order for 20,000 had gone missing. The goods had arrived and where starting to be used in service, but the system couldn’t be closed off. Oh hell I didn’t really care. What difference did I make, I was just a medium size cog in the machine.

A text came ‘where do you keep the spare key?’ It was three thirty and she must have finished work and be back at the flat. I replied ‘Under the loose stone by the wall.’

Oh to hell with it “I’m needed at site B” I said picking up my jacket and bag and heading to the car. The barrier lifted I drove out free and happy. Why was I working? Why did I do this? I stopped on the way back and bought flowers for the flat or her, I hadn’t decided & didn’t know. My phone went

“Hello I haven’t heard from you for two days?” My wife said.

“Oh work and stuff you know” the lies covering up.

“Well my sister has been on the phone and asked ………….What do you think?”

“Yea” what did she say I hadn’t heard “Sorry I’m driving say that again please.”

“A month away in France together” She said.

“Well yes good idea, I can’t get a month off .”

“Not you, just us girls”

“Oh OK I suppose it that’s what you want to do”

We finished the call. That that my wife’s off to France then.

I arrived at the flat and saw her car outside. Through the door she greets me with a kiss and arms around my neck, it developed into a longer more passionate embrace.

“Have you just arrived” I ask? She had her long coat on.

“I thought it would be good get out while the weathers good. Let’s take a walk down by the cove.”

“OK when did you become a naturist?”

We left it the flat and walked out to my car. I realised she wasn’t wearing trousers and those heels wouldn’t climb Everest. What was going on now?

It was pleasant being close to her in the car, there was that perfume again. Subtle not strong, almost not there, then she would turn or move and it would essence come to me. It was becoming addictive. The drive out was pleasant we hardly get much in the way of traffic out with us. The high cloud had built up over the afternoon making a sun appear watery but it was quite warm. The coat slid apart slightly and when I managed a glimpse down, it confirmed my earlier view no trousers. I think in the years I’ve know her I seen her in a dress twice, a function or big family occasion. So a skirt and a short skirt then. We arrived at the head of the cove, miles from most habitation, parked and leaving the car behind started walking along the shore pathway. The shoes seemed to manage along the pathway quite well. We had strolled along around the bend out of sight from the car park or anyone. It was good to talk about our day and finding a large flat rock on the side of the path we sat down. The coat slid apart, no trousers, no dress, no skirt to be seen. Black stockings and very tiny black panties came into view. I had been slow. So there we are out in the countryside, taking in the views, the fresh air and enjoying the wonderful outdoors and she has almost nothing on tempting me with an exquisite view of her own.

“You asked and I have them” she said with a innocent face.

“Well yes but I thought may be in the bedroom or something”

“This is the aperitif” she said.

I thought of asking how many courses in this czech pool porno banquet but didn’t. She stood up and did a full spin displaying her charms in the suspenders, stockings tiny black panties with just a string from the front over here hip and down through the valley of her cheeks. Oh they look perfect almost alabaster without a blemish. I knelt down and placed kisses on both cheeks. She turned, the tiny area covered by the black satin looked equally kissable so I paid attention to the area as well. Upon kissing over her covered mound of Venus it felt different. I found out why by sliding my tongue under the edge of the fabric, smooth soft skin, no hair. She was totally smooth. Had shaved herself been waxed, depilated call it what you want. A hairless pussy is a an erotic object of desire and beauty something to be treasured and enjoyed.

There we where out in the countryside late afternoon along a pathway me on my knees kissing her freshly hairless pussy. Her hand fell onto my head and gently pushed me into her. If she had a climax in was a little one as she groaned and sighed, then pulled me up and kissed me. Her coat fell back to cover the lingerie. A long cuddle followed and we started back.

“You are full of surprises”. I said.

“Well I try. I’ve never really had anyone who treated me like you do, I don’t suppose I’ve ever trusted a man like you. After I broke up with ‘him’ my life was not good. Then you came along, A lovely gentleman who made me I feel very special. I mattered”

“I don’t know what to say, This all happened out of the blue I didn’t know you felt this way about me. I don’t know where this is going”

Her answer was a kiss and “Lets just enjoy each other.”

At the car we kissed again then drove off heading back to the village. When we approached the pub car park I pulled in at the last minute.

“We need a drink”

“What I can’t not like this” she exclaimed.

“Oh yes you can”

The pub was quite, hardly anyone was in, a guy was reading the paper and didn’t look up and one practising at the darts board. Alan the landlord served us, he knew both of us and didn’t seem to make much of us being together. We sat down by the old fire place it was loaded but unlit. We had our backs to the rest of the bar, so it was discrete, but not somewhere you would be totally unnoticed. I slid my hand under her coat and up her thigh. Is there anything that can compare with the feel of a woman’s inner thigh. Her skin was softer than silk, and warm to the touch. My finger tips glided around in little circles. I was jolted back to reality by someone coming through the door, shouting to Alan ‘two pints please’. I withdrew my hand and the coat slid back to cover her leg. We smiled at each other finished our drinks and left.

Back at the flat I offered to hang up her coat. She twirled out of it, danced across the room and landed on the sofa. Does anything contrast as well as black underwear on a women? To start with the stockings, black obviously with a seam running from her heel to thigh encased her legs. The top lace looked very delicate leaving a display of white thigh framed by the four straps from her suspender belt. The panties where very tiny with the small strings leading away as I had already seen. The small satin triangle which covered her pussy. I already knew that it was freshly shaved

but the filigree of the satin looked enchanting over her mound. The suspender belt, again black was quite wide it held her little bulge in, flattening her. She had changed her belly ring in which held a black faceted stone. This caught the light and twinkled. And lastly her bustier which came up from her ribs moulding her breasts creating a beautiful display. Her nipples were just contained and the valley produced between each breast looked very inviting.

I returned back into the room to see a stocking covered a leg draped over the arm of the sofa the other on the cushion framing a bear naked smooth pussy on display.

“Look what you did.” she said pointing to the small bite mark from yesterday.

“Would you like another one to match?” I enquired.

“That would be nice”

I slid down to the floor positioned between her legs. My lips started at her knee and nibbled along the stocking across the naked thigh to her pussy. I flattened my tongue and lapped along her outer lips through the wet silk. She lifted her hips and I slid down the tiny panties. Then I returned to my labours, up one side across the apex and down the other side. The around and around her opening and up between the petals to her clitoris. Her juice were flowing and czech sharking porno my lips and mouth, had become every wet. Oh she tasted lovely. I slid my lips over her clitoris and using my tongue I hit it with very quick strokes. She moaned. I used two fingers to slid inside her pussy and wriggled them around searching for her G spot. She moaned again and started to move her hips in time to my movements. I pushed harder, she squealed rising off the sofa.

“Oh yes, Oh yes” she cried out.

Then it was over, she fell back to rest again. I made the required matching mark on the other leg. When I finished she sighed and bent down to kiss me. Her hands grabbed my belt, next my trousers and boxers descending down my legs. A soft touch on my cock brought me to her petals and a slowly I glided through them into enveloping softness. I was pulled into her, she held my bum and then wrapped those stocking clad legs around my hips, and secured me in place. Slowly she started then rolled her hips with our movements. I was moving thrusting slowly with long stokes. Oh what feelings. She stroked my balls with her nails, it was to much. I pushed in deep, moaning and flooding her with my climax. We fell together in a hug until our breathing returned to normal. I slid out and we got comfortable on the sofa.

After a little while it dawned that we need food. So I tore myself away and headed to the kitchen. I started to prepare food. She appeared in a robe and hugged me from behind.

“Can do anything” She enquired with no enthusiasm.

“Well yes, but for the moment find some wine in the fridge and pour us some”

Cool glasses of Chablis where produced and we headed to eat with hot chicken salad.

“Can we watch another of your films, please? She said in a pleading voice.

“Yes of course you choose. There’re in the trunk, erotica is left hand side.”

I took plates and left pick our entertainment for the evening.

“More wine?” I asked turning round. What is about a women bum that turns a man’s thoughts to sex? She was still on her knees looking at DVDs in the trunk. Her rump all be it covered by the robe looked really delectable. I noticed the stockings had gone.


Did you know cold wine, even just a drip on the back of a women’s neck will make her shriek.

We cuddled down to watch a French erotic film. The story was of a high class brothel in a château and the adventures of the girls etc. It had lots of lingerie, mild bondage, tying up and playing with food you can imagine the rest. It was a bit tongue in cheek but erotic for all that. We did a little stroking during the film. At the end we moved up to bed.

I came into the bedroom to see her still in the robe lying on her side . A towel was in the middle of the bed and various items on the side table. She smiled and asked me undress and to lie on the towel, which I did feeling a little self-conscious . She kissed me then stretching me out and tied my wrists to the bed posts with a couple of my ties. During this I had the opportunity of caressing her boobs with kisses as she let them fall across my face. Then she did the same to my ankles and totally ignored my cock which was rising to the occasion. Then she covered my eyes and face with a strip of cloth which had either been worn or perfumed earlier. I could have shaken it off but why would I want too.

Her nails scraped up my thighs, lightly touched my balls then slid over my hips making me jump.

“I see you like that” she said in a mock French accent.

“Wee mademoiselle” I replied.

I heard the trimmer start buzzing and then she start to work across my pubic hair. My cock was move around to allow the cutters to reach all over the area. She used something soft to brush the cut hair away. Then she started on my balls gently cupping each and trimming the hair away. Ooh I felt the warmed tip of the cutter graze up the crack of my bum. The trimmer stopped. I heard a pissst of an aerosol then felt her brush cool gel across my pubic area. This made my cock bob and move, she ignored it. I felt the scrape of a razor. I wasn’t being trimmed any more I was going to be bald down there. My cock bobbed around even more as she removed all trace of hair. I have loved the experienced a shaved a woman, I have done the shaving and found the task very erotic, but I’d never had it done to me. Well it was a major turn on. My cock had become hard and twitched every time she came up to it. Then she stroked up my cock with her hand holding my to my stomach. Then more foam was applied to my balls and crack this was followed by more czech streets porno scraps of the razor.

“That looks so sexy” she announced giving the head of my cock a little kiss. Then she wrapped my freshly shaved area in something warm and wet the feeling was very nice. After this caressed me with a dry towel to dry me off.

“That looks very fresh” she said. I flexed my cock and made it wobble. She caught the tip and kissed it softly. Then her lips slid down me and her tongue flicked across the tip.

“Oh the feels so good” I moaned. I heard the click then her mouth slid up my cock, then her hands covered in something which made them slide passed all over my shaved area. Then up and down my cock. Her palm rolled over the tip covering in me in this lubricant. She was becoming very good at this teasing. The effect of her hands gripping and rolling up and down was bringing me close. She increased the speed of her stroke bringing me to a climax. I the cried out and erupted, my hips pushing off the bed.

“That’s so good” I exclaimed and shock the cloth covering my face off. I looked up at her, she gave me that smile I come to like.

“Could I be released, please” I asked.

” Well yes may be, but what do I get in return” she asked.

“Would a full massage be acceptable?” I replied.

“Ooh yes” I was free very quickly and after we had replace the towel for a fresh one. She lay out on her front in the middle of the bed while I found the massage oil she had used on me.

I sat over one leg with my knees bent oiled my hands and started at her shoulders working up into her neck. Flicking the hair away with back of my fingers. Two more applications of oil had her nicely covered from her lower back up and down her arms. Then I started with long strokes up her back either side of her spine with the flat of my hands and working her shoulders with my thumbs. This bought sighs of contentment. I changed to working up her sides over he shoulders and down her arms to the back of her hands. Working like this I felt her body relax and the tension in her mussels flow away.

I covered her body and started on her feet. I used firm pressure on the soles, moving up to her toes which I gently rolled and extended. Her calves were next, so I applied more oil up to the knee. I bent each leg one at a time hooking her foot onto my shoulder. This frees the leg from any mussel strain of holding this position. Again I used firm pressure into the mussels and pushed her knee slightly down ward into the bed. At the back of her knee I released the pressure to let her leg relax. After completing this to both legs several times. I moved up to her upper leg, after using my hands to cover both the thighs both front and back with oil. Starting at the knee I worked upward on the soft inner thigh to the base of her bum. Then using both hands on one leg at a time, one inner one outer I worked all the mussel along its length.

I’d left beautiful bum until last. I lifted the towel to allow unrestricted access. Another application of oil brought a nice glow to her skin. I work the outside areas, then using my thumbs I worked up either side of her crack. My fingers working into the dimpled sides whilst cupping the orb in the palm of my hand. This has my desired effect and I began feel and smell her arousal, so I was doing what she liked. Then changing what I did with my thumbs. I let them to slide up the outside of her pussy lips. The oil mixed with her lubrication was letting my thumbs glide along. I wobbled them up and down using them together left and right then in and out. At the end of the slide I brought up each side of her clitoris squeezed together then relaxed, then rolled the area between my thumbs. This brought a soft sigh from her. I built up her arousal until I thought the moment right to thrust both thumbs up between the outer lips over her inner lips and into her pussy. She groaned and started to rock her hips onto my thumbs and I pushed upwards and rolled them inside her. Her climax was different this time. I don’t know why but it seemed different softer but longer. She didn’t cry out, just long low moans. I kept the the pressure and movement until I felt her subside and relax. Moving onto my side and pulling her into me we spooned together to relax under the covers.

“You are good at that” she said.

“Would that be the massage or inducing orgasms?

“One your quite good at one and the other I need more proof of” she replied.

” Well just not this moment.”

“I have demands that I need met” she said with mock authority.

“Well I have requirements and now it is sleep”

“Are we having our first argument? She questioned.

I kissed the back of her neck and squeezed her with a hug. “No discussing our sexual incapacity”

“Humm don’t think it’s anything we can’t work at” she said.

We carried on back and forth with little comments until nothing came back and she was asleep.

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