In the Afternoon


Gen and I had been dating for some time, and were in love, though our relationship could be bumpy. Our sex life was adventurous, though not what I would describe as kinky. It is important to mention that I have a particular affinity for oral sex. I love the taste and texture of a woman’s pussy – labia, clit, and the inner folds. Nothing is more erotic to me than a 69, when I can pause from eating pussy to watch her suck on my cock. Watching Gen nibble, lick, and swirl her tongue around me was nearly enough to make me ejaculate all over her face and chest.

We were in my bedroom, messing around in the early afternoon, the light pouring in shafts through the blinds. Lazily, we groped each other through our clothes. It had been a couple of weeks since we had fucked, and our play quickly grew more forceful as we went. I could smell her wetness through her jeans, and my dick grew hard from the scent.

I could imagine what came next – licking her, hearing her breath quicken. I stuck my hand beneath her waistband, slowly running my fingers along her skin. She raised her hips to force my hand further down. She had already soaked her panties – her fake taxi porno pussy felt slippery as I rubbed it through the silk-blended fabric. I loved this as well – rubbing her pussy through her panties. I almost wanted her to leave them on always; the texture felt so good to the touch.

She urged me to pull her jeans off, and I complied. I left her panties on, nibbling, sucking and licking at her knees, at the inside of her thighs, making her wetter and just shy of begging for my cock. At this point, she began rubbing my dick through my jeans. I could feel the spot on my boxers where my pre-cum had soaked through. I wanted to feel her mouth around the head of my dick, her tongue swirling around it. I pulled off my jeans and boxers, my cock standing at attention. She began stroking my dick as I continued to finger her through her panties and suck at her inner thighs. She pulled off her shirt, leaving her bra on, her nipples hard and tits heaving in time with her breath. I got on top of her, pulling us into a man-on-top 69. I yanked her panties down, exposing her dripping pussy to the air.

As I mentioned before, nothing family stroke porno is hotter to me than the position we were in. As I began to eat her pussy, I felt the head of my cock slip between her lips as she opened her mouth to receive it. It was incredible – her tongue swirling around the head of my dick while my tongue darted at her clit. I stuck two fingers inside of her pussy, to give her the sensation of being penetrated while I stimulated her lips and clit with my mouth.

Suddenly, she pushed forward on the backs of my thighs, snaking behind me to take my balls in her mouth. She didn’t mess around. This was not the slow licking as I was used to when she played with my balls. She took both of my balls in her mouth, and was greedily licking and sucking on them as she pulled at my cock, which was now aimed at her stomach. The sensation nearly drove me over the edge. I regained my composure, not wanting to come yet, and I pinned her clit with my tongue, licking it furiously as I fucked her with my fingers.

This was not oral foreplay – we were fucking — though entirely with our mouths and hands. I began female agent porno to stick my tongue between her folds, fucking her with my tongue as she moaned. The harder I lapped and tongue fucked her, the more insistent her sucking and stroking became. Then, as quickly as she started, she stopped and pulled my balls out of her mouth. She began sliding down the bed, straining to get to my cock. She latched her lips fast to the head and didn’t let go.

At this point, the head of my dick was rock hard and dripping into her mouth – I needed release. I sucked at her pussy as she began to shudder an orgasm, bringing a temporary pause to her oral attentions. It was beautiful, watching her pussy twitch and her legs shake while my dick was still buried in her mouth. She quickly recovered, and began sucking again in earnest. Now she was taking me all the way into her mouth, my balls lightly slapping the bridge of her nose with each upstroke. I looked down along our bodies to watch her thrusting her head up and down on the length of my cock. The visual was too much, and my cock began twitching as I exploded in her mouth, filling it with cum until I could see it begin to drip over her lips. She never once took her mouth from my dick as she drained me, swallowing my cum and licking her lips clean. As I rolled off of her, our eyes met. Slyly, she said “you came…?”

We both laughed. “What gave you that idea?” was all I could muster in reply.

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