In The Desert Air Ch. 1


Here, in the heart of the desert, an oasis had been born that history had never seen before. It was of magnanimous proportions and it took the notion of what an oasis actually was to unparalleled heights, making it unrivalled as a sort of latter-day Xanadu. People came from far and wide to frolic in this artificial environment. They were drawn by the sheer spectacle of it and they were drawn by the staggering array of attractions that inhabited its towers and spires. Conferences and conventions brought some while the dreams of “hitting” it brought so many more. I was there for a business meeting and, to some degree, my future was bound up in what I was there for. This put me on a sort of knife-edge as I was engulfed by the city, if it might be called that, of Las Vegas.

The meetings had gone quite well for the first two days that I was there and, on the third, I entered into what might be termed a “party” zone with my business associates. The President of the company lived in a ritzy development called Canyon Grove and it was at his house that we convened at to talk business in a more relaxed setting than that of a boardroom or convention floor. In a way, it was almost a relief to get away from “the Strip”, as the area where the hotels stood was known. The urge to gamble and go overboard almost vanished for me when I was outside the environs of the hotel I was staying at.

The Mandalay Bay, for that was the name of the establishment, is a striking example of the far reaches of the creative impulses that surround everything in the city on the desert floor. Here almost anything that one could desire from a vacation point of view had been brought to vibrant life. There were the usual attractions of the gaming tables in astonishing abundance and variety. Slot machines that seemed to number in the thousands chattered away and rang bells and whistles as the hands of those drawn to them fed them. There were several restaurants and also several places that brought a variety of entertainments to their stages. Stores that sold all kinds of luxury goods lined the outer walkways of the casino area and one was hard-pressed to avoid spending outrageously on things that could be termed trivial.

As I wandered these halls of pleasure, I could not help noticing the enticing arrays of human flesh that were everywhere. There were tourists clad in the skimpiest of garments, revealing breasts that seemed to be so visible that anyone so inclined was able to literally feast their eyes on the jiggling globes that were everywhere. The female employees of the Hotel were themselves dressed in outfits that left surprisingly little to the imagination. Once my first meetings were over and I began to really look around me, I began to feel some almost uncontrollable urges pulsing in my loins. Although it was something I only rarely entertained as a possibility, I began to think of what the world of paid sex would offer me in this metropolis of sin. I began to think more and more of singing in the choir in this cathedral dedicated to the notions of naughtiness. Somehow I resisted this impulse since I knew that there could be a high price to pay for such indulgence but the thoughts roamed around in my mind like animals unleashed and a growling in my brain kept reminding me of my horny state.

I was asked to be ready to be picked up in the early afternoon to go to the house of the President of the company and I stopped in at Raffles Café for a relaxed lunch before the appointed time. The waitress who served me was a good-looking woman. Her blonde hair was smartly arranged and she went about her business in a positive way. It was part of working in this environment that one had to at least seem to be in a good mood and wear a smile. This woman did wear a lovely smile along with the skimpy outfit but it seemed to be a little strained to me. Some sort of intuition told me this and I questioned her about what she was actually feeling.

Julia, for that was her name, was somewhat surprised by my line of questioning since almost all of the men she dealt with took a crudely sexist line in the conversational approaches. She seemed amazed that any man seemed to be interested in her internal feelings rather than the curve of her breasts and the jiggle of her buttocks, which protruded from the bottom of her garb almost as much as her breasts did from the top of it. Somehow, right in the thick of it, we connected in a human fashion and a polite conversation ensued as she shuttled food and took orders at a number of tables, including mine. I was not surprised when she told me that she really was sorry that there were rules about fraternizing with the guests of the hotel but as she left my table for the final time, I gazed at her physique with no small amount of longing. I was lost in that gaze when she turned and gave me a really delightful smile that left me wondering how I might find this woman outside of the environs of the Mandalay Bay.

Once I reached the President’s house, he imposed on me to prepare dinner for the twenty or so people who grup sex porno would be there that evening. It had been his intention, he told me, to take everyone out to dinner but that had become impossible with the crowd growing in number to an unforeseen size. Since it was in my own interest and since I loved cooking anyway, I told him that it would be my pleasure to do that for him provided I had some sort of help and provided it was understood that I would not be involved in any clean-up work.

He agreed quickly to this and he gave me several crisp, hundred-dollar bills with which to obtain what I needed for the evening’s entertainment and the keys to his black BMW for transport. We spent the next hour or so talking business and then I began to think about what I would prepare for his guests many of who were friends of mine. I had wanted to go back to the Hotel early so that I could attempt to track down Julia by playing detective but the thoughts of her creamy flesh had perforce to disappear now that I was faced with feeding the dinner party with more than just a barbecue.

I cruised up Sahara in the black BMW, headed out toward Summerlin, which lay, on the western edge of Vegas. Whenever I travel I take my own music along and I barreled toward the crags of the red rocks on the edge of town with sounds pouring out of the premium sound system that occupied the dashboard of the luxury automobile. The throaty voice of the engine, with all of its twelve cylinders, somehow seemed perfect with the cadence of the music I had brought along for my own edification. Several locations for finding the food had been given to me and it was no hardship to be driving this beautiful automobile on this particular mission.

The car rode like a dream and I felt like a spiral on the desert floor, connected over the eons with the movement of rhythmic life eternal, the sounds pounding out in their patterns. That was when I saw her in her car. Julia, driving a blue Nissan and turning into the parking lot of the Wild Oats store, just where I happened to be headed. It seemed almost too good to be true so I geared down and turned into the parking space beside her and emerged from the car I was driving as she emerged from her own.

My greeting was met with a totally nonplussed look and a lack of any recognition. She looked at me and did the double-take thing, peering intently through the curtain of her sunglasses. As I got close to her I could see some form of recognition beginning to take hold in her brain. She wanted to know if she knew me somehow, or if I knew her somehow. Words tumbled out of her in a run as she shuffled facial images around in her primary consciousness. So I made it really simple by telling her where and when we had connected. This woman probably looked at thousands of different people everyday as she served them and I wanted to make it easier, not more difficult.

Then the real spark warmed up and began to glow in her as we stood there in the balminess of that desert afternoon and I explained to her, reminding her about lunch and our talking. She smiled at me, I could recognize the smile from lunch but now it carried a different air since the body that it adorned was clad in clothing of her own choice and, by design I am sure, she looked quite stunning. As she stared at me, her tongue ran its way over the full lips that graced her face and, if anything had ever really turned me on, that one gesture certainly did its trick on me there and then!

Naturally Julia wanted to know how I had found her, if I had followed her. The puzzlement she displayed was natural enough but I tried hard to put her mind at ease saying that it was all the most curious and wondrous coincidence. I told her that the heavens had opened to my wishes to see her again and brought us together in this remarkable way and that now that we were connected like this, I was not about to let her go. She wanted to know what I meant by that, of course, and I told her that I wanted her to be my guest at the party that evening and to allow me to feed her instead of her serving me food. It would be a nice turn around I told her, for her to be there and to relax and enjoy herself.

Her eyes went from the majestic black BMW with its opaque windows and racy wheels and they traveled up and down the length of me, looking intently as though trying to divine some inner thing. Yes, she said, yes, she wanted that, wanted the company, wanted a human connection that evening and she loved the idea of having dinner made for her but most of all she liked the idea of our connection. Her hand ran along the flowing lines of the hood of the BMW and she began to tell me just how much she loved this particular model of car. Then I looked again in her eyes and I could see desire surging there like the clouds gathering for an incoming storm. I extended to her an invitation to get in the car with me and go for a little run before I did the dinner shopping. Her hesitation was less than slight and she was over it in a millisecond. She looked latina fuck tour porno at me over the gleaming black roof as I unlocked the car and then she slid into the passenger seat as I got into the driver’s side.

We were leaning into a kiss even before I was fully ensconced in the seat and her mouth opened to mine as though in a dream. I always try to remember first kisses, it stirs my romantic nature down way deep and this kiss was filled with all the attributes I wanted in any kiss. Our tongues met in an amazing blend of juice and dancing meshing sexiness. We were both moaning into each other’s mouths before too long and I wondered if she were as horny as I was. She must have sensed my thoughts because she pulled away and, after looking at me long and hard, she told me that she really needed to be held and made to feel special.

That, I told her, was something I fully intended to do for her and I leaned toward her to kiss her again deeply. I felt her hand sliding down my chest toward my groin as our mouths ground together in the ecstatic dance that two people dive into when they know they are going to really get it on. Her fingers closed around my cock and she moaned loudly into me as she held me there, touching and exploring through the gabardine of my trousers. Now I took her hand and told her to stop, that it felt too good too quickly and I wanted to savor her totally. She looked at me in a deeply mysterious way and told me that I had captured something inside of her that she was, in effect, submitting to me there and then! My head spun with the intensity and speed of what was happening so I started the car and mashed the accelerator and floored it on my way out of the parking lot. The mighty engine sang a song with deep notes and I directed the car out of town, pausing only to look at Julia who had slid down the seat, the white cotton of her dress up around her waist and the tiny panties she wore tugged deep into her crack.

Somehow I found a small road and slid onto it almost sideways, the tires grabbing for purchase as the wheels spun. Julia moaned loudly in the seat next to me and when I next looked, she had the panties pulled to one side and she was fiddling with herself, her eyes half closed and her mouth half-open. It was a sight that got to me instantly and I told her how good she looked. There was no verbal reply from her, she moved over toward me and asked if she could please see my hard cock.

In the few seconds that I thought about it she asked me again, saying that the car, the smell of the leather of the seats, it had all just gotten to her and she was going over the top, she had to see my cock. The zipper of my jeans came down and I eased them down and my cock out until it was out there, throbbing in the wind that rushed in through the sunroof. She wanted to know if I was hard for her, was that steely cock so throbbing and taut for her or was it just plain like that sometimes.

Her mouth came down then on the end of my cock, engulfing it in a maelstrom of hot wetness. The feelings were so incredibly amazing that I almost lost the car on the next turn. My hand went down to her buttocks and slid over them, to the core of her and one of my fingers slid right into her cunt and another went straight into her ass. She jerked back from the sucking of my cock and looked at me before diving down again. The car hit a hundred miles an hour and the desert scenery began to really slip by. My fingers probed deeper and deeper into her and I easily added another finger to each of her openings, the juice from her cunt so overflowing that there was lubricant enough for anything.

Anything, I thought, and then I pulled the car to the side of the road with a howl. The tires bit and a cloud of dust plumed over the black beauty as it slid to a halt on the side of the road. I got out and walked around to her side of the car. The door was already open when I got there and her ass was in the air, her dress in a crumpled ring around her middle. My cock somehow seemed even harder as I surveyed this incredible sight, hardly believing that this was happening to me. I reached in and slapped her ass hard a couple of times and then, looking at the eye of her asshole, I decided to fuck her ass right there and then, without even going to her cunt, I would make love to that later on in the night.

This was a time for the fuck; the hardest core of it and it seemed so fitting to go to her ass. I think that she realized what I was thinking before I even got it totally myself and she began to moan, yes, my ass, fuck my ass, please fuck my ass, I want it so badly, so badly, so badly. Her hands came round and held a buttock each and she spread herself, the tips of her fingers in her cunt and in her ass, opening the holes, spreading them for my forceful entry.

I steadied myself and dragged my cock over the globes of her ass, asking her if she was ready for some supreme pleasure. Before she could answer I lowered the tip into her asshole and with a hard shove slid it lezbiyen porno into her until a good four inches was deep inside her hole. Her rectum extended itself over my cock as I did this accommodating whatever she could of me. On the next thrust I was buried deep inside of her and she was wailing loudly. The third thrust was the total charm as I was in her to my scrotum. I tugged back slowly and then, after staring at this lovely sight, I pushed hard into her again and again. It all was amazing and such an incredible turn-on that I was hard-pressed not to come instantly, wanting much more of this glove-like feeling that enveloped my cock.

The wrinkles of her sphincter disappeared with my thrusts and her screams became louder until I feared someone somewhere had to be hearing us but around us only the wind spoke in the desert and I plunged again and again into Julia’s asshole. She began to come after just a few minutes of this and then I was beginning to come as well, really hard. I never spouted into her asshole though for she had swiftly spun around and was absorbing the jets of come in the cushion of her mouth, sucking me deeply into that heaven. I uttered a sound that I had never heard come out of my own mouth before and I jerked in the spasm of the orgasm.

Around us nothing stirred in the desert heat. She collapsed back into the car and I slowly crumpled onto her, kissing her and tasting my own come in her mouth and on her tongue. I looked down at her and smiled at the vision she represented hair askew and clothes tugged every which way. Somehow the thought of what I had to do next was swimming into the mush of my brown. I told her that I had to cook for these people, all twenty or so of them, and that I had to go and shop for the event.

She grinned back at me, as long, she said, as I promised that I would spend the rest of the night with her. She did not mind, she said, if I was going to really fuck her brains out later. She was all for it and would help me, she wanted to help me. There was no way I told her that I wanted her to do that, but I did want to be able to have around as I cooked. I wanted to see her there, to be able to feel her ass and to kiss her from time to time, knowing that I was going to take her to her limits later. We smiled at each other and kissed again long and hard. I went back to the driver’s seat and fired up the twelve cylinders of the car and we roared back to town.

Now the boom of that tuned engine was such a sweet song as we rode the wave back to town. The automobile fairly leaped under my coaxing and before long we were way beyond any speed limit. It should go without saying that my cock was once again out and in the delightful grip of Julia. I wanted to touch her as well but with the car now going well over a hundred miles and hour, the edge of the city was coming up to meet us in a wild rush. The thrill of the speed and the hum of the tires as they held us in their cushioned grip would have been a turn-on all by themselves but with Julia at my side I have to say that I was way into it.

On the passenger side of the car she was laid out and stretched over the leather of the seat. Her other hand was in her own crotch and very busy there. She asked me to watch the road and to leave the touching to her. There was going to come a time later that evening, she said, when she was going to want my full attention but she wanted to get it alive and the black beast was holding us on a sharp edge as I drove. As the first houses began to flash by I slowed the big car dramatically and we smiled at each other. I knew that she was wet, very, very wet and hot and I wanted to blow off cooking dinner just like that.

The course had to be held to though, I was expected and I could not let the people down. I knew they would wonder when I arrived with Julia and I knew they would want to know but I was looking into a deeper distance and their queries would fall on the floor of silence. Responses were going to be saved for Julia, I knew that then, and I began to feel my energy percolate. The orgasm in the desert had been as though a part of a séance, now the medium had spoken and we were going to thread our way to higher levels. The motion of the car slowed as we neared where her car was parked. My mind returned to what I was going to make for dinner, the menu truncated now from the time in the desert.

At the first traffic light I nursed the car to a halt. A big dark colored Bronco pulled up on the left side of us on the inner lane. I looked up out of the car at the glazed window of the big SUV next to us. The window came down with a whirring sound and saw a face framed with brunette curls looking out and down at me. I knew that this woman was able to see right into the BMW and I knew that she had to be seeing Julia’s head bobbing up and down in my lap.

A smile broke her the lines of her tanned face and then she looked right into my eyes. She passed some comment about what a lovely time I seemed to be having and, before I could respond, Julia looked up from her ministrations and told her that we were BOTH having a very good time. Now a man’s face appeared next to the woman’s and he too stared hard at us. The light changed and I gunned the motor hard and we sped away, laughing with pleasure and amusement. The desert air seemed to agree with both of us.

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