Imprisonment Ch. 05


Justin awoke slowly around nine, pulled out of sleep by the smell and sizzle of bacon being cooked. He sat up slowly, wincing, and pushed his hair away from his face. As he stretched his arms above his head Fairfax walked through the door, still in his underwear.

“Good morning, sunshine.” He smirked. “Stretching…you’re like a cat.” He approached, sitting down on the bed next to Justin. “And how are we feeling this morning, hm?”

“Sore. Obviously.” He shrugged. “Fine otherwise.”

Fairfax nodded. “Figured you’d be sore still – that one bloke was alarmingly large, wasn’t he? You were bleeding a bit.”

Justin winced again in memory. “Aye.”

“Well, I’ve got some good news for you.”

Justin snorted a little, skeptical. “What’s that, then?”

“These last two weeks, I won’t be giving them anything to hit you with. They’ll just have their hands and the rope.”

Justin blinked in honest surprise. “Really? What brought that on?”

Fairfax grinned, playfully tousling Justin’s already-rumpled hair. “I guess you could call it an experiment.”

Justin arched an eyebrow and just stared at his superior for a moment, afraid to ask what that could mean.

“I thought maybe if you weren’t hurting so much, you might be able to start enjoying it.”

Justin looked repulsed. “ENJOY it?! Are you kidding me?”

“Don’t you remember what happened in the bath yesterday? You came rather hard, as I recall. And there’s nothing my finger could reach that their cocks can’t.”

Justin cringed, put off by the warden’s casual treatment of the subject. He struggled to contradict him. “But that was…different…”

“Well, you weren’t sore beforehand. But I’m betting that without the implements lying around, they won’t even think to spank you. They’ll just want to fuck you.”

“It’s still…not the same…”

Fairfax reached over, placing a hand on Justin’s knee gently and drawing closer to him. “Isn’t it? What’s so different?”

Justin blushed hotly, growing flustered. “Those men…I don’t know them…”

The warden moved his hand slowly up to Justin’s thigh, speaking close to his ear. “Oh? So you don’t mind so much when it’s me, is that it?”

Justin blushed even more, but didn’t draw away. “I… I don’t…” He wanted to say something to conceal his feelings, but the words wouldn’t come. Fairfax was stroking his inner thigh now, gently. Justin gasped, willing himself not to become aroused. But it was useless.

Fairfax chuckled, putting an arm around Justin and pulling him down onto the bed, stretching out to lie alongside him. “You’re so cute.”

Justin stammered. “S-sir… don’t… breakfast will get cold…”

Fairfax brushed Justin’s hair aside and kissed his neck. “Never mind that. I already ate. I’ll make more for you later.” His hand slipped down to the waistband of Justin’s underpants.

“But… I’m still hurting…”

“Shh. I won’t hurt you.” He gently tugged the younger man’s underwear down, being careful when drawing the fabric over his injured backside. He pushed his own underpants down to his thighs, pressing closer to Justin, who was still blushing intensely, eyes closed. He reached down and pressed his own hardening cock against Justin’s, wrapping his fingers around both of them. Justin gasped and whimpered. “S-sir…what are you…”

Fairfax chuckled. “You don’t have to call me ‘sir’ in my own bed.” He kissed Justin on the lips then, still moving his hand up and down insistently. Both were now fully erect. After kissing the boy deeply, he spoke again. “Say my name. My first name.” Justin panted, his hips arching against the older man’s, his throbbing arousal growing slick with moisture. “An… Andrew…” The name felt foreign – he had never used it. Fairfax kissed his forehead. “That’s good, Justin… good boy… you’re beautiful.” He panted against Justin’s neck, nibbling and sucking at the skin. His hand moved faster, and he ran his thumb over the heads of their cocks, both dripping now.

Justin whimpered at a higher pitch, his slender legs trembling. Fairfax slid a leg between Justin’s, entangling them as he continued stroking, both of them gasping and trembling as they drew close to climax. Justin came first, clutching at his superior’s shoulder, head against his chest. His desperate cries drove Fairfax over the edge, and he soon slumped against the younger man, wiping his hand on the sheets before reaching up to embrace him, holding him close as both of them slowly relaxed. Justin made no moves to pull away but stayed snuggled close. Their chests pressed against each other, they could each feel the other’s heartbeat as they gradually slowed. When Fairfax finally opened his eyes, Justin was looking at him with a strange expression – slightly curious, slightly sad.

Fairfax reached out to stroke his hair. “What’s wrong?” Justin lowered his eyes, looking almost ashamed. “I just… don’t know what this all means…”

The warden looked confused. “What it means?”

“I just don’t know… I mean… is this part of my punishment? To make me feel like this with you, and then… casino siteleri for things to just go back to the way they were?”

Fairfax blinked, then squeezed Justin close, kissing the top of his head. “No, no, sweetheart, no. I wouldn’t do that to you.” When he drew back, Justin was looking at him intently. “Then… do you mean to say… that you care for me?”

Fairfax smiled and stroked Justin’s hair some more. “I do. I have… for a long time now. But I didn’t want to frighten you. When I learned what you’d done… I had to do something to punish you, but I also thought perhaps it’d give me an excuse to, well, test you a bit. To see if it were possible you might be able to feel something for me in return.”

Justin bit his lip, gazing at Andrew with wide eyes for a moment before speaking again. “I… I do… but… what can this possibly lead to? You’ll get married some day, won’t you?”

Fairfax chuckled. “I have no intention to marry. There’s no law saying I must.”

Justin still looked concerned. “I just don’t know… it’s all so sudden… nothing like this has ever happened to me before.” It was true. Justin had never even faced the idea that he might be homosexual, even though he’d long wondered why women held no particular attraction for him. He’d almost started to believe he was not interested in sexual relationships at all. Like any healthy young man, he masturbated frequently enough, but it was a purely physical urge that wasn’t connected to any specific fantasies or images in his mind. That is, until recently.

The warden smiled and tousled Justin’s hair again. “I don’t mean to pressure you. And I’m not saying you have to sleep with me to keep your job – you’re taking your punishment, and in two weeks it’ll be over and you’ll be forgiven. But…” He smirked. “You did seem to rather enjoy that.”

Justin nodded meekly, still flushed. “I just need time to think.”

Fairfax nodded and sat up. “Of course. Why don’t you get dressed now and come to the kitchen? I’ll fry up some more breakfast for you.” He stood and walked out, leaving Justin alone in the room.

Justin cleaned himself up and dressed in yesterday’s clothes before joining Fairfax in the kitchen. He was cooking bacon and eggs, and some toast was already on a plate. “I have some tea brewed, if you like.” Justin nodded and poured some for himself. “Why don’t you have any servants?” Justin himself couldn’t afford them, but he knew the Warden’s salary greatly outstripped his own. The older man shrugged.

“I grew up poor, so we never had them. I grew used to doing things for myself. I don’t particularly like the idea of someone standing around waiting on my orders – I like my privacy.” He grinned. “You’re the closest thing to a servant I’ve ever had.” Justin laughed quietly. “But you’re the one cooking for me right now.” Fairfax chuckled as he set a plate of food in front of Justin and sat down across from him at the table. “True. But I have no firsthand knowledge of your culinary expertise.”

Justin smiled. “I can manage to feed myself… but I’m no chef. This looks good, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Fairfax was silent for a little while as Justin ate, but eventually he spoke up again. “I do have a question for you…”

Justin looked up, blinking. “What’s that?”

Fairfax fixed him with a serious gaze. “Why did you do it? I know you don’t get paid terribly well, but were you that badly off?”

Justin looked uneasy, lowering his eyes. “Well, no. I can provide for myself perfectly well… but I wanted to save up for something. It’s silly of me really, childish…”

Fairfax tilted his head, still looking at the younger man intently. “What is it?”

Justin sighed. “Well, my family… we used to be – not quite wealthy, but well off. We employed two servants and had a fine townhouse with our own attached carriage house…”

Fairfax looked surprised. “Whatever happened?” He knew the son of a relatively upper class family such as Justin described would not ordinarily end up working in a prison, save as the warden – and even that was unlikely.

“My father had family money and didn’t need to work, but he liked to gamble. My mother and I never knew how much… for a long time his luck was so good. Our wealth only increased, or so it seemed. We didn’t know the house was heavily mortgaged. Many of our possessions were bought on store accounts – credit the merchants extended because they believed they would be paid. When I was sixteen, his luck turned. People started coming to repossess the furniture, and the truth came out. But we still thought the house was safe. My father said he’d stop the gambling and even go to work if he needed to. But then one night the police came to the house. Father had been shot and killed in an argument with a man he owed a great deal of money to.”

Fairfax, listening, winced. “Christ, how awful…”

“Things got worse quickly after that. We lost the house, more furniture, almost everything. My mother had some belongings that she was able to sell to get us enough money to rent a small flat. But it was hard slot oyna on her. We both started working – I became a waiter at a restaurant and she took in washing and sewing. But I suppose a combination of the shock and hard work was too much for her. She died a year and a half after we moved. I was eighteen then.”

Fairfax gave Justin a sympathetic look. “I’m sorry. I had no idea.”

Justin shrugged and smiled weakly. “It’s not something I really talk about. I kept working, became headwaiter eventually and did my best to educate myself, and got the secretarial position…and a slightly nicer flat.” He sighed. “But I got consumed with the idea of buying back the house I grew up in. Like I said, it’s foolish – trying to hold on to the past. I doubt I’d even have managed to save enough, with prices rising as I tried to put money away…and I was behaving no better than my father.” He lowered his eyes. “I know I deserve what I’m getting. And probably worse.”

Fairfax reached across the table and patted Justin’s hand. “No, no… what you did was wrong, yes, but you don’t deserve anything more. And I think what your father did – endangering the well-being of a wife and child – was somewhat worse than taking money a little at a time from criminals.”

Justin shrugged slightly. “But they have families too. Innocent families, often enough.”

Fairfax nodded shortly. “That’s true. But you’ve hardly taken away everything they have. You went about things the wrong way… but your wishes are understandable. I can’t really imagine what it’s like to lose your status and your family all at once. Things have only gone uphill for me.”

Justin just shrugged and sighed. “I’d be best off just forgetting about it. It’s not as if I’m so badly off now.”

“Perhaps…” the warden said, but he grew quiet and thoughtful. After breakfast, Justin thanked his superior and told him he’d best be getting home. He walked the whole way, still sore but distracted by his spinning thoughts.

Once again Friday seemed to come too soon. Though now, Justin was aware of a growing new feeling underneath his usual fear and discomfort – as much as he dreaded the weekly punishment from the inmates, he also felt an uneasy anticipation, curiosity as to how the warden would treat him beforehand and afterward. Would there be any “preparations” this week? Would he wake up in Fairfax’s bed again tomorrow morning? He realised, with a strange feeling in his stomach, that he rather wanted to. By four o’clock he was on edge, and when Fairfax opened his door around 4:45 he jumped a little in his seat, looking up with eyes wide. Fairfax smiled. “Come, Justin. I want to spend a few minutes with you first.” As had become typical, he led Justin down the hall with a gentle arm around his shoulders – a gesture Justin had once found out of place, but now found comfortable and reassuring.

They went to the usual room in the infirmary, and Fairfax backed Justin up against a wall, smiling at him. “I’m just going to prepare you a little – see if it makes a difference.”

Justin raised his eyebrows. “H-how, sir?”

Fairfax just kept grinning, and moved a hand to Justin’s crotch, palming him through his trousers. Justin cried out in surprise. Fairfax silenced him with a kiss as his hands unbuckled Justin’s belt and opened his trousers. He reached into the younger man’s shorts, fondling him gently but insistently until he was fully erect. He withdrew his right hand and looked into Justin’s eyes as he sucked on two fingers, seeing the realization dawn on his face. “If you’re turned on at the start, maybe it won’t be so bad for you.”

He reached down into Justin’s shorts again, slipping his fingers between his cheeks as he pressed close to him. Justin gasped as the first slick finger worked its way inside him, and meanwhile Fairfax kept stroking him with his other hand, causing precum to seep into the fabric of his underpants. Another finger slid inside, and Justin whimpered as that spot inside him was stimulated again. His hips arched forward helplessly and he trembled, and Fairfax chuckled. Suddenly the fingers slid out of him, and Fairfax pushed his stubbornly erect cock down to refasten his trousers and belt. Justin blinked up at him, flustered and confused.

“What, did you think I’d let you come? No, no, that’s their job. Let’s go now.” Justin followed Fairfax into the hall and down to the room where the prisoners and guards waited, blushing hotly at the idea of how he must look, flushed and aroused with his erection pressing urgently against the fabric of his trousers. He kept his eyes closed most of the time as Fairfax introduced him and went over the rules as usual, only opening them once the man left his side. The men were hooting and laughing at him, and a tall, young prisoner grabbed Justin by the hair and roughly groped him, exclaiming “He’s rock hard, the little pervert!” He was pushed up against a wall, and the young man unbuckled his belt and shoved his trousers down to his knees. The prisoner reached out to grease his fingers with petroleum, and abruptly shoved two at once into Justin’s entrance, canlı casino siteleri making him cry out in surprise. “Little slut. That’s not enough for you, is it? You cock-hungry little whore.” He hissed the words into Justin’s ear, then bit his shoulder hard enough to bruise as he shoved the fingers into him harder, as if he was trying to hollow out a place inside of him.

Then they were abruptly yanked out, and the prisoner’s hands spread his cheeks, slamming his hips against the wall. Then the man thrust into him all at once, filling and stretching him so suddenly that he cried out again in pain. But he had lubricated himself and Justin well, and he was not so large that the pain was overwhelming. Before long, Justin was whimpering for another reason entirely – this man was pressing up against that same place Fairfax had been stroking him, only he was shoving against it with the full force of his hips, quickly and very hard. The man fucking him wasn’t touching his cock at all, but still he was pushed closer and closer to orgasm by the rapid thrusting. Finally his legs went stiff and he cried out helplessly, face red with shame, as he released against the wall. He could hear the men laughing and talking, but his senses were so overwhelmed that he didn’t comprehend any of their words.

The relentless pounding against his arse ceased, and he was pushed down on his knees. Another prisoner grabbed him roughly by his hair and shoved his face against his crotch. He could feel the man’s erection against his face through the fabric of his trousers. “Pull it out and suck, whore. And if I feel any teeth you’ll be sorry.” Justin reached up with trembling hands, undoing the prisoner’s trousers and pulling his cock out carefully. He looked up pitifully, his eyes teary. “I’ve… never done this before…” The man snorted at him. “Hard for me to believe that. Even if it’s true, it ought to come natural. Just suck it, slut.” Justin lowered his head with a whimper and took the erect organ into his mouth, fighting the urge to gag and sucking softly. Before long the man had both hands in Justin’s hair, yanking his head back and forth and causing his eyes to tear up. When the salty liquid rushed into his mouth, Justin couldn’t help coughing a little as he pulled his mouth away. The man slapped his face, hard enough to hurt but not enough to leave a lasting mark. “Finish cleaning me up, you worthless little whore.” Justin licked him clean carefully, tears streaming down his face. He was scarcely finished before he was dragged to the cot and dumped onto it face down, legs rudely spread and ankles tied.

Someone straddled his back, laughing. Suddenly his bottom was smacked hard with a large, calloused hand, and Justin whimpered. Apparently Fairfax had been wrong about them not wanting to spank him this time. The hand descended again and again, making Justin’s hips jerk against the cot, and he felt the seed of the man who’d fucked him trickle from between his legs. The man hitting him laughed harder. “Oh, all the cum’s leaking out of you, poor little whore. Don’t worry, once you’re empty we’ll fill you up again.” He paused and roughly groped Justin’s aching cheeks with both hands. “What a lovely little pink arse…it’ll feel so much better around my cock once it’s nice and hot.” He began spanking him again, three vicious smacks to one side, then the other, over and over until Justin was sobbing helplessly. He almost didn’t notice when the blows ceased and the man shoved his way inside, until he began to yank cruelly at his hair as he rode him, thrusting so hard that Justin felt his hips would dislocate.

Another prisoner walked up to the cot and undid his pants, shoving himself at Justin’s face. He was forced to suck one man while being mounted by another, and at some point the one fucking him finished and invited another to take his place. Semen flooded his mouth again, and around the same time the man on top of him cried out with pleasure as he emptied inside him. He heard Fairfax’s voice, and then the men were leaving – leaving him a wreck on the cot, wiping at his mouth and still sobbing as he tried to tighten his entrance so he’d no longer feel that sickening sensation of the mens’ fluids seeping from his body.

Then Fairfax was sitting down next to him, carefully wrapping him up in a blanket and taking him into his arms. He felt a kiss to the top of his head as he was lifted and carried down the hall, back to the usual room. He was laid gently face down on a cot, and the warden tended to him with warm, moist cloths, wiping him clean. He whimpered a mild protest as Fairfax wiped a soft cloth between his legs and slipped a finger inside him, but the older man shushed him and stroked his hair. “I’m just trying to get you clean, Justin – I know you don’t like feeling that inside you.” Before long he was helping him into his clothes, getting him a drink of water, and then he sat in a chair and pulled Justin into his lap, holding him close as he brushed his hair. Justin snuggled into the warden’s embrace, kittenlike, overcoming his embarrassment in his desire for comfort. Fairfax pulled his hair back from his face, tying it with the same ribbon that had held it back earlier, and picked him up again, carrying him out to the waiting carriage. Justin kept his eyes closed as he spoke quietly. “Can I… come stay with you again?”

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