I’ll Catch You Whenever You Fall


SS50: “Happy Endings V: I’ll Catch You Whenever You Fall”


They’re back.

And all you had to do was ask.

Fifty Smokey Sagas, five “Happy Endings.” Again, this story is dedicated to you Sara and Melleny fans. It doesn’t have a ton of sex in it, but there is one big hot scene between the two angels, and I think it’s still a heartfelt, eventful tale. I really hope you enjoy it.

Sometimes it takes more than two.

The Sara and Melleny Chronicles:

Part 1: “For Happy Endings It Takes Two” (Smokey Saga


Part 2: “Won’t You Smile Awhile For Me” (


Part 3: “Drowning In The Sea Of Love” (


Part 4: “The One Thing I’ll Never Regret” (


One year later: Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, 9:02 p.m.

The doorbell rang. Sara sprang up from the blanket and almost tumbled over herself scurrying to answer it.

“Hurry up, you guys!” she commanded, herding in her friends as if her future depended on the evening. “We’re gonna run outta time!” She ushered them in with a beckoning gesture, veritably spanking them square on the bottoms.

“Well, Sare, what’s the rush?” asked Jake, holding on to his girlfriend Hanna with one hand and the snacks with the other.

“Yeah, hon,” added Mel. “Jake said you wanted us to come over to watch a TV show.”

“Exactly!” Sara confirmed, pointing to the blanket. “So stop flapping your gums and start planting your bums!”

They did as she said, though remaining a bit fuzzy on the night’s events.

“Jake, I don’t exactly understand. I thought you said the show was at 9:30,” said Hanna.

“Well, you’ve got me there,” Jake replied. “I thought Sara told me the same thing.”

Sara snatched up her trusty iPod, which was connected to the living room big-screen.

“Okay, okay, you guys’re right; I did say 9:30. And that is when tonight’s program starts. Long story short, though…”

She found the content she was looking for on the Pod. “All three of y’all happened to be on vacation last week: Jake and Hanna were at Bayside, and Melly-Jelly and her family went on that cruise. I…” Pause for effect. “…In the meantime…stayed home. And in doing so, I discovered an awesome new show I wanna share with ya tonight.”

“Wow, sis, a new TV show neither of us knew about?” asked Jake. “That’s a first.”

“Well, brand-new,” Sara amended. “It just premiered last week. It’s called One Big Happy, it’s a lesbian sitcom. Well, I mean, the main girl’s a lesbian, and her best friend’s a straight guy. And they’ve known each other since they were kids! Sound familiar??”

Melleny caught on, pointing to Sara and Jake. “Oh, I get it. So they’re like you two.”

“Precisely!” explicated Sara. “I caught the pilot last Tuesday. And I thought, oh, this could be pretty cool. And I loved it. I had just enough time to rewind it to the beginning, record it into my laptop, make a video of it and sync it onto the ol’ Pod!”

“…Whoa,” commented Hanna.

“Oh, yeah,” said Jake. “In case I didn’t tell you before, babe, Sara’s a techno-genius.”

“Thanks, bro! So minus commercials, it’s about twenty-one minutes long,” Sara went on. “Which gives us just enough time to watch the first episode right now, and then the second one’ll come on at 9:30, when we’ll be done with the first one. Get it?”

Her guests nodded, thinking they had the basic idea. Sara cued up the program, pressed play, and plopped down in the middle of her friends.


Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, 10:00 p.m.

“Well, ladies and gent…what’dya think?”

“Cute,” said Jake. “They really are like us, Sare. Well, I mean, y’know, not individually. But yeah, that’s practically our exact same friendship, right on TV.”

“I thought it was funny too,” agreed Hanna. “But, does that mean I’m…the British girl?”

“Well, kinda,” Sara replied. “You guys aren’t married, and I definitely don’t hate your guts. But yeah, in a way; you’re fun and free-spirited and spontaneous like her. And hey, Mel, she’s got seven sisters, so do you! How ’bout that??”

“Cool coincidence,” Melleny nodded with a smirk. “I just hope no one thinks I’m the ex. Y’know, the…what’s-her-name. The other one. She’s hot, but she’s a creep.”

“Yeah, I didn’t like her either,” said Sara. “But then again, we’re not supposed to.”

“The lead actress looked familiar,” remarked Jake. “Where’ve we seen her before?”

“Oh, Elisha? She was in that show Happy Endings, silly!” Sara reminded him. “Remember??…And you do know what they say about happy endings,” she added, turning to Melleny. “Right, sweetie? Wink wink?”

Melleny just about went purple in the face blushing. “Sar-a…”

“I still can’t even believe the British chick was completely naked,” casino siteleri said Hanna. “I think that’d catch any of us off-guard.”

“Yeah,” murmured Sara, knowing she’d be replaying that scene in her mind. “Well, I wanna thank you guys so much again for coming over and watching my new show with me. Well, it’s not my show, of course; I just really like it, but…anyway, thanks.”

“Oh, our pleasure,” smiled Hanna. “I had a good time. D’you, Jake?”

“She’s my best friend. You even have to ask?”

Sara was tired, a bit unusual for this early at night. Time to charm her way into asking Jake and Hanna to essentially hit the road.

“Well, golly, guys, if you’re sure you can’t stay…”

Hanna, who didn’t know Sara as well as Jake did, turned curiously back to her.

“Uh, well, actually—” she began to say.

“Oh, I’m so very sorry to hear that,” Sara stepped in. “I loved having you by. And I really hope you’ll come back and visit me again soon.”

Jake chuckled and got to his feet. Hanna remained a bit puzzled.

“Well, sure, I guess I wouldn’t mind that, b—…”

Hanna wasn’t exactly sure how to finish what she was thinking. Jake explained.

“It’s time for us to go, babe. Sara’s tired. And she doesn’t like to come right out and tell anyone to beat it, so that’s kinda her technique.”

Sara giggled. “That’s one way of putting it. Yeah, see, Hanna, I can accommodate two overnight guests—provided one of ’em’s Mel—but not three. I’m afraid all I have to offer’s the sofa, which unfortunately’s only a sofa. And as you can imagine, I’m a little picky about whom I allow in my bed.” She winked at Melleny, who continued to blush.

Hanna chuckled. “Ah. I understand now.” She stood to clasp Sara’s hands. “Thank you for a lovely evening too, Sara, we had fun.”

Sara tossed a hug on her. “Oh! Pleasure’s all mine, buddy girl, all mine. Feel free to drop back over anytime.”

The rest of the hugs and goodbyes were exchanged. Sara and Mel saw them out, threw a dual wave from the front door, and watched them head off until the car disappeared. Now alone, the girls let out a collective sigh of happiness and padded back inside.

“Now then,” smiled Sara, taking Mel’s hand. “Do come with me, dearest. Come, and sweeten my dreams, with your love.”

Mel smiled back into Sara’s shimmering hazel eyes.

“Oh, all right.”


Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, 5:02 p.m.

hey sweet lovergirl cant wait 2 c u 2nite <3 mello

Sara trotted to the Team, Inc. garage and hopped in her car. She melted with a smile, as always, re-reading Mel’s text du jour. It’d arrived around 1:00 this fine Wednesday. Sara kissed and dropped it beside the backpack. She couldn’t wait either.

Juniper Massage & Wellness closed at 6:00 on weekdays, and was located fortuitously around the corner from Mel’s house. She normally arrived in the morning with a few moments to spare before her first client. So to keep spontaneous devotion, she tried to come up with a different text each day, and send it at a random, indeterminable point.

The Spring of Fifteen was in bloom. And at one year strong, the relationship of Sara Jane Kelton and Melleny Alison Hayes was past full bloom. They’d ascended to a phase generally associated with young lesbian couples: keeping things at each other’s homes.

To be precise, Mel was toting items from her smaller domicile to store at Sara’s larger, where another person’s belongings could find comfier residence. They’d begun the previous September, with small things like toys, pens and fridge magnets, before graduating to pajamas, books, DVDs and kitchenware.

After the new year, they took a bigger step. Sara cleared Mel some space for clothes and toiletries. Mel had more than enough to split between dwellings. But just in case, they thought them a good idea to have at both places. After a while, these decisions took their toll on the girls and wore them out. At which point they’d settle down, cuddle it out, fall asleep, and wake up refreshed to take on the next deliberation.

Mel secretly thought herself a bit silly about it, but with each possession she carried through Sara’s portal, she felt just a smidgen safer and more secure. And sheltered under the conviction that everything was going to be okay. If Sara and Melleny were transparent to their souls, it would be revealed that as sensitive and emotional as Sara could be, Mel had her beat with her extra fragile heart and vulnerability.

Sara was quick to learn that her heart would have to be super-gentle with Mel’s, and hold its hand (as it were) as they crossed the streets of romance. She tried her best not to be careless. But she wasn’t flawless, and couldn’t avoid occasionally—albeit unintentionally—hurting her. Sara couldn’t deny a bit of disconcertment over slot oyna how insecure and easily hurt Melleny was. But at the same time, she loved the girl’s sweet, beatific delicacy. She knew she had to take the imperfect with the darn near perfect.

Tonight Melleny’d be on her way to Sara’s, which would really not distinguish this evening from any other. Melleny had all but moved in with her to this point. Sara was no authority on proper intervals of courting time prior to commitment. But right about now, she was one short car ride from cutting Mel a spare house key.


Click. “Welcome, Angel On Earth!” Sara greeted, wrapping Mel in her arms like the life-size birthday gift she was.

“Thank you, Most Perfect Treasure To Ever Enrich My Life,” returned Melleny, smushing her face in Sara’s cheek.

“Oh, God, Mel-Rose,” Sara went on. “Honey, my love for you is so tremendous, your love would have to look up just to see the bottoms of my love’s Clarks.”

“Your love cannot hold a candle to mine, Saratoga,” Mel impishly contradicted. “My love for you eclipses the daylights out of yours for me.”

“We’ll see about that, Melly-Jelly.”

“Oh, that we shall, Sarallelogram.”

And the game was on.


Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, 6:54 p.m.

They joined hands, and Sara led her to the bedroom.

“Whatever are we doing here?” queried Melleny, playing innocent.

Sara released her paws, turned to face her and saucily answered.

“Hanging pictures.”

“OOOOoooh. Scandalous.”

Sara embraced her girlfriend, generating a shiver of excitement through her.

“And we have the whole house to ourselves to hang them. Imagine, sugar…we can hang pictures in every, single, room.”

“MMMmm…” Mel pulled closer. “I can hardly wait to put that hammer to work.”

Sara nosed her with her soft nuzzle.

“‘S all a matter of, eh…finding the studs, if you know what I mean,” she told Mel, gliding a fingertip down her torso.

“Sounds like a…fun…task,” gasped Mel, growing aroused. “Do you have, uh…” She swallowed. “…Frames?”

Sara closed the space between them.

“I’ve got everything I need right here.”

“Then what are we waiting for??” said Mel, more excited by the moment.

“Well, now, aren’t we the eager beaver,” commented Sara. Her suggestively punny remark made Mel redden and cover her giggling mouth. “All righty then, Mellifluous Mel. You can start by getting in my bed and slipping under the covers.”

“Oh, my. How can I help hang pictures from there?”

“That, my friend, is one of the mysteries of the universe.”

Mel obeyed, snuggling completely beneath the comforter. She waited patiently until a more naked Sara joined. They wriggled entirely under, now in relative darkness.

Sara gasped, feeling the warm, soft body beside her. “Why! What’s this?”

Melleny giddily chortled.

“Who’s in my bed?” Sara wished to know. “Who goes there??”

“It is I,” Mel answered in a deep voice, trying to keep from laughing. “Madame Hayes…of the Baskervilles.”

Sara took her turn to giggle. “‘Madame Hayes’?”

“Yes, Curious Stranger Whose Bed This Is?”

Another chuckle. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

There it was, Sara’s first miniature orgasm. She sidled along the mattress to get closer. “Hmmm,” she mused. “I wish to explore you, Madame Hayes. To discover you.”

“Discover me, Sara da Gama. Let me be your unknown territory. Make me your Greenland, Sara the Red. Plant your flag.”

“Gladly. Any particular spot you’d like me to plant it?”

“Surprise me.”

“Surprises…are my coup de grâce.”

Mel lay still to be discovered, as Sara reached out embarking fingers, to rest on her new territory’s soft, silky skin. The unknown territory in question gasped at her exquisite touch. It amazed Sara that after an entire year of intimacy, her touch could still bear such a magical effect. But then Sara remembered, Oh yeah, she loves me.

Mel lay motionless under cover of darkness as Sara took her time. The experience was quite enhanced in pitch blackness. She heaved in passion, riding Sara’s roving fingertips into the air like waves. Sara leaned in to inhale her unique scent.

“Hmmm…” Sara considered. “Fine, satiny texture…delicate dimensionality, piquant atmosphere…I do believe I like it here.”

Mel chuckled. “I’m so glad, Poet Who Doesn’t Know It. I want you here with me forever.”

Sara gasped. “Bless my soul!” she exclaimed. “A talking land!”

Mel burst out laughing, but agreed afterwards to remain silent. Within reason.

On Sara went staking out this new, enchanting region. Mel twitched and tingled as Sara searched with her nose and mouth as well as her petite paws. The added, simultaneous touches multiplied her sensations. canlı casino siteleri Sara nuzzled, fondled, tickled, teased, smelled, tasted her. And so far, she couldn’t detect a thing in this new realm she didn’t adore. Mel’s heart, mind and soul began going wild as Sara caressed below her chin, to the neck, kissing her ear.

“Land ho,” the explorer whispered.

Melleny suppressed her urge to break out in guffaws once more. She lay still and concentrated on the pleasure.

Their hormones were awakening. Mel lolled her head back as she felt Sara extend an arm under her neck. Sara curled up as close into Mel’s quivering hot bod as she could. Starting to quiver herself, she glid her soft, moist lips from Melleny’s cheek to jaw, continuing her journey south. Her sensual expedition was quickly becoming one of the most overwhelming voyages she’d ventured. She made sure they stayed below the blanket so as to preserve the adventurous pretense.

She descended to Mel’s shoulder and collarbone, all the while folding closer and tighter over her beloved. She cradled her neck with one hand, brushing her trembling belly with the other. Mel moaned, pressing her palms into the mattress as she eagerly awaited the culmination of this trek. Sara’s hair spilled, pooling in beautifully random tufts over Mel’s torso. Head craned back, Melleny could smell it, the delightfully familiar botanicals toying with her nostrils. Sara slipped out her tongue and traced salivary streaks along Mel’s warm flesh. Her cobalt blue eyes fluttered. The girls’ hides rubbed and warmed enough to perspire. Sweat seeped through their pores.

Melleny finally lifted one paw to locate Sara’s hair and snake her fingers through. Sara went on dotting Mel’s upper body in lip and tongue prints, as her lower hand cupped and gripped one ass cheek. Melleny groaned more and put her other arm around Sara, hugging her nearer and nearer. Sara grabbed hold of Mel’s leg underneath with both her own, and pulled it away from the other. Her new territory gladly cooperated.

At last, the moments Mel had been waiting for began to arrive. Sara poked her eyes over the bobbing mounds on either side of her face. Imagining they were two helpings of ice cream topped with whipped cream and cherries, Sara settled in for a nice faceful. This making love in the dark thing was great for their fantasizing skills. Sara sucked on the cherry, trying to taste the sweet juice inside. Mel threw her head back, applying light pressure on Sara’s, encouraging her to be more aggressive. Sara obliged, grinding her face into the shapely dessert-like orbs, feeling the respondent stiffen and nub.

Melleny’s nipples hardened simultaneously, but only one was receiving attention. So she coaxed Sara’s hand from her tush, kissed it and laid it over her unoccupied tit. Her arousal grew and grew as her pussy leaked and her clit swelled. She knew she wouldn’t be able to take much more before her sopping cunt required some attention.

The intensity went on building. Mel’s breaths deepened and loudened as she embraced Sara harder and tighter. She once more took hold of her beloved’s hand, kissed each of its fingers and guided it south, to her yearning womanhood. Sara’s heart accelerated as it did every time she was about to greet Little Melleny. Her fingers eased and maneuvered through Mel’s rainforest, down to the dripping honeycave.

The second Sara touched her pussy, Mel’s head once more shot back on her pillow as if she’d been electrocuted. With a moooooan. Sara, still as flattered as a year ago, gave a small smile through her oral pleasuring of Melleny’s tits. Mel was already in heaven, seeing stars dancing everywhere. And Sara had just barely brushed her labia apart.

Melleny’s heart and clit pounded. Fireworks blasted inside as her girlfriend worked her magic. Sara entered Mel’s welcoming pussy, continuing the exploration. Little Melleny took over once Sara slipped inside her sex, squeezing and clenching on her digits. Each squishy thrust puffed and pumped Melleny’s raging hormones like a blood pressure cuff. She tried to look up through her now teary eyes to address her love.


Sara looked up.

“K-k-kiss me.”

Sara grinned.

“With pleasure.”

Melleny’s nipples now stood on their own. Hand occupied penetrating Mel’s extremely appreciative pussy, Sara repositioned so she could administer a loving hand job and pucker up at the same time. The lasses exchanged heated breaths once face to face. Sara seductively whispered something that Mel couldn’t even hear, but didn’t mean a thing. It was a mere tactic to entice Mel further with the sound of her hushed voice. Sara went on warmly exhaling along Mel’s hair-tendrilled cheek until reaching her mouth.

A whole new wave of goodness and warm, wet stimulation engulfed Mel as she felt Sara’s lips on hers. Soft moans and whimpers emanated from both young naked gals. Sara, whose cunt was also autolubed and soaked, humped Melleny’s leg like a happy dog, as she probed the inside of her blood-red pussy.

“Sara, please tickle my clit,” she somehow managed to croak out.

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