If I Could Remember Her Name


Another lonely and boring Saturday night so I went down to scope out the local pub while I got a drink. When I got there I found the place was quite crowded. That was good because I was trying to forget the bitch that had cheated on me. She had two timed me after I had learned to really depend on her so I just wanted to check out the girls and have a few brewskis in my mood.

There was this tiny girl dancing with her girlfriends. She was a sexy blonde with not much tits but a great ass. It looked like she had a few drinks but I offered her one anyway when she got off the floor with her friends.

Her friends were glaring at me, I guess my six foot height might have intimidated them, but she grinned and accepted it then downed it. She was only about five foot of sweetness but I thought she might be fun to pal with. She tried to get me to dance with her but the weirdest thing happened. My ex-girlfriend suddenly brazzers porno showed up on the periphery of the crowd and I saw she was heading for me. “Oh damn!”

I quickly explained my situation to this little bitty pretty gal about how we had lived together and she had played me wrong by two timing me. I asked her if she could pretend to be my new girlfriend and she quickly agreed. I laughed and thought it might work. She got real aggressive and started to kiss me. Man, was she a good kisser and she was all over me. All I got was a quick glimpse of my ex’s grim expression as she tromped off through the crowd. Her expression was priceless.

I thanked the girl and asked if I could do anything for her in return. I’m sure she knew what I had in mind because she winked at me and suggested we try that dance now. I grinned and told her I only knew one kind of dancing but if she’d like I’d take her out clip4sale porno back and show her. She looked at me then giggled and said, “Sure why not!” Hand in hand we pushed through the crowd and went to the back door of the pub.

When we got into the back alley she immediately put her hands on my crotch to trace out my half hard on. It didn’t stay half hard for long and I pushed her back against the wall as she undid my pants while I leaned over her nibbling on her ears. Before I knew it she had her lips around my cock and was doing this thing with her tongue and lips that makes me hard just to recall it.

I’ve had hookups that were drunk before but never in a back alley. It was sexy and oh so dirty. I came close to cumming twice while she worked on me since my hips were subconsciously fucking her mouth but just before my time she moaned, “I want you to fuck me.”

“Sure. Why not.” was colette porno my quick reply as I turned her around and bent her over a trash can. I looked around to make sure we didn’t have any by-standers then I felt around with my fingers for her panties and found they were sopping wet. She pulled them down for me and stuck her sweet ass out for me to hold on to. I went with her wishes and pushed the head of my cock against her pussy lips.

She moaned, “Oh please, give it to me now.”

So I did.

I reached around her to hold on her tits as I slid my throbbing cock deep inside her. She started moaning from my first thrust and she kept it up as I drove in and out of her. I didn’t last long since she had me worked up from the earlier BJ so I turned her over and licked her clit until she came for me.

A few minutes after we finished we went back inside and her friends flocked around her. It was a good thing because she passed out about that time. They took her home and it dawned on me that I didn’t know her name or her number.

Now any Saturday night you might find me at the pub watching for her return. If you do say hi and if you know who she is please tell me.

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