I Only Want Him



When I was a senior in high school, an essay I wrote was selected to be read for a competition in London. When I think of that trip I only remember him, and blush.

We arrived at the hotel with our stuff, and checked in. The place was really busy. I saw at least 6 different schools in the lobby. The first elevator got so packed that I decided to hang back, and wait for the next one to come down. I was looking around the main hall so much, that I didn’t notice him standing next to me. Have you ever seen someone so beautiful that they take your breath away? That’s exactly what happened to me when I saw him.

He was listening to his music. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Suddenly he blinked, and looked at me. He must have felt my eyes staring at him. “Can I help you?” he said. So, I instantly lied “Sorry, you look exactly like a friend from my school.” Smooth girl, real smooth.

Thankfully the elevator appeared shortly after, and we boarded with his class mates. We were in the back, standing next to one another, and my knees were shaking. Before that moment I never knew that could happen!

We were in there for only 3 minutes, and I was fantasizing that he was kissing me the whole time. Seemed I was still under the spell because; I didn’t notice he was walking behind me when I got out. He tapped my shoulder, and I yelled. Really loud. He lifted his hands to show he meant no harm. Once I calmed down I got really excited that he had followed me. “You dropped your card in the lift. I was trying to get your attention but you kept walking away.” he said. I took the card, and died a little inside. “Thanks for the card, and I’m really sorry for the scream. I was lost in my thoughts. My name is Olivia by the way. Are you doing a reading for the contest?” I asked, hoping for a yes. “I’m Henry.” he said, and put out his hand for a shake. I got all tingly when we touched. “You’re welcome for the card, and I will be in the competition. Where are you from?” he said. “I’m from New York. Brooklyn actually.” I said. I couldn’t believe it! An actual conversation with the hottest guy ever.

I invited him into my room. Still one of the bravest things I’ve done, I think.

We talked for almost two hours straight. While we didn’t have a whole lot in common, there was no lag in our chat. Zero awkward silence!

Only reason we stopped talking was because the school chaperone knocked on my door, and announced that we were due for the welcome dinner in one hour.

I got so nervous about getting caught with a boy in my room; that I put my hand on his mouth. When the chaperone walked away, Henry looked into my eyes, took my hand from his mouth and kissed my wrist, then pulled me in for a really, really great first kiss. When I put myself on his lap facing him; he let out sharp gasp. His hands instantly went to my ass, grabbed really hard, and started to grind me on his erection. It was my first memory of feeling my pussy get wet.

He picked me up, and walked me to the bed. I was kneeling on it when we started taking off our clothes. Then logic hit me: hard. “Wait! Do you have a condom?” I breathlessly asked, with my hands still on his pants. He went back to his bags, and started throwing things out looking for one. While he was doing that, I decided to take the rest of my clothes off.

It was my first time making a man’s jaw drop. He stared at me for a long time before finally saying “You’re hiding that body underneath all those baggy clothes?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulder and said “Never felt right wearing tight or revealing clothes. And I hate heels.” When he walked back to me his voice came out a little deeper, with a low growl in it “I want you so bad it almost hurts.” he said. I kissed him slowly and ran my hand over his dick, bit his lip and said “I want you too.”

He pushed me down onto the bed, and knelt between my legs and started to lick my pussy. It wasn’t bad. He immediately found my clit, and started to suck on it. While I didn’t cum from that; it did make really hot for him to fuck me. Finally, he stood up, and took his pants off the rest of the way. I made sure he put the condom on, and he made his way up to me. That’s when I started to get nervous, and I blurted out that I was a virgin! He just whispered into my ear “Then I’ll have to be extra gentle. Tell me if you want more or less.” he said. He licked my ear, and slowly entered me. To my surprise it only hurt a little somehow.

I was digging my nails into his back with every single thrust, masaj porno the harder the thrust the deeper I dug, and he didn’t seem to mind. When I started to breath a little heavier, he started going faster. All of a sudden my toes started to tingle, and I felt this pressure a little above my clit. I was moaning a lot harder and he was thrusting a lot faster when I whispered into his ear “Henry, I feel like I’m about to explode!” He grunted back to me “God. I’m going to cum right now!” Less than a minute later we actually orgasmed together.

There wasn’t much time to relax after we finished, because the dinner was about to begin, in maybe 10 minutes. So we rushed around trying to get dressed, and sneak out of my room without anyone noticing. Once we got into the elevator he picked the top floor. It made me a little nervous that he did that, but it seemed he wanted the extra time to make out. And it was more than ok. His mouth was amazing, especially on my neck. Every tiny nibble made me gasp even harder. Part of me forgot that we were on an elevator; because I started trying to tug his clothes off. Luckily no one saw us when the doors opened, and we had a small chance to fix ourselves. He walked me to the doors of the dining hall, kissed my hand and walked to his table.

We tried to be together as much as possible the next three days; but it mostly didn’t work out. So many different schedules. On the last hour there I cried a lot on his shoulder. I think he was crying too. We tried keeping up with emails, but things eventually got so busy with college that we just stopped. The thing that never stopped was my desire for him. In the years to come; I’ve masturbated to him at least once a week.

We wouldn’t reconnect for another 12 years.



My contact with Olivia dwindled over the years. Mainly due to the stress of college, some relationships with women who didn’t approve of me emailing another woman, and work. Work became almost everything to me.

My friend, and coworker Rob fired the idea of expanding our product over to the US. He pitched an idea, and a company agreed to a meeting in New York. I’m not big on traveling honestly, but when he mentioned where the meeting would be it got my attention. And, since he knew all about Olivia he sprinkled in, “Maybe you’ll get a chance to see the woman you’ve talked about for over a decade, mate!” I leered at him, he handed me the phone and I sent her the email.

She actually got back to me two days later. First, she asked when I’d be free. I told her. The next email, was just her address and the time to be there.

Words can’t describe how eager I am.



I was almost sick with excitement, and panicking about what to wear. I work as a nanny, so clothing options lean more towards comfort than fashion. My best friend lent me her favorite outfit. White button up shirt, black pencil skirt, and heels. Absolutely not me. “I don’t know what it is, but when men see this on women; they lose their minds.” she said. I must have changed my clothes ten times.

He finally arrived during wardrobe change 11, which left me wearing the white shirt and my oldest, holiest jeans. With messed up hair. Go me.

I shouted “Be right there. Just fixing… something.” Quickly looked in the mirror, and tried in vain to make myself look good. Went to kick the heels off, and they wouldn’t budge. He knocked, asking if I was ok. So I moved, as quickly as I could without falling out of the damn shoes.

When I finally opened the door, I was immediately overwhelmed at how tall he was, and how amazing his smile was. “Why does it sound like you’re fighting a battle in here?” he asked.

“Just trying to look my best. You caught me on my millionth wardrobe change.” I said. When we hugged, there was a kind of heat coming off him, and I started to get shaky. My heart was pounding so hard, when he bent down a little to kiss me. I pulled back, and let him come into my place.



She looked amazing, absolutely amazing. I heard her locking the door behind me, and turned to see her leaning against it. Maybe I should have been a little patient, but her eyes seemed to say what I was thinking: don’t waste a single fucking second!

I walked over to her, pinning her to the door, and kissed her as hard as I could. She instantly wrapped one leg around me, and pulled meet suck and fuck porno me in closer somehow. Her hands went to my jacket, and instantly took it off me. I ran my hands over her ass, which lead to a sharp gasp from her, and then lifted her up.

Now that we were eye to eye with one another, I pulled away to really look at her. She groaned a complaint at me, but stared right at back. “Hi.” she said, while running her thumb across my lips. I kissed her thumb, and looked right into her eyes. “Hello.” I said, as I pushed her hair from her face. She looked at me with smoldering eyes, bit my lip, and said “Take me Henry.”

We kissed for maybe five more minutes, her lips were so hot and soft, and my pants got tighter with each passing minute. I put her back down, leaned down to bite, and whisper into her ear “You’re mine.” I said.



He pinned me against the door again, and briefly massaged my pussy inside my pants. His fingers made little circles on my clit, before he started to finger fuck me very slowly. Suddenly he stopped and backed away, making my jaw drop. I moaned to protest, and he said “Trust me hun.”

I closed my mouth and did as I was told; I really like a bit of domination. He kept his eyes on me while he rolled up his sleeves, “Face the door.” he said.

Once again I did as I was told. He unzipped my jeans, pulled them down to the floor, next I felt him pull my panties down, he kissed my thighs, and give me gentle bites up my back. Then he unbuttoned my blouse.

When that was off too, he lifted my right leg up so that I was wide open for him. My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t see straight. His mouth was on my neck lightly biting me, his left hand was starting to finger fuck me again. Over and over he put his fingers into me, deeper and deeper. “Oh my God Henry! Oh fuck me!” I screamed, and I orgasmed harder then I ever have.

I slowly turned around to look back at him, and he stared right back. “I want to fuck you now, Olivia.” he said. I grabbed his pants, gently unzipped them and took his dick out. “First, I need to do this.” I said.

He was so hard when I started sucking his dick, that I thought he’d cum instantly, but somehow he managed to hold on. When he very slowly started to mouth fuck me; it drove me wild. I got so lost in blowing him that I was starting to try to make him cum. That’s not what he wanted though. He pulled himself from my mouth, lifted me up, pinned me against the door again, and entered me in less than a second it felt. My goodness he knew how to fuck. I’ve never, ever, had sex this good before!

Slow and hard is how he went for awhile. Every thrust sent hot shockwaves deep into me. I managed to bite and lick his ear and whisper between moans “I’ve missed you so much!” A new orgasm was building again, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. He kissed me hard, and said “I missed you too.” Then he started going faster, “I need you. Oh fuck! I’m going to cum!” And with that I was gone. Wave after wave of an amazing orgasm hit me, and I could feel him cum in me too.



Once we started breathing normally, I set her back down, and tucked my dick back into my trousers. My arms were burning, but it was worth it. Olivia looked up at me, smiled then kissed my nose and started to unbutton my shirt. “Don’t you think it’s a little unfair? I’m naked and you’re fully dressed?” she said. With each button she either licked, or kissed my chest. “Well, yes. But I didn’t hear you complain, so I figured it was alright.” On the last button of the shirt she nibbled very gently on the outside of my trousers and somehow started getting me hard again. She stood up with a little smile and said “You drive me absolutely insane.” The feeling was more than mutual.

She took my shirt off while making a trail of kisses from my shoulder, leading to my neck, and up to my mouth. She gently rested her hand on the outside of my trousers and slowly massaged my dick, and it felt perfect. How the hell could she get me so hard again? “Can I borrow this?” she whispered into my ear. “It’s only fair.” Olivia knelt down, and picked up my shirt.

She buttoned two buttons and walked to the bedroom, and took her heels off. “Come here. I’m dying to know how good you’ve gotten at licking pussy.” she said. And she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed. I decided to lose only my pants, and kneel in milf porno front of her.

I kissed her knees gently, uncrossed her gorgeous legs, lowered her onto the bed gently. Then I roughly spread her legs apart, making her gasp and began licking her thighs up and down. I wanted her to moan, and groan hard before I started eating her out. Every time I would almost make it to her pussy she would take quick breaths and whisper please. On the fourth please from her I knew it was time to start licking her pussy, hard.

She was screaming quickly after I started. When I looked up, and watched her moving all over, and shouting her head off it made me go harder on her clit.



He spread my pussy, and with a speed I didn’t think was possible, he was licking my clit round and round. It was almost too much, and an orgasm was quickly approaching. The man had become amazing at oral sex. I truly want to shake the hand of who taught him.

Next was his finger fucking, but never leaving my clit. He put his fingers in me, and slowly fucked me with them. His other hand was putting gentle pressure a little above my pelvis, so I knew he was working his way to my g-spot. Goodness, was he hitting it hard when he kept his fingers inside me, and started crooking them inside me. All the while his tongue was still moving quickly on my clit.

My hips were going crazy, and I couldn’t stop them. There was something coming that I never felt before. He gave me the craziest squirting orgasm ever. Heard about them, but I never thought I would actually have one. It felt like my body turned on every switch, and I was going crazy with convulsions. When I finally came back to my senses, he was staring at me smiling. “Next time, warn a girl you’re about to give her 10 orgasms at once. I feel like I ran a mile.” I said while trying to sit up. He leaned down and, quickly kissed my forehead and said “Never.”



It took us some time to clean up. Her orgasm was insane, and she was a little light headed. While she was in the bathroom, I was thinking about how I’d dread leaving her. I know I’ve thought about her often over the years, but I didn’t realize how much I wanted her in my life. Olivia was all I wanted it seems.

When she got out of the bathroom, she had a shy smile on her face. She walked over to me, pushed me down on the bed, and we made out like teenagers. We talked about how much we didn’t want to leave one another. This connection was powerful; and since we’re adults this time around we actually got to have a say in what happens next.

She sat up, straddled my thighs and slowly rubbed her pussy on my dick. “I’m willing,” she said as I put my hands on her ass, and started licking and biting her neck, making her gasp “mmmmmmm… Sooo willing, to take a month off work to travel back with you. Oh yeah. Right there. Please. Is that… mmmm… too much?”

I looked at her half closed eyes, and slowly started rubbing her clit. She moaned loudly, then looked down at me with a dreamy look. “You beat me to it, I was about to ask you the same thing. We deserve a real chance this time” I said.

I unbuttoned the two shirt buttons, started nibbling, and gently sucking on her nipples. She sat up a little, managed to pull my dick out and slowly stroke me. When I was hard again she slid my dick up, and down her pussy. Once she was dripping wet, she finally slammed my dick into her. It was so sudden, and felt so amazing that I let out a very loud gasp.



To say that I love feeling him inside of me, would be an understatement. I slid up and down his shaft, slowly at first to fully enjoy him licking and biting my tits. After a little time he pushed me down onto his dick so my clit was rubbing harder onto him. That’s when he started getting a little rougher, and turned me over so he could take me from behind.

His strong hands went to my hips, and he began slamming his dick into me as hard as he could. Each thrust made my eyes roll around, and he wasn’t stopping. He began to gently spank my ass, and it made me scream wildly. “Want it harder? I’d be more than happy to.” he said. How silly of him, of course I wanted even more. “Give it to me as hard as you fucking can! I need you to make me cum again. Please Henry!” I more screamed that last one.

That was all he needed to completely let go. His grip was extremely firm on my hips, and he slammed into me as hard as he could. “Fuck! Oh fuck yes. God you’re so good at that. I’m cumming!” I screamed. Next I felt him cum deep into me with a rough groan, and we collapsed onto the bed.

We laid in bed looking at each other for some time. Next, I chose to travel to England. Then we fell asleep.

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