In The Park, After Dark

Big Dicks

I’m sitting with a friend sipping my drink when I catch you looking at me from across the room. I smile but look away, quickly. Then look back to see if I still have your gaze.

I do.

I keep my eyes locked on yours, lowering them slightly, biting inside my lip, feeling the intensity with which you look back at me. I blink, look down, smile, and cross the bar to the patio.

Awhile later you find me there, and stand close enough that I can feel you, but far enough that no one else will notice. You tip your head and ask if I want to go for a cigarette. You barely finish your sentence before I say yes.

You take my hand and pull me knowingly towards the stairs.

You light up, I have a drag, then so do you. You pull my hand again, walking in front of me. You’re in charge. You’re leading. I’m just following.

And I’m following you wherever you are going.

You lead me down a little hill, behind the neighbouring building. Without saying a word you get me in place, pushing me against the wall in all the right ways.

You lean down and kiss me, and it’s so good. So good. As you kiss me your hand moves behind my neck, down to my shoulder, across my chest. I’m melting. Melting. Melting as your mouth follows your hand, down my neck, to my ear. You tell me it’s so good. That it’s ok. I am breathless and weak, because I already know what’s happening. What you can do.

You keep one hand on my shirt, under my shirt, on my chest. You pull my bra down, and start to graze your mouth over my breasts, flicking your tongue, sucking my nipples.

You move your other hand slowly down my body to my waist, lingering there, teasing me with one long finger looping over my jeans.

I can’t speak. I’m on the verge of ecstasy, just knowing that you see me. Want me. Have to have me.

Your knowing hand slips down my wet undies and in one fell swoop is up in me. I can barely breath. You are moving in and out of my wet pussy, mouth on my tits, pausing to tell me outrageously sexy things.

“This pussy is so wet. So wet. It’s ok baby. I’m gonna lick these titties. I’m gonna taste your nipples. You’re so tight baby. You’re so wet. Let’s go to the beach.”

I tell reality kings porno you I can’t. I can’t go to the beach. But oh, oh, oh I want to go to the beach with you. I tell you I can’t. I’m married. This is so wrong.

And I kiss you again. Passionately. Hard. Again I kiss you, biting your lip as I do.

I reach up to the back of your neck and hold on tight, dragging my fingertips through your hair, scratching my nails down your neck. You return this kiss, over and over again. I don’t ever want this to end. And I don’t ever want to get caught.

You tell me to come to the beach with you. I tell you I can’t. You tell me you want to fuck me. I tell you I can’t. It’s too wrong. It’s too bad.

You move up inside my pussy you’re your long fingers and thrust in, and out, and quicker, and faster.

You make me so wet. My pussy is dripping for you, opening up further and further. I want your cock and I know I can’t have it. I know I shouldn’t have it.

I keep one hand firm on your back while the other one drifts across your shoulder. Down your arm. Across your chest. You are cut and I can feel every muscle in your body as my hand explores further south. Further until I land exactly where I want my mouth to be. Where I want my pussy to be. But where my hand is supposed to be right now. I can feel how hard you are and it makes me wetter still.

“Come on baby. Let’s go.” I can’t. I can’t believe I’m saying no, but I’m too scared of the regret. Too scared of the repercussions.

You kiss me again and walk off down into the night.

I pause for a moment to catch my breath. Cool my body down from the fire you lit up inside. I’m shaking, but compose myself and walk back to the room of the bar where this began.

My girlfriends are pouring themselves out the door and I don’t think have noticed I’ve been gone, getting finger fucked by this very tall, very gentle, understated bad ass.

We laugh a little about how late it is, and stumble en masse up the block. My four inch heels find their way off my feet into my hands, and I float towards home after kissing my friends goodnight. I feel like fucking Cinderella, head down, going back sexmex porno to a home I’m not sure I want to live in anymore. Elated. Deflated.

I should have gone to the beach. I should have gone to the beach. I should have gone to the beach.

Then a shadow catches my eye across the street. You’re fucking kidding.

I toss my head back and laugh, then beeline across to meet you. You take my hand, harder this time, and lead me into the park. You take me to a tree and pin me there. No gentle introductions this round. Your hand is up my pussy so fast and you know exactly what to do. I’m soaking wet. Breathing hard. Begging you to make me come.

You tell me you want to fuck me. I tell you I can’t. I tell you I want you to, and I can’t.

I tell you that if you fucked me I would beg you, beg you to choke me. To pull my hair.

“Oh baby.” You shake your head. “You wouldn’t have to beg.”

I am on fire.

Your mouth is flying across my tits, my neck, my mouth. My pussy is actually throbbing. Pounding inside. You’ve turned her into wet silk. Crushed velvet.

I catch my breath as I get to the cusp, begging you to do it just like that. Just like that. Just like thaaaaat…and I double over onto you as you finger fuck my pretty little pussy into submission, exploding into orgasm. I’m breathing hard. I can’t speak. I feel so good. So good. I need more.

I need it.

You lay me down on the grass, moving those hands across me so that the fire has spread from my pussy to my entire body. You’re breathing so hard in my ear, telling me it’s your turn. That you want to fuck me until you come.

Fuck fuck fuck. I can’t. But I grab your hand and show you what I can do with my mouth, on your fingers. Your body relaxes and you watch as I take your fingers in and out of my mouth, over and over again. I drag my teeth along the edge of your finger because I can tell you’ve seen beauty, and I know you’ve felt pain.

You come at me again with your mouth and tell me you think I’d be a squirter. My head rolls back and I breath out “yes.” You move your hands and mouth across me and ask if I’d let you fuck my ass.

My head rolls forward and I breath sindrive porno out yes. That I would let you do anything, anything to my body.

I am in bliss.

I am a fiend. You’ve cast light on my darkest side. My dangerous side. My favourite and my best side.

The intent of my gaze has shifted and I must have you. You pull me up and over to a park bench and I get up on top of you.

I lose control of my body and force your face into my tits. Grind my hips around and around your cock. Wrap my hands around your neck, tearing at it, thrusting my body up and down and again.

You tell me you can’t wait. I can barely feel my body I am so high on the drug of your chemistry.

I slowly wind my way off your lap, and graze my face down your body. Down your neck. Down your chest.

I undo your jeans as you take out your cock; it’s spectacular. It’s so smooth. Uncut.

So big. So hard.

Fuck me. Fuck. You have a perfect cock. I want it in my pussy. I want it so bad. I want it so hard.

You throw your head back and tell me you want to get me in a bed and fuck me all day. I can’t stand it. I’m a slave to your cock. And I’m still married to someone else. Someone who can’t and won’t fuck me like this. Even when I’m crawling across the kitchen floor begging for it.

And now here you are. Knowing exactly what I want. Exactly what I need.

I let go and get vulnerable as I take your phenomenal dick in my mouth. I know you’re going to like watching me, so as I move my mouth up and down the shaft from base to head and back again, I lock my eyes on yours.

Licking, flicking, sucking, stroking. Locked on you the whole time.

You tell me you’re close. I tell you to come on my tits. You tell me you’re going to come in my mouth. I’ve never let anyone come in my mouth.

You tell me it’s ok.

You make me feel so good, so grounded, so safe, and so fucking wet. I want your cock back in my mouth. And I want you to come in my mouth. I’m desperate for it.

I wrap my lips around your sweet cock again, swirling my tongue faster and harder to make it feel like my pussy would feel for you.

You grab my shoulders as you come in my mouth and it tastes so good.

There’s a calm moment that follows. A quiet moment of rest.

I am weak. You are spent. We stand up, zip up. I twist my arms around yours as we head towards my place.

You say good night and walk away, and I know I may never see you again.

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