I Can Explain… Pt. 02


Hello all! It’s been a long time since part 1, but hopefully this is enough to sink your teeth into until part 3, which I hope to have out by the end of August. I have to thank the community for supporting this piece and also the motivating requests for this installment. You’re all cool, cool cats. Enjoy!



I opened my eyes. My head was pounding and my eyes were blurry. I was in pain, but I knew where I was. I’d recognize those beige ceilings no matter how hungover I was.

“Wha…” I groaned, feeling a slow breath on my chest and hand on my lap. I lifted my head to find Suzie, naked and still asleep.

A rush of blood shot through me, but this time not to my dick, but to my brain. I thought of last night and everything that had happened. The passion we shared, the amazing sex and how erotic this 18 year-old-girl was, and how I was going to be brutally murdered by my best friend for partaking in this forbidden fruit. Shit.

I slid the delicate hand off of my junk and slowly began to roll out of bed. Sitting on the edge, I looked back at Suzie. My god she was beautiful. The sun-rays beaming in through the windows were hitting her shoulder, accentuating her tanned, supple skin. The blanket was just barely managing to cover her amazing chest. But what struck me most was her face. The curvature of her full lips, that cute nose, and how peaceful her expression was as she snoozed. I could feel my heart beat race in my chest while I looked at her.

I needed to change my current train of thought onto something more productive. I tucked and rolled her off of me onto her left side. I reached for my cellphone. It had 5 messages on it, all from Mike.

Text 1: “Dude, where you go, there r ladies here who want to c that think you can do with your tongue.”

Text 2: “Guy come on, theres like six girls here you totally need to meet.”

Text 3: “Jack…?”

Text 4: “Did you already leave with another girl!?”

Text 5: “So I’m now being told you took my sis home so thx I guess.”

I betrayed the best wingman I could ever hope for. Worse, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the bed I was sharing with his sister. I had only one option available to me.

I slid closer to Suzie, still blissfully unconscious and gave her a light kiss on the forehead. I figured if I was going to tell a girl that it’s czech super models porno/ not going to work out, better she be in a good mood.

Suzie lazily opened her eyes and turned to me. “Hey,” she whispered.

“Hi there,” I replied, in a manner that was far more aloof than how I was feeling. I was trying to recapture the tone of voice I’d used for the entire tenure of our relationship before the previous night. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes, then twisted her face into a confused look, and then moved up to my lips and gave me a long, deep, intimate french kiss.

My expression was of shock at first, but became obviously pleased the longer the kiss went on. She smiled and said “I knew it…” and then went back for more. We continued to make out until I stopped her.

“You knew what, exactly?”

She gave me a serious look, adjusted herself so that the blanket could slide right down her body and clearing her throat, tried to mimic my earlier tone. “Jack, you’re into me and any bullshit you were about to give me about how we could never do this again, or that you were drunk, or…or any of that…” she paused, “well it can’t change the fact that just looking at me turns you on.”

Suzie’s serious look and tone had transformed into something resembling the girl I thought I’d known. She seemed upset, but only a little. Her face almost looked like a dog owner wishing her puppy would realize what their pet had done wrong.

I was silent. Difficult questions entered my mind. Is she psychic? Was this some sort of ploy? Why is my dick suddenly so hard? My mind was racing, searching for answers, or at the very least, my next move.

Growing impatient she climbed on top of me and put a finger on my lips. She leaned very close to my ear, her breasts pressing onto me. “I won’t tell if you won’t,” was all Suzie had to say, as she skillfully slid me into her waiting pussy.

I took a deep breath. “Goddamit Suzie,” I muttered, starting to to slide into her while lost in bliss. My body knew what it wanted and since my head wasn’t coming up with anything brilliant, it easily won out.

I filled her again and again, feeling my balls slap her butt cheeks as I tried to match the rhythm of her bouncing. She started quietly moaning “Fuck yes…oh Jack more,” and we sped up.

Suzie lowered czech tax porno down onto me, wrapping herself tight around my torso, and excitedly slammed her pussy onto my cock. I instinctively grabbed her ass.

Lifting up with my arms and pushing her down onto my shaft, I could feel her getting tighter with every thrust. She teased my nipples with her fingernails, rewarding me for my hard work, kissing me all the while. I was still groggy from last night, but somehow having this girl I had known for years just lay down the law was making me uncontrollably horny.

“God, oh my god Suzie you feel so fucking good. You’re incredible! I don’t know how much more I can take,” I said breathlessly.

I sped up and the little winces and whines Suzie was making got quicker and louder.

“Jack I’m never letting you or this fat cock get away from me. This is so right and it feel so fucking good.” Suzie said, clearly losing control. “I can’t…oh my god…Jack I want to…shit I think I’m going to…”

Moments later, tightly gripping and moaning into my chest she whimpered “I’m coming baby,” which sent me over the edge. I shot ropes of hot, white cum into her, my whole body clenching as I came for what felt like an eternity.

Suzie bit down just above my nipple and squirmed, moaning as her orgasm rocked her alongside mine.

Our time to bask in the glory of how epic our climaxes were was cut short. A knock was heard from the door. My post-cum zen was interrupted by unbridled fear as I turned pale.

Suzie put her hand on my mouth. “Um… I am very naked and would appreciate it if you didn’t come in, whoever it is!”

The deep voice replied, “Okay hon, your mum and I just wanted to know if you were joining us for breakfast before work?”

She now looked equally worried. She looked at her nightstand’s clock and then looked at me. “Leave out a granola bar or something, I’ll be right down.”

She moved her hand. “You’ve got to go,” she said with a wicked smile, a scenario easier said than done. Suzie lifted up off me and scrambled to get ready.

“What about…” I began, but was interrupted.

“Remember that time you and Mike were too afraid to go downstairs after the hose incident?” Suzie said with a mischievous smile. I thought back…and then it hit me.

“The window!?”

Suzie tossed defloration porno me my clothes and winked. She then scurried into her bathroom, expertly cleaning up the “post-sex look” she was rocking.

I looked at the window. “Goddammit Suzie” I muttered again, this time more audibly in the hopes that she’d hear me.

Too afraid to make a fuss (lest I be found out by her parents), I got dressed and quickly made my escape using the tree in the backyard. Climbing down, I stealthily creeped around the side of the house, and found the sidewalk. On my way back to the residence building, I racked my brain thinking up of an excuse for having stayed out all night after dropping Suzie off.

I reached for my pocket to see if I had any other missed calls, when I noticed my phone was missing.

“Oh no,” I paused. “No no no,” I frantically patted myself down. “No!” I yelled to the cruel universe.

I couldn’t do much but hyperventilate as I realized that my phone was in Suzie’s room. My phone was in Suzie’s room and I was fucked.

I couldn’t just leave my phone there, my whole life was on that thing. I also couldn’t risk climbing the tree again and getting caught by a neighbour or something.

I casually walked to the house I had just masterfully escaped from. I knocked on the door. I was greeted by a familiar scene, a far cry from anything I had experienced that morning. I saw Mike’s parents and Suzie, sitting down the kitchen table.

Suzie was ravenously eating breakfast, but nearly choked when she saw me standing in the doorway.

“Jack… it is 9 AM on a Saturday. What has my son done this time?” Mike’s mom, Alice, asked me.

Mike? He hasn’t done anything, Alice, he just sent me here to grab something from his room.” A lie, but close enough to the truth that the tinge of guilt didn’t show up on my face.

“Oh! He sent you, did he? I didn’t realize the lord-regent himself was too high and mighty to make appearances in his own house. Well come in then, join us for breakfast.”

I walked in and explained I was in a bit of a hurry. They wouldn’t hear of it.

“You came all this way, have some eggs, kid,” the balding man dressed in a wife-beater and boxer briefs said, not looking up from his paper.

Mike’s dad James was always friendly, which usually put me at ease, but I wanted to be in and out of there. There wouldn’t be much damage-control planning if I was stuck at the scene of the crime.

“Let me just grab what I came for and I’ll come back down and join you for a bit,” I bargained, turning towards the stairs.

“Alright Casanova, whatever you want,” James chuckled.

I froze and my heart sank. He knew.

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