I Recall The First Night…


I Recall The First Night With My New Lover

It’s been raining. I run into the motel room. It’s not too fancy. I nice bed in a small room. It’s chilly in the room. My white t-shirt and skirt are soaked. I take off my jacket and look up at you. You are sitting on the bed watching me. I smile and you smile back. You look amazing sitting there. I know how lucky I am. I notice you are staring at my breasts, which you are able to see through my t-shirt because it’s wet and clinging to me. My nipples are erect and I blush slightly because you are looking at me so intently.

“I am very nervous,” I say almost in a whisper

“You look very pretty.”

“Thanks” you reply “so do you.”

I walk over and sat down next to you. You have on a t-shirt and jeans. Your jeans really look nice on you and accent your thighs. I lean over and smell your hair. You are such a dream come true. You turn to look at me while I smell your hair and I lean over and kiss you. It’s amazing. I lose my breath for a minute. I put my hand on your cheek and kiss you again. My tongue parts your lips and into your mouth. Our tongues rub each other as my hands start to roam down your back. We stop kissing and look at each other. “Can I undress you?” I ask you.

“Yes” you say. I stand you up and pull your shirt over your head, stopping to kiss your neck before reaching down and unbuttoning your jeans. I pull your jeans down and off of your feet. You are standing in front of me with you panties and bra. I kiss you very forcefully shooting my tongue into your mouth while undoing your bra. You bra falls off to reveal your breasts. They are perfect. I gently cup your right illegal bahis breast in my hand. I am over come with lust for you. I shove my hand into your panties exploring the folds of you. I find you wetness and gently put my finger in. You spread you legs while still standing. The whole time my mouth never leaves yours and my tongue dances in your mouth. I take your hand in mine and raise it to my breast pressing your hand against my breasts. You are quick to reciprocate, rubbing my breast and erect nipples.

“Do you want to undress me?” I ask

“Yes” you say as you are pulling my shirt off. My nipples stand up for you. I am not sure now if it is cold in the room or if my lust for you is the cause. You start to unzip my skirt but before you do I say, “Stick your hand up my skirt.” You do as I ask and you find that I am on fire between my thighs. You quickly stick you fingers in my massaging my wetness. I kiss you and moan frantically. I push your hand away to recover myself. You finish undressing me and then we lie down. You still have your panties on so I pull them off of you.

As I pull them down I am lying between your legs. I move my mouth to you pussy. I lick the hair on your mound. I take a deep breath smelling you, feeling the warmth of you. I spread the folds of you and begin licking you. I gently start to suck your clitoris into my lips and lick faster. You put your hands on my head pressing me against you harder. You arch your back and moan. I reach between my legs and start rubbing myself while I am licking you. You breathing is faster and harder. I put my finger into your welcoming hole and move it in and out faster and faster. illegal bahis siteleri Finally you quit moving for a moment and them thrust your hips against my mouth as you orgasm. I lie there licking you taking in all of you.

I move up to kiss you and we share a sloppy, passionate kiss. My tongue spills out of your mouth and you suck it gently. You spread you legs as I lie between them. I start rubbing against you. It feels so good that I press harder and harder. Now I am thrusting my body up and down rubbing against you. I orgasm so intensly and so quickly that I feel as if I am going to pass out. I seal my lips to yours and muffle my cries of passion. My orgasm seems to go on forever. Finally the spasms between my legs subside and I regain my mind. I stare into your eyes. I stick my tongue out and lick your lips.

This is our first meeting and you’ve given me the best orgasm of my life. We hadn’t planned to make love our first meeting, but I was ruled by lust. You are my source of pleasure. We lie there kissing each other and caressing our bodies. My hands roam over every inch of you. I kiss your thighs, your stomach and your breasts. My tongue circles your nipples and then quick shoots into your mouth. I take you hand and put it between my legs. You skillfully start rubbing my clitoris. I want so badly for you to give me oral pleasure. I start to move my hips in a circle pressing your hand against me.

“Please eat me,” I say and my own bluntness surprises me. You smile and go between my legs licking, and sucking. I feel you fingers explore me and your tongue drives me to a state of ecstasy that I’ve never known. While my canlı bahis siteleri orgasm builds in me and you lie between my legs working my hot, loving pussy with your tongue like a master I lose my thoughts. It’s like no one else exists in the world. It’s like you have known my body forever. The emotion overwhelms as, and me I orgasm again I start to weep. The orgasm engulfs my entire body and I shudder in delight. I pass out. I wake up to see you looking over me. I feel a dampness on my head. You had gotten scared and got a cool rag for my head. I took your hand and kissed it.

“Are you okay?” you asked

“Yes” I said I was still sobbing.

“Are you upset?” you inquired as you stood up to take the rag into the bathroom

“No” I replied

“Why are you crying?”

I looked at you standing in the doorway of the bathroom. The light shined around you a silhouette of your body was magnificent. I was barely able to speak. I finally mustered the words to talk and said, “Because I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. I have only known you a short time, but I am lost in love with you.”

You come to the bed and kiss me. We don’t make love again. We just kiss and hold each other. We fall asleep in each other’s arms. I wake up in the middle of the night and caress your breasts and I look at you in the light from outside. I study the curves of your body, the texture of your nipples and the curls in the hair on your pussy. I kiss you lips and you shift your body rolling over so that I can see your buttocks. I rub you ass and it’s beautiful. I rub you back and run my fingers through your hair.

You have introduced me to a world of love and passion. You have uncovered lust in me that I didn’t know existed. I start to cry again because I am so happy that I found you. I whispered “Diana, I love you.” I finally fall asleep while holding you more satisfied then I’ve ever been.

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