I LOVE MY DAUGHTER VERY MUCHAs you probably know from my previous stories I broke a taboo about fucking my beautiful daughter Christina, but I,m only human! For some time I felt very guilty and nearly confessed to wife Sarah a few times, but somehow didn,t! All that changed when one of her relationships with boyfriends went tits up again! Chris was always the aggressor at sex, after all she,d seduced me more than the other way round! So for once she got dumped where as in most of her relationships her boyfriends dumped her! In the end she married a younger wimpy guy, but I guess Love is blind. Now she lives two hundred miles away and has her own two lovely daughters to raise. Because of all her break ups she married faintly late in her life and may struggle when her k**s become teenagers. Any way in the spring of 1995 she was back living with us in her old room in London. One evening I was pleasantly surprised when my security shift finished illegal bahis early, ten pm instead of midnight so decided to surprise Sarah and not ring to tell her we might have a sexy night for a change. I took the underground to the nearest station then walked the fifteen minute walk to,our house. Chris, Old Renault was parked outside so I knew she,d come back from her mate Georgie,s earlier than I expected. I let myself in with my house key to find the down stairs all in darkness but lights on on the second floor so assumed Sarah and Chris were getting ready for bed. The stair carper silenced my foot falls as I ascended them and I entered the bath room as I badly needed a piss! After I relieved myself and washed my hands I noticed only the light in our master bedroom was on so reckoned Chris must already be in bed. As our room is next to the bath room I suddenly heard a soft moan. Wondering what on earth or who I glanced round the door instead illegal bahis siteleri of just entering and was taken aback! Chris lay on her back totally stark naked as Sarah kissed her big titties as she fingered my daughter,s hairy snatch! I suffered mixed emotions and found myself taking my cock out to rub as my wife continued to feast on my daughter,s magnificent mammary glands while getting her fingers coated in pussy juices. Eventually Sarah kissed down Chris, tummy to her clitoris then tongued her sensitive pleasure button before licking and sucking her cunt lips as Chris fondled my wife,s big knockers. Chris moaning was getting louder now and I moved inside as I realised they were totally oblivious to all but their sexual pleasures. It was only when they shifted round to allow Chris to eat Sarah,s twat that they noticed me. “Okay Dad. You,ve caught us Eating Pussy!” Chris, shrugged. “From the hardness of your cock you,d canlı bahis siteleri better join us!” This was one time my dick took over and I found myself being stripped of my clothing by my wife And daughter and then Chris was sucking me while Sarah straddled my face to allow me to eat her out. Somevwhile later though it still seemed to soon I pumped my cream in Sarah,s cunt and then watched the lovely Chris, lick it all out whilst sharing it with Sarah. “So how long has this been going on?” I asked as we recovered our breaths. “Since before you fucked Christina” Sarah volunteered “so you needn,t feel so guilty about it my Love! “ “I suppose now you,ll tell me you,ve both fucked with Rick?” “No. I might have and not sure about Chris, but Rick being away at university has given us no chance!” Sarah confessed. “Ugh! Wouldn’t, let my brother touch me that Way!” Chris, laughed. Sarah, Chris and I had a few more threesomes the year Chris stayed with us, but my long working hours and commuting Didn,t give us many opportunities to enjoy ourselves though we always did with no worries about taboos! A shame now it,s all in the past and certainly won,t be happening with my poor sickly wife Sarah!

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