In Randy’s black hands (Fourth Part)


In Randy’s black hands (Fourth Part)Randy fingered my tight asshole and then I came again; but after this last hard session, I just passed out.I woke up a couple hours later, finding I was lying alone onto the couch in the living room. Then my hubby’s black friend came over me, with his huge dark cock swinging from side to side.He stood over me and said he needed me to come with him.I was a little worried by his serious expression, but the thought of being taken by his huge black cock again made me follow him.I walked into my own bedroom and saw that Victor was now tied to our marital bed with my stockings; he was lying on his belly, with his buttocks on display…Randy smiled and told me I had two choices.I could stand there and watch him fuck my sweet hubby’s ass, or I could put on a sexy dressing gown and drive him to a friend’s house.I asked him if he had gone mad; but Randy just climbed up onto the halkalı escort bed holding my husband’s butt cheeks apart…I was allowed to wear just a very short silky black gown that just covered my ass cheeks. It was a see-through fabric, so my dark nipples were on display for everybody’s eyes…Randy then loosened up Victor’s wrists and ankles. My husband was silent and he got dressed in less than two seconds.Dressed like a street hooker, we all got into my car.I drove for only a couple of minutes; all the time Randy licking my hardened nipples through the thin material of the night gown.Soon I was ordered to pull into a driveway, in an empty street.A house door opened and several black guys came out, whispering as they saw me there, just wearing a see-through black gown…When we entered a road I was instructed to pull onto a driveway. As my head lights crossed the door frame it şişli escort opened and several black boys from my sons school walked out whistling and saying wow man you got her here.I asked Randy what was going on and he said I would be going to look after his black friends; as my husband later should clean any mess we could leave there…Then my car’s door was opened and two black guys dragged me out. I was suddenly groped by at least a dozen sets of hands.But soon Randy instructed them to take me into the house.I was taken into a living room, bent over the arm of the sofa and soon the first of many huge black cocks entered my abused sore pussy. A second guy pushed his black dick deep into my mouth.These first two black guys soon filled me with their burning cum.I felt them being pulled out and another couple of dicks soon hammered into my mouth and sarıyer escort pussy.I lost count about how many blacks came into my pussy and mouth. After the last one was done; they pushed me onto my husband’s face, allowing all of the cum from my pussy to drip into his mouth.As I was moved back over the arm of the sofa, I noticed some of the black guys stood close to my beloved Victor. Another round of big black cock slamming into me, brought my mind back to reality. The night would be really longer than I had expected.I saw Randy was standing at a corner, recording the whole action with a video camera in his hands.After these black men had filled Victor’s ass and my cunt with semen, they allowed us to get back home. Once in our house I walked into our bedroom and made Victor to lay flat onto the bed. Then I straddled his face and made him lick clean the second round of seed those bastards had left inside me.Victor tried to resist and he struggled a bit; but I pushed him down using my own weight and made him lick me.As I felt his soft tongue inside my cunt; I recommended him not to take such a stupid bet next time, if he did not want to watch her sweet wife being banged by a bunch of well hung niggers…

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