I Do

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“I do”

It echoed around the open glade. Heavy with poignancy and emotion it escaped my lips. I could feel the red creep into my face, the heat in my ears. I turned my head, the collar of my shirt scraping against the short stubble that had grown since I shaved that morning. I looked at you and saw the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You were almost glowing with the fading afternoon light. The sun would set just as we kissed, our hands bound together, and we would be happily married. We would be newlywed. The warm breeze would be swirling around us. Your hair began to lift from your long slender neck, begging me to kiss your coral lips, and then trace my mouth down the curve. But we had guests, an audience. And so I leaned in as the sky turned its orange red of ending day, and the sparkles began to appear to the east.

You opened you mouth oh so slightly, teasing me as I kissed you perfect lips. I wanted to take you right then, lay you on the ground, and show you how much you mean to me. Let you scream my name into the stars you so love, with your legs wrapped around my back, and your nails clawing at my back. But instead I slowly stepped away, regret flickering in your eyes, reflected, I’m sure in my own. In that kiss we knew what we wanted, and shared it.

We stood like that for a while, until my father clapped me on my back, rudely breaking my eyes away from you star fire flecked eyes. Our hearts cried until I held you to me and we left the field, voices chorusing us as we left, wishing us so much luck. We knew we would see them all at the reception later, but right now I wanted to find some place away from the hustle and bustle of out own fairytale wedding.

Halfway down the trail to the waiting limo, and away from the fading voices. I chuckled and pull you into the thin brush surrounding the getaway path, and made my own. You pulled your dress up over your knees, bunching so much up that you couldn’t keep with me. So in the nature of chivalry, I picked you up, and swept you into my arms, letting you fend off the branches as I trekked through the forest. And finally we reached another clearing. Although this glade was smaller than out wedding “chapel,” it was far more comfortable. A brook ran along one side of a rocky hill face, hiding us along one side, and came from the waterfall crashing into a pool deep enough to swim in, hiding fake hospital porno us from that side, and on the third side, lay a steep slope. I whispered into your ear, letting you shudder with the words.

“Happy wedding night.”

I let you down, your long legs, encased in sheer with stocking exposed for a brief second before they were hidden under the length of your dress. Hold your dainty hand in mine, I walked us over to the large pavilion hidden in the shadows of the looming cliffs, the darkness hiding us from eyes, as only your ethereal glow of white and star shine displayed us, to the no one that was around us.

I parted the curtains, and led you in to our home for at least part of the night. The golden tassels of the silk opening twitched together behind us, and I tied them shut. The sheer royalty of the enclosure astounded you. The candelabras were dark until I lit them, each one brightening the room with impishly dancing flames. I led you to imperious bed, the biggest you’ve ever seen, the sheer luminescence of the silk sheets peeking out from underneath the velvet covers. All on the most ornament oak and brass frame. You gasped and laughed as I swept you up again and tossed you bodily on the crowning achievement of my wedding presents to you. You laughed and then squealed as I began to tickle you.

I felt so powerful, and so loved, and so wonderful as I ran my fingers, rough from work over your legs, unleashing them from their heels. And then tossing your dress over your head, I tackled and tickled along your legs. Teasing them, and you, until you kicked so petulantly at me. Pinning them down I reached up until I was hugging your hips and crooning an off key love song into your stomach, through a layer or two of cloth of course.

You laughed at me, taunting me as you slipped so gracefully out from under me. You slipped off the bed, and began to sway pulling at one sleeve, then the next, your princess gown unpeeling. You opened and slid from the body, letting it puddle at your feet. Wearing only your bra, white lace and full of your breasts, milky white with a warm overtone of the fire, your g string, a white version, of one of the ones I bought you all those years ago, and the sheer thigh highs, capped in their tight lace.

You tauntingly traced the outside of your tits, your nipples already fake taxi porno hard in the cool evening air. Finally fingertips touch the waistband of your sexy panties. And you ease them over your hips, slightly turning until I can watch the fabric slide of your ass, letting it join your bra and dress on the grass. Your shaven mound is only sometimes hidden in shadow as you walk toward me alluringly. Placing one foot on the tall bed, you begin to shimmy the stocking off. I can see your wetness glistening on your opening. Your red orchid is dim in the light but delectable nevertheless. I lean forward suddenly, and take your nipple into my mouth. Gasping you thrust your chest into me and arch your back, creating a concave shape that my hands nestle in perfectly. Pulling you onto me, I kiss your breast, and feel the heat of your body through my heavy dress clothes

You straddle my chest, your knees in my armpits, and untie my tie, drawing it around my collar. You lean forward and gently kiss my forehead. All the same time unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it over my head, even though it’s only half undone. You move your self closer to my mouth. I can smell you now, and flick my tongue out, tagging your clitoral hood, make you jump, and as you do I pull you up and on to my mouth. You lean back, giving my tongue more to make love to.

You unbuckle my belt, and unbutton my pants. You unzip my fly and reach inside, to grab hold of my throbbing, hot, muscle. You pull at it, letting the hot pre-cum stick to your fingers. You turn around, so that we lay in a sixty nine position. Your mouth hovering over my shaft, your tongue flittering on my head, and inside my foreskin, and my tongue, laving your wet pussy, sometimes skipping up to tease your tight rosebud. You moan, your mouth plunging to cover my hot cock. Your throat opens up to me, as you force your face closer and closer to my balls. Finally when your nose touches the smooth sack, you begin to rise up, almost sucking my hips up with you. My tongue stabs into you, causing you gasp and rotate your hips over my mouth, forcing my nose to push into your ass. You moan and begin to fuck my cock and my face.

I push your hips up, tossing onto the bed, whining you look at me with disbelief. Swinging over you, I push my cock into your tight wet cunt. Moaning you tilt your hips, and I slide family stroke porno deeper into you. My balls rest against the crack of your ass. I’ve split you open, your hands fly to your nipples, pinching them and pulling them up. One hand leaves its post to play with your clit. I rest my arms on either side of you, and with my body high above you, I slam into you. Moaning, you play harder, and again I slam. Harder and faster than we both know I can keep up with. You cum so strongly, your body jumping off the silk and satin sheets beneath you. My balls are now soaking in your juices, but still I hammer into you. My body is dripping sweat. And again you cum, and with slowing down, you cum again. Suddenly I drag you to the side of the bed, where I can stand up. I pick your legs up, and place them against my shoulders.

I begin to slowly push into you, hard and deep, but still slow. I’m powerfully in control. You gasp and scream, grabbing at the lustrous fabric around you. Your manicured fingernails tearing into the fabric. You past and gasp as I push into you, and you shudder as I flex, buried deep inside of my newly weds steamy wet pussy. I flip you over, pinning you on your stomach on the massive bed and continue to drill you. I can see you playing with your new ring. The diamonds and emeralds are catching the light of the fire and making your finger twinkle like stars beating to my fucking you. You cum again, and again, and I’m trying to keep in control, trying not to fill you yet. I’m hitting everything inside you, and you keep shaking, feeling my balls slap against your clit. You scream, and I feel you clamp so tightly against my dick that I can’t move. You just cum and cum, shaking, my cock not moving from its right place in its permanent home.

You gasp, and begin to beg me. Telling me how much you want me to cum inside of your pussy. You keep calling me master, and I spank you, and you squeal. I demand a new name. But you’re not paying attention; you are too busy covering my cock with your juices. I finally gasp one more time, and let loose with a torrent of cum. You scream, and shake, feeling it filling you. I keep pumping away though, letting it leak out of your cunny and letting it mix with your own cum. Grabbing your hand I pull you up to me, and I bend down to kiss you. My cum running down your legs, yours is drying on my shrinking cock. Our rings touch the others’ hand, and I kiss you, deeply our tongues imitating the act we have just finished, for now.

“I love you wife.” I croon in your ear, and only the darkness outside of haven can hear me but you. And you finally understand my new title…

“I love you too, “you whisper, “husband.”

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