In Her Dreams?


Beth stood up from her prayers and moved gracefully to the bed in the sparsely furnished room. The room was one of many in the north wing which housed the convent accommodation. Beth was dressed in a long, simple, white cotton nightgown. She laid down and stretched out in the bed. Her hand reached to feel the cool crisp sheets in the empty bed beside her.

“Well this was her lot in life,” sighed the novice nun, no company for you.

With that thought she reached over and turned off the lamp beside the bed. She lay in the dark and closed her eyes and her mind drifted. Her thoughts consistently returned to the man she had encountered, on numerous occasions. Not of her faith and known to her, now, as Nebru, the monk had always made a deep and lasting impression on her. There was something about the way he still looked at her that reached deep into her soul.

Nebru hadn’t always been a monk, just as Beth hadn’t always lived in a convent. The thought of their shared past haunted her at times like this. He had been her lover, sensitive, caring and passionate her body had thrilled to his touch. She had looked forward to the stolen hours they had spent together, unable to show their relationship publicly, they had met in private and had both longed for more time in each others company.

Beth’s mind wandered as she thought about Nebru, he had the most beautiful sexy voice, and a body made for cuddling. She had always thought of him as her handsome prince, especially when he gave her those looks that made her feel special and appreciated. She knew she was still deeply attracted to him and created many opportunities to be in his presence.

Beth enjoyed his company, just being with him, whether deep in conversation or a companionable quietness. Beth was aware of Nebru’s routine and often felt his presence, late at night and early in the morning. As if they had a bond that transcended time and place.

“Well, these days with that could be a concern,” she thought as she drifted into a deep sleep.

About 12 o’clock, Beth’s mind started to fumble through the fog of sleep, her fingers again stretched to the edge of her bed. Instead of the cool crisp sheets, they encountered the warmth of another body. Slowly, tentatively her fingers ran up the side of a bare hip, the skin soft and warm. She moved her hand towards the stomach and felt hairs curling on her fingertips. Startled she withdrew her hand and held her breath. She drifted in that land of neither sleep nor wakefulness.

Carefully she rolled onto her side and stretched out her right hand. This time her brain sought to urge her on. Her hand reached for the stomach she had touched, and she slowly slid her hand down, as she did, she gasped, as it met the base of a fully erect dick. She lay still without moving as a flush of warmth started in the czech taxi porno pit of her stomach and slowly spread between her legs. Her hand was still holding the swollen dick, whilst her own body seemed to belong to someone else.

Beth inched over on the bed and stretched her body full length beside the body next to hers. Without letting go of her handful she pushed her legs against those beside hers. The body turned to her and she could feel the length of him. Letting go of her handful, her arms went around his torso and she held him close. Pushing her pelvis forward, she rubbed her sex against his dick.

Yes her mind thought, it is, it’s really him. Her body responded to his as it always had, she knew the feel of him, the taste of him and immediately the closeness of his presence made her body go warm all over. All of her senses were aroused with his presence. Again she rubbed her mound against his dick. She had always loved the feel of him against her, it just felt so right. She sighed in sensual delight.

Her mouth eagerly sought his in the dark. His lips closed on hers and parted. Hesitantly her tongue ran along his lips and then sought the warm soft interior of his mouth. Shyly she felt for his tongue, but as he gathered her body to him and held her close, her senses took over. Her mouth opened and she reached to feel his tongue and get closer. Her hands sought the outlines of his face and caressed him with her fingertips, tracing the contours of his face.

Free at last to touch and be touched. His tongue explored the recesses of her mouth and twined with hers as she in turn teased his lips, licking, kissing, teasing and then joining in exploring a deep kiss that warmed her entire body. His kisses had always brought this response. She had never met a man that could kiss in this manner. He felt as if you were part of him, whilst he set your whole body on fire.

He threw back the covers, and in the dim light he could see the outline of her nightgown. With one yank he ripped it from neck to knee and exposed her breasts. She lay back, and arched her back as he gently fondled each breast, teasing the nipples until they were erect and swollen. His mouth sought one then the other licking and sucking each in turn. She gazed down at him in the dim light her eyes communicated her need, the desire building in her body.

Once again she reached for the throbbing shaft of his maleness timidly her fingers ran up and down the length of him exploring its shape and texture. She rubbed her fingers over the soft smooth end, and felt the softness altered by the smooth silky liquid, beading at the end. Her fingers moved down the shaft and felt for his balls, holding one she slowly massaged it then reached for the other, reveling in the hairy maleness of him.

Meanwhile his fingers defloration porno had traced the line of her body, slowly moving towards her sex. Lost in the sensation of him, she suddenly realized that her body was responding to his probing fingers. Her legs moved apart, as his fingers sought to move between her lips. Gently his fingers rubbed feeling the tightness of her. He fondled the small bud as it started to swell under his touch.

Her body arched and she whimpered as she pushed herself towards him, stroking his dick at the same time. He rubbed her harder fingering the silken lips as slowly her moistness enveloped his hand. Gently he increased pressure innately knowing her needs. Her body responded moving as one with his fingers, urging him not to stop. With a cry she came in one long, pulsating orgasm pushing her body against his fingers as she did.

Nebru spread her legs and knelt between them, leaning forward as he gently started to probe her opening with his dick. Initially meeting some resistance he ran his dick up and down the swollen lips, slowly plunging into the warmth and withdrawing. She thrust her body towards him as her hands clenched his buttocks, pulling him to her. He couldn’t resist the warm promising, depths and pushing forward he felt her body surround him pulling him into the depths of her core. Slowly, he began to move as her body started to feel his rhythm. She felt the length of him moving inside her as the pleasure started to build, slowly her muscles tightened as the sensation increased.

Beth could feel the tension increasing as she strained to part her legs wider so that she could take more of him into her. She held his buttocks and pulled him higher so she could feel the rubbing sensation against her clit. Her hands reached down to rub and caress his balls as she could feel his tension mounting. Pushing him deeper at the base of his shaft, she held him close as her body pulsed, rhythmically surrounding him. Deep within her body the muscles started to constrict as she pulled him deeper within. Slowly the tension built, she could feel it mounting and held him tightly to her as her body went into deep spasms. Bursting into a crescendo of sensation, she held him tight, so he could feel the passion throbbing through her.

Nebru withdrew his dick, and rolled onto his back taking her with him. She climbed on top of him and moved aside her ripped nightie. He grabbed it in his hands and pulled it from her body, discarding it with a heave across the room. Taking her face between his hands he brought her down to him. His lips sought hers, whilst his fingertips caressed her face, gently tracing the contours and shape.

Nebru raised her above him and parted her swollen lips, stroking her sensuously, feeling the swollen, wet heat of her. Holding his dick fake agents porno she felt him lower her onto him. Slowly he slid back into her warm, silken sheath. She gasped as she felt the length of him enter her. Her body took him in deeper and deeper. She could feel him inside, as she moved forward, he rubbed within her and a warm glowing spot internally started to build in sensation.

Leaning forward Beth, opened her mouth to him, joining him in as many places as she could. Her mouth and body registered her mounting excitement as the sensation built within her. Her body responded to the sensation of his dick as it pulsed against that special place. As her tension mounted she could feel his body reacting to hers. His rhythm increased in urgency as he held her closer to him. He plumbed the depths of her body fitting and molding to her shape. He was her match, a perfect fit, in every respect, two bodies together as one.

The pleasure was becoming almost unbearable as the exhilaration mounted. Moving together as muscles started to contract they could feel the tension building. His dick throbbed within her as her body started to pulse within, the contractions adding to his sensitivity. She grabbed hold of him as he reached for her and together they climaxed with a pulsating wave of pleasure that enveloped them both. Beth called his name as her body crescendoed looking deep into his eyes as her orgasm continued rippling through her and he responded grabbing her to him and echoing with her name. Holding tight the sensations rippled through them both.

As their bodies calmed, she rolled off him and cuddled into his side. He held her close to him as the heat of their bodies cooled. They looked deep into each others eyes, telling what they had both always known but had never said. Then sought what they had never had, the opportunity to sleep in each others arms.

Beth slowly woke, to the clanging of bells still befuddled by sleep whilst a warm languorous feeling pervaded her body. Smiling she sought to cuddle up to the warm body at her side. Roused from her dreamy torpor, her hand reached to search the sheets at her side. Empty. Swiftly her hand ran down her body, touching her breasts and moving towards her sex. Had she dreamt it, was it just imagination, but it was so real.

Beth threw back the bed covers with one hand whilst the other felt between her legs. Feeling then her still swollen and engorged lips not recovered from their sexual excitement. She leapt out of bed and ran to her nightgown lying tousled in the corner of the room. When she picked it up and turned it round she could see the torn fabric where it was ripped from the neck to hem.

Holding the nightgown clutched to her she returned to her bed. Was the man of her dreams, in her dreams, or had he really been with her? Beth thought through the midnight encounter. It was real, it had to be. One thing she knew for certain, she no longer wished to be celibate. Being with him again made her realise how empty life was without him. She had lost her vocation, no longer did she want to be a bride of Christ. She wanted to be his.

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